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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Suicide bomber kills 21 during Shia procession in Nigeria's Kano state 11/27 Islamic State is not a State, but Daesh 11/27 Norway Deports Pakistani Asylum Seekers 11/27 Lavrov hits Turkey with more penalties, doubts commitment to war on "secret allies" ISIL 11/27 French FM says can work with Syrian regime forces after transition 11/27 It’s all over for the ‘decent left’, and they have only themselves to blame 11/27 Turkish President Erdoğan warns Russia ‘not to play with fire’ 11/27 Family of Alan Kurdi, drowned Syrian boy, coming to Canada 11/27 US targets Islamic State with 18 air strikes in Iraq -US military 11/27 Behind migrant protests, children live in limbo at Macedonia's border 11/27 US-Led Coalition Launches 18 Airstrikes Against ISIL in Iraq 11/27 Lack of US-Led Coalition Strikes in Syria 'Unrelated' to S-400 Deployment 11/27 Millions of Children Survived the Iraq War and ISIS. How Will They Survive What's Next? 11/27 Lewis-McChord turns to Pacific, but is still tied to Afghanistan, Iraq 11/27 What Prevents France From Fully Embracing Russia's Anti-ISIL Plan? 11/27 'UK Airstrikes in Syria Risk Turning Europeans Into Extremists' 11/27 Africa: New Border Regime in the Balkans 'Inequitable and Illegal' 11/27 Lies, Terror and the Drive to War 11/27 Global landmine casualties increase, Afghanistan largely to blame: Study 11/27 Germany Considers Sending Reconnaissance Aircraft to Syria 11/27 U.S. Soldiers in Syria to Back Anti-ISIS Kurds 11/27 Shiite Government in Iraq Reigns At Other Tribes' Peril 11/27 Philippine marines kill eight ISIL sympathisers 11/27 VIDEO: Islamic State's 'water war' on Iraq 11/27 SOMALIA: The ISIL Threat Helps 11/27 AIR DEFENSE: Aegis Moves To Europe 11/27 SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Mission Impossible In South Korea 11/27 Somalia reopens embassy in Iraq 11/27 France Mourns Victims of Paris Attacks 11/27 Turkey Trying to Revive Ottoman Empire by Dividing Syria, Iraq - Damascus 11/27 French defence minister urges UK to help 'win this war' against IS group 11/27 Britain's Cameron says time to bomb militants in Syria 11/27 New Jihadi Threats to India: Changing Dynamics of Proxy War 11/27 Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sabotaging the West's battle to crush ISIS 11/27 UK minister: Consensus 'emerging’ for Syria airstrikes 11/27 Barack Obama plan to defeat Isil dismissed by US intelligence experts 11/27 Russia, France agree to tighten cooperation against IS 11/27 The Saturday Profile: Finding a Path Back to Iraq, and Toward Securing Women’s Freedom 11/27 Children die as boats sink off Turkey 11/27 ISIL claims responsibility for Bangladesh mosque attack 11/27 UN agencies concerned about worsening humanitarian conditions of displaced Iraqis in Kurdistan 11/27 Ex-London Mayor Livingstone Lambasts Blair Over Iraq Invasion 11/27 American Sniper killer’s secret 11/26 Islamic State Unfazed by Losses in Iraq, Syria 11/26 Francois Hollande: Man on a mission 11/26 Hollande as Republic Day guest: Will France ask India to join war on Islamic State? 11/26 PM Cameron: Britain should join Syria air strikes 11/26 WEAPONS: Proliferating PDWs 11/26 ATTRITION: Indian Women Flying Fighters 11/26 CHINA: Powerful But Dangerous Friends 11/26 The Arab World is at war with itself 11/26 Hollande Heads to Russia Seeking Anti-IS Coalition 11/26 US advises EU to criminalise the intention to become a ‘foreign fighter’ 11/26 US Mandates Military Dogs be Retired in US 11/26 Syrian Turkmen facing 'critical' period in battle 11/26 Diplomacy wins over war rhetorics 11/26 Cameron: UK must attack IS in Syria to deny group safe haven 11/26 US reviews Thailand's trade benefits after labour complaint 11/26 Britain PM David Cameron says time to bomb Islamic State militants in Syria 11/26 West Pushes Ahead With Anti-IS Coalition Efforts 11/26 On Thanksgiving, Obama Urges Generosity to Syrian Refugees 11/26 Obama on Thanksgiving urges generosity to Syrian refugees 11/26 Obama urges Americans to welcome Syrian refugees in his Thanksgiving address 11/26 Washington 'Suffers From a Severe Case of Strategic Confusion' 11/26 Philippine forces kill 8 suspected to have IS sympathies 11/26 UK to Use High Precision Missiles to Minimize Collateral Damage in Syria 11/26 Secret Underground ISIL Lair With US Weapons and Drugs Found in Iraq 11/26 UK to Step Up Cooperation With Russia, Iran in Anti-ISIL Fight – Cameron 11/26 Downing of Su-24: Final Nail in Coffin for Russia-Turkey Relations? 11/26 Hollande Flies to Moscow as France Takes Lead on Syria Talks 11/26 Germany 'to send reconnaissance jets to Syria' 11/26 Full text and audio: Corbyn’s seven questions to Cameron on Syria 11/26 Corbyn won’t support intervention in Syria, but what will he ask his frontbenchers to do? 11/26 Germany 'to send reconnaissance jets to Syria' 11/26 Britain's parliament debates Cameron's call to air war in Syria 11/26 Saudi Arabia To Execute Over 50 People Accused Of Terrorism: Report 11/26 Regime, Russian attacks displacing Syrian Turkmen: Group 11/26 Cameron calls for UK airstrikes on Daesh in Syria 11/26 Letter From Europe: Time Before Iraq Invasion Holds Lessons for Fight Against ISIS 11/26 Erdogan says Syria's Assad, not Turkey, backing ISIL 11/26 Tunisia film festival opens doors in show of defiance 11/26 UK's Cameron: Britain must expand anti-IS airstrikes to Syria to deny group safe haven 11/26 Mali: Germany to Send 650 Troops to Mali After Hotel Attack 11/26 Germany to support France in fight against ISIS 11/26 Thanksgiving special: Barack Obama uses pilgrims to evoke sympathy for Syrian refugees 11/26 Lawmaker: Germany Will Send Tornado Jets to Syria 11/26 France's evolving African diplomacy 11/26 Philippine marines kill 8 suspected militants believed to be Islamic State group sympathizers 11/26 Cameron asks for strikes on ISIS 11/26 David Cameron: Syrian Air Strikes Unlikely to Lead to Civilian Casualties 11/26 Global terroism and chemical weapons 11/26 IS conflict: The spiral of violence 11/26 France's Hollande to press for anti-IS coalition on trip to Russia 11/26 Britain’s Cameron makes case for airstrikes in Syria 11/26 Heavy lifting required 11/26 Kurdish 'Death Squad’ Travel in Bombproof 'Mad Max' Style Machines‏ 11/26 Cameron: UK must attack Islamic State in Syria to deny group safe haven 11/26 12 killed, dozens injured in Iraq violence 11/26 UN supports Turkmen rights in Iraq: Envoy 11/26 France's Hollande, in Moscow, urges grand coalition against Islamic State 11/26