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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Obama Officials Pin Blame For ISIS On Iraqi Government 10/31 UN: 15,000 foreigners fighting with extremists in Syria and Iraq 10/31 Iraq IS: Scores found dead in mass graves in Anbar 10/31 How To Be A Good Islamic State Wife 10/31 Canada’s war on ISIS begins — but no orders come to drop bombs and the clouds are too thick to see targets 10/31 Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal authorized for Operation Inherent Resolve 10/31 David Lidington to visit Armenia 10/31 Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore ousted 10/31 Iraq IS: Scores found dead in mass graves in Anbar 10/31 Italian author urges formation of another anti-ISIL coalition 10/31 Top U.S. General Favors Military Advisers In Western Iraq 10/31 Kurds' Battle for Kobane Unites a People Divided by Borders 10/31 What stays the coalition's hand in Kobani 10/31 Pentagon Leaders Laud Progress Against ISIL 10/31 Aleppo ‘at risk’ after FSA fighters were sent to Kobane: Commander 10/31 UN proposes 'freeze zones' to halt fighting in Syria 10/31 US Officials Say Obama May Replace Kerry 10/31 US considers arming Iraqi tribes in ISIL fight 10/31 Mississippi sailors among those returning from nine-month deployment 10/31 ISIS Opens Doors to the Kurds 10/31 Fearing uprising, Islamic State militants hunt former Iraqi police 10/31 Damascus Slams Turkey After Iraqi Peshmerga Militias Cross Into Syria 10/31 Kurds' battle for Kobani unites a people divided by borders 10/31 Japanese jihadists recruited to fight with Isis 10/31 Balkans support the fight against ISIS 10/31 UN warns of ‘unprecedented’ number of foreign Islamic State jihadists 10/31 ISIL shells Kobane's border post with Turkey 10/31 Iraq's Kurdish Peshmerga arrive in Kobane, Syria to help fight Islamic State 10/31 'ISIS's actions are genocide' 10/31 Oryx Petroleum: Security improves in Kurdish north 10/31 UN report says problem of foreign fighters in terror groups unprecedented in scale 10/31 Can midterms get sexy? 10/31 Bombs at marketplaces near Baghdad kill 15 people 10/31 Iraqi army inches towards Beiji oil refinery 10/31 OPINION: The Islamic State’s Ideology Is Grounded in Saudi Education 10/31 Will our Halloween quiz give you a fright? 10/31 UN warns of 'unprecedented' number of foreign jihadists 10/31 UN: Growing number of foreigners in terror groups 10/31 UN: Foreign Fighters Joining Terror Groups On 'Unprecedented Scale' 10/31 Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets complete first mission over Iraq, return to base without firing missiles 10/31 Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets complete first mission over Iraq, return to base without firing missiles 10/31 Iraqi Trio Detained In Switzerland Over Suspected Terror Plot 10/31 Air strikes hit Kobani as Kurdish peshmerga prepare to enter 10/31 Iran Defeating IS With 'Ideas' Not Arms 10/31 Foreign fighters joining terror groups ‘unprecedented’ in scale, says UN 10/31 Canadian CF-18s fly forces’ first Iraq mission 10/31 Marine should not be retried for 2006 Iraq crimes, lawyers say 10/31 Red on Red Jabhat al-Nusra vs ISIS Deir el-Zour 10/31 Foreign Fighters Stream to Syria Despite US Campaign Against Islamic State 10/31 International Analysis: A Hostile Climate 10/31 Iraq – Mass murder (30.10.14) 10/31 Sophisticated technology existed long before Christ 10/31 Peshmerga fighters leave Kobani to return later 10/31 Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Calls On Baghdad To Help Sunni Tribes 10/31 Instability Fuels Panic Over IS In Tajikistan 10/31 U.S. advisers to ISIS hot zone? 10/31 Video: The cult of Kobane’s martyrs 10/31 Massive scale-up of assistance needed for countries impacted by ongoing Syria crisis - UN relief official 10/30 Hagel Offers Perspective on 'Historic, Defining Times' 10/30 U.S. Support for Syrian Rebels Serves Political, not Military, Purposes 10/30 U.S. says working with Iraqi Kurdistan to stop Islamic State oil smuggling 10/30 Australia passes laws cracking down on foreign fighters 10/30 Australia Outlaws Travel to Terror Hotspots 10/30 Students: Dump Maher from graduation 10/30 SYRIA: The Enemies Of ISIL Are Screwed By The News Cycle 10/30 Is Isis Allied to African Jihadi Groups? 10/30 Australia passes laws cracking down on citizens fighting in foreign conflicts like Iraq, Syria 10/30 Iraqi Kurds Move Near Syrian Border 10/30 US: Solution in Syria requires Assad's departure 10/30 IS militants execute 30 tribesmen in Iraq, troops pressure on extremists 10/30 Why I’ve joined Lebanon’s exodus 10/30 Syrian refugees and millions of Iraqis displaced by conflict: a common struggle to find work, housing & the daily basics 10/30 Iraqi refugees forced to live under ISIL 10/30 Analysis: Well-trained spy agency adds to strength of Islamic State 10/30 Can the Peshmerga save Turkey’s Kurdish peace process? 10/30 90 percent feel Turkey is still affected by the consequences of WWI 10/30 Iraqi Kurdish leader thanks Turkey for Kobani support 10/30 Tunisia arrests 30 'terrorists' 10/30 ISIS parades, executes 30 Sunni tribal fighters in western Iraq 10/30 With Limited Gains, U.S. Bombing Campaign Faces Growing Criticism 10/30 IS militants kill 40 tribesmen in Iraq 10/30 NH Guard members buoyed by deployment ceremony 10/30 UAE Cautions About a Relationship Between Al-Shabaab and ISIS 10/30 Marine recharged in Iraq war case back in court 10/30 Barzani: Turkish, US support sent peshmerga to Kobani 10/30 Kurdish fighters from Iraq enter embattled Kobani 10/30 Syrian Ambassador to Russia Questions Effectiveness of US-Led Air Strikes in Syria, Iraq 10/30 The US won’t beat Isis alone; Qatar and other Gulf allies must help in Iraq 10/30 The End of the Middle East? 10/30 Whose Side Is Turkey On? 10/30 Reports: 150 Bodies Found In Iraq Mass Grave 10/30 Bodies of Iraqi Sunnis opposed to IS group found in mass grave 10/30 Pentagon to Offer Medical Checks to Troops Exposed to Chemical Agents in Iraq: Reports 10/30 Report: Troops, vets to get checked for chemical exposure in Iraq 10/30 IS Gunmen 'Committed Massacre' In Iraq's Anbar 10/30 Facing its own Islamic State-inspired militants, Iran wields a smaller stick 10/30 Peshmerga troops enter Kobane to fight ISIL 10/30 German mission assesses potential training of Kurdish forces in Iraq 10/30 Mass grave with 150 bodies found in Iraq 10/30 Bodies of 48 Sunni tribal fighters found in Iraq 10/30