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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Libyans Don't Need More Weapons 04/27 In Latest Rumor, Iranian Newspaper Claims IS Leader 'Died In Israeli Hospital' 04/27 Activists Warn IS Could Be About To Kill Kidnapped Yazidi Boys, Men 04/27 Zakaria: How ISIS shook the world 04/27 The rules of conflict reporting are changing 04/27 Gilad, My Enemy: Iran, Iraq, Gaza, Israel, Shia, Sunni, Muslim, Jew 04/27 40 Years Later, Will the End Games in Iraq and Afghanistan Follow the Vietnam Playbook? 04/27 AFP: No ISIS militants in the Philippines 04/27 Young Kenyan Climate Activist Tackles Global Warming 04/27 Ethiopian Extends Its Wings to Nippon 04/27 A Rally Gone Violent 04/27 'Kurdish solution could pave way for Middle East peace' 04/27 9/11: Iranian General accuses US of organising September 11 terror attacks 04/27 IS 'a great threat to France, Australia' 04/27 From Enemies in the Iran-Iraq War to Brothers 04/27 Week of fighting in Iraq's Ramadi kills 30 police – officer 04/27 Mamnoon concludes four-day Turkey visit : April 27, 2015, 4:40 am 04/27 How the West Is Killing Christianity 04/27 UN: Refugee toll in Turkey may hit 2.5 million in 2015 04/27 Fear-mongering, the ISIL gambit and Zionist recruitment 04/27 Iraqi officials: Car bomb kills at least 7 civilians in busy Baghdad commercial area 04/27 Tajik police reprimanded for forcing Muslims to shave beards 04/27 PROCUREMENT: How The Swedes Got Played By The Czechs 04/27 British jihadi fighting for Al Qaeda films Syrian town after capturing it 04/27 Islamic State atrocities fuel Iraqi resolve, desire for vengeance 04/27 Russia Says Militant Loyal To IS Killed In Daghestan 04/27 Serbian Authorities Arrest 15 Suspected Migrant Smugglers 04/27 Tajik Police Reprimanded For Forcing Muslims To Shave Beards 04/27 Humanitarian Jolie on Syrian plight 04/26 Euphrates: River of hope or hate? 04/26 North Carolina vet finally receives Purple Heart in Fort Hood shooting 04/26 Former soldier finally receives Purple Heart in Fort Hood shooting 04/26 Iraq officials: Car bombs in commercial areas in and around Baghdad kill at least 6 civilians 04/26 Yarmouk's Palestinians: 'Waiting for death to knock' 04/26 Jordan Says Border With Iraq Safe Despite Attack 04/26 Airstrikes continue against IS targets in Syria, Iraq 04/26 NBC anchor Brian Williams 'embellished his reporting exploits 11 times' 04/26 U.S., Coalition Forces Continue Airstrikes Against ISIL 04/26 Saudi Arabia's Defense Ministry says military training aircraft crashes, killing 2 04/26 Car bombs kill at least 14 civilians in Iraq 04/26 Islamic State or Al-Qaeda? Somalia's Shebab mulls future 04/26 MURPHY'S LAW: Women In The Infantry 04/26 U.S., allies conduct air strikes in Syria, Iraq - U.S. military 04/26 Car bombs, suicide attack kill at least 22 in Iraq 04/26 Saudi Arabia: Military training aircraft crashes, killing 2 04/26 At Least 22 Killed in Iraq Attacks 04/26 Large-scale Egyptian army massed for operation to capture eastern Libya from ISIS 04/26 Wave of bombings strikes the Iraqi capital 04/26 Software database links bomb fragments to bomb-makers 04/26 Iraqi Army Claims Progress in Anbar Amid Baghdad Bombings 04/26 Canadian veteran blogs as he battles ISIL on the front lines: ‘Coalition gunships putting on a fine show’ 04/26 Is Hillary Clinton a Real Populist? It Doesn't Matter. 04/26 More bad news for Brian Williams: NBC probe shows he 'embellished' stories (+video) 04/26 IRGC Commander: Regional unrests driven by US to counter Iran's influence 04/26 Bomb attacks, execution claim 30 lives in Iraq's Diyala 04/26 ISIL Takes Defensive Posture in Iraq, Centcom Says 04/25 Battling ISIS remains the prime objective 04/25 Islamic State takes military barracks, dam in Iraq's Anbar: sources 04/25 U.N. Refugee Official Calls Situation in Syria and Iraq Unsustainable 04/25 ‘The more civilians US drones kill in the Mideast, the more radicals they create’ 04/25 UN's Syria envoy outlines new peace plan 04/25 Iraq: Senior commander 'killed in clashes with Daesh' 04/25 ISIL Uses Explosive Bulldozer to Kill Iraqi General, Three Officers 04/25 How the Armenians came to live among Arabs 04/25 Three Islamic State car bombs hit Iraq-Jordan border crossing, four dead 04/25 Flow of asylum seekers from Kosovo drops sharply in Germany 04/25 International Guard: How The Vietnam War Changed Guard Service 04/25 Iraqi Forces Killed in IS Clashes, Attacks 04/25 Iraqi army battles Islamic State militants near Fallujah 04/25 ISIL Suicide Bombing Shuts Down Iraq-Jordan Border 04/25 Military: US, Allies Conduct 15 Airstrikes in Syria, Iraq 04/25 'IS' suicide bombers hit Iraq-Jordan border 04/25 Islamic State offensives stretch Iraq’s elite troops thin 04/25 Small but Mighty: Belgian F-16 Planes Bomb 107 ISIL Ground Targets in Iraq 04/25 Asian Snooker Championship: Asif redeems himself with second win 04/25 IS Militants Kill Iraqi General, Seize Part Of Key Dam In Anbar Province 04/25 Anchor ‘lied half-dozen times’ 04/25 A bus set on fire by bottle bomb on 443 Highway to Jerusalem 04/25 U.S., allies conduct 15 air strikes in Syria, Iraq: military 04/25 Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL Targets 04/25 Question Time: How Many Jihadists Have Military Backgrounds? 04/25 Drone killing accidents reveal Obama’s tough war choices (+video) 04/25 Contractors Belie Myth of Leaving Iraq and Afghanistan 04/25 Three Islamic State car bombs hit Iraq-Jordan border crossing, four dead 04/25 Blog: If Ramadi falls? 04/25 ISIS attacks kill 40 Iraqi soldiers, 4 Jordanian guardsmen 04/25 ISIL fighters make gains in Iraq's Anbar province 04/25 Security Risks Ruin Afghan Chance To Host WC Qualifier 04/25 Airmen return A-10 to air after catastrophic engine failure in Iraq 04/25 Report: NBC's Washington bureau against anchor Williams' return 04/24 US unsure about who will die in drone strikes 04/24 The Assyrian Genocide: 100 Years of Denial 04/24 Face-off: Elite army squads battle it out at Jordan's Warrior Competition 04/24 ATTRITION: Fatal Attractions 04/24 SOMALIA: The Islamic Conundrum 04/24 Iraqi officials say bombings near outdoor market, courthouse kill 7 people 04/24 Iraq secures support from Turkey against IS 04/24 Former CIA chief receives 2-year probation, $100K fine 04/24 Tightened German Law Threatens Would-Be Jihadists With 10-Year Jail Terms 04/24 Falling prices, rising threats cool interest in Kurdish oil 04/24