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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Enough Is Enough! Gnanasara Should Be Arrested! 12/02 Karuna transferred to separate cell 11/30 Sri Lanka leader asks Trump's help to drop war crime charges 11/29 Top Prabhakaran aide arrested in Sri Lanka 11/29 Rhythmic Bharata Natyam 11/29 Tamil political parties commemorate Maaveerar Naal 11/29 Sri Lankan president appeals to Trump to drop war crimes charges 11/28 A welcome suggestion 11/28 All Party Parliamentary Group For Tamils calls for public commemoration of Maaveerar Naal 11/28 Catholic service in Mannar to remember Maaveerar 11/27 Sri Lanka: Self-mobilised people pay homage to Eezham Tamil Heroes 11/27 Thousands gather at destroyed LTTE cemeteries to mark Maaveerar Naal 11/27 Sri Lanka seeks Trump's help to drop war crimes charges at UNHRC 11/27 Thousands gather in Kilinochchi Thuyilum Illam to mark Maaveerar Naal 11/27 Thousands gather at destroyed LTTE cemeteries across North-East to mark Maaveerar Naal 11/27 Remembering and rebuilding 11/27 Maaveerar remembered outside Koappay military camp 11/27 Commemoration at Mannar Thuyilum Illam 11/27 Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy In Crisis, As Maithri Seeks ‘Maithri’ From Trump 11/27 Tamils in Kilinochchi clean local LTTE cemeteries 11/27 Thousands of British Tamils mark Maaveerar Naal 11/27 Not as bilateral but here's how PCB and BCCI officials are planning Indo-Pak games 11/26 North-East newspapers publish feature marking LTTE leader's birthday 11/26 Paranoia & Paralysis: The Buddhist-Muslim Tragicomedy 11/25 Locals clean LTTE cemeteries in Kilinochchi 11/25 LTTE leader's birthday marked in secret at Jaffna Uni 11/25 Raviraj murder case: State witness bares all 11/25 Sri Lanka: University of Jaffna commemorates Tamil Eelam Heroes 11/25 Sri Lanka's delay in accountability could be attempt to avoid it says Rapp 11/24 Sri Lanka: Colombo's military, police threaten grassroots not to mark Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day 11/23 MR’s Former Security Coordinator Ex-STF Commandant Arrested 11/23 Human right for Tamils to mark Maaveerar Naal says Mano Ganeshan 11/23 Women Human Rights Defenders In Sri Lanka: Challenges 11/21 Human Rights, Constitutional Reforms & Devolution In Sri Lanka 11/21 UNHRC orders Sri Lanka to compensate Canadian torture victim 11/21 Scott Anderson and Ben Solomon Discuss 'Fractured Lands' at Yale 11/21 'We will never allow the LTTE to be commemorated' - Minister 11/21 Subramanian Swamy demands definite policy to fight 'Islamic terrorism' 11/20 UN Human Rights Committee orders Sri Lanka to compensate Canadian torture victim 11/20 Sri Lanka: Jaffna city targeted by occupying Sinhala military and police 11/19 Sri Lankan justice minister says 32 Muslims in IS 11/19 THIRTY TWO LANKANS JOIN ISLAMIC STATE MOVEMENT 11/18 Monk-talk reveals realities set by imperialisms riding on genocidal ‘Sri Lanka’ 11/18 Didn't know Rajiv killing plan: Nalini in book 11/18 Muslim Council Slams Wijeyadasa’s Inflammatory Speech, Says It Will Give Rise To More Tensions 11/18 A Long Watch: War, Captivity And Return In Sri Lanka 11/17 Sri Lanka: SL military base hinders resettlement at Ka'napathipuram, Ampaa'rai 11/17 Bodu Bala Sena issues ultimatum, threatening attacks on Sri Lanka's Muslim community 11/16 Tension Mounts As Batticaloa Buddhist Monk Encroaches A Private Land To Erect Temple 11/16 Sri Lanka’s Two Faced & Fading Good Governance 11/16 Sri Lankan official dodges UN questions over alleged torture 11/16 Sri Lanka police arrests Sinhalese man threatening to bomb Muslims 11/15 Sri Lanka says investigating military links to Jaffna violence 11/15 Police Arrests ‘Saviour Of The Sinhalese’ Who Threatened To Bomb Muslims 11/15 Immediately Detain Sri Lanka’s National Intelligence Chief: Diaspora Tamils Tell Swiss Authorities 11/15 Trump had acted in a film produced by Rutnam 11/14 Tiran Alles, two others granted bail 11/10 Boko Haram: Give us more time to end insurgency, Defence Minister begs Nigerians 11/09 Messing Up On Mahinda: Michael Roberts On Eelam War IV 11/09 Sri Lanka records strong tourist growth from China, India 11/08 Aava Has No Links To Army, LTTE – State Minister Of Defence Ruwan Wijewardene 11/05 American Hypocrisy & Obama’s Duplicitous Bureaucrats; Relevance To Sri Lanka 11/05 Former defence secretary created gangs in Jaffna – Sri Lankan minister 11/04 EU Linking Shariat Law To GSP+: Do Not Bring Europe’s War On Muslims To Sri Lanka 11/03 Are Religious Conversions Taking Place In Sri Lanka? 11/03 RADA case : Tiran Alles, two others remanded Charged under Public Property Act 11/02 EU seeks faster reforms on human rights ahead of Sri Lanka trade deal 11/02 Former MP Tiran Alles remanded 11/02 Indo-Sri Lanka fishermen talks end in stalemate 11/02 Raviraj Murder: Trial will be heard on a day-to-day basis 10/31 Jaffna Muslims remember exodus with black flags 10/30 Getting Away With Murder 10/27 Extremist groups get away with murders of journalists 10/27 Land Mine Survivors, Clearers Honored at State Department 10/27 United Nations Special Rapporteur On Minority Issues: Statement On Sri Lanka 10/27 Learning from past mistakes 10/26 Sri Lanka: Wickramasinghe deploys ‘shadow war’ intelligence squads in Jaffna 10/26 ‘My responsibility to protect the honour of war heroes’ declares Sri Lankan president 10/26 Police Hunts For ‘Aava’ 10/26 JHU calls for ‘total crackdown’ on former LTTE cadres 10/25 Sri Lankan Tourism: Booming Again, But Mostly for the Military 10/25 The Lankan example 10/24 Denmark Tamils remember 29th anniversary of death of fighters 10/23 A Strong Statement on Minority Rights in Sri Lanka 10/23 Court Remands 5 Policemen Who Shot Jaffna University Students; Sirisena Wants Impartial Inquiry 10/22 Countering The Eelam Project 1 & 2; Is The Indian Model The Answer? 10/22 Sri Lanka arrests police over Tamil student deaths 10/21 UN urges Sri Lanka to reduce army’s grasp 10/20 UN Rights Expert Wants Government To Walk The Talk On Minority Rights 10/20 U.N. official urges Sri Lanka to take stronger measures to protect minorities 10/20 Sri Lanka: UN rights expert urges Government to take concrete steps to protect minorities 10/20 ‘Trust deficit in post-war Sri Lanka’: UN Special Rapporteur notes 10/20 Journalists in Jaffna protest for investigations into journalist deaths and media freedom 10/19 Army major pays compensation over 1998 killing of LTTE cadre in custody 10/19 The Fraught Road To Justice: Sri Lankan Victims Of Sexual Violence 10/19 Sri Lanka: SL Navy delclares war on Tamil fishermen in Arippu, Sinhala police joins SLN 10/19 Dabiq and ISIL's end of times 10/17 Plot To Kill Me And Sampanthan – NP Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran 10/17 Sri Lanka anti-corruption chief quits after president's criticism 10/17 Harakiri Or ‘Kiri’ For Gota? President Is ‘Misguided’ By His Own Intelligence 10/16