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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: German domestic intelligence chief warns of rapidly growing Salafist scene 10/25 Kurdish forces retake north Iraqi town from Islamic State: security sources 10/25 Fourth Jihadist From UK City of Portsmouth Killed in Syria: Reports 10/25 First US Marine Death Confirmed Since Launch of Anti-IS Campaign in Iraq 10/25 Islamic State Kills Eight Iraq Soldiers in Clashes South of Baghdad 10/25 Number of Islamic extremists growing in Germany 10/25 Marine death is 1st in campaign against IS 10/25 Erdoğan: Syrian Kurds seem to accept FSA in Kobani 10/25 France pledges support to US in fight against ISIL 10/25 Lavrov: US Meddling in Other Countries’ Affairs Undermines Global Stability 10/25 US investigating alleged chlorine gas use by ISIL 10/25 Never Forget, and Never Again 10/25 DOD announces 1st US troop death since naming of military campaign 10/25 Americans say IS threat is important: poll 10/25 Women fight on front lines of battle against Islamic State militants in Syria, Iraq 10/25 US Military Operations in Iraq Should Have Been Discussed With NATO: Alliance Rep 10/25 Hindu-Americans ask US to protect Yezidis from ISIS in Iraq 10/25 Steadily Losing Iraq To The Islamic State 10/25 U.S. not seeking 'confrontation' with Russia 10/25 California Marine is first soldier to die in Iraq on U.S. mission against Islamic State - Washington Post 10/25 Islamic State militants thought to be using chlorine bombs 10/25 Kerala nurses want to return to Iraq 10/25 More than 1,700 bombs dropped in war on ISIL 10/24 Ground offensive against Islamic State months away in Iraq – US 10/24 Peshmerga seek cooperation with Kobani Kurds - official 10/24 ISIL raising $1M dollars per day from oil sales 10/24 Free Syrian army to send military aid to Kobani 10/24 ISIS making millions daily off crime, terror 10/24 Canadian PM sees IS behind attacks 10/24 ‘Coincidence? Ex-Blackwater guards convicted as US paves a way back to Iraq’ 10/24 Ottawa killer's name was on a terror watchlist 10/24 French military chief says overnight air raid destroyed arms IS arms depot in Iraq 10/24 VIDEO: Fears of IS threat to Ancient Babylon 10/24 Iraq 'months' from major anti-IS ground offensive 10/24 As winter closes in, UN launches humanitarian appeal for Iraqis in need 10/24 Hagel Says Strategy Against ISIL is Working 10/24 Iraq 'Months' From Major Anti-IS Ground Offensive 10/24 First confirmed use of 'chemical weapons' by IS in Iraq 10/24 Survey Reveals Europe Likes ISIS More Than Arab States Do 10/24 Overnight French Raid Destroys Islamic State Arms Center 10/24 France says air strikes destroy weapons arsenal belonging to Islamic State militants 10/24 Islamic State Oil Revenue Averages $1 Mln per Day: US Officials 10/24 How Islamist Groups Are Recruiting Women Online 10/24 Anti-IS airstrike coalition to hold conference in Kuwait: US State Department 10/24 At Least 824,000 Displaced by Ukraine Conflict: United Nations 10/24 US: Ground offensive against Islamic State months away in Iraq 10/24 IS attack on Syrian border town Kobane stalls amid US air assault 10/24 Islamic State hit by airstrike near Kobane - dramatic video 10/24 Report: Islamic State militants used chlorine gas on Iraqi police 10/24 Police: Insurgents kill 5 in attack in Afghanistan 10/24 US officials see signs of new life in Iraqi army 10/24 US Officials: Iraqi Army Regrouping Slowly 10/24 Nationalism under Pressure: Islamic State, Iraq and Kurdistan 10/24 The Hazards of Going to War for Profit 10/24 Iraq's Abu Ghraib Is Back In The News, Now As A Front-Line Town 10/24 ‘More than 1,700 bombs dropped in US-led air war on IS’ : October 24, 2014, 2:04 pm 10/24 Putin accuses U.S. of destabilizing world order due to botched policies 10/24 Three Kurdish militants killed in attack on Turkish power plant 10/24 France says air strikes take out weapons arsenal in Iraq 10/24 Putin accuses US of undermining global stability by trying to dictate its will to the world 10/24 Turkish General Staff issues clarification on peshmerga 10/24 US defense chief says anti-ISIL strategy working 10/24 Concern over wars in Middle East 10/24 The Mideast On Edge - Sandstorm in the Middle East 10/24 How Would the Buddha Handle North Korea? Mindfulness in Diplomacy 10/24 Iran ready to co-op with regional states in fighting terrorism 10/24 Car bomb kills 10 troops in Egypt's Sinai 10/24 ‘I was throwing up and couldn’t breathe': ISIS using chlorine gas bombs to poison Iraqis, police say 10/24 US midterms: the key states to watch 10/24 International Analysis — Portrait of a Foreign Fighter 10/24 US to check IS 'chemical weapon' use 10/24 Renewed ISIS attacks leave Yazidi fighters in Iraq pleading for help 10/24 Putin accuses US of causing global instability 10/24 Bomb in Egypt's Sinai kills 25 soldiers 10/24 Putin: US Incites Spread of Terrorism by Funding Militants, Bolstering World Division 10/24 One British Jihadi Killed in Syria and Iraq Every Three Weeks, Study Finds 10/24 Iraq Kurds to Send up to 200 Fighters to Syria Next Week 10/24 Iraq's October Oil Exports Rise Despite Unrest 10/24 Islamic State Targets Town As Iraq Army Musters for Defense of Baghdad 10/24 Iraq and Syria are lost causes: Western intervention can’t help – or can it? 10/24 Pulitzer-winning play ‘Disgraced’ probes identity, prejudice 10/24 International financial watchdog warns on Iran, North Korea 10/24 Belgian chocolate maker ISIS forced to change its name 10/24 Iraqi counteroffensive months aways; US airstrikes continue 10/24 Iraq Struggles Against Militants Near Baghdad 10/24 Without fuel subsidies, aid to displaced Iraqis in jeopardy 10/24 Strangers in paradise 10/24 Turkey says 1,300 Syrian fighters heading to Kobani, but rebels deny it 10/24 Gunman in Canada Attack Complained About Mosque 10/24 Iraqi forces 'months away' from major offensive against Islamic State 10/24 Rebuilding Relations With Sunni Tribes in Iraq ‘Huge Problem’: Former Ambassador 10/24 Ed Husain: British Muslims Can Blunt the Jihadist Threat 10/24 Cr-ISIS and the chocolate factory 10/24 US investigating whether ISIL launched chlorine attack in Iraq 10/24 Over 10000 migratory birds arrive in Odisha 10/24 Airstrikes Against ISIL Forces Continue in Syria, Iraq 10/24 Turkey, Kurdish Forces Trade Accusations Over More Kobani Fighters 10/24 France to Step Up Campaign Against Islamic State in Iraq 10/24 Poll: 2 of 3 Americans say IS threat is important 10/24 Iraqi forces kill over 40 ISIL militants 10/24