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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Sepp Blatter suspended in latest twist in FIFA corruption scandal 10/09 Resolution highlights Lanka's efforts, says US 10/09 ‘Inclusion of exiled victims will be litmus test for Sri Lanka’ – Frances Harrison 10/09 Sri Lanka resolution key US outcome at UNHRC alongside Syria, Yemen 10/09 The LTTE & The Global Caste System 10/09 Purely domestic inquiry to prove 'blamelessness of Sri Lanka' says SLFP 10/09 Two paramilitary members detained by CID over TNA MP killing 10/08 Refugee crisis: leaders of France and Germany urge European unity 10/08 CID confirms Eknaligoda held at Girithale camp 10/08 Sri Lanka’s Struggle In The Post-War Period 10/07 Sri Lankan soldiers convicted of rape 10/07 Russia's aim to keep Bashar al-Assad in power in Syria: Rodger Shanahan 10/07 Sri Lanka’s Hide & Seek Honeymoon With Israel Spells Disaster For Communal Harmony 10/07 Being home, still a dream 10/07 Ready to quit NDA if it helps Sri Lankan Tamils - Indian MP 10/06 Qld Resources Council to release plan to protect mental health of mine workers 10/06 PM hopes for Japan’s pioneering contribution towards SL’s progress 10/06 US Senator urges 'most robust international role' in accountability process 10/06 Sri Lanka: Tamils need leadership, not hypocrisy of powers: Prof Ramasamy 10/06 After The UN Resolution What? 10/05 Medecins Sans Frontiers pulls out of Kunduz after fatal US air strike 10/05 ‘Great expectations in Sri Lanka’ – The Hindu 10/05 Govt.’s Duty Is To Stand By Our War Heroes 10/04 Sri Lankan ministers vow to protect army against war crimes charges 10/04 The Sunday Leader 10/04 Tragic phenomenon of LTTE’s forcible recruitment of Tamil civilians 10/04 Sri Lanka: Media, NGOs provide SL cover for Genocide 10/04 ‘Duty of government to look after war heroes’ – Mahinda Rajapaksa 10/04 Lanka rights abuse probe to be 'completely domestic': Sirisena 10/03 A diplomatic victory 10/03 It’s Not Daham, It’s Us 10/03 Shameful Day 10/03 ‘I saved Rajapaksa from the electric chair’ claims Ranil 10/03 Greyhound Racing NSW boss criticises former leadership team 10/02 'Mechanism must be domestic' says Sri Lankan president 10/02 Resolution 'crucial step' in ensuring accountability - David Cameron 10/02 MR included SL in Geneva agenda - PM 10/02 Equal nationality rights, an utmost need 10/02 A diplomatic victory 10/02 Repercussions of Geneva Summit 10/02 Fascism: The Heart’s Cry Of The Mediocrity 10/02 Sri Lanka: Resolution sponsors, voters, UNHRC become accessories to SL genocide: Boyle 10/02 UN approves help for Sri Lanka war crimes probe 10/01 U.N. calls on Sri Lanka to pursue war crimes with credible process 10/01 Don’t Re-Traumatise The War-Traumatised: Dons 10/01 World Ballet Day opens in Melbourne 10/01 Sri Lanka told by U.N. to probe rights abuses 10/01 UN asks Sri Lanka to allow foreign judges in war crimes probe 10/01 SLFP thanks Maithri for 'achievements' at UN 10/01 India backs Lanka-supported UN resolution 10/01 Nimal specifies constitutional reforms 10/01 Sri Lanka says to cooperate with United Nations call for war crimes inquiry 10/01 Tourists replace rebels as Sri Lanka national park famed for its leopards blooms 10/01 Opposition MPs call for referendum on inclusion of foreign judges 09/30 Hybrid special court essential to give victims confidence in process reiterates UN Human Rights chief 09/30 U.N. rights boss urges Sri Lanka to probe secret jails, missing people 09/30 Devil is in the detail 09/30 HRW calls for OHCHR presence in Sri Lanka to monitor implementation of OISL recommendations 09/30 Justice essential for lasting peace says France 09/30 "Contractor" spills the beans leading to the arrest of businessman 09/30 Two LTTEers sentenced to 290 and 300 years RI for 1999 bomb blast 09/30 Switzerland urges institutional reform to allow for prosecutions of war crimes and genocide in Sri Lanka 09/30 Son of woman murdered by IRA wants case taken to The Hague 09/30 British MPs express ‘concern and disappointment’ at lack of international probe for war crimes in Sri Lanka 09/29 US President, world leaders commend Lanka’s commitment 09/29 TNA hails U.S.-backed resolution on Sri Lanka 09/29 Domestic and International Responses to the U.N.’s Proposed Sri Lankan War Crimes Court 09/29 Sri Lanka war crimes resolution softened before U.N. debate 09/29 Obama, Putin: no solution in sight after Syria summit 09/29 Damning criticism of greyhound industry at latest public inquiry 09/28 SLMC welcomes UNHRC resolution 09/28 Australia co-sponsors SL resolution 09/28 Celebrating the achievements of the Oppressed 09/28 Sri Lanka’s war crimes controversy 09/28 Domestic mechanism guarantees Sri Lanka's sovereignty - PM 09/28 India must back fully international mechanism – DMK 09/28 Taking Reconciliation Process Forward After Co-Sponsored Resolution  09/28 Sri Lanka: Dubious defence using "Sovereignty" 09/27 Sri Lankan prime minister rejects foreign judges 09/27 Sri Lanka to build 65,000 homes for war-hit families 09/27 New Indian Express 09/27 No Scapegoats; We Will Establish A Truth Commission And A Compassionate Council: Ranil Wickremesinghe 09/27 UN Resolution Has Some Serious Hostile Provisions: Rajapaksa 09/27 Australia co-sponsors resolution on Sri Lanka 09/27 Five Lies In Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Statement On OHCHR Report 09/26 India supports Sri Lankans` quest for justice 09/26 Mangala hails resolution as a victory for Sri Lanka 09/26 India hopes for consensus on resolution at UNHRC on Sri Lanka 09/26 Thileepan: The Reckoning That Non-Violence Didn’t Stand A Chance 09/26 Former LTTE cadre detained in Jaffna by Sri Lanka's anti-terror officers 09/26 Why Do ‘Hybrids’ Oppose The Proposed Hybrid Investigation? 09/26 The Hybrid Court 09/26 Event: Anandarajan Memorial Lecture 09/26 The Pending UN Resolution On Sri Lanka 09/26 Military In General Not Guilty Of War Crimes: Foreign Minister Managla Samaraweera 09/25 Clever-Sounding Capitulation Of TNA & Moderates 09/25 Sri Lanka likely to dodge international probe into war crimes 09/25 Sri Lanka: USA sets new stage for Tamil struggle 09/25 Jaya urged to hold all party meeting on Sri Lankan war crimes 09/25 Lanka's int'l relations: new turn for the better 09/25