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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.7 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : IDPs 90,000 to 390,000
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CCC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Chief of Iraq’s Hezbollah Al-Nujaba in Tehran for key talks 08/27 Larijani meets Iraqi Hezbollah al-Nujaba leader 08/27 Israeli troops kill suspected assailant in West Bank 08/26 Soyinka urges Buhari to dialogue with militants 08/26 Why Syria's War May Be About to Get Even Worse 08/25 There is nothing to stop other radical Islamic preachers taking over Anjem Choudary's work 08/24 The Daily Vertical: Putin's Syrian Victims 08/23 Why peace is prevailing, for now, in south Lebanon 08/23 Pentagon takes aim at bomb-carrying consumer drones 08/23 In Mission Kashmir, Akbar meets Assad 08/22 Turkey's potentially momentous shift on Assad 08/22 Friend seeks Medal of Honor for Vietnam War Marine 08/20 From the streets of Kobane to the Berlin Wall 08/20 Impending anti-terrorism format of Turkey, Russia & Iran 08/20 Iran says military clout at service of resistance front  08/19 Shias Are Winning in the Mideast -- Thanks to Russia 08/19 Why Hezbollah Won't Open All-Out Front Against Israel 08/18 Because of Syrian war, Lebanon's tobacco industry is booming 08/18 Of war and coffee in Lebanon 08/18 Incentives And Peace [Part 1] 08/17 How off-the-shelf drones are changing war in Syria and Lebanon 08/16 Opinion: Why many Syrians would support Donald Trump 08/16 Shamkhani: Iran-Russia cooperation on Syria strategic (updates) 08/16 Russian warplanes take off from Iran to target Islamic State fighters in Syria 08/16 The Latest: Iran allows Russia to use base for Syria strikes 08/16 Man pleads guilty to false statements involving terrorism 08/15 ‘Trump has facts’: Hezbollah leader supports Republican’s accusation that Obama ‘founded’ Islamic State 08/15 Bomb in eastern Lebanon near Syria border wounds 2 soldiers 08/15 Zarif: Lebanon’s victory in 2006 war was ‘source of pride’  08/15 An old fight : Politics hogs the Olympic spotlight in the Middle East 08/15 Hezbollah's leader backs Donald Trump on Obama 'founding ISIS' 08/15 Poll: Most Americans support US military action in Syria - but only a limited amount 08/15 Iran: Lebanese victory over Israel in 2006 war marks a ‘golden page’ in history 08/14 Hezbollah leader supports Trump's claim that U.S. created Islamic State 08/13 Larijani: 33-day war gave Zionists ‘unforgettable lesson’  08/13 Hezbollah leader supports Trump's claim that US created ISIS 08/13 Lebanon stops Saudi woman, kids heading to join IS in Syria 08/12 Lebanon stops Saudi woman, kids heading to join Islamic State in Syria 08/12 Syrian Army & Hezbollah launch counter-offensive in south Aleppo (VIDEO) 08/12 Break in approach to IS crisis 08/11 M J Akbar to travel to Syria, Iraq; will discuss IS threat, Indian hostages 08/11 Israel on Edge - Towards a Third Lebanon War 08/10 Battle for Aleppo may be the most crucial of the Syrian civil war 08/10 US sends $50 m worth of army equipment to Lebanon 08/09 Syrian rebels deny losing ground in Aleppo 08/09 US delivers military shipment to Lebanon's army 08/09 US delivers military shipment to Lebanon's army 08/09 Syrian forces retake district in SW Aleppo from terrorists 08/09 Aleppo battle: Assad sends thousands of reinforcements 08/09 Battle for Aleppo intensifies as rebels and regime troops send in reinforcements 08/08 Championing culture in Lebanon's south 08/08 Syrian rebels breach government-imposed siege on Aleppo 08/07 Olympics: Israeli and Lebanese teams compete for bus 08/07 Syrian Rebels Breach Government's Hold on Aleppo 08/07 Syria Deeply Weekly Update: Smokescreens in Aleppo, Talks of Possible Partitioning 08/07 Syrian rebels may be turning the tables on Assad's troops in Aleppo 08/07 Supporting resistance is our ‘honor’: Kharrazi 08/06 Rio 2016 Olympics: Lebanese athletes refuse to travel with Israel team 08/06 Lebanese artisan revives mosaic tile tradition 08/06 Syria group demands swap for bodies of Russian air crew 08/05 US to keep troops in Afghanistan till next year to tackle ISIS 08/05 Syrian group demands exchange for bodies of Russian air crew 08/05 Syrian fighters blackmail Russia with dead Mi-8 crew 08/05 Mia Farrow: This is inspiring 08/05 Syrian militants use dead bodies to blackmail Russia 08/05 Syrian group demands exchange for bodies of Russian air crew 08/04 Hezbollah sees no immediate end to Syria war, partition in Iraq and Syria a possible outcome 08/03 Despite pledges, 1 million Syrian refugees are out of school 08/03 Universities Struggle to Meet Syrian Refugee Education Gap 08/03 Terror Attacks Test Lebanon’s Welcome for Syrian Refugees 08/01 Nigerian Army Killsed 348 Shiites in December Raid, Inquiry Says 08/01 Report: Nigeria army killed 348 Shiites, 1 soldier killed 08/01 For Shiite Muslims, ink shows ‘deep love’ amid Syria’s civil war 07/31 To Win in Syria, Target Hezbollah 07/31 Iraq: Ban Abusive Militias from Mosul Operation 07/31 Syrian jihadi rebels launch offensive to break Aleppo siege 07/31 More than 56 million trapped in 'vicious' cycle of violence and hunger: UN 07/29 AP PHOTOS: Shiite tattoos a show of pride amid tensions 07/29 Why Al Qaeda just got jilted in Syria 07/28 How Merkel reacts to crises better than other leaders 07/28 AP EXPLAINS: Why Syria's al-Qaida may be considering a split 07/27 Recycling Lifeline for Lebanon’s Last Glassblowers 07/25 Israeli warplanes hit Syrian target after mortar fire 07/25 Will Syria Be Hezbollah’s Proving Ground, or Its Undoing? 07/25 Recycling is Lifeline for Lebanon’s Last Glassblowers 07/25 EU and Lebanese government launch training course on solid waste management 07/25 Lebanese comments on Mauritania trigger spat ahead of summit 07/25 Israel hopes to sign new US military aid package soon 07/25 Lebanon's rubbish crisis fuels green alternatives 07/22 Syrian forces take control of key town near Damascus 07/22 Lebanon: Security Council calls for presidential and parliamentary polls by next May 07/22 Choked off 07/21 Death sentence upheld for Kuwaiti accused of links to Iran 07/21 Lebanon's Fragile Stability 07/21 Forgotten fairground of the future 07/21 Kuwait court upholds death for alleged spy cell member 07/21 Pokémon No GO for Lebanese Security Forces 07/20 Don't Forget, or Deny, Hezbollah's Brutal Crimes 07/20 The secret of Nasrallah 07/20 Trump 'doesn't have to know' Hamas-Hezbollah difference 07/20