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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
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Udall urges CIA director to resign 12/10 Sri Lanka: Mannaar magistrate orders remand for 7 suspects in Nakuleswaran case 12/10 Common Opposition in big twist 12/10 Lanka presidential race set to get violent: Report 12/09 Sri Lanka’s Presidential Election: Risks and Opportunities 12/09 Gen Y poorer than their parents due to rising house prices 12/09 [Cultural Diary - (08-12-2014)] 12/08 Sri Lanka president, challenger sign up for expected tight January election 12/08 Winning votes: Sinhalese v Tamils 12/08 OPPOSITION’S FAILED ATTEMPT TO EFFECT ‘REGIME CHANGE’ 12/08 'We bought weapons used to destroy LTTE' says UNP 12/08 Traitors will never be forgiven - Basil 12/08 Vaiko`s MDMK walks out of NDA 12/08 Tim Hetherington: Views after the wave 12/08 Travel experiences you’ ll find only in Sri Lanka 12/08 Eight people abscond from forced alcohol treatment scheme in the Northern Territory 12/08 FROM SIRISENA & CO, VOTING RIGHTS FOR LTTE 12/07 [Cultural Diary - (08-12-2014)] 12/07 Tamil issues remain unaddressed in Lanka election: TNA 12/07 Farmers' support to President 12/07 Common oppn. backed by foreign powers - Thambimuttu 12/07 WikiLeaks: SLFP-JVP MoU; Maithripala Wants Peace With The LTTE, But Not In The UNP Way 12/07 VIDEO: Tim Hetherington: Views after the wave 12/07 Presidential election not addressing Tamil concerns says TNA 12/07 Murray report changes could boost superannuation by 40pc 12/07 Much loved disability activist Stella Young dies suddenly and unexpectedly at age 32 12/07 Yoga guru's 'handmaiden' denies knowingly summoning girls for sex 12/07 Report reveals more details of self-harm and suicide among children and young people 12/07 Charities starting to assess Typhoon Hagupit damage 12/07 Afghanistan leader wants more western forces to stay longer 12/07 US transfers six Guantanamo Bay inmates to Uruguay 12/07 LTTE remains significant threat to Sri Lanka - Gotabaya 12/06 Tamils reclaiming personal assets confiscated by SL from LTTE de-facto state detained 12/06 Sri Lanka: Colombo's investigators, minister protect suspects in Nakuleswaran assassination 12/06 reported Ceylon Today 12/06 Mahinda Rajapaksa returns gold, jewellery taken by LTTE to Lankans 12/05 First Three Months Of 2015 Will Be A Bloodbath Or A Breakthrough For Justice: SLCPJ 12/05 Rajapaksa returns gold, jewelry taken by LTTE to Lankans 12/05 South African Tamils slap war crime charges against Sri Lankan general 12/05 Country more precious than gold - President 12/04 Location where Jayarathnam was shot identified 12/04 WWI letter detailing 1914 Christmas Day truce unveiled 12/04 Memorial Service for Martyrs Held on 'Navy Day' 12/04 More gold seized by LTTE to be handed over to owners 12/03