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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: More art treasures 'face destruction by ISIS' 02/27 Meet the Kurdish gunsmith repairing weapons by hand to keep soldiers armed against ISIS 02/27 ‘They need to be persuaded they don’t need ISIS': Retaking key Iraqi city of Mosul will be no easy task 02/27 Pakistan Welcomes HULT Prize's Early Childhood Education Challenge at NUST Amidst Fierce War on Terror 02/27 Rick Santorum Calls For Ground Troops To Fight Islamic State 02/27 ‘They need to be persuaded they don’t need ISIS': Retaking key Iraqi city of Mosul will be no easy task 02/27 Le Soudan condamne l'intervention égyptienne en Libye 02/27 Kurdish Fighters Capture Tel Hamees, ISIS Stronghold In Syria 02/27 EU court sets high bar for US Army deserter’s asylum bid 02/27 Sweden Condemns 'Brutal' Assyrian Abductions 02/27 As Assyrian Hostages in Syria Spike, Turkish Border Closed to Refugees 02/27 The War on Mideast Christians 02/27 Islamic State Aims to Eradicate Iraq Minorities: Rights Groups 02/27 The Barbaric Destruction of Iraq's Ancient Artefacts is a War Crime 02/27 US, Coalition Forces Conduct 31 Airstrikes Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq 02/27 Coalition Trying to Stop Obama's Sweeping War Powers 02/27 ISIL Ready to Free Assyrian Christians if Int’l Coalition Stops Airstrikes 02/27 US-led coalition launches 14 air strikes against Islamic State 02/27 Islamic State must keep expanding to survive, says financial report 02/27 Islamic State aims to eradicate Iraq minorities 02/27 Urging international action, UNESCO chief condemns ISIL’s ‘cultural cleansing’ in Iraq 02/27 Kurdish force wrests NE Syrian town from Islamists 02/27 Islamic State: Amid hostage crisis, Assyrians and Kurds join forces 02/27 Iraq: Isis militants pledge to destroy remaining archaeological treasures in Nimrud 02/27 UN laments IS statue 'war crimes' 02/27 'Jihadi John': Security services defend their record over failure to stop Isis ‘executioner’ 02/27 Abbott, Key to discuss Iraq commitment 02/27 Kurdish Fighters Seize Key Islamic State Stronghold 02/27 Why the apologists for the Islamist far right must make Jihadi John a victim 02/27 Islamic State Sets No Limits to Destruction 02/27 Dozens missing as boat capsizes off China’s Macau 02/27 Coalition airstrikes pummel ISIS in Syria 02/27 Restoring American Supremacy 02/27 U.S. Must Get Qatar to Fall in Line 02/27 Iraq mission announcement to come 02/27 Historians horrified by video showing Islamic State militants destroying cultural artefacts 02/27 Kirkuk Foreshadows Challenges in Iraq 02/27 Twin Bomb Blasts Hit Jos Motor Park 02/27 Nigeria: ISIL Aims to Radicalise Nigerian Youths Schooling Abroad - Govt 02/27 Egypt: Libya's Prime Minister Stresses "Full Coordination" With Egypt in Facing "Armed Terrorist Groups" 02/27 As Islamic State advances in Iraq, business is booming for Kurdish gunsmith 02/27 ISIL torches Iraqi history in Mosul 02/27 Islamic State threat boosts business for Kurdish gunsmith 02/27 Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq 02/27 Security Council condemns abduction of Syrian Christians by ISIL 02/27 Turkish official hints broader coalition campaign on Daesh 02/27 Egypt, Jordan urge int'l, Arab cooptation to combat terrorism 02/27 March of Destruction: ISIL Smashes Priceless 3,000-Year-Old Statues in Iraq 02/27 IS jihadists destroy ancient artefacts in Iraq 02/27 World has lost sight of Syrians, says Qatari leader 02/27 Islamic State threat boosts business for Kurdish gunsmith 02/27 Islamic State threat boosts business for Kurdish gunsmith 02/27 Daesh recruiting youths through social media: Nigeria 02/27 Appeals court sets date for hearing in case of Oregon soldiers vs. KBR 02/27 Africa: IFJ Full Report On Journalists and Media Staff Killed in 2014 Calls for United Front to Deliver Media Safety 02/27 Africa: WFP Executive Director Visits Chile to Highlight Cooperation On Emergency Preparedness and Nutrition 02/27 Anti-terrorism body says Islamic State cash flow is 'vulnerable,' urges tougher global action 02/27 Iraq minorities 'wipeout threat' 02/27 Young Man in Austria Sentenced for Islamic State Facebook Postings 02/27 Turkey’s poultry sector faces risk of losing biggest export market 02/27 Norway Seeks to Jail Islamist Leader for Praising Charlie Hebdo Attacks 02/27 IS finances 'vulnerable,' tougher action needed, report says 02/27 Bombings, mortar fire kill 8 people in Iraq 02/27 Ukrainian Crisis is the Only One That Can Be Solved – German FM 02/27 US Position of Dodging Talks With Syria on ISIL is Double Standard - Lavrov 02/27 OPEC's February oil supply hits lowest since June on Iraq-survey 02/27 Why the Islamist far right must make Jihadi John a victim 02/27 Islamic State must keep expanding to survive: financial report 02/27 Attacks kill 8 people in Iraq 02/27 Report: Islamic State Funds Will Dwindle Without New Territory 02/27 Report Warns Iraq Minorities Being Wiped Out 02/27 France's Hollande condemns 'barbaric' destruction of Iraq artefacts 02/27 ISIS must keep expanding to survive, financial report says 02/27 Mosul, Iraq, museum targeted 02/27 Parents of 1st Islamic State hostage felt isolated 02/27 Picasso painting recovered by US customs to return to Paris museum 02/27 Video Purports To Show IS Militants Smash Ancient Iraqi Artifacts To Dust 02/27 Syrian opposition forces repel Daesh’s attack in Aleppo 02/27 Denmark Should Suspend Asylum Cases Processing Amid ISIL Threat – Lawmaker 02/27 HRW: Iraqi Kurds bar displaced Arabs from returning home 02/27 Islamic State under pressure as Kurds seize Syrian town 02/27 After 6,000 Years, Time For A Renovation At Iraq's Citadel 02/27 Eight killed in Baghdad bombs and rocket fire 02/27 Kurdish fighters advance on Syrian town held by Islamic State militants 02/27 Perry focuses on foreign policy 02/27 Russia's FSB Includes Islamic State On 'Unified List' Of Terror Groups 02/27 Many Of Iraqi Objects Smashed By IS Are Copies, British Experts Say 02/27 Long-vanished early Picasso worth millions discovered after it was shipped to U.S. as ‘art craft’ with value of $37 02/27 For modern-day Assyrians their present is under attack from Isis, as is their past 02/27 ISIL destruction of Iraqi antiquities a 'major security issue,' says UNESCO 02/27 Assyrian Church Leader After ISIS Abductions: 'We Only Have the Almighty Left to Protect Us' 02/26 ISIS Abducts Over 100 Men and Boys Belonging to Families Fighting Militants in Iraq 02/26 Former Iraqi Minister: ISIS Seeks to 'Annihilate Christian Presence' in Iraq 02/26 VIDEO: Iraqi widows united in grief 02/26 Iraq: UNESCO outraged over terrorist attack against Mosul Museum 02/26 Air strike near Iraq border town kills 17 IS militants - hospital source 02/26 Thirty abducted men released by ISIL in Iraq 02/26 Three Brooklyn, New York, Residents Charged with Attempt and Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to ISIL 02/26 USS Makin Island ARG Returns from Deployment 02/26 Libya PM arrives in Egypt for unannounced visit 02/26