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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Bombers Strike Checkpoints In Ramadi 04/16 Pa. programs help to nudge unemployment among veterans downward 04/16 Officials say attacks kill 8 in western Iraq 04/16 Al-Qaeda Group Threatens Canada, US in Viral Video 04/16 Getting Away With Murder 04/16 Daewoo approved for $559m Iraq oil facility 04/16 Iraq shuts infamous Abu Ghraib prison over security fears 04/16 Morocco: Morocco Dismantles Syria Recruitment Cell 04/16 CPJ: Iraq remains World leader in unsolved murders of journalists 04/16 Violence surges in Iraq's Anbar province 04/16 Sri Lanka Ranked Fourth In Newly Updated Impunity Index 04/16 Iraq Is Imploding Again 04/16 The Syrian ‘guests’ of Istanbul 04/16 Iraq Closes Abu Ghraib Prison, But Not For Long 04/16 SPECIAL OPERATIONS: The FBI And The Commandos 04/15 US veterans promote 'right to heal' 04/15 Syriacs massively fleeing to Turkey urge change of border crossing policy 04/15 Anzac diaries to be shared in new project 04/15 Iraq closes notorious Abu Ghraib prison over security fears 04/15 Iraq closes notorious prison over security issues 04/15 U.S. envoy meets Turkish ruling party deputy chairman 04/15 24 more militants killed in Anbar offensive: Iraq 04/15 Bob Ray Sanders: A lesson in forgiveness from a Fort Hood victim 04/15 Police seize half a ton of hashish in central Turkey 04/15 Iraq Announces Closure Of Abu Ghraib Prison 04/15 Iraq Says Abu Ghraib Prison Is Closed 04/15 The Battle for Syria - Shi’ite Foreign Fighters in Syria 04/15 Eight Hopeful Legacies of the Arab Spring 04/15 NATO supporting al-Qaeda in Syria? 04/15 Kurds Say No Breakthrough in Energy, Budget Talks With Iraqi Team 04/15 Ocalan nominated for Nobel peace prize 04/15 Iraqi Kurds Dig Trench on Syria Border to Block Militants 04/15 Iraq closes infamous prison in Abu Ghraib 04/15 Iraq Kurds dig trench on Syria border to block militants 04/15 Why Germany should stop arming the world 04/15 Iraq shuts notorious Abu Ghraib jail 04/15 Top officer dies in helicopter crash as violence kills 7 04/15 At War Blog: Days of Tea and Honey: Memories of a Quiet Iraq 04/15 Violence kills seven in Iraq 04/15 Militia leader pleads guilty to stealing ID info from former Army unit 04/15 Ex-U.S. defense secretary knows accuracy of his tax return is unknown 04/15 Deliberate murders land Syria on 2014 Impunity Index 04/15 Iraq empties Abu Ghraib prison as jihadists, troops clash 04/15 Iraqi Families Flee Possible Anbar Offensive 04/15 Iraqi authorities close down Abu Ghraib prison 04/15 28 killed in violence across Iraq 04/14 Iraqi elections won't stop violence or end corruption, says constitutional lawyer 04/14 Saudi Arabia jails 13 for security offences 04/14 Saudi Arabia jails 13 for aiding overseas fighters 04/14 Ex-Iraqi PM Rejects 3rd Term for Maliki 04/14 LEADERSHIP: Saving The U.S. Navy From Itself 04/14 Sen. Schumer wants NYC parade for returning Iraq Afghanistan veterans 04/14 Iraq Kurds press states to recognise genocide 04/14 Iraq forces kill 2 militants in Ramadi 04/14 California youngster shows love for vets, gets love back 04/14 U.S. envoy meets Turkish ruling party deputy chairman 04/14 Mosul, northern Iraq to refine oil in disputed areas 04/14 World News Update, what you need to know 04/14 Riyadh jails financiers of overseas militants 04/14 Brent crude prices rise to two-week high 04/14 Famous British cyclist coming to Turkey 04/14 U.S. envoy meets Turkish ruling party dpty. chairman 04/14 Gaza government to launch new satellite TV channel 04/14 Body of slain student found at Cairo University 04/14 Malaysian Prime Minister to pay official visit to Turkey 04/14 GSK faces criminal bribery investigation in Poland 04/14 How to prevent a Boston-type bombing 04/14 World spends less on military armaments 04/14 US and Saudi Arabia: Friends Drift Apart 04/14 Jon Meacham, Bush Family Publicist 04/14 Rumsfeld’s Infuriating Oblivion 04/14 Manning conviction, sentence upheld 04/14 Russia in Crimea--Not 'Munich 1938' Yet Again 04/14 Iraq Elections Overshadowed By Claims of Corruption 04/14 Iraq in New Ramadi Offensive; Many Militants Killed 04/14 Kurdish President: Totalitarian Political Culture Fragmenting Iraq 04/14 Schumer Honor Iraq Afghanistan vets with NYC parade 04/14 Tony Blair, George W. Bush and David Cameron: Hi-jacking God? 04/14 Syrian Extremists Threaten to 'Destroy' Canada in Online Video 04/14 Bomb defused in southern Yemen 04/14 India ninth biggest military spender in world 04/14 BBC report says GlaxoSmithKline bribed doctors in Poland to get more drug prescriptions 04/14 Army general upholds Chelsea Manning's (formerly Bradley Manning) prison sentence in WikiLeaks case 04/14 Morocco dismantles Syria recruitment cell 04/14 Clegg Demands Iraq Inquiry Report Is Released 04/14 Manning's conviction, 35-year sentence upheld 04/14 US unprepared for military mental-health caseload, senator says 04/14 Manning's Conviction Upheld in WikiLeaks Case 04/14 Iraqi Military Warns Civilians To Leave Fallujah 04/14 Self-exiled Kurdish politician to return to Turkey 04/14 11 Iraqis killed in Kirkuk blast 04/14 Iraq army trapping Anbar residents in flood-hit area: MP 04/14 Iraq police say suicide bomber kills 6 in north 04/13 Iraq car bomb kills at least 10 people, injures 12 04/13 Suicide bomber kills seven police in Iraq 04/13 VFW post sues after names added to memorial without its OK 04/13 Wealthy Qatar, a backer of Syria's armed rebels, makes room for child refugees 04/13 7 Killed in Suicide Attack in Iraq 04/13 Suicide bomber hits northern Iraq checkpoint 04/13 Bombings kill at least 16 people in Iraq 04/13