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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Australian Islamic State recruiter killed in U.S. airstrike in Iraq 05/04 4,000 sailors and Marines return from 7-month deployment on USS Kearsarge 05/04 Army captain sues Obama; says he lacks authority to fight Islamic State 05/04 Iraqis Mock Prime Minister's Reaction To Stained White Couch After Protests 05/04 17,000 Dead Iranians. Who Knows? Who Cares? 05/04 UN diplomat says Islamic State seeking new revenue streams 05/04 Ash Carter: Anti-Daesh Fight to Intensify Following Navy SEAL Death in Iraq 05/04 New Details, Questions Arise in Gunbattle That Killed US Navy SEAL 05/04 US Worried Political Chaos in Iraq Will Hurt IS Fight 05/04 Muqtada al-Sadr Is Back 05/04 America Will Regret Abandoning the Mideast 05/04 IS kills US Navy SEAL in Iraq attack 05/04 Islamic State kills U.S. Navy SEAL in northern Iraq 05/04 9 Muslim Albanians jailed for recruiting for terror groups 05/04 US Consul General ties the knot with Chinese gay partner 05/04 US Navy SEAL killed in northern Iraq after Islamic State punches through front line 05/04 US Navy Seal killed in 'direct fire' from ISIL in Iraq 05/04 How to Put the Middle East Back Together 05/04 US, Allies Bracing for More IS Incursions in Iraq 05/04 US Defense Sec'y Carter: Campaign against IS 'far from over' 05/04 US Defense Sec'y Carter: Campaign against IS 'far from over' 05/04 Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was close to disgraced grandfather 05/04 Anti-IS coalition is half-hearted, says Mid-East expert Udo Steinbach 05/04 Transatlantic Counter-Terrorism Cooperation 05/04 Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was close to disgraced grandfather 05/04 US Defense Sec'y Carter: Campaign against IS 'far from over' 05/04 Two rockets hit Turkey’s Kilis 05/04 Quotations in the News 05/04 Car bomb blast in southeast Turkey kills one Turkish soldier, wounds five 05/04 Iraq: US Navy SEAL killed by ISIS identified as Charles Keating IV 05/04 5 things to start your day 05/04 Iraq’s growing political paralysis 05/04 Islamic State seeks news blackout in Mosul as Iraqi army nears 05/04 Coalition vows to build up further against Islamic State 05/04 Turkish PM under pressure as rift with Erdogan deepens 05/04 A boy who was blinded by the Islamic State can see again 05/04 Carter: U.S. risks more losses in fight against ISIL 05/04 Carter, allies mull war effort against Islamic State 05/04 Carter says fight against Islamic State 'far from over' 05/04 U.S. Navy SEAL Killed In Iraq Was Part Of 'Quick Reaction Force' 05/04 May The Fourth Be With You 05/04 Peshmerga Regroup to Re-take Iraqi Town from IS 05/04 US-Led Coalition Conducts 22 Airstrikes Against Daesh in Iraq - CENTCOM 05/04 US, Allies Discuss Next Steps in Islamic State Fight 05/04 Carter: Navy SEAL's death a reminder of cost of fighting Islamic State 05/04 Anti-Daesh Coalition Supports Deployment of Additional Capabilities 05/04 United States calls on anti-Islamic State allies to do more 05/04 Meet The All-Female Combat Unit Taking Revenge On ISIS In Iraq 05/04 Cash-Strapped Daesh Turns to Unexpected Business Initiatives 05/04 U.S. says it, allies to do more to combat Islamic State 05/04 'Messi boy' forced to flee to Pakistan 05/04 Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was part of rescue team 05/04 Explosions hit two oil wells in northern Iraq's Kirkuk: sources 05/04 Israeli Air Force said to strike Hamas targets in Gaza 05/04 Iraqis deride politicians with show of ‘sofa pride’ 05/04 The Battle of Telskuf, the Kurds, and the Shortcomings of America's ISIS Strategy 05/04 Radio Killed The Jihadi Star 05/04 Chaldean Patriarch Appeals to Iraqi Leaders to Work for Reconciliation 05/04 UK to Deploy Additional Troops in Anti-Daesh Campaign in Iraq 05/04 Slain Navy SEAL known for family but made name as track star 05/04 Obama is trapped on Iraq as his term runs out 05/04 Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was part of force sent to rescue advisers 05/04 Killed Navy Seal Was Jailed Banker's Grandson 05/04 Obama to name NY city site as 1st national monument for gay rights 05/04 Rally scheduled to raise awareness about Syrian violence 05/03 Political Unrest Tests U.S. Influence in Iraq 05/03 Africa: World Bank Sees Higher Crude Oil Prices 05/03 Iran to grant citizenship to families of foreign ‘martyrs’ 05/03 Navy SEAL killed in Iraq: Who was Charlie Keating IV? 05/03 US pledges to stand with Turkey against terror threat 05/03 Heavy shelling on ISIL in Syria from Turkey 05/03 Gaziantep bomber identified as ISIL militant: Reports 05/03 For Iraq's Christian Exiles, Suffering Abounds 05/03 U.S. Service Member Is Killed in Northern Iraq in Fight With ISIS 05/03 Turkey hits ISIL in Syria, Russia ‘concerned’ 05/03 CNO: USS Truman's Arabian Gulf Presence Extended 30 Days 05/03 Africa: The Islamic State May Be Losing Ground, but Not Influence 05/03 Defense Secretary Carter: American killed in combat in Iraq 05/03 US Soldier Killed in Iraq 05/03 Carter: U.S. service member killed in combat in Iraq 05/03 Defense Secretary Carter: American killed in combat in Iraq 05/03 U.S. service member killed in Iraq 05/03 US servicemember killed in combat in Iraq 05/03 Defense Secretary Carter: American killed in combat in Iraq 05/03 Failed US Foreign Fighter Training Could Out-Scandalize the Panama Papers 05/03 Researchers looking to extend howitzer's range to more than 40 miles 05/03 Islamic State forces kill U.S. armed forces member in Iraq 05/03 Islamic State breaches peshmerga defenses north of Mosul 05/03 One killed, two wounded after rockets from Syria hit Turkey's Kilis 05/03 Singapore detains 8 Bangladeshis suspected of IS group links 05/03 Member of US military, possibly special Forces, killed by ISIS 05/03 US Soldier Killed During IS Attack In Iraq 05/03 Islamic State kills U.S. serviceman in northern Iraq 05/03 Top Iraqi Shiite cleric makes unannounced visit to Iran 05/03 Jewish leader urges Sweden to prioritize anti-Semitism fight 05/03 German daily blasts Erdogan in bilingual edition 05/03 US soldier killed during operation against ISIS near Irbil, Pentagon says 05/03 Turkey Visa-Free Deal Has 'Serious Ramifications' on Europe's Security 05/03 Greater assistance needed to help tackle Iraq’s humanitarian crisis – UN refugee agency 05/03 U.S. Navy SEAL Is Killed In ISIS Attack In Northern Iraq 05/03