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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: ISIS subdues influential Sunni Muslim tribes with gifts — or brutal mass killings 11/27 34 kilometres to freedom, one misstep to death 11/27 Pope condemns Islamic State violence 11/27 US 'Horrified' at Syrian Government Bombing Raids 11/27 Christians Stand Fast Against ISIL Terror in Syria's Aleppo 11/27 Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to roll out E-visa facility for 43 countries 11/27 U.S. 'Horrified' By Syrian Raids On Raqqa 11/27 OPEC's meeting : Viennese whirl 11/27 Iraqi Catholics in Turkey seek new life 11/27 With incentives and brute force, IS subdues tribes 11/27 Bus bombing claims lives in Baghdad 11/27 Scores dead in air strikes on ISIL base 11/27 Islamic State's Influence in India Must be Nipped in the Bud, Says Mumbai Anti-Terror Chief 11/27 72 ISIL militants killed in separate attacks in Iraq 11/27 Veterans of the Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan Have Turned Combat into Literature 11/27 Nerds, spies and terrorists 11/27 What Obama Doesn't Understand About Syria 11/27 Iraq finance minister urges battle against graft in military 11/27 Mosul residents: Islamic State group cuts all mobile phone lines in occupied Iraqi city 11/27 Pope goes to Turkey as region's Christians in mortal danger 11/27 Saudi beheads 9th Pakistani since mid-October 11/27 Africa: Former UN Official Urges More Transparent Process to Select Secretary-General 11/27 Pope visits Turkey amid Christian-Muslim tensions 11/27 Africa: ICRC Seeks Record U.S.$1.7 Billion for Humanitarian Work in 2015 11/27 Pope visits Turkey amid Christian-Muslim tensions 11/27 Mosul residents: IS group cuts phones in Iraq city 11/27 Courts kept busy as Jordan works to crush support for Isis 11/27 Turkey, Iraq reiterate support to fight ISIL terrorists 11/27 VIDEO: European Parliament 11/27 Complaints by Indian workers working in Gulf on the rise: Govt 11/27 Algeria: Army Claims One of French Hiker's Murderers Killed 11/27 ISIS cuts all phone communications in Mosul as ISIS leader al-Baghdadi allegedly arrives in city 11/27 Iraqi war wounded arrive in UAE 11/27 Four youths from India, who joined Islamic State, want to return home: Sources 11/26 Ground troops in Iraq, yet again? 11/26 Syria airstrikes kill 95 in ISIS city 11/26 GCC foreign ministers thrash out Yemeni developments 11/26 Baku to host young writers' forum 11/26 Russia's new push for Syria dialogue unlikely to be fruitful 11/26 David Cameron mocks Tony Blair over Save the Children ‘global legacy’ award 11/26 Obama must be ready to use force against Iran to end nuclear standoff 11/26 ARMOR: Kornet Clobbers Abrams 11/26 UK terrorism watchdog criticizes new security proposals 11/26 Malaysia Plans Anti-Terror Law Amid Islamic State Fears 11/26 Afghan forces may resume night raids 11/26 Future Uncertain for Baghdad-Erbil Oil Cooperation 11/26 Baghdad red tape puts Iraq Internet under Kurdish control 11/26 Concerns raised over anti-terror bill 11/26 No intelligence inputs that ISIS is trying to gain ground in Kashmir: Home Ministry 11/26 Turkish FM: 600 Turkish nationals joined jihadists, more than 100 killed 11/26 Analyzing the U.S.-Iran Impasse 11/26 Iraq War 4.0? 11/26 Electronic visa facility for 43 countries to be rolled out Thursday 11/26 Russia Claims IS Supplying Half Of All Afghan Heroin Coming To Europe 11/26 Syria's foreign minister meets Putin, says Russia wants to boost relations with Assad 11/26 Daily chart : OPEC flexing 11/26 Putin Discusses Moscow-Damascus Ties With Syrian FM 11/26 Syria airstrikes 'kill 95 in ISIS stronghold' 11/26 Invitation to a Beheading 11/26 Hagel Did What He Was Hired to Do 11/26 Key provincial capital in Iraq may be about to fall to Islamic State 11/26 Islamic State struggles to run Mosul’s health system 11/26 Obama to hold talks with Jordan's King Abdullah 11/26 Erdoğan’s remarks on gender equality stir fury 11/26 AP Interview: Jordan prince calls for tolerance 11/26 Iraqi officials say 2 bombings kill 10 people in Baghdad 11/26 Jihadi 'hostage murderer' killed 11/26 Killers on agencies' radars 11/26 Outside view: The Islamic State: Existential or exaggerated danger? 11/26 Bulgaria charges radical imam, six others with supporting Islamic State 11/26 Islamic State targeted in 17 air strikes by U.S., allies 11/26 Algeria says one of the kidnappers of French tourist killed by army 11/26 Iraq leadership confers with U.S., NATO commanders 11/26 Islamic State (IS) shifting prisoners from Iraq to Syria 11/26 Syria Regime Raids on Islamic State 'Capital' Kill 95 11/26 Suspected IS pamphlet warns Pakistani tribesmen against spying for US 11/26 What If the Russians and Chinese Were Mired in Our Conflicts With Afghanistan and Iraq 11/26 Hagel's successor to face tough task in Iraq, Syria 11/26 British brothers jailed for attending militant training camp in Syria 11/26 UN aid official Valerie Amos to step down: Ban 11/26 Iranian Begger Arrested With Over $3,000 in Cash and More in Bank Accounts 11/26 LATEST: air strikes in Iraq 11/26 Battle of Mosul Will Be 'easy,' Iraqi Governor Says 11/26 Staff Backlash Over Charity's Award For Tony Blair 11/26 Erdogan slams US 'impertinence' over Kobane 11/26 Isis Threatens Future Oil Supplies, Warns IEA 11/26 Kurds Control Iraq Internet Due to Baghdad Bureaucracy 11/26 Assyrians in California Collect Winter Gear for Iraqi Refugees 11/26 Turkish Christians, Migrants and Refugees Waiting for Pope Francis 11/26 ISIS Fails to Take Iraq's Oil-rich Kirkuk 11/26 Malaysia PM proposes anti-terrorism law 11/26 When Coming Out Is a Death Sentence: The Rising Tide of Violence Against LGBT Iraqis 11/26 UN aid chief Valerie Amos to step down 11/26 Ministers from coalition against Islamic State to meet December 3 11/26 W.Va.-native receives Silver Star for combat actions in Iraq 11/26 US lawmaker: Fight with IS needs 'Arab face' 11/26 Christians stand fast against ISIL terror in Syria's Aleppo 11/26 CENTCOM Commander Visits Carl Vinson 11/26 Information sought on expatriates in Iraq 11/26 Kurdish Independence Good for Iraq: Iraqi Politician 11/26