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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.7 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : IDPs 90,000 to 390,000
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CCC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Syrian army takes villages in south 02/28 Pourquoi la France et l'Arabie saoudite fournissent-elles trois milliards de dollars d'armes au Liban? 02/27 A game of survival for Syrian refugees in Lebanon 02/27 Turkey hosts world's largest refugee population, says UN 02/27 Muslim educator blasts decision to suspend leases to Montreal Muslim schools 02/27 The Use and Abuse of Syrian Christians 02/27 US Treasury Targets Hezbollah Network in Africa With Sanctions 02/26 Lebanon to Grant Entry to Assyrian Refugees From Syria 02/26 Lights, handguns, action 02/26 PM: World powers 'have given up' in Iran nuke talks 02/25 US Senator Condemns Iran for Military Drills to Destroy US Aircraft Carrier 02/25 ISIL Kidnapping Underlines 'Grave Peril' of Assyrian Christians 02/25 Africa: States Fail to Protect Civilians From Militant Violence - Amnesty 02/25 States fail to protect civilians from militant violence: Amnesty 02/24 How Israel Could Be Drawn into Syria's War 02/23 ISIL to Declare Emirate in Lebanon – Reports 02/23 A Syrian Family Uprooted by War, Reunited in Germany 02/22 Israeli aircraft violate Lebanese airspace 02/22 Syria rebels capture key towns in Aleppo province 02/21 Snow adds to miseries of Syrian refugees 02/21 Jury finds San Antonio man was not involved in terrorist organization 02/21 Djibouti at Pan Arab women’s youth tourney semis 02/21 Q&A: Islam's Sunni-Shiite divide 02/21 Syrian children struggle on Lebanon's streets 02/21 Monitor says Syrian army and allies killed 48 in Aleppo offensive 02/21 Report: Ten Children of Syrian Rebels Killed by Assad Force 02/21 Rights group: Syrian govt. executed family members of rebels in Retian 02/21 South Africa: SA on High Alert for 11 Terrorists - Report 02/20 Rebels push back regime troops in Aleppo 02/20 Plight of Middle East Christians is the Greatest Tragedy Since World War II, Says Patriarch 02/20 Syrian opposition captures 27 regime soldiers in Aleppo 02/19 Advancing on Aleppo 02/19 Qatar blasts Hezbollah for 'killing Syrians' 02/19 For The First Time, An Afghan First Lady Steps Into The Spotlight 02/19 Conditions for Syria’s displaced just keep getting worse, aid officials lament 02/18 Over 100 killed in regime’s Aleppo offensive 02/18 Syria Monitor: Scores Killed in Aleppo Battles 02/18 Aid not reaching millions in Syria 02/18 The Wooden Rifle 02/18 Lebanese Artists Battle State Censorship 02/18 Syria army, Hezbollah fighters reach Aleppo's besieged villages 02/18 Israelis dispute CIA was behind Hezbollah strongman’s killing 02/17 Syrian army makes rapid advance north of Aleppo 02/17 Hezbollah engaged in fighting ISIL in Iraq, Nasrallah says 02/17 Hezbollah admits it is fighting Islamic State 02/17 Syrian army 'blocks key Aleppo road' 02/17 Syrian Forces Try to Cut Supply Route to Aleppo as Hezbollah’s Role Grows 02/17 Five Middle East Blunders 02/17 VIDEO: Photographing women and war 02/17 Syrian army recaptures several villages north of Aleppo 02/17 Turkey says it’s reached accord with US on training Syrian rebels, but not on who enemy is 02/17 Many reported dead in latest Aleppo fighting 02/17 Syria Troops Capture Villages Near Aleppo In Surprise Attack 02/17 Monitor: Syrian Army Makes Advances North of Aleppo 02/17 Aid Not Reaching Millions in Syria 02/17 Dozens of regime troops killed in Deraa offensive 02/16 Hezbollah leader denounces mass beheading of Copts, says Israel's Mossad, CIA behind IS 02/16 Israel's new military chief sworn in amid regional tensions 02/16 Hezbollah chief urges Middle East to unite against ISIL 02/16 Paul Salopek's Out of Eden Walk: Syrian Refugees 02/16 LIVE: Gadi Eisenkot sworn in as new IDF Chief of Staff 02/16 Dozens killed in Syria clashes in one week: Monitoring group 02/16 Hezbollah warns ISIL is a 'great danger' 02/16 Beirut Chaldean Diocese Pleads for More Aid As Iraqi Refugee Needs Grow 02/16 Syrian regime blocks key rebel supply route to Aleppo, watchdog says 02/16 Scores dead in intensified fighting in southern Syria: monitor 02/15 Hezbollah leader calls on supporters to refrain from celebratory gunfire when he speaks 02/15 Hezbollah leader to supporters: Stop the celebratory gunfire 02/15 Lebanon's ex-PM Saad Hariri says talks with Hezbollah a necessity 02/15 Lebanese Leader: Hezbollah, ISIS 'Two Sides of the Same Coin' 02/15 Lebanese mark anniversary of ex-PM Hariri's murder 02/14 Lebanon Marks Decade Since Hariri Assassination 02/14 100 killed in week of clashes in south Syria — monitor 02/14 Syrian Rebels Fighting Assad Seek Israeli Help 02/14 Rafik Hariri: In Lebanon, assassination reverberates 10 years later 02/14 Parents of missing journalist Austin Tice urge US to revamp hostage policies 02/14 State not Hezbollah has power to decide war – Hariri 02/14 Former PM Hariri bashes Hezbollah on anniversary of father's assassination 02/14 Opposition forces kill 43 soldiers, pro-regime militants S. Syria – SOHR 02/14 Former PM Hariri in Lebanon for anniversary of father's assassination: media 02/14 'Offices of theft' target desperate Syrians 02/14 Former premier in Lebanon to mark father's assassination 02/14 Lebanon marks Hariri assassination 02/14 War history is littered with civilian deaths 02/13 Syrian townspeople insist that US airstrike killed scores of civilians 02/13 Syria regime, Hezbollah make gains in south 02/12 Justice elusive 10 years after killing of Lebanon's Hariri 02/12 Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran's onslaught towards Israel 02/12 West Tries to Exhaust Middle East to Impose Own Decisions – Diplomat 02/12 Bad weather slows government attack south of Syrian capital 02/12 Syrian rebel leader vows guerrilla war in south against Hezbollah, govt 02/12 Ex-wife of man accused of lying to federal officials she knew about his past 02/12 The Battle for Southern Syria Has Been Joined and a Regional Conflict May Just Be the Main Event 02/12 Mending ‘Axis of Resistance': Hamas Returns to the Start 02/12 Report: Israeli spy foiled Olmert assassination 02/11 Reports: Troops launch offensive in Syria's south 02/11 Syrian army, Hezbollah advance in campaign against rebels in south: Damascus 02/11 Syrian government troops, backed by Hezbollah, capture several villages south of Damascus 02/11 Hamas returns to the start 02/11 Syrian, Hezbollah troops advancing towards Israeli Golan 02/11