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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Lawmakers injured in fisticuffs inside Sri Lanka parliament 05/03 Sri Lanka police media unit suspended over suicide vest coverage 05/03 'Is this right of the 'good governance' government' asks wife of arrested LTTE member 05/03 Four former LTTE operatives arrested in Sri Lanka 05/03 Amnesty to collect missing arms retrieves weapons from South 05/03 Distressed Rajapaksa Turns To UN Chief For Security Protection 05/03 Challenge to media freedom comes from within the media - PM 05/03 Fists fly as Sri Lankan MPs protest changing of the guard for ex-president 05/03 Sri Lanka’s TID arrest Tamil youth over Facebook messages 05/03 Parliamentary brawl as Sri Lanka's former army chief admits staging LTTE bombing to gain sympathy 05/03 Let’s Be Clear, Prabhakaran Was No Hero But A Terrorist & The LTTE Was His Private Army 05/03 Rajapaksa’s Military Security Withdrawn From Today 05/02 Former LTTE Batticaloa intelligence head arrested 05/02 ‘MR needs human shield like Prabhakaran’ 05/02 JO requests President, PM to reverse decision 05/02 Sri Lankan prime minister lashes out at the media 05/01 "My husband was stripped by the army after his surrender" - relatives testify in Kilinochchi 05/01 telling the audience 04/30 The book in my hand 04/30 Fresh Concerns As Authorities Resort To Unlawful Arrests In The North 04/30 'Global champion of human rights'? Controversy over Power comment 04/30 Nigeria and the challenge of eliminating malaria 04/29 Former LTTE commanders arrested over suicide vest in Jaffna says Sri Lanka defence sec 04/29 Sri Lankan protest demands new probe of journalist's killing 04/29 Former LTTE intelligence member abducted 04/27 Fake stones threaten to undermine Sri Lanka's gem trade 04/27 Former LTTE cadres summoned by Rehabilitation Ministry as arrests continue 04/27 The Unilateralism Of Tamil Nationalism  04/27 Law & Order 04/27 Former Sri Lankan policemen admits organised sexual assault whilst facing trial in UK 04/27 Namal Wants UN Torture Experts To Investigate Political Victimisation 04/27 Swedish FM turns down Wiggie’s plea 04/27 Sirisena calls for unity in SLFP to prevent Tamils taking up arms 04/26 Former LTTE commander abducted and later found detained by TID 04/26 More local news on page 16 : Nagulan arrested 04/26 Former LTTE member “Ram” detained 04/25 Former LTTE commander abducted 04/25 We will seek dual citizenship for Lankan Tamils: Jaya 04/24 Former Tamil cadre arrested by Sri Lanka's TID 04/23 Man arrested for watching Tamil Eelam song 04/22 Sri Lanka ranked 141st in the world for press freedom 04/22 Sri Lankan government willing to pay cash to recover missing firearms 04/21 From ‘war-policing’ to ‘community policing’ 04/21 No freedom for Rajiv Gandhi killers as Centre rejects Tamil Nadu govt`s proposal 04/20 Nigeria: Coerced or Committed? Boko Haram's Female Suicide Bombers 04/20 Sri Lanka: Colombo deploys military to carry out extra-judicial arrests, hostage-taking in North-East 04/20 Military Occupying Over 96% Land Belonging To Tamils: BTF 04/19 Dheepan: Undermined By Disregard For Detail & Talent 04/19 Sri Lanka sailors receive US ‘Subject Matter Expert Exchange’ training in Guam 04/19 Murder suspect arrested with weapons 04/19 Defeating Terrorism: The Sri Lankan Experience 04/18 Why Sri Lanka needs a new Police Act 04/18 Sri Lanka: Colombo's structural genocide targets Tamil village at Mahaweli delta in Trincomalee 04/18 Sri Lankan navy train in Guam with US navy 04/17 Sri Lanka's National Security Fearmongers 04/17 A special day for 194 displaced families in Sri Lanka 04/17 Will Sri Lanka Follow The Example Of Nepal? 04/17 Canadian Conservatives seek justice for Tamil victims of genocide 04/16 Zeid aids Sri Lanka's war-crimes in the treatment of Tamil PoWs, says Boyle 04/16 Postwar Sri Lanka Urgently Needs New Acts On Police & Firearms 04/15 Politics Of Promise: Between Sirisena & Rajapaksa 04/14 Sri Lanka: Occupying Colombo resumes arrests, abductions in Jaffna 04/14 We should not hesitate to dismiss any govt if it fails to fight terror: Swamy 04/14 Arbitrary detentions, torture, rape by Sri Lankan security forces continued in 2015 - US 04/14 We should not hesitate to dismiss any govt if it fails to fight terror: Subramanian Swamy 04/14 British MPs call for recognition of self-determination of the Tamil people 04/13 Impunity for War Crimes Continues – Navi Pillay 04/13 Buddhist monk calls for release of detained Sri Lankan military personnel 04/12 Sri Lanka will be more united under federal system says TNA MP 04/11 Confusion Reigns: Roberts On The War’s Final Stages 04/11 Know Before You Go: Sri Lanka 04/11 Weerawansa calls on government to release intelligence wing members for new year 04/11 Sri Lanka: Racist frenzy being whipped up in South against Tamils: ITAK youth leader 04/10 Sri Lanka is taking action to dissuade Muslims from extremism says minister 04/08 LTTE will never raise head again: NPC chairman 04/08 Yuan 500 million: Chinese bonanza 04/07 Art of Souvenir Travel 04/07 Mangala tells Australia, Sri Lanka committed to implementing UNHRC resolution 04/07 Army hands out glasses to civilians 04/06 Friday Forum Wants Scheme To Build 65,000 Houses Stopped Because ‘Project Can Alienate Minority Community’ 04/06 Concerned that UK puts business above human rights in Sri Lanka 04/05 Namal Demands Reason For MR’s Security Reduction 04/05 Attempts To Rescue Pirapāharan Et Al In 2009 04/05 "Victims must remain at centre of accountability efforts" 04/04 Use modern technology to develop Police service - Minister Sagala 04/04 MR yearns for reconciliation within SLFP 04/04 Secret documents reveal Britain's support for Sri Lankan intelligence 04/03 Finish The Job 2025: A Mine Free World & The Status Of Sri Lanka 04/03 Call for real reconciliation 04/03 Ranil accuses opposition of ‘LTTE connection’ as Peiris questioned by CID 04/03 Bringing Focus Back To National Security  04/03 Sri Lankan Tamil party to drop 'Eelam' from name 04/02 Secret Documents Reveal How Britain Funded Possible War Crimes in Sri Lanka 04/02 ‘No more talk of the electric chair’ says Sri Lankan president 04/01 Sri Lanka pledges to monitor 'terrorist activity' after arms found in Mannar 04/01 Sri Lanka torture victims call for international war inquiry 04/01 Seven former LTTEers rehabilitated 03/31 Seven former LTTE cadres released 03/31 discovery of explosives 03/31 Sri Lanka to strengthen defence ties with China 03/31