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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 110.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 2,842,490 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating CC
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Islamic State 'Beyond Anything We've Seen': US 08/23 Iraq Investigating Deadly Sunni Mosque Attack 08/23 British Lingerie Shop Says Sorry Over Isis Underwear 08/23 Iraqi Officials Probe Mosque Attack 08/23 US hostage rescuers dropped from night sky, Syrian activist says 08/23 U.S. weighs airstrikes in Syria 08/23 Morocco arrests two ISIS jihadists 08/23 British lingerie maker says sorry over ISIS underwear 08/23 Iraqi interior ministry building attacked, at least 11 killed 08/23 UK plans new anti-terror law to tackle Islamist extremism 08/23 Iraq suicide bomber kills at least 11 in Baghdad 08/23 UN chief condemns killing of dozens of worshippers in eastern Iraq 08/23 Don't BS the American People About ISIS 08/23 Stopping the Worst People on Earth 08/23 Mosque Massacre Undermines Fight Against IS 08/23 U.S. weighs airstrikes on ISIS in Syria 08/23 US says IS most dangerous group it has faced recently 08/23 1200 Assyrian Refugees Living on One Floor in a Mall in Arbel 08/23 UN: 700,000 Iraqis Have Found Haven in Kurdish Area 08/23 At least 64 killed in attack on Sunni mosque in Iraq 08/23 Parliament Speaker says Iraq investigating attack on Sunni mosque that killed more than 60 08/23 Iraq crisis: Mosque massacre kills at least 68 Sunni worshippers ahead of government talks 08/23 Massacre derails talks on new Iraq government 08/23 70 killed in Iraq mosque attack 08/23 Assad and the US: New BFFs? 08/23 Dozens die in attack on Sunni mosque in Iraq 08/23 Iraq's Kurds make $170 million from oil sales via Turkey 08/23 Hakkari leads southeast in exports 08/23 Obama 'Plays Politics' With Christian Persecution 08/23 'Long-term it Looks Terrible,' Says Christian Aid Partner in Iraq 08/23 Archbishop of Canterbury Says Christian Persecution in Iraq is 'Off the Scale' 08/23 The 9 Biggest Myths About ISIS 08/23 US brands journalist’s beheading a ‘terrorist attack’ 08/23 THE NEW PKK 08/23 Iraq: Shi'ite militia blamed in mosque massacre 08/23 US airstrikes in Iraq continue despite IS threat - BBC 08/23 Shia militia kill dozens of Iraqi Sunnis in mosque shooting - IT 08/23 How can the US defeat the Islamic State? 08/23 Iraq Family's Flight Reveals Depth of Sunni Grief 08/23 ‘US realizing that ISIS getting stronger is bad alternative to Assad’ 08/23 ‘Another wave of Western intervention threatens to pull Iraq apart’ 08/23 Iraq: Suicide bomber attacks Baghdad intelligence headquarters, 8 dead 08/23 UN call to 'prevent Iraq massacre' 08/23 Suicide bomber attacks Iraqi spy HQ as America brands Foley's death a 'terror attack' 08/23 Iraq crisis: Mosque massacre kills at least 68 Sunni worshippers ahead of talks 08/23 Fears grow for second kidnapped US journalist 08/23 Suicide Attack at Iraq's Intelligence Headquarters 08/23 Suicide bomber targets Iraq intelligence HQ in deadly attack 08/23 Deadly car bomb hits Baghdad military office 08/23 US: Air strikes against IS in Syria 'may be necessary' 08/23 Iraq Works to Ease Tensions After Mosque Attack Kills 70 08/23 US Isn't Sure Just How Much to Fear Islamic State 08/23 Two Dead as Suicide Bomber Hits Iraq Intelligence Headquarters 08/23 Isil beseige town of Amerli amid fears of repeat of Sinjar massacre 08/23 Steven Sotloff, US Journalist in Sights of Jihadists 08/23 Suicide bomber attacks Baghdad intelligence headquarters, 8 dead 08/23 Steven Sotloff, US journalist in sights of jihadists 08/23 Saudis Must Stop Exporting Extremism 08/23 A look into heart of jihadist ‘caliphate’ in Syria, Iraq 08/23 Is Islamic State the Best Possible Enemy? 08/23 The Battle for Baghdad - UN Responds to Islamic State with Biggest Aid Operation in 30 Years 08/22 The Battle for Iraq - For Obama, the Islamic State is Now Job No. 1 08/22 Department of State Denies Partnership with Syrian Dictator Bashr al-Assad 08/22 Obama officials talk of 'defeating' Islamic State, but what steps will US take? (+video) 08/22 UN Council condemns ‘heinous and cowardly’ Foley murder 08/22 US considers taking fight against Islamic State into Syria 08/22 Pressure mounts on Europeans to take more action against Islamic State 08/22 Bekasi residents take back mosque from ISIL 08/22 IS militants 'biggest threat' to US 08/22 Top Muslim groups and leaders condemn ISIS 08/22 IS Militants' Letter to Foley Family Shows Warning of Execution - Reports 08/22 The Iraqi town being starved to death 08/22 Balkan Muslims condemn destruction of religious shrines by ISIL 08/22 US Defense Officials Plan For Long-Term Strategy To Contain Islamic State 08/22 US General Says Raiding Syria Is Key to Halting Islamic State 08/22 Canadian Kurds Rally Against Islamic Extremists 08/22 How can the US defeat Islamic State jihadists? 08/22 Ferguson and Iraq : Please shoot me 08/22 Iraq's Mosul Dam Remains Volatile and Unstable 08/22 ISIL's Al Baghdadi Flees Iraq for Syria As U.S. Steps Up Air Strikes 08/22 Germany debates role of Bundestag in approving arms shipments to Iraq 08/22 US bombs Islamic State fighters in north Iraq 08/22 Amid U.S. air strikes, Iraq struggles to build own air force 08/22 James Foley family release final email from Isis militants before he was killed 08/22 Kurdish Forces Launch Operation to Retake Iraqi Town 08/22 Bypassing Baghdad: International Allies in Direct Talks With Iraq's Sunnis and Kurds 08/22 Beheading of American By ISIS Shows Brutality Long Known By Assyrian Community 08/22 James Foley beheading: 'Isis is a bigger threat to the US than al-Qa’ida', Pentagon warns 08/22 French President Francois Hollande blames 'major powers' US, UK for rise of ISIS 08/22 'Terrorist' Kurdish organisation unlikely US ally in battle against Islamic State in Iraq 08/22 Alleged regime attacks kill 47 across Syria, activists say 08/22 Kurds Launch Attack to Retake Iraq Town of Jalawla From Islamic State 08/22 Barack Obama Faces Options in Iraq and Syria 08/22 Kurds work to break ISIL's embargo 08/22 US defense secretary says Islamic State is imminent threat 08/22 Syria reinforces air base under Islamic State attack: monitor 08/22 Iran denies report linking Iraq cooperation to nuclear talks 08/22 U.S. jets bombing ISIL forces in northern Iraq 08/22 Palestinians torch an IDF post in Hebron 08/22 Obama continues airstrikes after ISIS makes threats 08/22