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Colombia - FARC


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 89 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 4,361,360 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Who should win the Nobel Peace Prize? 10/06 Columbia drug lord dies in air force bombing 10/03 Colombian rebels want text of peace deal made public 10/02 Colombian military raid kills drug warlord who had $5M US bounty 10/02 In Havana, FARC rebels and Colombia government negotiators look at home stretch 10/01 Colombia's FARC leader halts rebel combat training 10/01 Farc rebels to halt military training 10/01 Colombia President Santos: Some justice sacrificed for peace deal 09/30 Colombian rebel leader shies away from meeting 6-month deadline for signing peace deal 09/29 Colombia's FARC Leader: All Rebels on Board for Peace 09/29 Colombia justice deal does not address possible jail time: FARC rebels 09/29 Killing Colombia's Democracy 09/29 Colombia's FARC leader says all rebels on board for peace 09/29 Colombia and FARC Reach Agreement 09/28 Colombia rebel leaders' political participation undecided after deal 09/28 Justice Vs Impunity, From Burkina to Colombia 09/28 Too Early to Celebrate Colombia Peace 09/27 Colombia's Santos faced 'difficult moment' in peace deal: NYT 09/26 Statement on the Transitional Justice Agreement between the Colombian Government and the FARC 09/25 Will Colombia reach peace within 6 months? 09/25 Colombian Rebels Could Escape Extradition in Peace Deal 09/25 Breakthrough in talks moves war-weary Colombia near to peace 09/24 Colombia, FARC leaders agree on path for peace 09/24 Pope Francis helped inch Colombia and its largest rebel group towards breakthrough in peace talks 09/24 Colombia reaches agreement with FARC rebels 09/24 Peace prospect brings cheers, cynicism from weary Colombians 09/24 Breakthrough in Talks Moves War-weary Colombia Closer to Peace 09/24 Colombia: Ban welcomes 'significant progress' towards reaching final peace agreement 09/24 Colombian president and rebels declare peace 09/24 Optimism as Colombia and FARC get to work on peace deal 09/24 Colombia's president, leftist rebels announce breakthrough in peace talks 09/24 Colombian govt and Farc pledge end to conflict in 6 months 09/24 Colombia accord to include trials for rights abuses 09/24 Colombian government, FARC deal: After 50 years, is peace at hand? (+video) 09/24 Colombia's breakthrough for peace and justice 09/23 Colombia's president, rebels announce breakthrough in talks 09/23 Colombia's half-century conflict at a glance 09/23 Colombia leader and FARC declare breakthrough in talks 09/23 Colombian President Santos signs justice deal with FARC leader Timoshenko 09/23 Colombian President, Rebels Reach Breakthrough In Talks 09/23 Colombia's half-century conflict at a glance 09/23 Colombia leader heads to Havana for deal with FARC 09/23 Colombian Government Signs Deal on Justice for Crimes With FARC Rebel Group 09/23 Colombian President Santos signs justice deal with FARC leader Timoshenko 09/23 Colombian president announces end of historic peace talks with Farc 09/23 Colombia, FARC: Peace in 6 mos. 09/23 Colombia Close to a Peace Accord With FARC Rebels 09/23 Colombia's president, rebels announce breakthrough in talks 09/23 Colombia and Farc reach justice deal 09/23 Colombian president and FARC rebel chief push for peace in Cuba talks 09/23 Colombia: 'Peace is close' in FARC conflict says President Santos 09/23 Colombia's Santos to visit peace talks, may sign justice accord 09/23 Peace Breakthrough In Talks Between Colombian President And Rebel Leaders 09/23 Colombian, FARC leaders agree on path for peace 09/23 50-year war over: Colombian president and FARC rebel chief strike peace deal 09/23 Colombia, FARC rebels vow to end 50-year war within six months 09/23 ‘We won’t fail’: Colombian President & FARC rebels agree to end decades-long war in 6 months 09/23 Colombian President Santos signs justice deal with FARC leader Timochenko 09/23 Colombia, FARC Announce Breakthrough in Peace Talks 09/23 Colombia and Farc rebels announce 'peace' breakthrough 09/23 Czech court says three men can be extradited to U.S. on terrorism charges 09/22 Colombia leftist rebels seek Pope’s support 09/22 Justice deal with Colombia rebels will not please everyone: Santos 09/22 Parties “Close to Agreement” in Colombia/FARC Negotiations 09/20 Pope Francis urges Bogota, rebels to end conflict 09/20 Colombian rebels step closer towards becoming legal political group 09/17 Venezuela border closing endangers the livelihood of those on Colombia side 09/10 Two Pakistanis extradited to US from Spain 09/07 CrisisWatch N°144 08/03 COLOMBIA: Death Watch For Venezuela 08/02 As peace talks advance, Colombia struggles to find its missing 07/28 Experts begin to exhume mass grave at Colombian landfill 07/28 Ex-FARC rebels help Colombian police identify mass graves 07/28 Mass Grave Unearthed as Colombia Tries to Heal 07/27 Colombia's President Orders Halt to Bombing of Rebel Positions 07/26 Colombian government ends airstrikes against FARC rebels 07/26 Colombia Orders Halt to Air Strikes on FARC 07/26 Colombia president orders end to bombing raids on FARC rebels 07/26 Colombia halts raids on FARC rebels to accelerate peace process 07/26 Colombia's government suspends aerial raids on FARC camps after rebel cease fire 07/25 Colombia halts air strikes on Farc 07/25 Colombia's Santos orders halt to air raids on FARC rebels 07/25 Colombia's Santos orders halt to air raids on FARC rebels 07/25 Colombia suspends raids on FARC camps following rebel truce 07/25 Prague Says Five Missing Czechs 'Possibly Kidnapped' In Lebanon 07/21 FARC rebels begin unilateral ceasefire in Colombia 07/21 Colombia's peace negotiations : Not as FARCical as it looks 07/20 FARC rebels release Colombian solider ahead of ceasefire 07/19 Colombian FARC rebels release soldier day before ceasefire begins 07/19 Colombian FARC Rebels Announce Ceasefire 07/19 FARC militants release Colombian ceasefire ahead of ceasefire 07/18 Moment Colombian military helicopter explodes caught on aerial camera 07/16 Ripped apart: Colombian Black Hawk chopper explodes in minefield (VIDEO) 07/15 For Santos, and Colombia, Time Running Out on FARC Talks 07/15 Colombia and FARC Agree to De-escalate 07/15 Did Colombia Just Take a Big Step Toward Peace? 07/14 Colombia, FARC rebels reach major de-escalation deal 07/13 Ban welcomes announcement of new measures to de-escalate recent violence in Colombia 07/13 Colombia’s Santos Shuffles Military Command to Steady FARC Talks 07/13 Colombia, FARC rebels agree on de-escalation plan 07/13