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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Counter-Terrorism: Learning From The Sri Lankan Experience 04/18 Sri Lanka: Eezham Tamils in Canada evolve common position on Tamil activism 04/18 Canada's hypocrisy on Human Rights and Commonwealth funding 04/18 Urgently Resume Dialogue To Avoid Dangerous Backslide To Past 04/18 Delhi court rejects plea on Indian army involvement in 2009 04/17 Sri Lanka: SL military assassinated 3 ex-LTTE members after deception, entrapment 04/17 SC rejects plea to probe Indian armys role in Sri Lanka 04/17 SC rejects plea to probe Army`s role in Sri Lanka 04/17 Sri Lanka obtains Interpol red notices on terror suspects 04/17 Resumption of ‘comprehensive military relationship’ with SL hinges on accountability progress – US 04/17 SC declines plea for SIT probe in Army's role in Sri Lanka 04/17 DESPERADOES HACK FORCES’ INFO 04/17 Defence Secretary meets Malaysian PM 04/17 Much can be learnt from SL’s experience with non-state actors – Gotabhaya 04/17 LTTE resurgence attempt neutralised - SSP Ajith Rohana 04/17 Sri Lanka Ranked Fourth In Newly Updated Impunity Index 04/16 Questions over whether Royal Commission will examine HMAS Leeuwin case 04/16 TNA MP had close links with ‘Gopi’ – Minister 04/16 Gotabaya says 'terrorist' fronts within Tamil diaspora continue propaganda against Sri Lanka 04/16 Sri Lanka ranks 4th in global impunity index for killings of journalists 04/16 BBS Slams TRAC For Terrorist Classification And Says No Connection With Gota 04/16 DOMINANCE OF CANADA BY PRO-LTTE DIASPORA 04/16 'Polls victory clear message to the West' 04/16 Sri Lanka to provide counselling to kin of war missing 04/15 Cost of ex-tropical Cyclone Ita starting to be felt 04/15 The Forever War? Military Control in Sri Lanka's North 04/15 Sri Lanka accuses Canada of using Commonwealth funding as a political tool 04/15 Unclear path for Sri Lankan war probe 04/15 Sri Lanka says Canada holds Commonwealth to ransom 04/15 D.B.S. Jeyaraj And The Bogey Of The Reincarnation Of The Tiger 04/15 Future Of Tamil Nationalism In Sri Lanka After NPC Election 04/15 WE TOLD YOU SO 04/15 MP withdrew from SL trip over rejection of UN probe 04/14 Canada suspends funding over Sri Lanka 04/14 Canada halts funding over Sri Lanka 04/14 Canada to suspend $20 million in Commonwealth funds while Sri Lanka holds chair 04/14 We have real concerns in Sri Lanka - UK FCO Minister Hugo Swire 04/14 Fed Govt won't revise 2020 emissions reduction target 04/14 The ‘Mad Monk’ Phenomenon: BBS As The Underside Of Sinhala-Buddhism 04/14 Sinhala radio show accuses Tamil diaspora of illegal financial deals 04/13 Counter Justification For A National Security State Through National Unity Charter 04/13 Continuing Detention Of Tamil Women And A Girl Child Under PTA 04/13 Sri Lanka: SL land grab of Tamil-owned property continues in East 04/13 Sri Lanka seeks Interpol red notice for arrest of LTTE leader 04/13 Sri Lanka: SL military threatens former LTTE members, civilians from Batticaloa 04/12 Our Fairy Tales And An Explosion Of Religious Hatred 04/12 Recognition Of Sinhalese, Tamils And Muslims As Equal Cultural Nations Might Be A Solution 04/12 Sri Lanka justifies troops presence in former war zones 04/12 `Sri Lanka has no faith in international probe` 04/12 Suspected LTTE leader shot dead 04/11 Sri Lanka troops kill three men in search for Tigers 04/11 Mining company says funds secured to build Oakajee port and rail project 04/11 Sri Lanka says troops killed ‘Gopi’, two others 04/11 Sri Lanka troops kill emerging Tiger leaders: Official 04/11 Last-minute cancellation of British MPs' trip to Sri Lanka amidst controversy 04/11 Channel 4 News 04/11 Sri Lanka military says it killed Tamil separatists, first clash since 2009 04/11 Sri Lankan army quash Tamil revival in first battle since end of civil war 04/11 UK MP Group’s Controversial Visit To Sri Lanka At Murali’s Invitation Cancelled After Criticism 04/11 Sri Lanka says it killed 3 trying to revive rebels 04/11 ANCL Chairman Bandula Padmakumara handed over the financial donation to Hasalaka Gamini's mother 04/11 GOBI AND HIS BRIGANDS SHOT DEAD 04/11 Suspected rebels shot in Sri Lanka 04/11 Sri Lanka: Colombo stages smokescreen operations to divert global focus on crimes: TNA councillor 04/11 65 arrested over 'LTTE-links' in past month - Sri Lanka police 04/10 Tamil asylum seeker attempts suicide following deportation order 04/10 FCO annual report expresses serious concern over rights situation in Sri Lanka 04/10 Political match fixing 04/10 65 SNARED IN LTTE COMEBACK BID 04/10 Wilpattu Myth; BBS Gnanasara Vs JBS Vijitha 04/10 The Assassination Of Ranjan Wijeratne 04/10 Women's group; Rebel suspects' families detained 04/09 Sri Lanka’s Displaced 04/09 Jinxing The Game 04/09 Sri Lanka mistreats women suspected of LTTE links – Women's Action Network 04/09 `Legal redress for 423 designated for terror link in Sri Lanka` 04/09 LTTE Deputy Leader under interrogation 04/09 Musharraf-Sharif tussle 04/09 Sri Lanka board hits back at Jayawardene, Sangakkara : April 10, 2014, 1:10 am 04/09 BEYOND THE BAN 04/09 Rescuing Patriotism From The Extremists 04/09 Sri Lanka’s ban on diaspora groups ‘puts all Tamil activists at risk’ – Human Rights Watch 04/08 India refuses to rock Sri Lanka’s boat on human rights issues, but for how long? 04/08 Sri Lanka refuses to cooperate with UN war crimes probe 04/08 Canada questions motive behind diaspora bans, says will not help reconciliation 04/08 Sri Lanka refuses to cooperate with UN probe 04/08 NO COOPERATION WITH PILLAI ON PROBE 04/08 "This ban is the government protecting Sinhala nationalist credentials." - TNPF 04/08 Sri Lanka’s Terrorist List Is A Modern Version Of McCarthyism – Brad Adams 04/08 Third force may be kingmaker in Indian election 04/08 Pakistan hails defence ties with Sri Lanka 04/08 Sri Lanka, every holiday seeker’s cup of tea 04/08 Pakistan pledges unflinching support to Sri Lanka 04/08 Party time in SL after triumph 04/07 Sri Lanka refuses cooperation with UN-backed probe 04/07 Sri Lanka won't cooperate U.N. war crime probe: foreign minister 04/07 Testifying tantamount to treason - SL Minister 04/07 32 Lankans living in India on list of banned LTTE remnants 04/07 Sri Lanka: Asset Freeze Threatens Peaceful Dissent 04/07 Sri Lanka refuses to co-operate with UN probe 04/07