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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Chief of Iraq’s Hezbollah Al-Nujaba in Tehran for key talks 08/27 Did Obama Betray Syrian Assyrians to Please the Turks? 08/27 US-Syrian warplanes nose to nose over US-backed Kurdish positions 08/27 Anti-Islam activists stage protest atop Berlin monument 08/27 Chinese city hotels asked to turn away people from five Muslim countries 08/27 Mosul fight is already redrawing the map of northern Iraq 08/27 Iraq Parliament Impeaches Defence Minister 08/27 EIA reveals forecasts on OPEC revenues 08/27 Al Qaeda Tells Jihadists to Prepare for Guerrilla War in Iraq 08/27 Wounded vets ride waves of emotions at surfing event 08/27 Egypt: Egypt's Armed Forces Kill Four Militants in Exchange of Fire in Rafah 08/26 Deadly truck bomb hits police HQ in southeast Turkey 08/26 Africa: US, EU Accused of Paying Lip Service to Global Arms Treaty 08/26 WWII 'Merrill's Marauders' soldiers gather one last time 08/26 Blast at police checkpoint in southeast Turkey 08/26 Car Bomb Hits Police Checkpoint in Turkey, Kills 8 08/26 Pentagon Spokesman Hails Liberation of Jarabulus, Condemns Kabul Attack 08/26 With Major Anti-IS Battle Near, Iraq Parliament Ousts Defense Minister 08/26 Car bomb kills at least eight at police headquarters in Turkey 08/26 Deadly car bomb targets police station in Turkey near Syria border 08/26 Kuwaiti government employee arrested over Islamic State postings 08/26 Deadly Car Bomb Hits Southeast Turkey 08/26 US Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian vessel 08/26 The week in 33 photos 08/26 Nine Dead, Several Wounded in Blast in Turkey 08/26 Iran investigates young men at risk of being recruited by IS 08/26 Iran investigates potential Islamic State recruits 08/26 Palestinian gunman shot dead while shooting at IDF patrol 08/26 Turkey: car bomb targeting Cizre police HQ kills at least 11 people 08/26 Alleged Islamic State Recruiter From Russia Detained In Bishkek 08/26 Philippine troops kill 11 Islamist militants 08/26 Turkey signals no quick end to Syria incursion as truck bomb kills police 08/26 George W. Bush's Iraq war architect says he will likely vote for Clinton 08/26 Humanitarian Conditions in Iraq Crumbling As ISIS Battle Continues 08/26 Republicans Against Trump: Bush Advisor Wolfowitz Says He'll Likely Vote for Clinton 08/26 Deadly Bomb Attack Hits Police HQ in Southeast Turkey 08/26 How I Was Blacklisted at CNN, and How Easily America Goes to War Now 08/26 Wolfowitz, a neo-con and strong supporter of Iraq war, says he'll vote for Clinton 08/26 What next for IS group in Libya? 08/26 ISIS 'Foreign Child Soldiers' Execute Prisoners In Gruesome New Video 08/26 Turkey signals no quick end to Syria incursion as truck bomb kills police 08/26 Eleven Turkish police killed in bombing blamed on PKK 08/26 Turkey: car bomb attack on Cizre police building kills at least 8 people 08/26 Seen from above, how one of the largest airstrikes against ISIS unfolded 08/26 Iran thwarts 1500 of its nationals planning to join Daesh: official   08/26 Iran dismisses allegations of arms shipment to Yemen 08/26 Ohio National Guard 1194th returns home after deployment 08/26 Update: air strikes against Daesh 08/26 Counter-ISIL Strikes Hit Terrorists in Syria, Iraq 08/26 Children Brutalized by IS Will Need Urgent Help, Experts Say 08/26 Obama's effect in Indonesian public engagement: Is it enough? 08/26 Centcom: Strike in Syria May Have Caused Civilian Casualties 08/25 Syria's Kurds: An embattled US ally in a complex civil war 08/25 Christianity Belongs in the Middle East 08/25 Kurdish Journalist Abducted, Killed in North Iraq 08/25 Daesh Militants Leave Syrian Jarabulus, Retreat to Aleppo Amid Turkish Offensive 08/25 Secret resistance fights ISIS with graffiti 08/25 Blinded veterans gather for annual convention in Wisc. 08/25 The generous of the earth 08/25 Iraqi, Syrian foreign ministers meet in Baghdad 08/25 Iraq army captures Qayyara oil region from IS, Abadi says 08/25 Asylum claims in Britain in first half of 2016 highest in more than a decade 08/25 Zawahri urges Iraq Sunnis to wage guerrilla war if Islamic State defeated 08/25 Germany mulls withdrawing jets from Incirlik base amid souring ties with Turkey – media 08/25 Georgian Man Reportedly Killed Fighting Alongside IS Militants In Syria 08/25 Iraq defense minister gets no-confidence vote as military prepares to retake Mosul from ISIS 08/25 Operation 'Euphrates Shield' ends ISIL rule in Jarablus 08/25 Turkey deploys more tanks in Syria, warns Kurdish YPG 08/25 Iraqi forces seize strategic town near Mosul from ISIL 08/25 Turkey blames PKK for fatal truck bomb at police checkpoint 08/25 Hostels in southern China told to refuse guests from five Middle Eastern and Asian nations 08/25 Global superpowers condemn chemical weapon use in Syria 08/25 Iraqi Parliament Votes To Dismiss Defense Minister 08/25 OIC and Kashmir 08/25 Iraq army takes key town on road to Mosul 08/25 Global superpowers condemn chemical weapon use in Syria 08/25 War games 08/25 Iraq retakes town south of Mosul 08/25 US pushes for new Yemen peace initiative 08/25 Africa: Africa Liberation!! - Celebration or Commiseration - Some Reflections By Baaba Sillah Mu Sabel! (Continued From Wed 30, 2016 Edition) 08/25 Syrian FM Arrives in Iraq for Talks 08/25 Iraq Forces Advance in Town South of Mosul 08/25 Iraq Seeks Formal Deal With Kurds to Protect New Oil Exports 08/25 With Major Anti-IS Battle Near, Iraq Parliament Ousts Defense Minister 08/25 Turkey In Syria -- It Is The Kurds And Gulen, Not ISIS 08/25 News Bites and Lesson Plan of the Week: An ISIS Fighter's Story 08/25 U.S. Navy ship fires warning shots at Iranian vessel 08/25 Under Turkish Guns and a US Sellout, Kurds Turn to Iran 08/25 US and Russia on Verge of Separate No-Fly Zones in Syria 08/25 Israel’s Covert War on ISIS in Sinai and Deep inside African Desert 08/25 Turkey & Iran Clip Russian and US Wings in Mid East 08/25 Turkey’s Syrian Invasion Kicks off Wide-Ranging Intervention 08/25 DOJ: Veteran's Purple Heart lies cost government $752,000 08/25 Amid quake's devastation, Italians tap experience to swing into action (+video) 08/25 Iraqi Parliament Votes to Oust Defense Minister 08/25 Details of Iran's priorities on upstream oil projects 08/25 Mississippi Man Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to ISIL 08/25 Hamadan Only Airbase in Iran Used for Refueling Russian Aircraft - MP 08/25 WHO Targets 800,000 Nigerians Previously Cut Off From Aid 08/24 Turkish military offensive targets ISIL in Syia 08/24