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Georgia - Abkhazia



Breakaway republic of Georgia; efforts for independence supported by Russia
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.8 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 300,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: Russia not to abolish visa regime for Georgia 04/17 Latest Round Of Russia-Georgia Talks Being Held In Prague 04/16 Georgian Journalists Detained Along South Ossetian Boundary 04/16 Georgian Journalists Detained Near South Ossetia Freed 04/16 Davutoglu predits "domino effect" after Crimea crisis 04/11 Date Set For Georgia-Russia Talks 04/11 Turkey FM warns of 'domino effect' of Ukraine crisis 04/10 Russia will not deploy peacekeepers unless UN decides otherwise 04/07 Russian annexation of Crimea alarms Georgia 04/06 Armenians in Georgia – permanent readiness to secede 04/04 A new strategic reality in Europe 04/04 Russia Says Georgia’s Caucasus Statement Distorts Reality 04/04 This Tiny Pacific Island Nation Just Gave Russia a Big Bruise 04/02 Moscow Says NATO's Freeze of Cooperation Reminiscent of Cold War 04/02 Sons Call For New Investigation Into Georgian President’s Death 04/01 Crimea Highlights Risks, Uncertainties of Georgia’s Turn to West 03/31 Tuvalu Retracts Recognition Of Abkhazia, South Ossetia 03/31 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of March 24-30 03/31 Earth's deepest cave mapped: Amazing diagram charts every twist and turn of the terrifying 7,200ft deep abyss 03/28 Georgian Deputy Minister for Integration announces progress on humanitarian issues at Geneva talks 03/27 Crimea in the Russian imagination : In search of lost time 03/27 Belarusian President Says Crimean Annexation 'Bad Precedent' 03/24 Belarusian President Says Crimean Annexation 'Bad Precedent' 03/23 Russia cannot be punished, proper relations can be built - PM Medvedev 03/21 Russian politicians see no way for Abkhazia's and South Ossetia's accession to Russia by "Crimean scenario" 03/21 Crimea enters the 'twilight zone' 03/19 10 Ways Russians and Ukrainians Reacted to Crimea Annexation Speech 03/18 Putin Just Recognized Crimea's Independence. What Does It Mean? 03/17 Abkhazia officials: deported Ukrainian journalists working without accreditation 03/17 Looking to the future in Abkhazia 03/17 Ukraine denounces Russian 'provocations,' troop build-up 03/16 Former Soviet borders are being reconsidered 03/15 Ukrainian journalists are questioned and deported from Abkhazia 03/13 Sergey Markedonov: Crimea is unlikely to follow South Ossetia and Abkhazia 03/13 Georgia says 2008 war encouraged Russia to take Crimea 03/12 Tbilisi-Moscow Talks In Prague Postponed Again 03/12 Turchynov: ‘resurrection’ has failed 03/12 Allies must act together to keep Putin in check 03/12 Kazakh Activist Jailed For Pro-Ukraine Protest 03/11 Ukraine's Crimea seeks to become independent state 03/11 Caucasus history almost repeats itself in Crimea 03/08 Russian Orthodox Church Becomes Kremlin Tool for Retaining Control Over North Caucasus Muslims 03/07 Podcast: The Crimean Game Changer 03/07 Crimea Is Not the Endgame: Moscow Bent on Regime Change in Kyiv 03/07 Russia 'aims to stop Ukraine joining NATO', expert says 03/06 Georgia : What are the implications of events in Ukraine? 03/05 Fugitive Warlord Arrested On Return To Georgia 03/05 Is Past Russian Meddling in Former Soviet Bloc an Omen for Crimea? 03/04 Ukraine defence or dominance? 03/04 Ukraine and the Dawn of Post-American Europe 03/03 Putin's Kampf 03/03 Putin Poised For Next Move In Ukraine Crisis 03/03 Ukraine's ambassador to UN warns Russia of 'separatism' 03/01 Russian 'invasion' of Crimea fuels fear of Ukraine conflict 02/28 Iskandarian: Ukraine today is divided into twelve, not two 02/28 Ukraine latest - The invasion begins: armed Russian-speaking gunmen with Crimea in their grip 02/28 Ukraine interim president calls on Russia to stop 'provocations' 02/28 Ukraine's Acting President Tells Putin to Stop 'Provocations' in Crimea 02/28 Ukraine in trouble: Déjà vu all over again? 02/28 Ukraine's fate must be decided by the ballot box 02/28 Ukraine crisis: will Vladimir Putin send in the tanks against the 'bandits' in Kiev? 02/27 US warns Russia on Ukraine, nudges Georgia to West 02/26 Is Surkov Readying a New Challenge to Kazan? 02/25 Russia Can't Work With European Parliament 02/23 Former Georgia President: Putin buys influence in Eastern Europe 02/21 Date Set For Discussions Of Possible High-Level Tbilisi-Moscow Talks 02/19 South Ossetian Official's House Attacked With Grenade 02/16 Top South Ossetia Official’s House Hit by Grenade Blast 02/16 Minasian: NKR’s economic recognition will lead to its political recognition 02/14 Olympic Officials Mark 4th Anniversary Of Luger's Death 02/12 Georgia asks Olympic visitors to stay away from its breakaway region of Abkhazia 02/12 Georgia’s new prime minister is ready for talks with Putin 02/11 At opening ceremony of Sochi Olympics Azerbaijani President was seated next to presidents of Abkhazia and South Ossetia 02/11 103 dead as military plane crashes in eastern Algeria 02/11 Georgia President To 'Thoroughly Consider' Putin Talks 02/11 Georgian opposition claims provocations during opening of Olympic Games in Sochi 02/10 Sochi Notebook: Olympic Food 02/09 Russia Moves ‘Border Zone’ Seven Miles Deeper Into Breakaway Abkhazia 02/07 Georgia's “soft power” in relations with Russia 02/06 Putin's Occupation Olympics 02/06 NATO criticises Russia for expanding its border into Georgia 02/06 Georgia denies plan to meet Putin during Sochi Olympics 02/06 NATO Raps Russia for Expanding Border Into Georgia 02/06 Putin, Georgian president could meet in Sochi 02/06 Russia Releases 2 Georgians Convicted of Espionage – Official 02/05 NATO raps Russia for expanding border into Georgia 02/05 Problems abound for a small village near Sochi 02/05 Two Georgians Sentenced For Espionage Released 02/05 First flight from Georgia lands in Sochi 02/04 Ukraine radicals: 'police don't want to die for Yanukovych' 02/04 Georgia: Abkhazian refugees leave migrants' settlement Potskho-Etseri 02/04 Georgians Make Rare Flight to Sochi for Games 02/04 Georgians make rare flight to Olympics in Sochi 02/04 Georgian protesters call for Sochi Olympic boycott as memories of war with Russia remain 02/01 Georgian protesters call for Olympic boycott 02/01 On the eve of Sochi Olympics, US Congressman Paskrell speaks in support of Circassians 02/01 Caucasus Conflict Voices 01/31 Abkhaz President Lambasts International 'Double Standards' for Sport 01/30 Georgia Criticizes Expansion of Abkhazia's Border Zone During Olympics 01/30 Sochi's Neighbor Abkhazia Shut Out of Olympics 01/30