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Colombia - FARC


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 89 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 4,361,360 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Man convicted of trying to sell weapons to Colombia rebels 05/25 Erradicación, pedagogía y legitimidad 05/24 Colombia looks for Spanish journalist 05/23 Spanish journalist missing, feared kidnapped by Colombian rebels 05/23 Peace Talks Leads to Release of Child Soldiers 05/22 Colombia rebels to hand over minor fighters to govt 05/20 Rebel bombing shuts down key Colombian oil pipeline 05/19 Five Countries Where Child Soldiers Are Still Recruited 05/18 Colombia: UN chief welcomes agreement to separate children from FARC 05/17 Colombian Farc rebels agree at peace talks to let children aged under 15 leave ranks 05/16 Colombia's FARC to remove child soldiers from ranks 05/16 Last child soldiers in the Americas to be freed as Farc agree to release Colombia's children 05/16 Colombia's war-weary farmers head home amid hopes and fears 05/15 Colombia and FARC Rebels Reach a Deal to Free Child Soldiers 05/15 Colombian child soldier deal agreed 05/15 FARC, Colombia agree on moving children out of rebel camps 05/15 Colombian FARC rebels agree to let minors under 15 leave ranks 05/15 Colombia's FARC rebels agree to remove child soldiers from ranks 05/15 Colombia: Uribe calls for 'civil resistance' 05/14 Leader of Colombia's FARC rebels invites ex-president to meet 05/14 Colombia Fears U.S. May Reject Peace Plan To Protect Pharma Profits 05/11 Colombia to use warplanes against gangs 05/06 UK Foreign Secretary arrives in Colombia for visit to highlight support for the country’s peace process and fight against narcotics 04/27 Colombia: thousands displaced in new fighting 04/26 Colombia's Santos Names New Cabinet for Peace 04/25 Can the Colombian Peace Deal Hold? 04/24 Paramilitary threat holds up Colombia peace talks 04/18 FARC seeks Pope Francis' help in Colombia peace bid 04/17 Colombia FARC rebels seek Pope's backing in peace bid 04/17 FARC rebels involved in drug trade despite peace talks: police 04/12 La negociación con el ELN y la búsqueda de la paz completa 04/11 Leftist Colombia rebels say paramilitary attacks slow peace deal 04/06 A Three-Player Chess Game: Colombia’s Peace Talks With ELN—and FARC 04/04 Thousands protest across Colombia against government 04/03 Thousands protest government handling of peace process in Colombia 04/02 Colombia restaurant cooks up recipe for peace 04/01 Colombia – Announcement of the opening of peace talks between the government and the National Liberation Army rebel group (01.04.16) 04/01 Post-conflict in Colombia: The International Potential of Peace 03/31 Colombia to Hold Peace Talks With Second-Largest Rebel Group 03/31 Colombia: Ban welcomes announcement of peace talks between Government and National Liberation Army 03/31 Columbia to commence talks with ELN 03/31 Yoga, foreign languages & anecdotes: Viktor Bout marks 8yrs in US high-security prison 03/31 The Colombian Government’s First Official Peace Talks with the ELN 03/31 Colombia’s ELN rebels enter peace talks, raise hopes for more changes 03/30 Colombia to hold peace talks with ELN 03/30 Colombia to Hold Peace Talks With Second-Largest Rebel Group 03/30 Colombia to hold peace talks with 2nd-largest rebel group 03/30 Colombia to hold formal peace talks with ELN rebels 03/30 Colombia begins peace talks with leftist rebels 03/30 Colombia peace talks to involve ELN 03/30 Colombia's rebels survived war, now they worry about surviving the peace 03/30 Colombia and FARC: Prospects for Peace 03/29 Agreement between Colombia and Farc risks impunity - HRW 03/29 Colombia: FARC Pact Risks Impunity for ‘False-Positives’ 03/28 Colombian Government Fails to Reach Peace Deal With FARC 03/24 Colombia, rebels miss deadline to wrap up peace talks 03/24 No Big Deal: Colombia, FARC Miss Peace Talk Deadline But That Was Expected 03/24 UN's Kangaroo Court on Yugoslavia: Who's Paying the Judges? 03/24 Colombia, FARC rebels miss deadline for peace deal 03/24 Colombian Government Fails to Reach Peace Deal With FARC 03/23 Colombian government, rebels miss peace deal deadline 03/23 Colombia, rebels miss deadline to wrap up peace talks 03/23 Colombian government, rebels miss deadline to reach peace deal 03/23 Men not in Havana : Two barriers remain in the talks to end Colombia’s... 03/23 Will Colombia's child soldier recruiters face justice? 03/23 US calls for Colombia peace accord 03/21 Secretary Kerry's Meetings with Colombian Government and FARC Negotiators 03/21 Kerry calls on Colombia, FARC to push harder for peace 03/21 Kerry calls on Colombia, FARC to push harder for peace 03/21 Kerry to Meet FARC Negotiators, Colombian Government in Havana 03/21 Over 230,000 Colombian children uprooted by war despite peace talks - UNICEF 03/20 US Secretary of State John Kerry to meet FARC guerillas in Cuba 03/20 Colombia's Farc rebels 'to meet Kerry in Cuba during Obama trip' 03/20 Colombia's ELN rebels free soldier hostage 03/20 Waging peace in Colombia 03/18 Cuba, la révolution au ralenti 03/18 Colombia's Hard Road Ahead 03/16 Will New U.S. Aid Address Damage Caused to Colombia's Rural Communities? 03/13 Dunford: Colombia Is at Inflection Point 03/11 Colombia to miss March 23 peace deadline 03/10 Santos Stumbles in Homestretch of Colombia-FARC Peace Talks 03/09 Colombia Peace Deal With FARC Could Be Delayed 03/09 Former coca plantations given new purpose by EU funding 03/04 Álvaro Uribe Vélez 03/03 Colombia re-authorizes FARC leader visits to rebel troops 03/03 Colombia's challenging peace process with FARC 03/01 ELN: tan cerca y tan lejos de la paz 03/01 Nobel Peace Prize shatters record for nominees for 2016 03/01 Colombia's defense minister investigated over rebel visit 02/29 ELN rebels 'taking over Farc areas' 02/28 In jungle camps, Colombia rebels take peace lessons : February 28, 2016, 2:30 am 02/27 Colombian peace talks back on track, say sponsor countries 02/24 Colombia rebel talks not to be extended 02/19 Colombia's ex-rebel fighters struggle to find jobs, rebuild lives 02/19 Colombia Stops FARC Leaders' Visits 02/19 Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim`s nephew Sohail Kaskar held in US for narco-terrorism 02/19 Dawood's nephew held in US for narco-terrorism 02/19 Colombian rebels push back against travel ban 02/19 Colombian rebels push back against travel ban 02/19 Colombia suspends safe passage for rebel peace negotiators 02/18