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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Commander says Fort Benning preparing for war, another combat brigade 10/26 Pulitzer Prize Winner: IS Myth Will Linger After Demise of 'Caliphate' 10/26 Iraqi army's elite force pauses advance near Mosul 10/26 Gambia withdraws from International Criminal Court 10/26 The Gambia joins African queue to leave ICC 10/26 Allies Set Sights on Raqqa in Battle Against Militants 10/25 Gambia pulls out of International Criminal Court, citing hypocrisy 10/25 Turkey’s Erdogan and unending human rights repression 10/25 Clinton Blasts Trump For Criticizing Iraq's Battle Against Islamic State 10/25 Iraq, Citing Mosul Battle, Requests Exemption From OPEC Output Cut 10/25 Clinton slams Trump for comments on offensive against Islamic State 10/25 Turkey could carry out ground operations against PKK in Iraq - foreign minister 10/25 Hillary Clinton slams Donald Trump for comments on offensive against ISIS in Iraq 10/25 Iraq: Ferocity of Kirkuk attack points to tough fight for Mosul 10/25 Why Iraq needs more than a military victory in Mosul 10/25 Syhacked: Al Jazeera's news game on the Syrian cyberwar 10/25 ISIS captures Rutba in 48-hour battle 10/25 Peshmerga and Iraqi forces closing in on Mosul 10/25 Iraqis are world's most generous to strangers: Global survey 10/25 Iran's North Azadegan oil field ships 2 million barrels to China 10/25 Here's What Iraqi Forces Found After Liberating Assyrian Town 10/25 Assyrian Girls in Iraq Credit Virgin Mary With Their Survival 10/25 Sunni Arabs forced to leave Kirkuk after Islamic State attack, residents say 10/25 ISIS takes out Iraqi Abrams with anti-tank missile (DRAMATIC VIDEO) 10/25 ‘Iran, Iraq cooperating to ensure security of Arbaeen pilgrims’ 10/25 Richard Galpin: Four ways Islamic State is fighting back 10/25 Islamic State, under pressure in Iraq, claims attack on police cadets in Pakistan 10/25 ISIS, Taliban faction claim Pakistan police academy massacre; more than 60 dead 10/25 'Sniper of Mosul' strikes fear in hearts of ISIS fighters 10/25 Battling towards the edges of Mosul 10/25 Analysis: Why is Pakistan's Quetta under attack? 10/25 Oil prices turn lower on supply prospects 10/25 Clinton, Trump spar over success of Mosul offensive in Iraq 10/25 California's Congress members knew the Pentagon was trying to get back bonuses from soldiers, official says 10/25 ISIS Lights Fires Around Mosul 10/25 California's Congress members knew the Pentagon was trying to get back bonuses from soldiers, official says 10/25 California's Congress members knew the Pentagon was trying to get back bonuses from soldiers, official says 10/25 Iraq: Coalition huddles as troops inch towards Mosul 10/25 California's Congress members knew the Pentagon was trying to get back bonuses from soldiers, official says 10/25 California's Congress members knew the Pentagon was trying to get back bonuses from soldiers, official says 10/25 IS Militant Atrocities Mount Against Mosul Civilians 10/25 ISIL atrocities reported near Mosul: UN 10/25 MARKET WATCH: NYMEX, Brent crude oil prices drop on OPEC concerns 10/25 Outrage over US attempt to recoup veteran bonuses 10/25 Diplomat: Ties with S. Arabia dependent on admitting Iran’s key regional role 10/25 German weapon sales shoot through the roof 10/25 Carter promises to resolve conflict over Guard bonuses 10/25 Which country is the most generous in the world? 10/25 The Christian refugees who can never return to Mosul 10/25 Isil believed to have carried out dozens of execution-style killings of Iraqi civilians 10/25 Turkey Does Not Rule Out Ground Operation In Iraq 10/25 German ammunition sales increase ten-fold 10/25 Extremists storm Pakistan police academy, killing at least 59, as ferocious gun battle erupts 10/25 Iraqi army's elite force pauses advance near Mosul 10/25 Destroying the 'Jungle,' Chicago Memories, Author Jonathan Safran Foer 10/25 Top Stories: Deadly Attack On Pakistan Police; Trump TV Debuts 10/25 California Vets Forced to Pay Back Thousands in Enlistment Bonuses 10/25 Congress knew about Pentagon efforts to reclaim veteran bonuses for over 2 years 10/25 Iraqi forces battle Islamic State in western town, far from Mosul 10/25 US-led coalition strikes target IS in Mosul 10/25 UN: IS Militants Massacring Civilians Near Mosul 10/25 Trump's claim that the Mosul operation has already failed has Biden itching for a fight 10/25 House launches investigation of National Guard bonus reclaiming 10/25 German small arms ammo sales grow tenfold, total arms sales hit new record – report 10/25 Lawmakers to Pentagon: Stop ordering veterans to repay enlistment bonuses 10/25 Carter to Islamic State: Raqqa is next target 10/25 ISIS carries out massacres around Mosul, Hollande urges vigilance after jihadists return from Iraq 10/25 Turkey may launch ground op against Kurds in Iraq if feels threatened – minister 10/25 Mosul Today: Iraq battles IS far from Mosul front lines 10/25 On the Freeing of 21 Chibok Girls and the Question of Negotiating with Jihadists 10/25 US says Syria, Iraq Campaigns Against IS Will Overlap 10/25 Defense chief says push to oust terrorists from Syrian stronghold at hand 10/25 In Mosul Siege, IS Relies on Syrian Resupply Routes 10/25 NASA satellite sees sulfur dioxide diffuse across northern Iraq 10/25 US eyes 'IS' stronghold Raqqa amid Mosul offensive 10/25 Spokespeople for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Rupert Colville on Iraq (1), Ravina Shamdasani on South Sudan (2) 10/25 US eyes 'IS' stronghold Raqqa amid Mosul offensive 10/25 President Obama and Paul Ryan have the same message for the Pentagon 10/25 Leader: Daesh traces back to West’s humiliation of Muslim youth 10/25 Iraq PM Offers New Details of Assault on Town 10/25 Video: Iraqi forces liberate Christian village en route to Mosul 10/25 Counter-ISIL Strikes Target Terrorists in Iraq, Syria 10/25 Noose Tightening Around ISIL in Mosul, Carter Says 10/25 C-130s fly first mission into renovated airfield in Iraq 10/25 US Air Force Downs Daesh Drone With Electronic Weapon 10/25 Turkey says may launch ground operation into Iraq 10/25 Russian Aerospace Forces Ready to Strike Militants on Syria-Iraq Border 10/25 UK to resume militant training in Syria: Defense minister 10/25 UK to resume training of Syrian opposition to fight Daesh 10/25 Turkey Considers Ground Operation in Iraq Against Daesh or PKK 10/25 Ryan urges Pentagon to suspend collection of Guard bonuses 10/25 UN receives reports of executions and use of 'human shields' by ISIL in battle for Mosul 10/25 Turkey says forces in multiple fronts in Mosul operations, Iraq denies 10/25 Iraqi artillery fire now hitting Daesh inside Mosul 10/25 Int'l coalition military chiefs vow to intensify fight against IS 10/25 Sec. Carter: ISIS Could Seek Revenge for Offensives in Raqqa, Mosul 10/25 Top U.S. Commander Makes Surprise Visit to Iraqi Base 10/25 UN: Fresh Reports of Extrajudicial Killings by Islamic State 10/25 Iraqi village freed from Islamic State, but then things get complicated 10/25 Murder conviction upheld in 2008 death of Fort Bliss girl 10/24