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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Iraq VP: More needed to fight ISIS 05/25 Iraqi Forces Fled Ramadi Without a Fight 05/25 US Secretary of Defense: Iraq Lacks Will to Fight Islamic State 05/25 Iraq is Bankrolling ISIL 05/25 Iraq will take back Ramadi 'in days' 05/25 US Says Iraqi Forces Lack Will to Fight Daesh 05/24 Key al-Walid crossing seized by IS 05/24 ISIL militants ‘not Muslims': Millions fleeing their homes as terrorist group takes over Iraqi towns 05/24 Iraqi Troops Start Fight Back Against IS 05/24 Key al-Walid crossing seized by IS 05/24 Syria Says Islamic State Killed Hundreds, Including Children, In Palmyra 05/24 US, allies conduct 17 airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq 05/24 Air campaign against Daesh has not failed, says GCC 05/24 Kurdish factions clash on Iranian border 05/24 Daesh executes hundreds, including children, in Palmyra 05/24 Pentagon chief blasts Iraqis for lacking "will to fight" amidst hawks' call for U.S. troop surge 05/24 Iraq regains ground from Islamic State; mass deaths reported in Palmyra 05/24 Britain concerned about possible chemical attacks from returning radicals 05/24 Who's to blame for Islamic State advances in Iraq? 05/24 All for nothing? US vets who fought for Ramadi angry over fall to ISIS 05/24 Iraqi army in counter-offensive near ISIL-held Ramadi 05/24 Shia militias advance on Islamic State insurgents near Iraq’s Ramadi : May 24, 2015, 4:17 am 05/24 ‘Barbarians at the gate’ as Middle East business leaders meet : May 24, 2015, 4:13 am 05/24 Obama stays the course despite IS group’s advance 05/24 ISIS advances on Baghdad, faces little resistance 05/24 Army unit reunites to honor fallen comrade from Gulf War 05/24 Two Jewish teens stabbed in Jerusalem Old City 05/24 Iraqi forces fled Ramadi without a fight 05/24 Connecticut veteran with PTSD finds purpose in helping fellow vets 05/24 Violence, poverty and militarized police in America 05/24 Isis burns woman alive for refusing to engage in 'extreme' sex act, UN says 05/24 Iraqi forces battle ISIL for control near Ramadi 05/24 Jordan a 'haven' for regional artists 05/24 Further call to protect Palmyra 05/24 IS actively recruiting militants in Afghanistan 05/24 If ISIL is defeated in Ramadi 05/24 Iraqi forces regain ground from Islamic State east of Ramadi 05/24 Iraqi forces regain ground from Islamic State east of Ramadi 05/24 IS Flag Over Palmyra 'As 400 Civilians Killed' 05/24 Palmyra: IS Raises Flag Over Seized City - Sky 05/24 Shia militia launch offensive to retake Iraqi city of Ramadi - Telegraph 05/24 Iraqi Forces Advance On Ramadi 05/24 The Islamic State Just Hit Saudi Arabia 05/24 Government slaps down former army chief over call for British troops to be sent back to Iraq to combat ISIS  05/24 US: Iraqi forces lack will to fight 05/24 Iraqi lawmaker slams US Defense Secretary's charge that Iraq troops lacked 'will to fight' 05/24 Iraq to blame for fall of Ramadi because they have 'no will to fight Isis' anymore 05/24 ISIS sexually brutalizing captured women: UN 05/24 What will happen to 'cubs of the caliphate'? 05/24 Former UK army chief: Send 5,000 ground troops to fight ISIS 05/24 Iraqi forces lacked ‘will to fight’ over Iraq’s Ramadi, US says 05/24 5 UK school pupils fighting for Islamic State killed in Syria, Iraq 05/24 US Defense Secretary: Iraqi Forces Lack 'Will to Fight' 05/24 Carter says Iraq's 'will to fight' at issue after Ramadi 05/24 Iraqi MP: US makes plans to withdraw from the country 05/24 IS militants seize Iraqi border crossing with Syria 05/24 Is a two-state solution the answer in Iraq? 05/24 Seed of Peace Grows in the Hearts of Religious Leaders and Youths in London: The Second Dialogue of Scriptures hosted by HWPL 05/24 Carter says Iraq's 'will to fight' at issue after Ramadi takeover 05/24 Iranian General Calls For More Funds To Fight IS In Region 05/24 Daesh Recruiting in Afghanistan: Campbell 05/24 Arab military chiefs struggle over details of anti-terrorism coalition 05/24 Saudi king vows to punish those behind Isis attack on Shia mosque 05/24 Civilians beheaded, mutilated 05/24 Iraqi forces ‘lack will’ to fight ISIS, US says 05/24 Exclusive: ISIS columns heading from Syria toward Jordan, first targeting the border crossing 05/24 Secretary of Defense Carter: Iraq lacks will to fight Islamic State 05/24 'Hundreds killed' in Palmyra after ISIL takeover 05/24 Lawmaker: ISIS making gains 05/24 What ISIS' Gains Mean For Iraq - An Expert Weighs In 05/24 Leader pardons, commutes sentences of 102 prisoners 05/24 Iraqi Oil Holds Key to Unity 05/24 ISIS Secures Its Hold on Iraq-Syria Border 05/24 Anti-ISIL intl. cartoon exhibitions open in Tehran 05/24 Politifact: Rubio on Iraq is shift, not flip 05/24 Fort Bragg's living monuments: Every year, new names 05/24 Carter: After Ramadi takeover, Iraq's 'will to fight' at issue 05/24 Iraqi forces lacked will to fight, says US defence secretary 05/24 ISIS recruiting in Pakistan, Afghanistan: NATO : May 25, 2015, 3:47 am 05/24 Isis slaughters hundreds of women and children in Palmyra 05/24 Soldier killed in border post attack in Bajaur : May 25, 2015, 3:45 am 05/24 Death in the orchards: the crumbling of the Syrian regime 05/24 Further call to protect Palmyra 05/24 Islamic State on the march? What fall of Ramadi tells us. 05/24 Iraqi troops 'showed no will to fight’ against Islamic State, U.S official says 05/24 Taking back Palmyra: Syrian army launching attack to rid Ancient Roman city of ISIL fighters 05/24 Activists: IS Executes 217 Civilians, Soldiers Near Palmyra 05/24 Nasrallah: Hezbollah to increase presence in Syria 05/24 VIDEO: Iraqi PM: Ramadi recapture 'in days' 05/24 US defense seretary says Iraqi forces lacked will to fight 'IS' in Ramadi 05/24 At least 400 killed by ISIL in Palmyra - Syrian TV 05/24 US defense seretary says Iraqi forces lacked will to fight 'IS' in Ramadi 05/24 Sowing trouble: Suicide blast kills 21 in Saudi mosque 05/23 Islamic State Burned a Woman Alive for Not Engaging in an 'extreme' Sex Act 05/23 Iraq Oil Exports Hold Close to Record High in May 05/23 UN Sec Council strongly condemns barbaric terrorist acts in Syria 05/23 McCain: Obama's ISIS strategy 'an abject failure' 05/23 Ramadi civilians' plight highlighted 05/23 Shi'ite militia deploy from base near Iraq's Ramadi 05/23 ISIL pushes for control of Iraq's Anbar province 05/23