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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Victorian election campaign will scuttle child abuse law reform: survivors 09/15 Internal Relationship Building As Response To International Pressure 09/15 Border dispute remains 'biggest obstacle' in Indo-Chinese ties 09/15 On Chinese President’s Visit To Sri Lanka 09/15 All Party Parliamentary Group For Tamils Urges UK Govt To Consider Sanctions Against Sri Lanka 09/14 Agencies step up surveillance in vital installations in South 09/14 Another Lankan arrested for alleged spying for Pak's ISI, security stepped up 09/14 Sri Lanka: SL military deploys intimidation, deception in East to suppress testimonies to OISL 09/14 IED highlights lack of work towards war crimes prosecution and reconciliation 09/13 Thileepan memorial marked with music in Denmark 09/13 14th SCO summit held in Dushanbe 09/12 'We will not allow external inquiry' says Rajapaksa 09/11 Reengineering The Nation 09/11 Tamil youth commits suicide after losing means to support family 09/11 Sri Lanka's Slow LLRC Implementation 09/11 'WE WILL NOT ALLOW AN EXTERNAL PROBE' 09/11 Implement 1987 Indo-Lanka accord, demands Lanka Tamil party 09/10 MDMK stages protest against Rajapaksa 09/10 Sri Lanka – One Country But Two Worlds: Mangala 09/10 “IF BLACK MAN IS UNWELCOME IN CHURCH WHO WANTS HIM IN HEAVEN”…? 09/10 What The Sri Lankan Ambassador Has Failed To Defend 09/10 US jury decides fate of Blackwater mercenaries who killed 14 Iraqis 09/10 UN investigation has ‘full support’ of UK - Swire 09/10 Vaiko urges Centre to allow UN panel to hold probe in India 09/09 Western countries attempting to divide peace says SL Prime Minister 09/09 China`s President Xi Jinping to visit India next week 09/09 World War I And Ceylon 09/09 End of war saw suicide rate drop 09/09 Sri Lanka: SL military floats 5,000 cell phones for surveillance on Tamils in Batticaloa 09/09 Intimidation will not stop search for disappeared – Ananthi Sasitharan 09/08 Dialogue Between Government, UN and TNA Necessary To Break Deadlock 09/08 Japanese PM Abe on Lanka visit 09/07 Janaka Perera Assassination And The Patriotic Card 09/07 Sri Lanka-Japan diplomatic relations, an overview 09/07 Visiting Japan PM hopeful on Sri Lanka war crimes probe 09/07 SL drawing enough foreign capital 09/07 Sri Lanka to counter allegations at UN rights sessions 09/07 Monday, September 15 09/07 UN Human Rights Chief backs investigation into Sri Lankan war crimes 09/07 Sri Lanka: 'LTTE ban contributes to further oppression of Tamils' 09/06 Ranil proposes Sajith as deputy UNP leader 09/06 Lanka Govt. To counter UN probe on alleged civil war atrocities 09/05 U.N. failed to protect civilians during Sri Lanka's bloody war end, says report 09/05 WHO report ranks Sri Lanka has having 4th highest suicide rate 09/05 Acerbic trail-blazer Joan Rivers dies after complications from minor surgery 09/05 LTTE militant jailed for murder of Lankan army general 09/05 Father 'unknown': SA donor conceived man applies to change birth certificate 09/04 Winning The War: Evaluating The Impact Of “Api Wenuwen Api” 09/04 India is world's suicide capital with 2.6 lakh cases/year 09/04 Farewell To Navanethem Pillay; Champion And Defender Of Human Rights 09/04 Sri Lanka is a friend and expert 09/04 Fourth Highest Suicide Rate In The World Recorded In Sri Lanka 09/04 Sri Lanka to review visa restrictions to deal Jihadist threat 09/04 UK High Commissioner discusses land grabs and Sinhalisation with Vanni TNA MP 09/04 US ambassador visits Jaffna to discuss intimidation of Tamil journalists 09/04 The Third Narrative; The Last Stages Of The War In Sri Lanka 09/03 Sri Lankan man sets himself on fire to protest UN action 09/03 Vaiko Allowed to Argue Before Tribunal Reviewing Ban on LTTE 09/03 RESURRECTION OF THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI 09/03 CONTROVERSY OVER THE LTTE MAP 09/03 Towards rational foreign policy thinking? 09/02 Doing More To Promote Reconciliation At Local Level To Solve People’s Problems 09/01 Sri Lanka: Colombo steps up Sinhalicistion of public sector in North 09/01 President’s leadership saw defeat of terrorism - Defence Secretary 08/31 Bridge on the River Kwai will rise again as Sri Lankan tourist draw 08/31 PROPAGANDA WAR EQUALS WAR - Dr. Chris Nonis 08/31 Critique Of The MARGA Colloquium On The Last Stages Of The War In Sri Lanka 08/31 Sri Lanka: Political fundamentals cannot be surrendered to military requisites of imperialism 08/30 Issues Of Truth And Accountability: The Last Stages Of The War In Sri Lanka 08/30 Sri Lanka to rebuild Bridge On The River Kwai 08/30 Insiders tales assassination decoded and some gossip 08/29 Government trying to evade talks says TNA 08/29 River Kwai film bridge to be rebuilt 08/29 UTILITY AND JOY AT KWAI... 08/29 Truth, Accountability And The Last Stages Of Sri Lanka’s War; A Private Sector Perspective 08/29 Third term of Mahinda Rajapaksa as the President 08/28 Israel And Sri Lanka Leading In War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity 08/28 WHAT A TANGLED WEB 08/27 Event: Issues Of Truth And Accountability – The Last Stages Of The War In Sri Lanka 08/27 AG SCOFFS AT K ISLAND CLAIM 08/27 Times of India 08/27 SL missions in Europe discuss how to counter human rights campaigns 08/27 Echo Chamber Symphonies 08/27 Lanka commissions India-assisted industrial park in Jaffna 08/27 Demons Of The 18th Amendment Are Devouring Body And Soul Of Sri Lanka 08/26 'Whole Lotta Love' voted best riff ever by UK radio listeners 08/26 Pettah Floating Market opening - a special occasion 08/25 Innovation offers hope in Sri Lanka's north 08/25 Achchuveli Industrial Estate opening tomorrow 08/25 Former war zones in Sri Lanka now fight for tourists 08/25 Sri Lanka Needs Bullish Treatment For Manic Disorder 08/24 LTTE sends lambs to slaughter 08/24 TNA STRIPES UNCHANGED - Senior TNA,TULF member 08/24 World a safer place after LTTE defeat 08/24 Ensure justice for Tamils, PM Narendra Modi tells Sri Lanka 08/23 Sri Lanka must ensure justice for Tamils: Modi 08/23 PHILIPPINES: China Rewrites History 08/23 Ensure justice for Tamils Modi tells Sri Lanka 08/23 No significant increase in public facilities for refugees in Sri Lanka after civil war, says study 08/22 UN CULTURE OF TRADE-OFFS IN CRISES STANDS EXPOSED 08/22