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Russia - Caucasus

Lingering insurgency in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan


Russian troops established control of Chechnya in large-scale fighting in 2000; from 2000 to 2009 an insurgency was active. The insurgency continues at a small scale.
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 79.7 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
WFP Hunger Map: 2 % undernourished (overall for Russia)
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BBB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
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07/26 Rescue of Chibok Girls - We Are Trying to Avoid the Chechnya Experience, Says Presidency 07/25 Heads of Chechnya and Krasnodar Territory are on EU's sanctions list 07/25 The Kremlin ‘Specialist for Creating New Independent States’ Moves to Eastern Ukraine 07/21 Ukrainian authorities announce capturing 23 Russians, including natives of Chechnya, near Lugansk 07/21 North-Caucasian militants released video evidence of Umarov's death 07/21 Chechnya’s head publishes proofs terrorist Doku Umarov is dead 07/19 Tsarnaev friend trial: Deliberations continue for man accused of helping terror suspect 07/17 Ingush authorities decide to bury unidentified militants' bodies 07/17 In Chechnya, two locals suspected of aiding armed underground 07/15 Today is five years after death of Natalia Estemirova 07/15 Activists Commemorate Slain Rights Defender Estemirova 07/15 Testimony ends in Boston Marathon bombing suspect friend's trial 07/14 Nigeria: How Not to Tackle Terrorism in Nigeria 07/13 Kremlin critic and political activist Valeria Novodvorskaya dies aged 64 07/12 FBI agent: Tsarnaev spoke of martyrdom and bomb-making with friends 07/11 In Chechnya, people expel family members of suspected policeman's killer from their village, district administration asserts 07/10 Growing Threat of European Fighters in Syria Highlights Need for EU Cooperation 07/09 Gerard Depardieu to open three restaurants in his adopted Russia 07/04 Supposed killer of policeman identified in Chechnya, MIA reports 07/04 ANALYSIS: Chechen Fighters Joining Iraqi Jihad is Western Plot 07/04 Evkurov updates to "Caucasian Knot" information of "Kommersant" on militants' adaptation 07/02 Car Belonging To Ingush Mufti Attacked In Moscow 06/30 Russian Social Media Fortify Rebellion in Eastern Ukraine 06/30 Rights defenders: Chechen practice of rewarding for help in solving crimes is fraught with bad consequences 06/26 FSB Veterans Unhappy about New Special Forces Training Center in Chechnya 06/26 Two suspected militants killed in Chechnya 06/23 Virtually All Abductions in North Caucasus Carried out by Authorities 06/19 Tsarnaev judge jettisons 'betrayal' of US as grounds for death penalty (+video) 06/18 US urge 25-year term in Connecticut terror case 06/18 Who are the masked mercenaries in Ukraine? 06/05 Ukraine Rebels Killed Near Donetsk Airport 05/31 Ukraine leader promises to punish separatists 05/30 Rebels down Ukraine chopper 05/30 Pro-Russian Troops Reportedly Evict Other Rebels From Donetsk HQ 05/30 Ukraine Forces 'Completely Clear' Part of Separatist East from Rebels 05/30 Ramzan Kadyrov: four natives of Chechnya wounded in Ukraine 05/30 Chechen combatants killed in Ukraine are buried in private, locals report 05/30 Chechen leader denies sending fighters to Ukraine 05/29 Ukraine rebels down army helicopter killing 12 troops 05/29 14 Ukrainian troops killed after rebels shoot down helicopter 05/29 US: Russia pulling most of its forces away from Ukraine border 05/29 Residents of Chechnya: dozens of bodies of locals killed in battles in Ukraine brought home 05/29 Chechen leader says he sent no troops to Ukraine 05/28 Analyst: Chechen Fighters Sent to Ukraine On Russian Orders 05/28 Chechen leader denies sending troops to Ukraine 05/28 Ukraine sees Russia as source of insurgent threat 05/28 Chechen Leader Denies Sending Fighters to Ukraine 05/28 Ukraine Promises To Crush Insurgency; Chechnya Denies Sending Troops 05/28 Chechnya 'has no troops in Ukraine' 05/28 Chechnya's leader denies sending his men to fight alongside pro-Russia rebels in Ukraine 05/28 In Dagestan, explosion occurs near house of head of regional power supply organization 05/28 Was Russian Commander in Eastern Ukraine Involved in Crimes Against Civilians in Chechnya? 05/28 Chechen troops suspected of helping pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine 05/28 Ingush leader promises to punish relatives of militants who refuse to surrender 05/28 Politkovskaya Murder Case Prosecutor Urges Life Sentence for Killer 05/27 Russia seeks life sentences for men convicted of killing Anna Politkovskaya 05/27 Alikhan Kuzgov: Sagopshi villagers ignore authorities' call to confess of their help to militants 05/27 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of May 19-25 05/26 Doubts cast on China's counter-terrorism abilities 05/26 Ukraine holds presidential vote amid ongoing punitive operation 05/25 Five Killed In Operation In Ingushetia 05/24 Seven militants die in battle with Russian forces in North Caucasus 05/24 Bokov: "Emir of Ingushetia" Getagazhev identified among casualties of special operation 05/24 Bokov: casualties of special operation in Ingushetia prepared terror acts for Republic Day 05/24 Seven militants killed by Russian forces in North Caucasus 05/24 Russian security forces eliminate southern republic’s militant leader 05/24 Ingushetia: PSA agent killed in shootout with locals 05/23 Politkovskaya Murder: Five Men Convicted 05/21 Chechnya Film Booed, Cheered at Cannes, Godard Back at 83 05/21 Anna Politkovskaya: Moscow jury convicts five for her murder 05/21 Five Convicted In 2006 Killing Of Famed Russian Journalist 05/21 Politkovskaya's children demand to collect 5 million roubles from defendants 05/21 The Secret Players In The Russia-Ukraine Game 05/20 Moscow court convicts 5 in murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya 05/20