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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Former LTTE member arrested at Katunayake 05/27 Time to seize the moment in Sri Lanka 05/26 Sri Lanka's Cabinet approves office to learn fate of missing 05/26 Exposed: British Taxpayers Fund UK Army's Lavish Five Star 'Work' Trips 05/26 Much more to be done in Sri Lanka - Hugo Swire 05/25 'Militarisation is still a problem in Tamil areas in Lanka' 05/25 Cabinet Approves Office Of Missing Persons 05/25 Sri Lanka to set up office to probe people missing in Tamil conflict 05/25 Sri Lanka’s Painful Past and Uncertain Future on Display in Tamil North 05/25 Sri Lanka sets up office to trace war missing 05/25 New body seeks Sri Lanka 'disappeared' 05/25 Cabinet approval to establish Office of Missing Persons 05/25 Sri Lankan military holds Vesak celebration in Kilinochchi 05/24 ‘Human rights issues in North-East not settled’ - Penang Deputy Chief Minister 05/24 Boundless Hypocrisy Of The Rajapaksas Is Overflowing The Borders Of Rationality 05/24 Government Reform Initiatives Pick Up Speed 05/22 The Hypocrisy Of Hybrid Courts  05/22 Army fails to show up in court over case of surrendering Tamils 05/22 Sri Lanka: Kurdistan National Congress expresses solidarity with Tamils on genocide remembrance 05/22 Sri Lanka observes 7th anniversary of victory over Tamil Tigers 05/19 Seven Years After The End Of Sri Lanka’s Civil War 05/19 We Won’t Hunt Down War Heroes, We Will Ensure There Won’t Be Another War In Sri Lanka – Sirisena 05/19 UK's Labour Party supports Sri Lankan Tamil cause 05/19 Parliamentarian calls on Canada to refer Sri Lanka to International Criminal Court 05/19 Sri Lanka marks war anniversary with sombre remembrance ceremony 05/19 About 130 feared buried in Sri Lanka landslides 05/19 UK Conservative party renews call for justice on May 18th 05/18 Seventh war victory Celebration today 05/18 Sri Lanka: Genocide Remembrance at Mu'l'livaaykkaal passes strong messages to IC 05/18 Sri Lanka's window of opportunity for lasting peace and reconciliation is shrinking warns ICG 05/18 Seizure of caps bearing LTTE logo Two LTTE suspects remanded 05/18 British MPs reiterate need for credible justice at Mullivaikal genocide remembrance event 05/18 Mangala Samaraweera accepts legitimacy of No Fire Zone documentary evidence 05/18 Accountability in Sri Lanka must engage international judges - Canadian PM 05/18 Sri Lanka: Genocide Day marked in 3 districts of Eastern Province 05/18 Kilinochchi Journal: Rebuilding Lives, and Homes, Shattered by Sri Lanka’s Civil War 05/17 Sri Lanka’s Pledges On Transparency Comparable With Obama’s “In The Face Of Doubt, Openness Prevails” 05/17 Lord Buddha’s Teachings Reminded As Sri Lanka Celebrated Seven Year Since End Of War 05/17 Sri Lanka: Continued denial of justice and Colombo's ban on remembering Tamil fighters condemned 05/17 Lest We Forget: Today Is Victory Day 05/17 Ryanair flight to Manchester evacuated in Norway over bomb scare 05/16 The Challenge Of May 19 Is To Commemorate & To Mourn 05/16 Reviewing Sri Lanka's Progress at the Human Rights Council 05/16 Seventh war victory celebration on a simple manner 05/16 Wide across the globe 05/16 Northern Province Governor attends military ceremony for Sri Lankan troops 05/16 Flight to Manchester grounded after bomb threat 05/15 Flight to Manchester evacuated in Norway 05/15 Sri Lanka: Mu'l'livaaykkaal remembrance gains momentum amidst renewed harassments 05/14 Sri Lanka’s Indo-Tamil problem 05/13 A Request To Establish A University For The Upcountry Tamils 05/12 Sri Lankan minister warns against 'LTTE remembrance' 05/12 Maithri Greeted By Anti-Government Protests In London 05/12 UNHRC to decide on the possibility of fresh resolution 05/12 Action against Kirulapone rally attendees unlikely: Dilan 05/10 ‘War machinery still in place in Sri Lanka’ – UN Special Rapporteur 05/10 State hospitals open for post abortion care 05/10 Is Maithri-Ranil Duo Bringing Back The Dreaded ‘White Van’ Culture? 05/10 The Question Of Self-Determination & The Demand For A Federal Solution To The National Question 05/10 China's Growing Influence Means India Losing Economic Ties With Neighbors 05/09 Our struggle for freedom should continue says TNA MP 05/09 Sri Lanka: War-affected, poverty-stricken Tamil villagers complain of neglect in housing assistance 05/09 Illegal abortions kill 20 each year 05/09 TN : 91 arrested for black flag demo against Rahul Gandhi’s visit 05/08 Sri Lanka's judiciary unfit for international crimes finds TAG 05/08 Sri Lanka: SL Governor condemned for justifying military-run preschools in Vanni 05/08 Sri Lankan navy exports attack craft to Nigeria 05/08 Use of torture mechanisms continue in Lanka due to weaknesses in law: UN 05/07 Sri Lanka: Returning Tamil journalists forced to pledge written oath to unitary State 05/07 U.N. urges judiciary reforms in Sri Lanka to avoid delay in justice 05/07 UN expert says torture still used by Sri Lanka investigators 05/07 Sri Lanka president opens 'War Heroes Commemoration Month' 05/07 Sri Lanka: Protest by dairy farmers brings EPC Minister, GA to inspect Sinhala occupation in Batticaloa 05/06 Mitsui Dental to set up hospital in Sri Lanka 05/06 Parliamentary Blows & The South Asian Buddha: The Case Of Dignity In Sri Lanka 05/05 Sri Lanka suspends 2 lawmakers over fistfight in parliament 05/05 SB asks MR: Did CBK and Anuruddha get proper security 05/05 Chief Buddhist monk urges Sirisena to safeguard Rajapaksa 05/05 Ben Bavinck’s Testimony Within The Crucible Of War, 1994-2004 05/05  Rehabilitated LTTE cadres: No longer stuck in NO - GO ZONE 05/05 Fists fly as Sri Lankan MPs protest changing of the guard for ex-president 05/03 'Is this right of the 'good governance' government' asks wife of arrested LTTE member 05/03 Lawmakers injured in fisticuffs inside Sri Lanka parliament 05/03 Amnesty to collect missing arms retrieves weapons from South 05/03 Sri Lanka’s TID arrest Tamil youth over Facebook messages 05/03 Distressed Rajapaksa Turns To UN Chief For Security Protection 05/03 Four former LTTE operatives arrested in Sri Lanka 05/03 Sri Lanka police media unit suspended over suicide vest coverage 05/03 Let’s Be Clear, Prabhakaran Was No Hero But A Terrorist & The LTTE Was His Private Army 05/03 Refugee boat fleeing Sri Lanka found by Cocos island 05/03 Challenge to media freedom comes from within the media - PM 05/03 Rajapaksa’s Military Security Withdrawn From Today 05/02 Former LTTE Batticaloa intelligence head arrested 05/02 ‘MR needs human shield like Prabhakaran’ 05/02 JO requests President, PM to reverse decision 05/02 Sri Lankan prime minister lashes out at the media 05/01 "My husband was stripped by the army after his surrender" - relatives testify in Kilinochchi 05/01 telling the audience 04/30 The book in my hand 04/30 Fresh Concerns As Authorities Resort To Unlawful Arrests In The North 04/30