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Georgia - Abkhazia



Breakaway republic of Georgia; efforts for independence supported by Russia
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.8 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 300,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: Diaspora will not affect essentially on the outcome of presidential election in Abkhazia, experts say 07/25 British reporter ‘captured’ in Ukraine 07/23 No More Frozen Conflicts 07/22 South Ossetia Jails Georgian For Spying 07/18 In Russia's Shadow: Searching for the Roots of the Georgia Problem 07/15 Russian-backed Abkhaz Separatist Regime Steps Up Discrimination of Ethnic Georgians 07/09 Resolving Conflicts in Artificial States 07/09 Resolving Conflicts in Artificial States 07/07 Abkhazian club Nart offers Suarez chance to play during Fifa ban 07/04 Another lifeline for Suarez 07/04 European Court Condemns Russia For 2006 Expulsion Of Georgians 07/03 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of June 23-29 06/30 South Ossetia Recognizes 'Luhansk People's Republic' 06/19 Geneva Talks End After Walkout By Abkhaz, South Ossetian Delegates 06/19 Will Russia Annex Abkhazia and South Ossetia? 06/18 Latest Round Of Russia-Georgia Talks To Begin In Geneva 06/17 UN adopts Georgia’s resolution on Abkhazia and South Ossetia 06/06 In Russian protege Abkhazia, a cautionary tale for Crimea 06/06 Troubling Secessionist Models for Ukraine 06/06 UN Passes Resolution On Refugees From Georgia's Breakaway Regions 06/06 Russia Urges Abkhazia to Ensure Free Presidential Election 06/05 NATO-Georgia Commission discusses Ukraine crisis, Georgia's progress on reforms 06/04 Abkhazia : Exit Alexander Ankvab 06/04 NATO chief slams Russia over Georgia and Ukraine 06/04 NATO Chief Lauds Georgian Military Reform Efforts 06/04 South Ossetia's De Facto Leader Wants To Join Russia 06/03 OSCE Chairman Continues South Caucasus Tour In Georgia 06/03 FACTBOX: Transition of Power in Abkhazia 06/02 Abkhazian prime minister steps down amid protests 06/02 Russia Says Ready to Cooperate With New Abkhaz Leadership 06/02 Lavrov Hails 'Dialogue' In Resolving Political Crisis In Abkhazia 06/02 Abkhazia Heads Into A Turbulent Summer 06/02 Abkhazia's interim PM sets task to quietly prepare for early presidential elections 06/02 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of May 26 to June 1 06/02 Russia’s Lavrov Praises Political Wisdom of Abkhaz People 06/02 Abkhazia's president resigns before early elections 06/01 President Resigns in Georgia’s Breakaway Region of Abkhazia 06/01 Has Moscow Endorsed Ouster Of Abkhazia’s De Facto President? 06/01 Rival Claimants To Abkhazia's Presidency To Meet 06/01 Valery Bganba to serve as Abkhazia's acting president 06/01 Embattled Abkhaz President Resigns 06/01 Tamil Eelam concludes training camp ahead of ConIFA World Football Cup 05/31 Parliament appoints Speaker Valery Bganba to be Acting President of Abkhazia 05/31 President of Georgia's Russian-backed breakaway Abkhazia region under pressure to resign over corruption 05/30 Abkhaz Leader Ready for Dialogue with Opposition, Rules Out Ultimatums 05/30 Abkhazia Crisis Caused by Socio-Economic Problems, Elite Fight Over Financial Support – PM 05/30 Abkhazia’s Opposition Replaces Mayor of Sukhumi 05/30 Opposition In Abkhazia To Appoint Acting Leadership Amid Crisis 05/30 De Facto Abkhaz President Says He Will Not Resign 05/30 Most Abkhaz Citizens Call to Preserve Independence – President Ankvab 05/30 Opposition leaders say they hold power in Abkhazia 05/30 Abkhaz President Shelters At Russian Military Base 05/30 Abkhazia Opposition Vests Power in 'Interim Council' 05/30 Abkhazia Opposition Above All Demands Resignation of President – Leader 05/30 Interim People's Council of Abkhazia: republic does not intend to become part of Russian Federation 05/30 FACTBOX: Republic of Abkhazia's State Structure 05/30 Abkhazia Law Lacks No Confidence Vote 05/30 Putin's Aides Meet Abkhaz Leader, Opposition Over Crisis 05/29 Abkhazia parliament asks president to resign 05/29 Armenian PM to pay working visit to Minsk 05/29 Abkhazia Opposition Calls for New Treaty With Russia 05/29 Is there another Maidan brewing in Abkhazia? 05/29 Abkhaz Parliament Calls On President To Resign 05/29 Abkhazian opposition announces Interim People's Council 05/29 OPINION: Ukrainian Crisis 'Emboldened Opposition' in Abkhazia 05/29 Abkhazia's De Facto President Denounces 'Coup Attempt' 05/28 Moscow Dispatches High-Level Envoys To Defuse Tensions In Abkhazia 05/28 Abkhaz Leader Says Main Mission to Prevent Bloodshed Accomplished 05/28 Abkhaz Interior Ministry Warns of Legal Action Following Anti-President Rallies 05/28 Analysis: Unrest in Abkhazia 05/28 Abkhazia president forced to flee in face of ‘coup attempt’ 05/28 Russia expresses concern about Abkhazia unrest 05/28 Abkhazia leader 'flees protests' 05/28 'Coup' in breakaway Abkhazia? 05/28 No Link Between Abkhaz Coup Attempt and Events in Ukraine – Security Official 05/28 Kremlin Has Not Discussed Abkhaz Protests With Sukhumi 05/28 Alexander Ankvab denies reports about resignation of government, General Prosecutor and heads of districts of Abkhazia 05/28 Putin's Aides Meet Abkhazian Leader, Opposition Over Crisis 05/28 Abkhazian TV journalists claim impossibility to continue broadcasting 05/28 Moscow Concerned by Protests in Abkhazia – Foreign Ministry 05/28 Georgia hosts rally demanding to restore diplomatic relations with Russia 05/28 Demonstrators storm president's HQ in Abkhazia 05/27 Demonstrators In Abkhazia Storm President's Office 05/27 President of Abkhazia upholds dismissal of CoM, General Public Prosecutor and heads of two districts 05/27 Demonstrators storm president's headquarters in Abkhazia 05/27 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of May 19-25 05/26 EU Hails Release Of Georgian Nationals From South Ossetian Custody 05/15 Europe raises stakes with tour of former Soviet States 05/15 Ukrainian authorities ban local airlines' flights to airports of Northern Caucasus 05/14 Europe Raises Stakes With Tour of Former Soviet States 05/14 Georgia Protests Visit Of Turkish Journalists To Abkhazia 05/14 South Ossetian Authorities Release Five Georgians 05/12 St. George Ribbon Campaign Begins in Abkhazia 05/06 Russia's Latest Land Grab 05/01 Abkhaz Opposition Launches New Challenge To President 05/01 Georgia: Ombudsman asks authorities not to extradite natives of Northern Caucasus to Russia 04/30 Somaliland's Long Game 04/29 Yuschenko claims Russian hand to trigger several conflicts 04/29 Tamil Eelam football team gets ready for ConIFA World Championship 04/27 Unlike US, Russia Does Not Blackmail Other Countries – Lavrov 04/25