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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Clash At Jaffna University: Conversations On Culture & History – Part II 07/27 Sri Lanka army warns of overseas activists and LTTE, criticises attempts to criminalise arbitrary detention 07/26 Pensions for all disabled forces ranks 07/26 Sri Lanka to conserve climate-friendly mangroves ecosystem 07/26 Racism only leads to racial isolation 07/25 Canada, UK renew reconciliation calls 07/25 Black July – Setting The Record Straight 07/25 Black July: Canada, U.K. renew calls for reconciliation 07/25 Switzerland seeks to further strengthen bilateral relations 07/25 Canadian Prime Minister commemorates Black July 07/24 Remembering Sri Lanka's Black July 07/23 Accountability, Reconciliation & Seeking A Political Solution 07/21 Swiss prosecutors file charges against alleged Tamil Tiger fundraisers 07/20 Former LTTE cadre arrested at Colombo airport 07/20 Swiss authorities indict Tamil Tiger supporters 07/20 Charges filed in Switzerland over $15.2 million LTTE funds 07/20 UN tourism conference criticised for ignoring human rights 07/19 Buddhist clergy back Sirisena's rejection of foreign judges 07/19 The Fundamental Reasons Behind The Jaffna University Brawl 07/19 Jaffna Campus Rumpus Requires Our Serious Attention 07/19 Sri Lanka detains former President Rajapaksa's brother on suspicion over funds 07/18 Sri Lanka police arrest ex-leader's brother on suspicion over funds 07/18 MR taking party men for a ride: Shan 07/18 Do Not Permit Clash Recurrence That Could Hinder Genuine Reconciliation: TNA Tells Jaffna University Students 07/17 Empowering women and unlocking the potential of dairy farming 07/17 ‘There are no tribunals’ says Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister 07/17 The Jaffna Student Brawl: ‘Mutual Coexistence’ As The Only Path Forward 07/17 Kilinochchi IDPs demand land back from Sri Lankan military 07/16 Disarmament Is A Must For Sri Lanka’s Reconciliation 07/15 A Chilcot Findings & Lessons For Sri Lanka 07/15 War Crimes: US Insists On International Participation In Special Court 07/15 U.S. acknowledges complications in Sri Lanka war crimes investigation 07/15 Déjà vu Sri Lanka & Europe 07/15 Sri Lanka ‘will never bring down foreign judges’ declares FM 07/14 Sri Lanka: SL Commander of 58 Division twists lists at Mullaiththeevu Magistrates’ Court 07/14 Alles acts like a terrorist and should be dealt firmly - Minister Ranawaka 07/14 The Un-Mainstreaming Of Hatred 07/14 JO: first as tragedy, second as farce 07/13 US commends Sri Lanka's reconciliation measures 07/12 JVP will take up arms again: Nalin Hewage 07/12 Video: Senasinghes Do It Again! 07/11 British Tamil man tortured in Sri Lanka returns to UK 07/11 Abductions and Torture in Jaffna: Can Sri Lanka Change? 07/11 The 1948 – 1949 Watershed: Remembering H. Sri Nissanka & T.B. Subasinghe 07/10 Humanity torn down 07/10 Sirisena slams media for false reporting on 'foreign judges' 07/10 Lawsuit Targets Syrian Regime In Journalist's Killing 07/09 President assures no foreign interference to internal administration, judiciary 07/08 Exiled victims cannot testify in Sri Lanka's embassies says ITJP 07/08 Sri Lanka: Amaithipuram exposes disparity in ‘development’ motives of Colombo, external powers 07/08 “As Long As I Am The President, No International Participation In Judicial Process” Sirisena Declares 07/08 The challenge of building confidence 07/08 Rajapaksa warns govt intends to divide Sri Lanka 07/08 Sri Lanka aims to demilitarise island by 2018 07/06 Sri Lanka says it will create court to probe war abuses 07/06 Sri Lanka: Colombo’s ministries continue to deploy genocidal policies in employment 07/06 Sri Lanka Plans To Pull Troops Back By 2018 07/06 2 former LTTE members arrested by Sri Lanka's TID 07/06 Weapons and explosives recovered in Velvettithurai 07/06 JO member lambastes Al Hussein 07/05 A Bout At Chandrikawewa, 29th April 2009: Miliband & Kouchner Vs Mahinda Rajapaksa 07/05 Sri Lanka may grant fishing licence 07/05 Divided National Unity Government Needs Time To Prioritise  07/04 SRI LANKA’S LONG ROAD TO NATIONAL RECONCILIATION 07/04 Sri Lanka's military celebrates 20 years in Jaffna 07/03 Sri Lanka: Thousands await relocation after civil war 07/03 FOOTPRINTS: RIGHT OF RETURN 07/03 Sri Lanka's path to reconciliation? 07/03 Sri Lanka must stay the course 07/02 Freedom From Torture welcomes Rights Chief’s oral update on Sri Lanka, stresses need to tackle issues of ongoing torture 07/02 Number of Ministers has increased to 92: JVP 07/01 The Case Against Devolution – II 07/01 Permanent houses for ex-LTTEers integrated with society 07/01 Several of Sri Lanka's key commitments to UNHRC remain unfulfilled - Human Rights Watch 07/01 Tamils Gave Prabhakaran The Revolver To Kill Tamils 06/30 Sri Lanka's former army commander welcomed to UNP by Sri Lanka's Prime Minister 06/30 Pasumai Thaayagam calls on Sri Lanka to inform Sinhala electorate about mass atrocities 06/29 Sri Lanka has 'failed to show transparency' charges North-East civil society 06/29 Sri Lanka has not moved fast enough to build confidence among victims says Human Rights Chief 06/29 'I am not a gangster, run cellphone biz in China' 06/29 President expressed condolence over Istanbul airport attack 06/29 UN calls for Sri Lanka war crimes accountability 06/29 UN Human Rights Chief Wants Sri Lanka To Investigate Cluster Bombs Used In War, Underscores Need For International Judges 06/29 Ex-TID head quizzed 06/28 a military website 06/28 Former TID Head DIG Chandra Wakista questioned for three hours 06/28 U.N. urges Sri Lanka to rein in military, prosecute war crimes 06/28 Rooting out the seeds of hatred 06/27 "Sri Lanka wants the world to forget about justice for war victims. Please don't" - Guardian 06/27 Trust Takes Years To Build, Seconds To Break, Forever To Repair 06/25 Sri Lankan military hands out milk packets to Tamil women 06/25 Sri Lankan army must release list of surrendees – Sri Lanka Campaign 06/25 EU Court Of Justice To Take Up Former LTTE Rebel’s Asylum Application 06/24 Wasim Thajudeen Murder: Court Rejects Anura Senanayake And Sumith Perera Bail Applications 06/23 Rajitha rejects allegations of Army’s use of cluster bombs 06/23 Sri Lanka cabinet spokesperson rejects allegations of cluster bomb usage 06/23 No comment on leaked cluster munition evidence says Sri Lanka 06/22 International community must ensure UN resolution is implemented – GTF 06/22 Normalising The Abnormalcy – Reflections On Self-Determination, Justice & Peace In Post-War Sri Lanka 06/22 Rajitha rejects allegations of Army’s use of cluster bombs 06/22