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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: What the hostage crisis means for Japan 01/25 Senior Officers Face Axe in Latest Round of UK Army Cost Cutting Measures 01/25 Spanish Police Arrest 4 Members of ISIS Terror Cell 01/25 New challenges for Saudi's King Salman 01/25 IS urges supporters to launch 'lone wolf' attacks in UK 01/24 PETER HITCHENS: OK, smoking is risky - but starting wars can seriously damage your health...  01/24 Iraqi PM says West and Iran both helping against Islamic State 01/24 Extremist group IS lost just 1pc of territory in five months of US airstrikes: Pentagon 01/24 New UN programme sends 54 convoys to Syria : January 24, 2015, 11:35 am 01/24 Syria, other poorly-funded crises to receive $100 million from UN emergency fund 01/24 Fewer Air Targets as ISIL Terrorists Hide, Change Tactics 01/24 Islamic State lose only one per cent of captured territory in Iraq after airstrikes 01/24 Ransom dilemma: Governments left with few options when terrorists capture their citizens 01/24 Officials say 2 bombings in Iraq's capital, Baghdad, kill at least 7 people 01/24 Kurds urge US coalition to expand fight against ISIL 01/24 US, allies conduct 26 air strikes againt Islamic State in Syria and Iraq 01/24 Senior Officers Face Axe in Latest Round of UK Army Cost Cutting Measures 01/24 Kurdish forces fire into Islamic State-controlled Mosul 01/24 Islamic State says 1 Japanese hostage dead, issues new demand 01/24 New video claims one of the Japanese hostages held by ISIS has been killed 01/24 ISIS video claims 1 Japanese hostage killed 01/24 Libyan Islamic militant group Ansar al-Shariah says leader Mohammed al-Zahawi has been killed 01/24 US woman jailed for attempting to join ISIL 01/24 What's happening in the Middle East 01/24 Two ISIL suspects arrested in Pakistan 01/24 Iraq's Prime Minster: Oil Price Fall May Hurt Fight Against Islamic State 01/24 Japan trying to verify video showing beheaded IS hostage 01/24 Turkish president denounces attacks against Islam 01/24 Army event honors fallen Hawaii soldier 01/24 Refugees In Iraqi Camps Face Harrowing Winter 01/24 Kurds Angry at Exclusion From Anti-IS Coalition 01/24 Japanese hostage feared killed as government says will not give in to terrorism 01/24 Japanese hostage feared murdered by Islamic State 01/24 Iraq Coalition Tensions Rise in ISIS Fight 01/24 ISIS Lose Only One Per Cent of Captured Territory in Iraq After Airstrikes 01/24 CENTCOM Says US-Led Coalition Launches 26 Airstrikes in One Day Against IS 01/24 American Sniper Ignites Heated Debate Over US Invasion of Iraq 01/24 Japan trying to verify ISIL hostage ‘beheading' video 01/24 What's happening in Middle East and why it matters 01/24 Muslim Canadian Due in Court Over Iraq Killings of 5 US Soldiers 01/24 American Sniper: What do veterans say about the movie? 01/24 Baird, Kerry hold discussions on margins of world economic forum in Switzerland 01/24 Concerns over violence spark top US diplomat Kerry to visit Nigeria's presidential candidates 01/24 US troops heading to Middle East to train Syria rebels 01/24 Security forces retake areas from IS militants in Iraq, 49 killed : January 25, 2015, 3:06 am 01/24 Japan Trying to Verify Video Showing Beheaded Islamic State Hostage 01/24 Police arrest four suspected Islamist militants in Spain 01/24 Japan investigating reports hostage 'killed by ISIL' 01/24 Japan probes video of 'hostage being killed by ISIL' 01/24 U.S., allies conduct air strikes in Syria and Iraq 01/24 Hero or villain? Clint Eastwood's American Sniper puts Chris Kyle in the cross hairs 01/24 Spain arrests four suspected jihadists 01/24 Failed suicide bomber sought in prisoner swap 01/24 Mosul strikes are start of new effort against Islamic State 01/24 Asian Cup: Australia to bank on Bayer Leverkusen star Robbie Kruse to deliver in semi-final against UAE 01/24 Officer shot at Fort Hood hopes incident report brings closure to families 01/24 Fate of 2 Japan nationals held by ISIL remains unknown 01/24 Kerry: We need global partnership to fight terrorism 01/24 US training 3,600 in Iraq but Syrian forces need more time 01/24 First US troops head to Middle East to train Syrian opposition 01/24 Why Colorado teen got four years for trying to join ISIS (+video) 01/24 Canadian pleads not guilty in terror case that killed 5 US soldiers 01/24 Islamic State publishes list of heavy-handed punishments for flouting Sharia law 01/24 Japan PM 'speechless' over Isis hostage death 01/24 The Lions of Mesopotamia Are the Torchbearers of a Unified Iraq 01/24 Operation Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Continue in Syria, Iraq 01/24 Father of Japanese IS hostage reported killed in militant video still prays for son's life 01/24 The Forgotten Wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq 01/23 Iraq: 123 ISIL militants’ corpses in Mosul hospital 01/23 Amid turmoil, Saudi king brought stability, pushed reforms 01/23 Japanese hostage 'not enemy of Muslims' 01/23 Japan attempts to secure the release of two Japanese nationals held hostage by ISIS 01/23 New video claims one of the Japanese hostages held by ISIS has been killed 01/23 New Saudi King Salman seeks to reassure on succession and policy 01/23 Pope Assassination Plot Prompts Vatican to Tighten Security 01/23 'American Sniper' as viewed by real American snipers 01/23 Saudi Arabia Outlaws Adoption of Foreign Children 01/23 UK praises Turkey’s efforts to stem flow of foreign fighters 01/23 Anti-ISIL coalition 'not helping:' Iraq vice president 01/23 Anti-ISIL coalition 'not helping:' Iraq vice president 01/23 Air strikes meet with mixed success 01/23 Analysts Say Liberation of Mosul Could Take Months 01/23 Isis and other jihadist groups 'have ten former French soldiers' fighting among their ranks 01/23 U.S., Iraq prepare to recapture Mosul 01/23 Assad Will Be Part of Syria's Future 01/23 Belgian police hunt accomplice in Jewish Museum attack 01/23 Belgian police hunt accomplice in Jewish Museum attack 01/23 Kurds criticize exclusion from U.S.-led coalition meeting 01/23 Japanese Social Media Mocks IS Hostage Situation, Creates Viral Meme 01/23 Islamic militants celebrate Saudi king's death online 01/23 Kerry: Half of ISIL leaders killed by coalition 01/23 3 signs the Japanese-hostage video could have been doctored 01/23 Gunmen Attack Lebanese Army Outpost 01/23 New Saudi King Seeks to Reassure on Succession, Policy 01/23 Pentagon to cooperate with Japan over IS holding Japanese hostages 01/23 The last 30 years in international politics witnessed many momentous events that have decisively changed the course of history. The 1980... 01/23 ‘Obama lying to the world about ISIS’ 01/23 U.S., Iraq Set Sights on Mosul Offensive 01/23 Saudi Arabia to bury King Abdullah on Friday 01/23 Iraq Meets Iran In Asian Cup Quarterfinal 01/23