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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 103.8 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : IDPs undetermined
WFP Hunger Map: 20 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CCC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Army security for polio teams 04/21 The dissension within 04/20 Feature: We were soldiers 04/20 Pakistani Taliban claim lack of progress in peace talks 04/20 Govt, Taliban negotiators fail to meet 04/19 Failure to pay for electricity leaves Pakistani towns in the dark 04/19 TTP says reserves right to retaliate 04/19 In K-P, 159 girls schools remain shut 04/18 Pakistan Taliban decide not to extend ceasefire while keeping talks with gov't 04/17 Pak govt, Taliban negotiators to meet on Saturday 04/17 Explosives seized in northwest Pakistan 04/17 Power cut: Tank residents hold mock funerals for CM, MNAs during protest 04/17 Pakistan Military Asked to Protect Polio Workers 04/17 Peace dialogue: Nisar to meet with TTP committee on Saturday 04/17 Pakistan Taliban ended ceasefire over feared split 04/17 14 dead, 10 injured in road crash 04/17 Road rage: Runaway bus crushes 15 to death in DG Khan 04/17 PAKISTAN: Negotiating with the wrong people 04/16 Pakistani Taliban end truce with government but vow to continue peace talks 04/16 Pakistan Taliban favour talks with government but no truce 04/16 TTP ends ceasefire, says talks option open 04/16 Explosives seized in northwest Pakistan 04/16 Two brothers re-arrested in Pakistan for cannibalism 04/15 A shadow over South Waziristan 04/15 Split within Taliban comes to surface 04/15 Militants attacked after soldier hurt in blast 04/15 Brace for the summers: PESCO rewards ‘good’ areas with 4-8 hours of power cuts 04/14 Most Pakistani villagers abducted from "hashish festival" freed 04/14 Pakistani Taliban claim lack of progress in peace talks 04/14 Polio campaign for FATA announced 04/14 Waziristan children to get polio drops at checkpoints 04/14 Attack on NATO trucks in Pakistan kills driver: officials 04/14 Most Pakistani villagers abducted from 'hashish festival' freed 04/13 Militants kidnap 100 tribesmen in northwest Pakistan 04/13 Militants release over 90 tribesmen abducted from festival in northwest Pakistan, hold 7 04/13 Analysis: What happened to Taliban unity? 04/13 Infighting Among Pakistani Taliban Kills 19 04/12 Celebs tell Malala’s touching story 04/12 Release of 12 Taliban prisoners likely 04/12 Gunmen kidnap 100 Pakistani villagers in northwest, government says 04/12 TTP discusses extending truce in Pakistan 04/12 Pakistan Taliban infighting kills 12 - IOL News 04/12 Several TTP militants killed in latest Waziristan infighting 04/11 13 killed in North Waziristan violence 04/11 Rivalry between Pakistani Taliban factions erupts in violence 04/11 International Analysis: Talks with Militants Divide Pakistan 04/11 19 Pakistan militants die in fresh infighting 04/11 Officials say clashes between Taliban factions in Pakistan's remote northwest kill dozens 04/11 Infighting Among Pakistani Taliban Kills 19 04/11 North Waziristan: Taliban infighting claims 10 more lives 04/11 6 more killed in Taliban infighting in Pakistan's Waziristan 04/11 Pakistan Taliban infighting claims lives 04/11 School chums of Malala Yousafzai add their voices for education equality 04/10 Nature’s fury: Avalanche in Upper Dir claims over a dozen lives 04/09 Drone victims 'not a bug splat' 04/09 Four more killed in Pakistani militant infighting 04/09 Pakistani Taliban claim lack of progress in peace talks 04/09 Four more insurgents killed in Pakistan Taliban feud 04/09 Rs 1 billion scanners failed us, says interior minister 04/09 Nine more killed in Taliban infighting 04/09 Eight killed as militant groups clash in South Waziristan 04/09 Blast terrorises capital; 24 dead 04/09 Bomb kills 23 in Pakistan's capital 04/09 Nine more killed as Taliban factions clash 04/09 10 killed in clash between Taliban groups 04/08 Minister announces suspension of power supply for 7 KP dists 04/08 14 more killed in Taliban infighting in Waziristan 04/08 Fresh clashes between Pakistani militants kill 14 04/08 Five TTP militants killed in Pakistan attack 04/07 Five militants killed in Pakistan attack 04/07 Four Taliban militants killed in Pakistan 04/07 PHOTOS: Massive Art Installation in Pakistan Targets American Drone Operators 04/07 Smooth-running Afghan election raises questions about Taliban’s strength 04/07 Car attack leaves 4 dead in South Waziristan 04/07 Taliban infighting over peace talks claims five : April 08, 2014, 3:13 am 04/07 Four Taliban killed after internal clashes in Pakistan 04/07 Policeman injured while chasing outlaw 04/06 Pakistan on Edge - Pakistan Redux 04/06 No US drone strike for last 100 days : April 07, 2014, 1:50 am 04/06 Malalas on Indian side of Line of Control want higher education facilities 04/06 Govt, TTP working on mechanism for release of each other’s prisoners 04/06 Pakistani Taliban extend ceasefire for 10 days 04/05 Land dispute claims 7 lives in Bannu 04/05 Pakistan government, Taliban agree on prisoner swap 04/05 TTP extend ceasefire till April 10 04/04 Newly diagnosed child brings polio cases to 40 04/04 Afghan elections: two foreign journalists shot on eve of polls 04/04 Pakistani Taliban Extend Cease-Fire With Government 04/04 Pakistan's Sharif frees 16 Taliban prisoners in bid to revive peace talks 04/03 Pakistan releases 16 Taliban prisoners 04/03 Pakistan denies releasing Taliban prisoners 04/03 The next stage of peace talks should be held in Islamabad: Sirajul Haq 04/03 Catch-22?: Conflicting signals on prisoners release 04/03 Peace initiative: Ceasefire ends but TTP still wants talks 04/02 After the UN 04/01 Fata sees modest increase in literacy 04/01 Free TB treatment available in NWA 03/31 Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan meet to discuss extension of ceasefire ahead of peace talks 03/31 Woman polio worker killed in northwest Pakistan 03/31 Pakistan Taliban agrees to extend ceasefire 03/30