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Colombia - FARC


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 89 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 4,361,360 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Africa: Historic Commitment by the Government of Colombia and FARC-EP at the Havana Peace Talks Table 07/26 Bolívar Isn’t Worth the Same Anymore 07/25 UN praises Colombia and FARC's agreement on women 07/24 FARC threatens to disavow renegade units 07/21 Will Venezuela’s Ongoing Crisis Jeopardize Colombia’s Peace With the FARC? 07/19 Colombia court approves referendum on peace deal with FARC 07/19 Colombia high court approves plans for peace plebiscite 07/18 Cocoa verses conflict in Colombia 07/13 As Colombia peace talks advance, war widows, ex-fighters clear landmines one at a time 07/12 Colombia, FARC dispute details of military clash during cease-fire 07/12 Colombia and FARC rebels launch a joint anti-drug initiative 07/10 Foreign fighter 07/10 Colombia peace: Farc leaders ‘could disown rogue unit’ 07/10 Colombian official visiting US next week to drum up support for FARC peace deal 07/09 Colombia peace: Farc leaders 'could disown rogue unit' 07/08 Colombia's FARC rejects dissent within ranks over peace deal 07/08 Must Reads of the Week: FARC Today, Addiction in China, and Afghanistan's President 07/07 Poll: Just 40 Percent of Colombians to Participate in Peace Vote 07/07 Just 40 percent of Colombians to participate in peace vote: poll 07/07 Colombia's FARC probing rebel unit's opposition to peace deal 07/07 Biggest obstacle to peace in Colombia may not be FARC, but an ex-president 07/07 AP PHOTOS: The route of coca paste production in Colombia 07/07 Colombian Rebel Unit Says It Will Not Disarm Under Peace Deal 07/06 Controversy over FARC 'concentration zones' 07/06 Colombian rebel unit vows to keep fighting despite peace deal 07/06 Colombia’s long-running war ends after 52 years, and the country’s future now hinges on the government’s promises to enact land reforms and permit rebels to participate in politics. By JOHN CHERIAN 07/06 She once sewed paramilitary uniforms and is now in business for herself 07/05 The National Liberation Army fails to follow in the footsteps of FARC rebels and lay down arms 07/01 Is Latin America's Longest-Running War Finally Over? 06/29 Deal Between Colombia's Governent And FARC Would Disarm Rebels 06/29 Historic Ceasefire Between Colombia and Farc 06/29 UN praises agreement between Colombia and FARC 06/28 Vote refrain 06/28 Colombian military helicopter targeting ELN rebels crashes; 17 dead 06/27 Uruguay's Former Leader Accuses US of Masterminding EU Foreign Policy 06/27 Young Colombians look ahead to a peace they've never known 06/25 A look at what's next in the Colombian peace process 06/25 From combat to kitchen? Colombia's female fighters wary of what awaits after peace 06/25 Colombian President Says FARC to Cease Existing as Armed Group 06/24 Russia Welcomes Colombia-FARC Ceasefire Deal Ending 50 Years of War 06/24 Colombia, FARC rebels sign ceasefire agreement 06/24 Tears of joy as rebels sign ceasefire with Colombian government 06/24 Colombia Farc: Celebrations after ceasefire ends five decades of war 06/24 Young Colombians look ahead to a peace they've never known 06/24 Farc and Colombia sign historic ceasefire agreement 06/24 Colombians welcome ceasefire with FARC rebels 06/24 Colombia, FARC rebels sign historic ceasefire 06/24 Colombia, FARC rebels near closure on peace deal 06/23 Gov’t, FARC rebels announce deal on ceasefire 06/23 Colombia and Farc rebels sign historic ceasefire 06/23 Inside a Farc rebel camp in Western Colombia 06/23 Colombia's half-century conflict at a glance 06/23 Who are Colombia's Farc rebels? 06/23 Colombia's Government, FARC Guerrilla Group Reach Historic Ceasefire Deal 06/23 Colombia, FARC sign historic ceasefire deal, ending hostilities in a decades-long conflict 06/23 FARC Rebels, Colombian Government Sign Cease-Fire Deal 06/23 Peace, at Last, in Colombia 06/23 Colombia guerrillas finally prepare for peace 06/23 Columbia near peace after five decades 06/23 Colombia's government and main rebel army sign historic ceasefire deal in Cuba 06/23 Colombia and Farc sign historic ceasefire accord 06/23 Historic ceasefire deal brings peace closer to Colombia 06/23 Colombia closer to ending longest civil war in Latin America 06/23 Colombia's FARC Sign 'Historic' Ceasefire Deal 06/23 Colombia's FARC Rebels Sign Historic Ceasefire With Government 06/23 Colombia Peace Process 06/23 Displacement in Colombia to Persist Despite Cease-fire, UN Says 06/23 Colombia government, FARC rebels reach peace deal after four years of talks 06/23 Agreements on the End of the Conflict and the Referendum Bring Peace in Colombia Closer 06/23 Colombia peace deal: US's quiet role signals new tone in Latin America 06/23 Hopes for peace as Colombia signs historic ceasefire deal 06/23 Colombia and FARC sign historic ceasefire deal 06/23 Colombia, FARC rebels sign ceasefire agreement 06/23 In Havana, Ban hails Colombia ceasefire pact as example of peace with dignity 06/23 Celebratory scenes on the streets of Bogota 06/23 Colombia and FARC rebels announce deal on ceasefire 06/22 Colombia: deal with FARC for bilateral ceasefire 06/22 Colombia and FARC rebels announce cease-fire deal in a major step to end a half-century of war 06/22 Colombia hopes to agree to ceasefire with rebels this week 06/22 'The last day of the war': FARC and Colombian government agree ceasefire to end world's longest running civil conflict 06/22 Colombia, Farc rebels reach 'definitive' ceasefire deal 06/22 Colombia and Farc rebels reach agreement on bilateral ceasefire 06/22 Colombia, FARC rebels announce deal on bilateral cease-fire 06/22 Colombia, FARC to sign definitive ceasefire accord 06/22 After Decades of War, Colombia and FARC Rebels Reach Definitive Peace Deal 06/22 Colombia, FARC Rebels Announce Cease-fire Deal 06/22 150 women do yoga on a 700-metre-high platform 06/22 Colombia and FARC rebels reach historic ceasefire deal 06/22 Colombia and Farc agree to ceasefire 06/22 Colombia, FARC rebels to sign ceasefire agreement Thursday 06/22 Colombia reaches ceasefire agreement with FARC 06/22 Historic peace deal signed between Colombian government and FARC rebels 06/22 Colombian government and FARC rebels announce historic cease-fire 06/22 Colombia President Santos: 'Farc peace deal by 20 July' 06/21 President: Colombia to Complete Talks With FARC by July 20 06/20 If You Outlaw Border-Crossing, Only Outlaws Will Cross the Border 06/20 Colombia to complete talks with FARC rebels by July 20 -president 06/20 Colombia's indigenous community signs peace deal with FARC rebels 06/19 Colombia sheds cocaine capital image 06/17 Colombia's FARC rebels may return to battle, warns president 06/17