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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Tamil girl accuses naval personnel of rape, Sri Lanka police say 07/22 Gaza hospital hit, as Kerry begins new diplomatic push for peace 07/22 Rajapaksa Wants War Crime Investigation, He Should Reveal Why A Major Policy Change: UNP 07/22 UNP expresses ‘serious concern’ over government u-turn on presidential commission 07/22 Modi wants `excellent` relations with Sri Lanka: Swamy 07/21 Failed NGOs blame the state 07/21 BJP Members meet President 07/21 Government to stop NGOs from receiving foreign funding - Divaina 07/21 President, Portugal PM hold talks 07/21 Rajapaksa wants world leaders to see Sri Lanka`s reality 07/20 Sri Lanka’s NGO crackdown triggers free speech fears 07/20 Black July After 31 Years; The Sinhalese And Thamils Remain Deeply Polarized 07/19 `No Sri Lankan on crashed MH17` 07/19 North and East get Sinhala language training 07/18 A wider mandate in search for Truth and Reconciliation 07/18 U.S, DON'T BASE TIES ON RIGHTS! 07/18 PAF Air War College holds convocation : July 19, 2014, 12:50 am 07/18 Sri Lanka to investigate war crimes; appoints foreign experts 07/17 Sri Lanka Announces Probe into Military's Alleged Rights Abuses 07/17 Rajapaksa appoints foreign experts to disappearances commission, as international pressure escalates 07/17 Rt Hon Sir Desmond de Silva, QC 07/17 US should push prosecution of individuals in Sri Lanka - Congressional Caucus hears 07/17 Study finds gay athletes more likely to face homophobia 07/16 SL among next five emerging countries - Ambassador 07/16 'Lanka on fast track towards development' 07/16 Sri Lanka: ‘Scotland inviting genocide-accused Rajapaksa is hypocritical’ 07/16 Electoral Stakes And Reconciliation Non-Starters 07/16 From Tigers to barbers in Sri Lanka 07/15 A Simple Solution To Ease The Power Crisis In Sri Lanka 07/15 Prevent The GoSL From Politicising Your Visit – TCSF Writes To Pope 07/15 India against sending UN probe team to Sri Lanka 07/15 Guidelines for NGOs timely - Thera 07/15 Opposition leader looking for sacrificial lamb 07/15 Lack of trust slows Sri Lanka reconciliation 07/15 Vaiko urges Modi to ensure well-being of Tamils in Sri Lanka 07/15 Queensland Museum to show 350 years worth of undies 07/14 SL navy continues surveying Tamil land for appropriation despite protests 07/14 No Regrets on Meeting Hafiz Saeed: Ramdev Aide Vaidik to NDTV 07/14 Sri Lanka: Tamil civil society urges Pope to call for de-militarisation of Tamil homeland 07/14 HC stays POTA case proceedings against Vaiko 07/14 TCS urges Pope to visit North-East and call for justice, an end of land grabs and political solution for Tamils 07/14 From Tigers to Barbers: Tales of Sri Lanka’s Ex-Combatants 07/14 Obama and Cameron attempting to revive the LTTE in Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan minister 07/14 Success over the LTTE: Pakistan can learn from SL 07/14 Times of India 07/14 Conspirators move to create catastrophe foiled – Cader 07/13 Sri Lankan lesson 07/12 Tourism boom proof of Sri Lanka’s emergence from decades of conflict 07/12 Sri Lanka External Affairs ministry briefs India on progress in accountability and reconciliation 07/12 Military Official Reappointed As Northern Governor Despite TNA Protests 07/11 Sri Lankan Muslim leader warns of radicalisation after clashes 07/11 Illegal immigrants will not succeed - Navy Commander 07/11 No place to go for asylum seekers in Australia 07/11 The Athulathmudali Assassination 07/11 LANKAN NGO ORGANIZED LTTE PRESS CONFERENCES 07/11 NGOs GAVE LTTE WEAPONS - PM 07/11 Freedom Of Expression And Association Of NGOs Under Threat In Sri Lanka 07/10 A war which will never end 07/10 BAH SAYS CARR 07/10 Australian immigration minister visits Jaffna, no talks with Tamil groups 07/10 Long-time Indonesia watcher Douglas Ramage says Jokowi most likely to be president 07/10 Sri Lanka: British State complicity in genocide of Eezham Tamils explored in new report 07/10 The Great South African Secret 07/09 Sri Lanka’s MoD Runs A Parallel Administration 07/09 Sri Lanka bans activist groups from contact with media 07/09 Prime Minister criticised for 'moral blackmail comment about asylum seekers' suicide attempt 07/09 ‘Sri Lanka Army not a counterinsurgency force’ 07/09 Evidence recorded relating to 60 cases 07/09 Open Letter To All Leaders Of The Opposition; Come Together Or Perish, One By One! 07/08 Australia Won't Return Sri Lankan Asylum Seekers Without Notice 07/08 Sri Lanka: Wigneswaran briefs Tamil journalists on meeting South African Envoy Ramaphosa 07/08 Issued faced by Tamils discussed in meetings between TNA and Cyril Ramaphosa 07/08 Sri Lanka 'B+' rating confirmed on lower inflation 07/08 Australian court to hear challenge to secretive immigration policies 07/07 Australia returns asylum seekers to Sri Lanka in at-sea transfer, raising rights abuse fears 07/07 Sasikala's husband arrested 07/07 SL army is erasing Tamil remembrance days says NPC Minister 07/07 Single Mothers Battle on in Former War Zone 07/07 July: Indelibly Implanted In The History And Memory Of Eelam Tamils 07/07 ‘Sri Lanka Under Al-Qaeda Threat’; Muslims Condemn Ceylon Today’s Inflammatory Marketing Techniques 07/07 Australia sends asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka 07/07 SL will reject any probe report - Maithripala 07/07 Dismissing 'shrill' claims, Australia sends 41 asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka 07/06 UN probe: SL did right by non-participation 07/06 NFF threatens to withdraw from ruling coalition if South Africa involvement in Sri Lanka 07/06 Australia says 41 asylum seekers handed back to Sri Lanka at sea 07/06 Lords stress need for international war crimes inquiry to help end dispute between Tamils and Sri Lanka 07/06 Rajapaksas’ Tiger 07/06 Excavations planned as more human remains found in Muhamaalai 07/06 “Yes, We Took Pictures With Solheim, Do We Need Anybody’s Permission?” Gnanasara Asks Rajitha 07/05 Karumpuli Naal marked worldwide 07/05 Sri Lanka's rehabilitated ex-combatants struggle to adjust 07/05 Malaysian authorities hunt for more LTTE members 07/05 Australia criticised over handling of 200 Tamil refugees picked up at sea 07/05 Govt. Sends Alleged War Criminal To US Independence Day Celebrations 07/05 UN Decries Reports Australia Handing Tamil Asylum Seekers Back to Sri Lanka 07/04 UN decries reports Australia handing back Sri Lanka Tamil asylum seekers : July 04, 2014, 12:06 pm 07/04 Malaysian police make new arrests of suspected Sri Lankan Tamil activists 07/04 4 top LTTE members arrested in Malaysia 07/04 Malaysia police arrest four suspected Tamil Tigers 07/04