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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
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International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: 'Thanks for your service' brings up mixed emotions for US veterans 05/30 Greece Rescues 29 Migrants Adrift at Sea on Journey to Italy 05/30 Libyan forces capture ISIL-held town east of Sirte 05/30 Blasts Kill More Than 20 In Iraq 05/30 Turkey Accuses Russia Of Arming PKK 05/30 UNHCR's Bruno Geddo in Iraq: 'Fallujah is frightening' 05/30 Iran told to ‘stop intervening’ in Iraq 05/30 Iraq advances on ISIS stronghold 05/30 Reports: Iraqi forces enter ISIL-held city of Fallujah 05/30 Iraqi troops poised for assault on Islamic State's bastion Fallujah 05/30 After week-long operation, Iraqi forces enter dangerous streets of IS-held Fallujah 05/30 Iraqi troops storm ISIL-held Fallujah 05/30 Iraqi army poised for Fallujah assault against ISIL 05/30 Seven accused of joining IS group in Syria go on trial in France 05/30 The Folly of Lobbying to Carve Up Iraq 05/30 Attacks in Baghdad, near Iraqi captital kill at least 17 05/30 Syria clashes heat up near Turkish border 05/30 Iraqi army starts operation to storm IS-held city of Fallujah 05/30 Turkey's Erdogan accuses Russia of arming PKK militants 05/30 Peace and friendship, main theme of Tehran Intangible Cultural Heritage meeting 05/30 Saudi Arabia slams Iran's role in Iraq as 'unacceptable' 05/30 Fears Isil will use 50,000 trapped civilians as human shields as Iraqi forces storm Fallujah in dawn offensive 05/30 Iraqi Army Starts Operation To Storm IS-Held City Of Fallujah 05/30 Washington pays tribute to US military casualties at Memorial Day concert 05/30 Saudi Arabia Slams Iran's Role In Iraq As 'Unacceptable' 05/30 Iraq Forces 'Break Into' IS-Held Fallujah 05/30 ISIS jihadists sell sex slaves on Facebook 05/30 Iraqi forces have entered ISIS-held Fallujah - AFP citing commanders 05/30 The Latest: Iraqi forces start pushing into IS-held Fallujah 05/30 Philippine army says 54 'ISIL-style' rebels killed 05/30 Shiite Militia Unearths Daesh Tunnels Near Iraq's Fallujah (PHOTO, VIDEO) 05/30 Iraq forces push into streets of IS-held Fallujah 05/30 Evasive Victory: Why Baghdad's Future Depends on Retaking Fallujah 05/30 US-led coalition troops seen near front line in new Iraq offensive 05/30 U.S.-backed Syrian alliance widens offensive near IS capital 05/30 'It's just me and the horse': How mustangs help hurting veterans heal 05/30 Iraq starts operation to retake Fallujah from Islamic State 05/30 Iraq's Lawmakers to Negotiate as Bombs Hit Baghdad 05/30 Memorial Day: Memorials dedicated to U.S. service members who died in Iraq and Afghanistan 05/30 Jordan heads into elections by fall as parliament dissolved 05/30 Heroes 05/30 Anti-Islamic State Forces Launch Attack In Effort To Retake Fallujah 05/30 'We Lived Like Animals' Under IS Rule in Fallujah 05/30 Awareness needed to end PKK recruiting youth: Erdogan 05/30 Turkish security forces kill 12 PKK terrorists 05/30 Memorial Day Should Make Us Rethink Platitudes About the U.S. Military 05/30 Ayatollah Khamenei hoisting flag of Muslim unity: Velayati 05/30 Iraqi forces push into Fallujah as Islamic State bombings kill 24 05/30 'We lived like animals' under IS rule in Fallujah 05/30 Obama's Anti-Islamic State Envoy: 'We Have Exposed Their Lies' 05/30 Iraqi army storms to edge of Islamic State-held Falluja; fresh bombings hit Baghdad 05/30 Anti-Islamic State Forces Launch Attack In Effort To Retake Fallujah 05/30 Kurdish forces equipped with T-55 tanks launch ISIS offensive (VIDEO) 05/30 500 Indians attracted to IS 05/30 Iraqi forces push into Fallujah as IS bombings kill 24 05/30 Do Shia militias stoke sectarian tension in Fallujah? 05/30 Assyrians Demonstrate in Sweden, Germany Against Kurdish Land Grabs in North Iraq 05/30 Oil Prices Slip As Iraq Raises Exports 05/30 Saudi FM: Iran is interfering in Iraq's internal affairs 05/30 Delaware National Guard HQ to unveil Beau Biden signs 05/30 Iran to go on with military assistance to Syria, Iraq 05/30 UNHCR's Bruno Geddo in Iraq: 'Fallujah is frightening' 05/30 Who should prevent violent extremism? 05/30 Britain must ensure air-drops to starving Syrians, with or without Assad's approval, says Lord Ashdown 05/30 Department of Defense Press Briefing by Colonel Warren via teleconference from Baghdad, Iraq 05/29 Obama admits US troops died in combat in Iraq 05/29 Inherent Resolve Strikes Hit ISIL in Syria, Iraq 05/29 Final assault on ISIL-held Fallujah imminent: army 05/29 Iraqi civilians flee Fallujah amid security operation against Daesh 05/29 How Will Islamic State Defend the Capital of Its 'Caliphate'? 05/29 Signs Point to Long Fight to Retake Fallujah from IS 05/29 Iraqi Elite Forces Take Positions Around Fallujah 05/29 U.S. servicemen seen on frontline of new Kurdish offensive in Iraq 05/29 Iraqi airstrikes kill 3 senior Daesh commanders in Mosul 05/29 US Forces in Syria Ordered to Remove Kurdish YPG Patches 05/29 US Troops With Kurdish Patches: Blending in or 'Hiding Behind YPG Skirts'? 05/29 Real Madrid fans in Iraq challenge IS group by gathering to watch final match 05/29 How Iranian Military Helps Oppressed Civilians in Syria, Iraq 05/29 AP PHOTOS: Refugees who made a train to nowhere their home 05/29 U.S.-led coalition troops seen near front line in new Iraq offensive 05/29 Iraqi forces complete buildup around IS-held Fallujah 05/29 In Iraq Town, Real Fans 'Challenge Daesh' 05/29 Police warn of terror threat to music festivals and sporting events  05/29 Isil launches Syria assault, achieving biggest advance along Turkish border for two years 05/29 AP PHOTOS: Refugees who made a train to nowhere their home 05/29 US-led coalition soldiers keeping watch near new Kurdish offensive front 05/29 AP PHOTOS: Refugees who made a train to nowhere their home 05/29 Turkish jets destroy PKK positions in northern Iraq 05/29 Thousands flee IS offensive in northern Syria: monitor 05/29 U.S.-Led Forces Keep Up Pressure On ISIS East Of Mosul 05/29 Iraq Forces Gear Up For Fallujah Assault 05/29 Iran-Led Push to Retake Fallujah From ISIS Worries U.S. 05/29 ISIS imposes new fine: $100 for shaving beard 05/29 Kurds, Iraqi army make advances against IS 05/29 Telling the stories of a son fallen in combat, and of veterans who returned 05/29 Saudi Arabia slams Iran's role in Iraq as 'unacceptable' 05/29 On 'IS' front line with peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan 05/29 Why this formerly radicalized Muslim is speaking out against extremism 05/29 Iran basketball team heads to WABA Championship 05/29 Fleeing Saddam with the Kurds 05/29