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Basque separatists in spain


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Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating AA
Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 41.6 Moderate (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Eta Militant Group in Spain to Disarm by April 8th 03/24 Swiss agree to extradite ETA activist to Spain 03/23 Spain's female bodyguards who protect abused women 03/22 Spain says it will give nothing in return for ETA disarmament 03/18 Has ETA given up on independence? 03/18 Spanish PM Claims Basque Group ETA Will Get Nothing for Likely Disarmament 03/18 Spain: Eta militant group 'to disarm fully by 8 April' 03/17 Basque militant separatist group ETA set to announce disarmament - report 03/17 Basque separatist group ETA to launch disarmament initiative 03/17 Basque separatist group Eta to hand over arsenal 03/17 Basque Separatist Group ETA Is Said to Promise to Disarm 03/17 Spanish Prime Minister Calls on Basque Terrorist Group ETA to Dissolve 03/17 Tweets raise concerns over free speech in Spain 03/16 Spanish police uncover ETA ‘explosives’ stash 03/08 ETA Terrorists’ Stash With Explosives Found in Spain’s Basque Country 03/08 Thousands rally in Spain for ETA prisoners to be moved closer to families 01/14 Thousands protest Spain's dispersion policy for ETA inmates 01/14 France: police find ETA weapons trove, arrest 3 12/17 France: police find ETA weapons trove, arrest 3 12/17 France: Police find ETA weapons trove, arrest 3 12/17 French and Spanish police arrest five over 'Basque Eta arms cache' 12/17 Ex-member of Spanish death squad arrested for Islamic State links 12/13 Alleged Basque separatist leader arrested 11/06 Suspected Basque separatist leader arrested 11/06 Spain says separatist Basque ETA head captured in France 11/05 Spain says leading ETA member arrested in France 11/05 Suspected Leader of Basque Separatist Group ETA Is Captured 11/05 Basque separatist group leader arrested in France 11/05 Basque Separatist ETA Leader Arrested in France 11/05 Spain says separatist Basque ETA head captured in France 11/05 Orionid meteor shower to light up UK skies tonight 10/21 VIEW FROM ABROAD: Terror and trauma in the West 09/11 Daily chart : Deaths from terrorist attacks in the West 09/06 Pro-independence Basque leader*s election candidacy blocked 08/24 Spain: Court drops terrorism probe against puppeteers 06/28 Spanish intelligence to recruit 500 agents to spy on ISIS online 06/11 Spanish Basques invent new macho sport 05/25 ETA Member Jailed Over Plot To Kill King 05/06 Freed Basque separatist vows to continue struggle for independence 03/05 Spain: Pro-independence Basque leader greeted by thousands 03/05 Leader of Eta's political wing leaves jail to head Basque independence drive 03/01 Spain: Pro-independence Basque Leader Released from Jail 03/01 Basque militant separatist released from Spanish jail 03/01 Former leader of banned Basque party freed from jail in Spain 03/01 Protesters in Spain urge puppeteers' acquittal on charges 02/13 Spain: Puppeteers in terror case released from jail 02/10 Jailed Spanish puppeteers freed after "glorifying terrorism" 02/10 Spain: Prosecutors urge release of puppeteers in terror case 02/10 Spain: puppeteers charged with "glorifying terrorism" 02/08 Spain: Madrid city calls for release of puppeteers 02/08 Spanish puppeteers detained over children’s show, charged with 'glorifying terrorism' 02/07 2 puppeteers held in Spain for allegedly praising terrorism 02/06 Spain: 4 acquitted of attempted missile attacks on PM 02/03 European culture capital San Sebastien kicks off ‘peace’ festivities 01/24 Spain summons Venezuelan ambassador over president's remarks 01/22 Thousands rally in Spain for rights of Basque separatist prisoners 01/10 The Basque Conflict and ETA: The Difficulties of an Ending 12/10 Basque Activists Accused Of Supporting ETA 12/03 Spanish film pokes fun at Catalan crisis 11/18 Spanish say imminent attack foiled and claim ISIL cell is busted 11/03 Trial of ETA suspects over 2010 police killing begins in France 11/02 Suspected members of Basque separatist group ETA go on trial in France 11/02 Six suspected members of Basque group ETA go on trial in France 11/02 Senior Basque militant arrested in France 10/07 Spain, France arrest member of Basque group ETA near Paris 10/06 Basque group ETA says arrests endanger military dismantling 09/30 Two Basque separatist leaders arrested in southern France 09/22 French police arrest top leaders of Basque group ETA 09/22 ETA Arrests Spark Fears of More Violence in Basque Independence Fight 07/13 France jails ETA suspects pending trial 07/12 Two ETA suspects arrested in France 07/09 Kenya: Why We Are Not Winning the War Against Terror 07/03 Spain to ask Venezuela to extradite convicted member of armed Basque group ETA 07/03 Fight Against Terror: ETA lessons for Nigeria from Spain — Ambassador de Erice 06/20 US Accuses Cuba of Allowing Basque Separatists to Remain in Havana 06/19 How will financial ties with Cuba change now that it’s off the terrorism list? 05/30 US formally removes Cuba formally from terror list 05/29 Weapons linked to Basque group ETA found in France 05/28 Spain's Civil Guard police mistakenly listed as terror group on Basque govt Internet page 05/20 Spain's Civil Guard erroneously listed as terror group 05/20 Spain arrests 16 for defending terror acts on Internet 05/19 US: Spain, Cuba in talks for extradition of 2 ETA members 04/16 Cuba Pledged to Stop Supporting 'Acts of International Terrorism' - DoS 04/15 Cuba Welcomes Removal from US Terrorism Sponsor List 04/15 US State Dept 'advises lifting Cuba from terror list' 04/10 VIDEO: Will Cuba come off US terror list? 04/10 US officials urge Obama to remove Cuba from terror list 04/09 Most Wanted Basque ETA Fugitive Arrested in France 03/24 Spain asks US for help on extraditions from Cuba 03/02 Spain hopes US can help with Basque extraditions from Cuba in talks on terror list 03/02 Member of Basque Terrorist Group ETA Detained in Rome 02/25 Spain asks Interpol to check if wanted armed Basque group member is living in Venezuela 02/16 Can Cuba get off US terrorism list? 01/23 VIDEO: #FreeSpeechStories: The limits of Spanish humour 01/21 Former ETA leader arrested on fresh charges after early release 01/19 Spain authorities arrest 16 for ties with Basque group 01/12 Spanish police arrest lawyers over alleged ETA links 01/12 Ted Cruz Stretches The Truth On Cuba 12/18 How to Solve Spain's Secession Crisis 11/11 Spain Is Sending This Basque Journalist to Jail for Thoughtcrime 11/10