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Lebanon - Hezbollah


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.7 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : IDPs 90,000 to 390,000
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CCC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Hezbollah-inspired film imagines the 'liberation of the Galilee' 05/30 Vatican envoy in fresh bid to end vacuum in Lebanon 05/30 Syrian army in retreat as rebels tighten grip on Idlib 05/30 ISRAEL: Something Hezbollah and Israel Agree On 05/29 Al Jazeera Attempts to Whitewash Al-Qaeda’s Syrian Branch 05/29 Syrian refugee crisis: EU Trust Fund launches first response programmes, helping up to 400,000 in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq 05/29 Cyprus police probe Israel link in ammonium nitrate haul -media 05/29 PEACEKEEPING: The Refugee Explosion 05/29 Nusra leader: Our mission is to defeat Syrian regime 05/28 Riyadh places 2 Hezbollah leaders on 'terror list' 05/28 Leader of al Qaeda in Syria says sights set on Damascus 05/28 Syria's al-Nusra front has no plans to attack the West - and instead wants to topple President Assad 05/28 At the Dead Sea, Jordan's message was 'staying alive' 05/28 Nusra Front Chief is Focused on Syria, Not Western Attacks 05/28 Saudi designates two Hezbollah officials as terrorists 05/28 Saudi Arabia adds two Hezbollah leaders on terrorist list 05/28 Lebanon, Saudi Arabia unified on case against Hezbollah leaders 05/28 In Lebanon, Many Refugee Girls Choose Marriage Over Poverty 05/28 Syrian rebels take control of the last regime stronghold in Idlib 05/28 Annual Home Front exercise to test Israel's war readiness 05/28 Syria's al-Qaida chief says no plans to attack the West 05/28 Saudi Arabia sanctions senior Hezbollah members, accusing them of leading terrorist operations 05/27 Hezbollah says it struck militants in Syria with the help of a drone for the 1st time 05/27 The Iran Talks Game Changer: An Israeli-Hezbollah War? 05/27 Leader of al Qaeda in Syria says sights set on Damascus 05/27 Eyewitness report: On tour with Hezbollah 05/27 Hezbollah forces press ahead with operation against ISIL in Qalamoun 05/27 Wikileaks releases US diplomatic cables from 1978 05/27 Saudi Arabia Sanctions Two Hezbollah Commanders 05/27 Hezbollah says it struck Syria militants with help of drone 05/27 Saudi designates two Hezbollah officials as terrorists 05/27 For Israel, No Good Outcomes in Syria’s War 05/27 Preserving the Israeli spirit in the US 05/26 Lebanon: UN official in country urges end to political vacuum 05/25 Hezbollah vows to step up involvement in Syria's civil war 05/25 Iraq will take back Ramadi 'in days' 05/25 IS threat to rare bird near Palmyra 05/25 Syrian troops kill 300 militants in Idlib province 05/25 Hezbollah leader vows to fight Islamic State group ‘everywhere’ 05/25 Lebanon: as security challenges grow, top UN official in country urges end to political vacuum 05/25 Zarif congratulates Nasrallah, Lebanese FM on anniversary of victory over Israel 05/25 A Day Fighting Extremism With Hezbollah 05/25 Disease threatens livestock on Lebanon's Syrian border 05/25 U.N. urges Lebanon to pick president, end political vacuum 05/25 Hezbollah Leader Admits Operations Throughout Syria, Calls for More Backing 05/25 Daesh poses 'unparalleled threat': Nasrallah 05/25 Iraq Will Take Back Ramadi From IS 'In Days' -- PM Abadi 05/25 Hezbollah says it will step up presence in Syria as needed 05/24 With Syria's Army Losing Ground, A Boost From Hezbollah 05/24 Hezbollah vows to expand involvement in Syria's civil war 05/24 Nasrallah: Hezbollah to increase presence in Syria 05/24 Taking back Palmyra: Syrian army launching attack to rid Ancient Roman city of ISIL fighters 05/24 Hezbollah blames Saudi Arabia for Shia mosque bombing 05/23 A bid to protect one farm became a national movement 05/23 Hezbollah shows off its tunnels, claims it is prepared for war with Israel 05/23 Hezbollah, Syria retake new hilltop in Qalamoun 05/23 US and Hizballah coordinate spy drone flights over Qalamoun, share US combat intelligence 05/23 Lebanon Marks a Year Without President 05/23 Hezbollah shows off border gains with slide show and tour 05/22 VIDEO: The Hezbollah site taken from Islamist rebels 05/22 2015 'Year of Fear' for Children, UN Education Envoy Says, Urging Schools Funding in Crisis Zones 05/22 Bomber attacks Saudi Shia mosque 05/22 Funding shortage forces UN agency to halt housing allowance for Palestine refugees in Lebanon 05/22 Israel's Threat to Kill Lebanese Civilians 05/22 Daesh advances toward Palmyra world heritage site in Syria 05/21 80,000 Hezbollah missiles ready to target Israel 05/21 UN envoy says 2015 year of fear for children, urging schools funding in crisis zones 05/21 ISIS controls half of Syrian territory, say activists 05/21 Sanctions Relief Unlikely to Empower Iran Militarily - Obama 05/21 Militants show regained territory from al Qaeda 05/21 Micho Summons Seven Pros for Rwanda Clash 05/20 Pour railler le Hezbollah, les Libanais ont un nouvel angle d’attaque: la limonade 05/20 Mortar attack in Damascus injures 23 schoolchildren, kills teacher 05/20 Syrian refugees struggle amid aid cuts, lack of labor rights 05/19 Iraqi army, militias prepare to retake Ramadi from IS group 05/19 Funding shortfalls for Syrian refugees in 5 host countries 05/19 Funding shortfalls for Syrian refugees in 5 host countries 05/19 Mother of US reporter missing in Syria pleads for answers 05/19 Jamaat-ud Daawa: Into the Mainstream 05/19 Shiite militias helping Iraq drive IS out of Ramadi 05/19 Iran has no troops in Yemen: Velayati 05/19 A tale of two Presidents: six years after the war 05/19 Assad, under pressure, may need his friends more than ever 05/18 Will Jabhat al-Nusra Eclipse IS in Syria? 05/18 Adviser to Iran's Khamenei arrives in Beirut 05/18 Daesh takes control of Anbar's Ramadi city 05/18 Hezbollah, Syria push to purge terrorists from Jord Flita 05/18 Iraqi Shiite militias, ISIS fighters converge on air base for next battle 05/18 Syria: reports of ISIL advance on Palmyra raise fears for the ancient site 05/17 US 'deeply concerned' over Morsi death sentence 05/17 Egyptian court seeks death penalty for former president Mursi 05/16 Hezbollah leader vows to defeat extremists along Syria-Lebanon border 05/16 Hezbollah leader says extremists losing ground in Syria 05/16 Despite regional conflict, Lebanon is planning to become a railway powerhouse once again 05/16 Nasrallah declares victory in Syria's Qalamoun 05/16 Reporter's Notebook: Hezbollah Deploys New Weapon, a Press Tour, in Syria 05/16 Syria, Hezbollah advance further in Qalamoun border region 05/16 Egyptian judge requests death penalty for ex-president Mohammed Morsi 05/16 Lebanon's Hezbollah mourns death of 4 fighters in Syria 05/16 New chief of staff faces IDF in need of reforms 05/16