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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: When I Heard LTTE Forces Order Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination 08/23 ‘No compulsion’ to implement UN resolution insists Sri Lankan president 08/23 Top Level Decisions Need To Be Backed By Education On The Ground  08/22 The LTTE’s Forced Recruitment Of Children In Armed Combat 08/22 Alleged deaths, illnesses of ex-LTTE cadres: Five member committee to assist probe 08/21 Exposing MIG deal resulted in Lasantha’s death: Rajitha 08/21 ‘Tamil diaspora can help rebuild Sri Lanka’ 08/21 Mutur Massacare: 10 years on, justice elusive for families of 17 slain aid workers 08/20 Justice elusive for slain aid workers on front lines of crises 08/19 SL committed to protect Human Rights: PM 08/19 Ex-LTTE fighters to be examined for injected poisonous substances 08/18 Sri Lankan minister accuses Tamil politicians of 'false allegations' 08/18 Nigeria: War Against Militants, Others - Navy Launches 39 Boats 08/18 Chief Minister slams UN Resident Co-ordinator for ignoring war crimes 08/18 Sri Lanka to grant state land to soldiers 08/18 War against Militants, OTHERS: Navy launches 39 boats 08/17 Sri Lanka Ready to Deal With War-Affected Families 08/17 From Ilankaiththurai to Lanka Patuna 08/16 Much to be done says US ambassador after visit to Jaffna 08/16 US Ambassador lauds government efforts on new constitution, investigating alleged war crimes 08/16 The Great U-Turn 08/16 Government’s Decisiveness Wins All Round Support  08/15 Sri Lankan soldiers protest against missing persons bill 08/15 Sri Lankan police investigate 'Free Tamil Eelam' T-shirt found in Kandy 08/15 OMP Legislation Is Important Step In Achieving Accountability And Reconciliation: GTF 08/15 Diplomats in India should be watchful after Modi’s statement on PoK & Baluchistan 08/15 NPC To Carry Out Medical Checks On Ex-LTTE Cadres 08/15 Revisiting LK on his 11th death anniversary : He was the Change 08/15 Ex-LTTE members increasingly taking to writing 08/15 Sri Lanka: Government missed deadline to resettle thousands displaced by war 08/15 Sencholai massacre: 10 years on, no justice 08/14 Transitional Justice & Reconciliation In Sri Lanka 08/14 Trader finds t-shirt with Prabha’s photo 08/14 Rathika: a success story 08/14 Toast to the ruin 08/14 A Sri Lankan Wife Asks: Where Is My Husband? 08/14 Tiran Alles And Emil Kanthan Faces Charges For Financing LTTE 08/13 Daya master detained under PTA 08/12 NPC calls for inquiry into 'mysterious' deaths of former LTTE cadres 08/12 "Sri Lanka wants the world to forget about justice for war victims. Please don't" - Guardian 08/12 Sexual violence against Tamils ‘systematic’, ‘part of policy framework’: Interview with Yasmin Sooka 08/12 The Left In The Tamil Struggle 08/12 Ex- LTTE combatant vehemently rejects toxin substance allegations 08/12 Sri Lanka parliament endorses office to trace wartime missing 08/11 Sri Lankan Parliament approves law to trace missing persons 08/11 AG recommends to file indictments against Tiran Alles, Emil Kanthan over RADA case 08/11 Green shoots show up in Sri Lanka’s Sampur village 08/11 Five recent prominent hunger strikes 08/10 TGTE Prime Minister Says Tamil Eelam Is Still A Viable Solution 08/10 Sri Lanka to buy new fighter aircraft 08/10 Sri Lanka: Tamil Prisoners of War call for renewed struggle to free them from SL prisons 08/10 Daya Master remanded 08/10 Daya Master summoned by Vavuniya Magistrate's Courts 08/09 Sri Lanka: Sinhala journalist denounces State-patronized Buddhism 08/09 Group of Sri Lankan refugees arrive from India today 08/09 FFNU fetes Minister Ruwan Wijewardene 08/08 The Figment of ‘Post-Conflict’ Sri Lanka 08/07 No more excuses, it is time to act 08/07 UN experts’ report makes the case for genocide 08/07 Perera bags six as Sri Lanka clinch series 08/06 Sri Lanka: Tamil villages in Poththuvil subjected to demographic threat: EPC Councillor 08/05 French Charity urges Sri Lanka to act over aid workers killing 08/05 Suspected Tamil Tiger says she shouldn’t be deported because she lied 08/05 National govt. should have been formed in 2009: Devapriya 08/04 Chasing equality: The disabled bewail over inadequacy 08/04 Sri Lanka: ex-strongman's supporters oppose war crimes probe 08/01 ACF killings show international role needed to ensure justice - HRW 08/01 Examining Sri Lanka's Current Political Situation 07/31 Response To Mahinda Rajapaksa: Enough Is Enough 07/31 The Death Of Neelan Tiruchelvam: A Grave Loss To The Tamil People 07/30 International Adjudicators – Why Not ? 07/30 Clash At Jaffna University: Conversations On Culture & History – Part II 07/27 Sri Lanka army warns of overseas activists and LTTE, criticises attempts to criminalise arbitrary detention 07/26 Pensions for all disabled forces ranks 07/26 Sri Lanka to conserve climate-friendly mangroves ecosystem 07/26 Racism only leads to racial isolation 07/25 Canada, UK renew reconciliation calls 07/25 Black July – Setting The Record Straight 07/25 Black July: Canada, U.K. renew calls for reconciliation 07/25 Switzerland seeks to further strengthen bilateral relations 07/25 Canadian Prime Minister commemorates Black July 07/24 Remembering Sri Lanka's Black July 07/23 Accountability, Reconciliation & Seeking A Political Solution 07/21 Swiss prosecutors file charges against alleged Tamil Tiger fundraisers 07/20 Former LTTE cadre arrested at Colombo airport 07/20 Swiss authorities indict Tamil Tiger supporters 07/20 Charges filed in Switzerland over $15.2 million LTTE funds 07/20 UN tourism conference criticised for ignoring human rights 07/19 Buddhist clergy back Sirisena's rejection of foreign judges 07/19 The Fundamental Reasons Behind The Jaffna University Brawl 07/19 Jaffna Campus Rumpus Requires Our Serious Attention 07/19 Sri Lanka detains former President Rajapaksa's brother on suspicion over funds 07/18 Sri Lanka police arrest ex-leader's brother on suspicion over funds 07/18 MR taking party men for a ride: Shan 07/18 Do Not Permit Clash Recurrence That Could Hinder Genuine Reconciliation: TNA Tells Jaffna University Students 07/17 Empowering women and unlocking the potential of dairy farming 07/17 ‘There are no tribunals’ says Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister 07/17 The Jaffna Student Brawl: ‘Mutual Coexistence’ As The Only Path Forward 07/17 Kilinochchi IDPs demand land back from Sri Lankan military 07/16 Disarmament Is A Must For Sri Lanka’s Reconciliation 07/15