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Colombia - FARC


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 89 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 4,361,360 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: New Brazilian finance minister faces test 11/27 Colombia general, other FARC captives may be free Saturday: Santos 11/26 Two Colombian soldiers released by FARC rebel group 11/26 Colombia's FARC releases two soldiers to revive peace talks 11/26 President: Captive Colombia general to be freed 11/26 Farc rebels release two soldiers 11/25 Colombia's FARC free two soldiers in step to restart peace talks 11/25 Colombia FARC free two soldiers, vow to release general by weekend 11/25 Colombia's FARC plans to release 2 soldiers 11/25 FARC releases soldiers but retains Colombia General Alzate 11/25 FARC partially complies with government's precondition to restart peace talks 11/25 Colombia: Peace talks could resume as FARC rebels release two hostages 11/25 Farc releases two soldiers in bid to restart peace talks 11/25 FARC: Colombia govt position hurting peace effort 11/24 Colombia to pull back army in return for release of top general 11/24 Colombia rebel chief says peace talks suspension destroyed confidence 11/24 FARC attack on island scares Colombia tour agency 11/24 Colombians Push for Peace After Kidnapping Derails FARC Talks 11/24 Farc warning on release of general 11/23 Colombia’s president: Hostages to be released next week 11/23 FARC to free captive general next week: Santos 11/23 Farc calls for reduced government military presence and international mediators for release of captives 11/23 Colombia's Santos says FARC release of hostages will be next week 11/22 Rebels expected to free Colombian general next week 11/22 Colombia general 'free next week' 11/22 Rebels to free Colombian general in coming week 11/22 COLOMBIA: TALKS WITH THE OTHER GUERILLAS? 11/22 Healing Colombia's Scars of War 11/21 Colombia Peace Talks in Cuba to Resume Following Release of FARC Kidnapped General 11/21 Accused Colombia rebel extradited to U.S. to face hostage-taking charges 11/21 Accused member of terrorist group extradited to US 11/21 Abduction shines light on Colombia poverty 11/21 Colombia's rebel-held general a bookish strategist 11/20 FARC to release kidnapped general 11/20 FARC to release kidnapped Colombian general 11/20 Africa: Criminal Justice in Transitional Contexts - What Lessons Can Colombia Learn From International Experiences? 11/20 Accused Colombian Drug Kingpin Admits to US Cocaine Scheme 11/20 FARC rebels to release captured Colombian general 11/19 Colombian army general captured 11/19 Colombia Farc: Huge search for abducted general 11/19 Colombia’s FARC guerrillas suggest kidnapped general may not see speedy release 11/19 FARC defends Colombia peace process suspended by its capture of an army general 11/19 Colombia FARC confirms capturing army general 11/19 Colombia to restart FARC peace talks after kidnapped general is released: government 11/19 FARC Negotiators Say Their Leaders Will Decide Hostage's Fate 11/19 FARC agree to release captured general 11/19 FARC militants defend capture of Colombian general 11/19 General whose capture put Colombia peace talks on hold is top counterinsurgency strategist 11/19 Colombia general 'released soon' 11/19 Is there hope for Colombia's peace talks? 11/19 Colombian Rebels Agree To Free Kidnapped General In Effort To Resume Peace Talks 11/19 FARC peace negotiators say they can't free captured Colombia general 11/19 FARC confirms capture of Colombian general 11/19 Columbian peace talks with Farc in crisis after general is kidnapped 11/18 Colombian president demands rebels release general 11/18 Colombia'a FARC say hope suspended peace talks can resume 11/18 Farc admits kidnap of Colombian general, sending peace talks into crisis 11/18 FARC confirms capture of Colombian general 11/18 Colombian General’s Capture by FARC Guerillas Threatens Peace Talks 11/18 FARC confirms it is holding kidnapped general 11/18 Colombian Rebels Confirm General's Capture 11/18 Colombian rebel leaders confirm capture of top general 11/18 Understanding the Colombian riddle 11/18 Colombian peace talks stalled after FARC kidnapping 11/18 Colombia rebels confirm capture of army general, peace talks on hold 11/18 Farc defends general's abduction 11/18 Columbia FARC rebels confirm they are holding army general 11/18 Farc confirm they have kidnapped Colombian general 11/18 'FARC rebels' snatch Colombia army general 11/17 Colombia suspends FARC peace talks after kidnapping of general 11/17 Colombia halts talks with FARC after general abducted 11/17 Colombia Calls Off Peace Talks With Rebels Over Captured General 11/17 Colombia suspends peace talks over abduction 11/17 Colombia halt peace talks after kidnapping 11/17 Peace talks halted by kidnapping 11/17 Huge search for general in Colombia 11/17 Colombia suspends peace talks with FARC following army general's abduction 11/17 Colombia : Peace interrupted 11/17 Colombia rebels seize top general, bringing halt to peace talks 11/17 Colombian army general kidnapped by armed left-wing rebels 11/17 Colombia halts peace talks after general is taken 11/17 Colombia: government suspends FARC peace talks 11/17 FARC peace talks suspended after Colombian general's kidnapping 11/17 Bogota suspend talks with FARC after general's abduction 11/17 Rebels urged to release general as talks collapse 11/17 Colombia-FARC Talks Suspended Over Abduction of Army General 11/17 Colombia Suspends Peace Talks After FARC Kidnaps Army General 11/17 Colombia peace talks in limbo over kidnapped army general 11/17 Colombia Peace Talks With FARC Suspended After Army General Kidnapped 11/17 Colombia mounts rescue operation for general 11/16 Colombian president says peace talks at risk unless deal reached in 2015 11/16 Colombia peace negotiator warns FARC rebels 11/15 Colombia tribe fearful over rebel convictions 11/13 Colombian guerrillas world’s third richest terror group 11/13 Colombia's Villagers Mete Out Harsh Justice 11/12 Colombia rebels 'sorry' over murder 11/12 UN concern over Colombia Farc verdict 11/11 FARC Rebels Sentenced to Jail For Killing Tribe Members 11/09 As Colombia pursues peace, victims of the conflict struggle with forgiveness 11/09 Tribal court convicts Farc fighters 11/09