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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Arab leaders to form joint military force: Egypt's Sisi 03/29 Arab summit agrees on unified military force for crises 03/29 U.S. allies strike 14 targets in Iraq, one in Syria 03/29 US' war on terror kills over 80,000 people in Pak: Report 03/29 Iraq forces resume fight for Tikrit 03/29 US support to peshmerga: Too little, too late? 03/29 Fort Gordon Warrior Transition Battalion complaints rank fifth in Army 03/29 Frenchwoman becomes 22nd victim of Tunis museum attack 03/29 Egypt: UNSC Ratifies Arab Draft Resolution On Terrorism in Libya 03/29 Yemen crisis: Middle East leaders agree to create first joint Arab military force 03/29 Arab League to create military force 03/29 ATTRITION: Kurds Rotate In Kobane 03/29 World leaders march with Tunisians against violence 03/29 Mosul under ISIL: 'No internet, no shaving' 03/29 Egypt's Sissi: Arab Leaders Agree to Joint Military Force 03/29 US Jets Strike Iraqi Forces' Positions Instead of ISIL in Tikrit 03/29 Arab leaders agree on joint military force: Egypt’s Sisi 03/29 Tunisian forces kill nine ahead of anti-extremism rally 03/29 Arab League Summit Agrees on Unified Military Force 03/29 Arab League agrees to form coalition to counter militant threat in region 03/29 The victims of attacks and abuses on ethnic or religious ground in the Middle East - Statement by Laurent Fabius - ministerial-level UNSC debate (27.03.15) 03/28 Assyrian Christians Flee Jihadists to Southeast Turkey 03/28 Iranian general in Sanaa to organize Yemen rebel counter-offensive for Saudi-led attacks 03/28 At UN, Pakistan urges action to end violence against religious, ethnic minorities in Mideast : March 28, 2015, 10:39 am 03/28 Pro-Iran Hezbollah says Riyadh will be ‘defeated’ in Yemen 03/28 Nasrallah links 'aggression' on Yemen to Saudi 'failures' 03/28 Disappointed with India for voting against gay rights: US 03/28 Disappointed with India for voting against gay rights: US 03/28 Iraqi man weighing 301 kg undergoes surgery to lose weight 03/28 Disappointed with India for voting against gay rights: US 03/28 Pentagon says 2,200 identified for train-equip program 03/28 French FM urges UN to address minorities in Iraq, Syria 03/28 Experts say Turkey's support for Yemen airstrikes not sectarian 03/28 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar receives three threat letters from Islamic State 03/28 The rapid evolution of ISIS 03/28 Yemen crisis tops agenda as Arab League summit opens 03/28 Yemen crisis tops agenda as Arab League summit opens 03/28 In fight for Tikrit, US finds enemies on both sides of the battle lines 03/28 Decorated Boston cop in coma after being shot in face 03/28 Girl Scout gave sweet surprise to veterans, servicemembers 03/28 Retired lieutenant general: Troops did well, leaders caused us to lose war 03/28 Iran's rising influence 03/28 Turkey acts to deter youths from reaching ISIL 03/28 U.K. endorses Harper government proposal for anti-ISIS air strikes over Syria 03/28 UN Security Council keeps Libya arms embargo in place 03/28 The U.S. Is Providing Air Cover for Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq 03/28 Disappointed India voted against gay rights US 03/28 With Coalition Airstrikes, Iraq Entering 'Last Page' of IS Battle 03/28 Sunni Arabs of Iraq: the Future Prospects of a Troubled Community 03/28 As U.S. Bombs Tikrit, Some Iraqi Sunnis Are Stuck Between ISIS And Shiite Militias 03/28 Ravishankar gets 'IS threats', by courier 03/28 Libya: UN Considers Tweaking Arms Embargo 03/28 Arab League Summit Focuses on Yemen 03/28 U.S., allies target Islamic State in Tikrit, other Iraqi cities 03/28 Addressing India's 'rape culture,' the toll of the Syrian war, voting in Israel, economic reform in the Ukraine, Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood 03/28 Bangladesh central bank governor says banks to be investigated for militant financing 03/28 Arab leaders meet to tackle Middle East radicalism, unrest 03/28 Abbas: Yemen policy should extend to Palestine 03/28 Why arming US allies can be like sending weapons straight to the enemy 03/28 Documentary on Assyrian Villages in Syria Overrun By ISIS 03/28 At Security Council, Ban urges action to end violence against religious, ethnic minorities in Middle East 03/28 Coalition Airstrikes Enable Renewal of Tikrit Ground Offensive 03/28 Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq 03/28 Nigeria election: Country goes to the polls amid technical glitches - and killing 03/28 Saudi Arabia's airstrikes in Yemen are fuelling the Gulf's fire 03/28 'We must respond,' declares UNESCO chief, launching #Unite4Heritage campaign in Baghdad 03/28 Containing Iran : The Sunnis strike back 03/28 Shia militias pull back as US joins battle for Tikrit 03/27 Assyrian Patriarch Passes Away 03/27 Syria and Iraq wars swell numbers of asylum seekers 03/27 Turkey: US-led Campaign to Train Syrian Rebels Delayed 03/27 Turkey supports Saudi-led mission in Yemen 03/27 Iraq special forces advance on Tikrit, US coalition joins fight 03/27 ISIS Persecution of Minorities to Be Addressed At UN Security Council 03/27 Iraq's top Shiite cleric urges unity in anti-IS fight after militias pulled out of Tikrit 03/27 Pakistan says not promised to join Saudi coalition in Yemen 03/27 ISIL on defensive but forces must remain: US Commander 03/27 Iraqi Forces Advance On Central Tikrit 03/27 Complex US-Iran ties at heart of complicated Mideast policy 03/27 Iraqi Sunni tribe wages costly battle against IS group 03/27 Arabs inch closer to old dream of joint Arab force 03/27 UK troops to help train 'moderate' Syrian opposition 03/27 US says airstrikes degrading Daesh 03/27 Turkey says U.S.-led campaign to train Syrian rebels delayed by Washington 03/27 In Sudan, an unlikely path to jihad for students 03/27 Moment anti-terror police storm Tunis museum 03/27 Iran, Saudi Arabia fighting bloody proxy wars across region 03/27 Turkish top commander visits new premises of Süleyman Şah Tomb inside Syria 03/27 Ban urges to end violence against religious minorities in Middle East 03/27 UN: Human Rights Council Fails Iraqi Civilians 03/27 India Tops List of Russian Arms Buyers in 2014 03/27 Official: 1,500 North Caucasus people fight in Iraq, Syria 03/27 Why the Dead Sea is dying 03/27 Russian official says about 1,500 residents of North Caucasus region have joined Islamic State 03/27 UN rights chief: Islamic State group may be more open to diversity than some states 03/27 ENP report highlights Lebanon's resilience in face of Syrian crisis 03/27 Interview: Most Tajiks In Syria, Iraq Appear To Be Fighting Alongside IS 03/27 "I Need a Stiff Drink After That": John Negroponte on Being Questioned by Amy Goodman over Iraq War 03/27 U.S. allies conduct 16 air strikes in Syria, Iraq 03/27 Ghani Discusses Taliban Threat, Afghan Development in New York 03/27