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Lebanon - Hezbollah


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.7 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : IDPs 90,000 to 390,000
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CCC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Supreme Leader says Iran will continue Support for Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad 11/26 Obama must be ready to use force against Iran to end nuclear standoff 11/26 Impoverished Lebanese city is target for IS group 11/26 UN pushes for targeted Syrian cease-fires in hopes of delivering aid (+video) 11/25 Hezbollah fighter freed in prisoner swap 11/25 Lebanon detains pro-Hezbollah singer 11/25 Hezbollah Arrives in Iraq 11/25 Six unexpected WW1 battlegrounds 11/25 Lebanon's Dangerous Downward Spiral 11/24 Hezbollah claims 'pinpoint' Iranian missiles added to its arsenal 11/23 Iran is shifting from pariah to possible future policeman of the Gulf 11/23 Syrians in Lebanon fearful about future 11/23 Iran: We supplied Hezbollah missiles capable of reaching Dimona 11/22 Lebanon PM cancels independence day celebrations 11/21 Lebanese PM cancels independence day celebrations amid impasse over electing next president 11/21 Militants could have drawn Lebanon into civil war: army chief 11/21 The Arabs' Next Decade 11/21 Is Lebanon Next Victim in Islamic State Advance? 11/21 Faced with ‘mega-crisis,’ UN warns of refugee suffering and security threats 11/20 Israeli drone commander on the agonizing, split-second dilemmas that represent the future of warfare 11/20 Hezbollah leader Nasrallah leaves bunker for rare photo-op 11/19 Lebanon: Syrian refugees struggle with diabetes 11/19 SYRIA: The Sons Of Saddam Under Siege Again 11/19 At Least Two Children Among 13 in Syria Government Bombing 11/18 Once Tolerated, Westerners Are Now Targeted By Radical Islamists 11/18 Hezbollah leader pays a visit to top Shiite cleric who is in Lebanon for medical tests 11/18 The fighters of Iraq who answer to Iran 11/17 Syria's refugees yearning for the lost 'old life' 11/17 Palestinian Report: Israel Failed Attempt to Eliminate Nasrallah 11/17 Mossad’s top agent in Lebanon speaks publicly for first time 11/17 Syria faces renewed scrutiny for Hariri assassination. Why now? 11/17 Peter Kassig: Ex-Soldier Turned Aid Worker 11/16 US confirms execution of American aid worker by Islamic State 11/16 Lebanon's Druze Are Being Dragged Into Syria's War 11/16 Islamic State claims it has beheaded US hostage Kassig 11/16 Breaking: ISIS Beheads Hostage Peter Kassig 11/16 Syrian students in Lebanon stuck in limbo 11/15 How would a deal between al-Qaeda and Isil change Syria's civil war? 11/14 Saturday, November 22 11/14 A Sri Lankan Girl Living in Lebanon Isn’t Really a Citizen of Either Country 11/14 Syrian Christians Strike Back 11/14 The Rummenigge file opens: Mossad's top agent in Lebanon speaks for the first time 11/14 Gunmen attack Lebanese Army unit, injure three 11/14 For Fans, A Respite From War as Racing Returns to Damascus 11/14 Judge orders Lebanese man held 18 months 11/14 Lebanese Winemakers Thrive Despite War Next Door 11/14 Doors Closing for Syrians Seeking Refuge Abroad: Humanitarian Agencies 11/13 VIDEO: Hezbollah MP blames West over Syria 11/13 Peru judge orders Lebanese man, purported Hezbollah member, held 18 months for investigation 11/13 UN Security Council Urges Lebanon to Choose President 11/13 Doors closing for Syrians seeking refuge abroad as neighbours struggle to cope with influx: Humanitarian agencies 11/13 Lebanese detainee in Peru denies Hezbollah link, says confession coerced 11/13 UN launches food program for displaced Iraqis 11/12 Hezbollah claims Israel behind mysterious murder of nuclear engineers 11/12 Migrant Crisis Escalates Worldwide 11/12 PUC demands inquiry into Kot Radha Kishan killings : November 13, 2014, 3:22 am 11/12 Hezbollah Accuses Israel of Assassinating Nuclear Scientists 11/12 Special Report: The fighters of Iraq who answer to Iran 11/12 IRGC admits export of missile to Syrian dictatorship 11/12 Fleeing Syrians face 'new level of hopelessness' 11/12 UN Security Council urges Lebanon to finally select a president after months of empty post 11/12 Doors closing for Syrians seeking refuge abroad: humanitarian agencies 11/12 Iran Helped Crush Syria's Revolution -- And It's Repeating Its Strategy In Iraq 11/12 Lebanon hopes Iran deal would unlock political crisis: PM 11/12 An Unlikely Pair in Lebanon Teams Up in Hopes of Creating Change 11/12 Syrian War Empowers Lebanon's Military 11/12 Syria: Staffan de Mistura, the UN's special envoy 11/11 Peru: Hezbollah Agent to be Charged over Possible Terror Plot 11/11 UN Launches Food Program for Displaced Iraqis 11/11 Lebanon's Druze community fearful as Syria's war moves closer 11/11 New Reagan recordings released 11/10 Lebanon's Druze community fearful as Syria's civil war moves closer 11/10 Syrian Friends Plead for Release of American IS Hostage 11/10 Hezbollah blames Israel in death of 5 nuclear technicians in Syria 11/10 Lebanese Christians Arm Themselves Against ISIS 11/10 Peru police to press charges against alleged Hezbollah detainee 11/10 Lebanon's Druze community fearful as Syria's war moves closer 11/09 Min. Peretz: I'm Leaving the Government 11/08 Friends of US aid worker call on IS to free him 11/08 Friends plead for ISIL to release U.S. aid worker 11/08 Friends of American aid worker held by IS call for his release saying he is a now Muslim 11/08 Yemen, Lebanon discuss cooperation relations 11/07 Syrian troops clash with gunmen near Golan Heights, Lebanon border 11/07 The Obama administration and its links to Islamism 11/07 Humanitarian Groups Seeking Further International Aid for Refugees in Lebanon 11/07 Must Middle Eastern Christians Keep Turning the Other Cheek? 11/07 Human Rights Watch Condemns Lebanon for Forcibly Deporting Syrian Escapee 11/07 Fearing U.S. Air Strikes, Syria Asks for Russian S300 11/06 Syria al-Qaeda arm vows to strike Hezbollah 11/05 Lebanon's Shia defiant in face of ISIL threat 11/05 Lebanese parliament skips elections, extends its term to 2017 amid regional turmoil, protests 11/05 Lebanon's parliament extends own term until 2017: media 11/05 Top Iranian general, Hezbollah lead Iraq ground war 11/05 Confronting Violence and Abuse With Post-Trauma Workshops 11/05 France to send military gear to Lebanon from early 2015: source 11/05 For Israel, Two-State Is No Solution 11/05 Israel Has the Power to 'Destroy Lebanon Entirely' 11/05 Lebanon's Troubled Fight With ISIL 11/05 Iranian General is Said to Mastermind Iraq Ground War 11/05 Why Hezbollah leader chose Shiites' Ashura to reach out to Lebanese Sunnis 11/04