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Colombia - FARC


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 89 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 4,361,360 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Mass Grave Unearthed as Colombia Tries to Heal 07/27 Colombia's President Orders Halt to Bombing of Rebel Positions 07/26 Colombian government ends airstrikes against FARC rebels 07/26 Colombia Orders Halt to Air Strikes on FARC 07/26 Colombia president orders end to bombing raids on FARC rebels 07/26 Colombia halts raids on FARC rebels to accelerate peace process 07/26 Colombia's government suspends aerial raids on FARC camps after rebel cease fire 07/25 Colombia halts air strikes on Farc 07/25 Colombia's Santos orders halt to air raids on FARC rebels 07/25 Colombia's Santos orders halt to air raids on FARC rebels 07/25 Colombia suspends raids on FARC camps following rebel truce 07/25 Prague Says Five Missing Czechs 'Possibly Kidnapped' In Lebanon 07/21 FARC rebels begin unilateral ceasefire in Colombia 07/21 Colombia's peace negotiations : Not as FARCical as it looks 07/20 FARC rebels release Colombian solider ahead of ceasefire 07/19 Colombian FARC rebels release soldier day before ceasefire begins 07/19 Colombian FARC Rebels Announce Ceasefire 07/19 FARC militants release Colombian ceasefire ahead of ceasefire 07/18 Moment Colombian military helicopter explodes caught on aerial camera 07/16 Ripped apart: Colombian Black Hawk chopper explodes in minefield (VIDEO) 07/15 For Santos, and Colombia, Time Running Out on FARC Talks 07/15 Colombia and FARC Agree to De-escalate 07/15 Did Colombia Just Take a Big Step Toward Peace? 07/14 Colombia, FARC rebels reach major de-escalation deal 07/13 Ban welcomes announcement of new measures to de-escalate recent violence in Colombia 07/13 Colombia’s Santos Shuffles Military Command to Steady FARC Talks 07/13 Colombia, FARC rebels agree on de-escalation plan 07/13 Colombia, FARC rebels reach de-escalation agreement 07/13 Colombia and rebels to seek bilateral ceasefire; Colombian to scale back military action 07/12 Colombia pledges to de-escalate war with FARC rebels 07/12 World News Update, What you need to know 07/12 Colombia to reduce attacks on Farc 07/12 Colombia says to de-escalate war if rebels uphold ceasefire 07/12 Colombian government, rebels announce "definitive" ceasefire plan 07/12 Colombia, rebels agree to strive for full cease-fire 07/12 Colombia, FARC rebels issue joint statement pledging to de-escalate attacks 07/12 Sri Sri helps to bring peace to Colombia 07/10 Colombia’s guerrillas declare new cease-fire amid peace-talk pessimism 07/09 15 arrested over Bogota bombings 07/08 Colombian rebels say prepared to call unilateral ceasefire 07/08 Colombia’s FARC announces one-month unilateral ceasefire 07/08 Colombia's FARC Rebels Announce Unilateral Cease-fire 07/08 Colombian rebels call ceasefire 07/08 Colombia's FARC rebels announce month-long truce 07/08 Colombia's FARC rebels announce one-month ceasefire 07/08 Colombia peace sponsors urge Bogota and FARC rebels to 'de-escalate' 07/07 Colombian Peace Talks' Sponsors Worry About War Escalation 07/07 Colombian government says ready for bilateral ceasefire 07/06 Colombia government and FARC exchange blame over talks 07/06 Colombia threatens to end peace talks with FARC rebels 07/05 Colombia peace process now at lowest ebb: government 07/05 COLOMBIA: The People Want FARC Blood 07/03 Colombia coca farmers boost output 07/02 Colombia capital on edge after two small explosions 07/02 Colombia blames 'terrorists' as blasts hit Bogota 07/02 Two explosions hit Colombian capital 07/02 A ‘Peace Community’ Tries Nonviolent Resistance in Colombia 06/28 UN envoy urges restraint amid standoff in Colombia between police, residents of farming town 06/28 Colombian capital on alert for potential guerrilla attacks 06/26 Colombia's president blasts rebels for oil spill 06/26 Colombia: UN chief concerned about uptick in fighting, urges continued peace talks 06/25 Colombian military murdered more than in 3,000 civilians 06/25 Colombian FARC to face 500,000 charges 06/24 Colombian Army Killed Civilians to Boost Body Count in Fight With FARC 06/24 Colombia Faces Hard Task to Reinsert Rebels if Peace Struck 06/24 Colombian rebels say escalating violence poses threat to peace talks 06/23 illegal mining for gold, diamonds and other minerals 06/22 Colombia Negotiates a Difficult Peace and Works to Remember the Victims of Violent Years Past 06/20 Army troopers detain 20 FARC rebels in SW Colombia 06/20 FARC pushes for progress in Colombian peace dialogues 06/19 Venezuelan tribes protest against violent mining gangs 06/19 Colombian army captures 20 rebels as conflict simmers on 06/19 Guerrilla attacks cause environmental disasters in Colombia 06/18 Colombia's Farc blows up oil pipeline in Catatumbo 06/18 Venezuelan tribes protest against violent mining gangs 06/18 FARC rebels attack oil pipeline in Colombia 06/18 Arrests ordered in mafia drugs raid 06/17 Attack by Colombian FARC Rebels Kills 2 Police Officers, Civilian 06/17 Colombia's Farc blows up pipeline 06/17 Italian police smash a major international mafia drugs ring 06/17 Colombia: peace talks resume—as war escalates 06/17 Colombia's peace talks at risk amid renewed clashes, warns UN refugee agency chief 06/12 Farc attack cuts power to half a million Colombians 06/12 Attack by Colombian FARC rebels kills two police officers, civilian 06/12 FARC rebels kill three as hostilities intensify 06/12 Attack by Colombian FARC rebels kills 2 police officers, civilian 06/12 Colombia rebels cut power to 500,000 06/11 Rebel attack Colombian energy infrastructure, leaving 300,000 in the dark 06/11 Colombia's FARC rebels step up power attacks, kill 3 police 06/11 Colombia's peace talks at risk amid renewed clashes: UN refugee agency chief 06/11 Colombia’s peace talks at risk amid renewed clashes, warns UN refugee agency chief 06/11 Colombia's FARC rebels step up attacks on energy infrastructure 06/11 FARC Rebels Arrange Oil Spill in Colombia Amid Progress in Peace Talks 06/09 Glimmers of Hope Through Colombia's Conflict 06/08 Colombian govt., FARC rebels agree to form truth commission 06/05 Colombia and FARC rebels agree to form truth commission 06/05 COLOMBIA: FARC Prefers To Die For Amnesty 06/04 Colombia and FARC rebels to create truth commission to probe war 06/04 Colombian Government Forms Truth Commission With FARC Amid Peace Talks 06/04 Colombia to have truth commission 06/04