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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Saudi Arabia confirms warplane deployment to Turkey 02/14 Saudi Arabia confirms warplane deployment to Turkey 02/14 Iraqi teenager’s home burned after she criticised governor : February 14, 2016, 12:42 pm 02/14 Challenging Sovereignty? Turkey is Ready to Invade Syria to Crush Kurds 02/14 Merkel isolated as allies slam door on refugees 02/14 Turkey shells Kurdish positions in Syria for second day 02/14 Putin and Obama discuss Syria's war over the phone 02/14 No info on Indians fighting alongside ISIS in Iraq: Officials 02/14 If this Iraqi dam collapses, half a million people could be killed by a massive wave of water 02/14 Trump gets booed over Bush legacy attack 02/14 Aid reaches Syria's Yarmouk camp after nine months 02/14 Donald Trump attacks Bush legacy on foreign policy during ferocious Republican debate in South Carolina 02/14 New hope for Arizona Army Guard to keep its Apaches 02/14 Trump amplifies personal attacks in latest GOP debate: analysis 02/14 Who won the CBSN Republican debate last night in South Carolina: Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Cruz, Rubio? 02/14 Saudi Arabia says Russia's efforts to keep Bashar al-Assad in power will be futile 02/13 Libyan military plane shot down near Benghazi 02/13 Pope opens Mexico visit after historic stop with patriarch 02/13 Pope opens Mexico visit after historic stop with patriarch 02/13 Pope opens Mexico visit after historic stop with patriarch 02/13 Ankara: Turkey, Saudi Arabia 'could send ground troops to Syria' 02/13 More War than Peace 02/13 Minn. man admits to plotting to travel to Syria, join Islamic State 02/13 Anger With Kurds, Russia Led Turkey's Foreign Policy to 'a Dead End' 02/13 Azerbaijan arrests 8 men accused of joining IS 02/13 Saudi FM: Assad Is Finished 02/13 Ankara: Turkey, Saudi Arabia 'could send ground troops to Syria' 02/13 A Palestinian car ran over, injured two Border Guardsmen 02/13 Turkish artillery pounds Kurds in northern Syria. Will Russia react? 02/13 ISIS Leader Baghdadi Surfaces in Iraq After 18 Months 02/13 U.S., allies say target Islamic State with 20 strikes in Iraq, Syria 02/13 US-Supported Shia Militias in Iraq Lead Ethnic Cleansing 02/13 Turkish FM: Turkey, Saudi could launch anti-ISIL ground operation in Syria 02/13 Austria threatens to send in troops to stop asylum-seekers 02/13 After 1,000-year split, Pope and Russian patriarch embrace in Cuba 02/13 Trump Accuses Bush Administration Of Lying About Iraq; Jeb Bush Defends Brother 02/13 GOP candidates agree: Obama should not appoint Scalia replacement 02/13 Trump and Bush go head to head in debate 02/13 Cuba returns dummy Hellfire missile mistakenly received 02/13 Daesh Looking for Regional Official in Iraq Who Stole $85,000 - Reports 02/13 Iraq deploys forces in preparation for Mosul liberation 02/13 Coalition Continues Counter-ISIL Strikes in Syria, Iraq 02/13 Donald Trump Accuses George W. Bush Of Lying To Invade Iraq 02/13 Trump blames Bush for 9/11, says Iraq was a mistake 02/13 Refugee crisis 'a near existential' threat to Europe: John Kerry 02/13 Campaign slogans: Hits and misses 02/13 Influential Iraqi Shiite cleric calls for government reforms 02/13 Iraq's Sadr calls for technocratic government, swift reform 02/13 Does Obama Get an 'F' in Foreign Policy? 02/13 Russia warns the Saudis: Deploying ground troops in Syria would unleash ‘a new world war’ 02/12 Coalition Defense Ministers Release Statement After Counter-ISIL Meeting 02/12 Defense Ministers Meet to Discuss Coalition to Counter ISIL 02/12 NATO Alliance May Join Anti-IS Coalition 02/12 French official: Up to 1,000 must leave Calais migrant camp 02/12 22 IS fighters executed under Assad portrait 02/12 Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi vows to defeat ISIS group by end of 2016 02/12 Ya’alon meets Jordan’s king to discuss Syrian crisis 02/12 With Friends Like These: US Stalls Kurdish Offensive Against Daesh in Iraq 02/12 An Unbearable Burden: US at Pains to Resolve Numerous Regional Conflicts 02/12 Suspected jihadist will not recover Swiss passport 02/12 France and Russia blast Merkel's refugee policy 02/12 ISIS Can Survive the American Military 02/12 Iran's Weak Grip Over Iraqi Militias 02/12 Pak-Iraq united in battling terrorism, fostering cooperation:Speaker 02/12 Turkey, Iran to boost dialogue says diplomat 02/12 Russian airstrikes target mosques in Syria 02/12 Carter says UAE will put special forces in Syria 02/12 Sunni Resentment Muddles Prospect of Reunifying Iraq After ISIS 02/12 Pope Francis heads for historic meeting with Russian patriarch 02/12 Russia Cultivating Iraq Market For Jets, Military Hardware 02/12 Iraq says moving troops, preparing offensive to retake Mosul 02/12 ISIS Relying on Child Soldiers, Drugged Fighters As Grip on Mosul Slips 02/12 UAE to Resume Air Strikes in Syria, Train Sunni Fighters in Iraq 02/12 Iraqi PM Reiterates Opposition to Unsanctioned Troop Presence 02/12 Iraq PM vows elimination of Daesh this year 02/12 NATO mulls joining US-led coalition in Syria, Iraq: Carter 02/12 Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Iraq 02/12 Statement of the International Syria Support Group 02/12 Russian Orthodox Church Head & Pope hold historic meeting, sign call to end Christians’ persecution 02/12 Parsing Hillary Clinton's Disingenuous Foreign Policy Record 02/12 Azerbaijan Arrests 8 Men Accused of Joining IS 02/12 Merkel’s migrant policy ‘unsustainable,’ says French PM 02/12 George Clooney offers Angela Merkel help with Syrian refugee crisis 02/12 Haider al-Abadi: 'I cannot turn the country upside down in one day' 02/12 Iraq ‘very happy’ with Canada beefing up support for Kurds fighting ISIL: Defence Minister 02/12 Iraqi Leader Vows To Defeat IS By End Of 2016 02/12 Haider al-Abadi: 'I cannot turn the country upside down in one day' 02/12 Three Iraqi presidential guards kidnapped near northern town: sources 02/12 China rules out joining anti-terrorism coalitions, says helping Iraq 02/12 Split over PYD continues between US, Turkey 02/12 'No Bashar al-Assad in the future', says Saudi foreign minister: report 02/12 Pope opens Mexico visit after historic stop with patriarch 02/12 After 1,000-year split, Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill embrace in Cuba 02/12 President Bashar al-Assad delivers blow to international hopes of ceasefire by vowing to recapture all of Syria 02/12 Canadian groups report allegations of Yazidi ‘massacre’ in Iraq 02/12 ‘Too cold, bad food, tired of waiting’: 1000s of Iraqi refugees cancel plans for Finnish asylum 02/12 Pope Francis meets Patriarch Kirill in Cuba 02/12 NA speaker, Iraqi diplomat discuss bilateral relations 02/12 Shiite leader demands political reform in Iraq 02/12 Appoint officer for release of IS hostages: SC 02/12