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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Records tumble at Army Para Games 08/21 SCENIC SRI LANKA - DREAM DESTINATION FOR AVID TRAVELLERS 08/21 Spiders Growing Bigger In Cities, Say Experts 08/21 Rajapaksa Security; Lankan Insecurity 08/21 Sri Lankan activist: Gov't trying to hurt UN probe 08/21 Sri Lanka: Peoples of India should see real danger coming from Swamy polity 08/21 Rethinking Forgiveness Amidst Probes On War Crimes 08/21 Satellite Images Uncover Lies Spewed By SL Military In Jaffna Land Grabs 08/21 Govt trying to hurt UN probe: Sri Lankan activist 08/21 Peace Sri Lanka is still at war -- within 08/20 Increasing Problems Of World Refugees: An Empathy Needed 08/20 BRAVERY HAS NO BOUNDARIES 08/20 Sri Lanka: Colombo accelerates Sinhalicisation of Kagnchi-kudichchaa’ru in Ampaa’rai 08/20 'LTTE groups' encouraging students to protest says Gotabhaya 08/20 'LANKA'S VICTORY, OUR SECURITY' - Dr. Subramanian Swamy 08/20 TNCC wants to know on what capacity Swamy went to Lanka 08/19 Sri Lanka won't allow UN war crimes panel to visit 08/19 Lanka refuses entry to UN war crimes investigators 08/19 Sri Lanka says will refuse entry to UN investigators 08/19 Sri Lanka to refuse entry to UN investigators 08/19 Sri Lankan leader says UN war crimes panel won't be allowed to visit country 08/19 Sri Lanka to reject visas to UN investigators 08/19 Sri Lanka will deny visas to UN investigators says President 08/19 Sri Lanka to deny UN inquiry visas 08/19 Sri Lanka president adamant on barring U.N. war crimes investigators 08/19 Non state actors pose a common challenge in the region – envoy 08/19 'The Terrorist's Daughter' launched 08/19 President very knowledgeable in international affairs – Minister Samarasinghe 08/19 Sri Lanka blocks UN war crime investigators from entering country 08/19 UN Human Rights chief says will continue probe into Sri Lanka war crimes despite ban 08/19 Sri Lanka president adamant on barring U.N. war crimes investigators 08/18 Lanka refuses entry to UN war crimes investigators 08/18 Sri Lanka - towards an advanced economy by 2035 08/18 Newcrest posts $2.2 billion loss 08/18 Sri Lanka won't allow UN war crimes panel to visit 08/18 Pope Francis asks North, South Korea to resolve differences 08/17 Fourth Defence Seminar to commence in Colombo today 08/17 Try Prabha posthumously, TNA should be brought to court for being LTTE proxy 08/17 NIA-TERROR 2 LAST 08/17 Lines drawn in sand 08/16 Demographic Projection And Implications For Sri Lanka – A Response To Rajan Philips 08/15 Who Oils Or Massages Ellalan Rajah? 08/15 Neutralizing The Conflict Between The Buddhist Extremists And Muslims 08/15 Sri Lanka: Alcohol becomes genocide weapon deployed by occupying Sinhala State 08/14 Sri Lanka accuses U.N. rights chief of prejudice in war crimes probe 08/14 Fairfax, Telstra shares rally on good profit news 08/14 Don’t Trust The Colombo TNA Leadership With War Crimes Evidence 08/14 BBS calls for Mannar Bishop arrest 08/14 Sri Lanka Slams UN Rights Chief Over 'Prejudice' 08/14 All That Glistens 08/13 Dullas lashes out at UNP media unit head 08/13 Unit probing Rajiv Gandhi assassination gets one-year extension 08/13 UNP MP to defend Sri Lanka's security forces at UNHRC war crimes probe 08/13 Basil Rajapaksa launches compilation of Indian projects in Sri Lanka 08/13 Sri Lanka delists Indian, 2 others from designated terrorists 08/13 Voters of Newcastle-Hunter prepare for by-election after corruption costs local MPs 08/13 THE LAST STAGES OF THE WAR IN SRI LANKA 08/13 Sri Lanka: Vadamaraadchi East villagers capture SL Navy trooper for rape attempt 08/13 BBS deplores Sri Lanka's failure to stop pro-Palestine protests, threatens to counter 08/12 Numbers of people disappeared in Sri Lanka conflict exaggerated: Head of probe panel 08/12 Lanka conflict disappearance figure exaggerated: Panel head 08/12 Sri Lanka: Indian housing scheme in Trincomalee ignores uprooted Champoor Tamils 08/12 District office collects details of households in Jaffna 08/12 Sri Lanka invites Kerry to visit and see for himself 08/12 U.N. chief says access not a must for Sri Lanka war crimes probe 08/11 Sri Lanka: Kurds display self-reliance and unity in the midst of world apathy 08/11 Access to Sri Lanka not necessary for investigation says UN Human Rights Chief 08/11 Sri Lanka: Heading Towards Systematic Stratocracy 08/11 British officials held secretive Belfast meeting with Sri Lanka after Mu'l'livaaykkaal 08/10 Dubai’s Onyx Group to invest US$ 200m in heavy industry 08/10 Sell Singapore, buy Sri Lanka 08/09 Tamil Nadu students protest against pro-Sri Lanka films 08/09 Politics Getting Nuttier – II: The Impact Of War On Demography And The Implications For Women 08/09 LTTE had a mole in 10 Janpath Former home secretary 08/08 UK Held Defence Meeting To Be ‘Critical Friends’ Of Sri Lanka Just A Month After The War 08/08 Sri Lanka: Are We Heading Towards A Militarized Society 08/08 Sonia Gandhi Felt LTTE had 'Mole' in 10 Janpath: Former Home Secretary 08/08 Jobless rate could remain high until 2016 08/08 UN rights body seeks entry to Lanka despite Govt`s refusal 08/07 Sri Lanka: Occupation of grazing lands in Batticaloa is big scale Sinhalicisation: EPC Councillor 08/07 We will not kneel down before any powerful nation - GL Peiris 08/07 ‘Prospects high for Takaful insurance in Sri Lanka’ 08/07 Our foreign policy based on dignity, but Ranil wanted intervention 08/07 MURPHY'S LAW: Filipinos Flee Gaza But Not Israel 08/06 Sri Lanka groups say government wary of U.N. war crimes probe 08/06 Pakistan, Sri Lanka reaffirm counter-terrorism cooperation 08/06 THE STILT FISHERMEN OF SRI LANKA 08/06 Little Girls As Weapons Of Terror? 08/06 UPFA on winning streak - Dy Minister 08/06 International experts on presidential commission will have no investigative power – Mahinda Rajapaksa 08/06 Deported asylum seekers face abuse on return to Sri Lanka 08/06 US slams Sri Lanka over intimidation of war victims 08/06 Public health journal editorials critical of Federal Budget 08/06 Tears Of A War Victim And The Cruelty Of Sri Lankan Forces 08/06 May add more international experts to Lanka warcrimes probe: Rajapaksa 08/05 Sri Lankan Diplomat Sides With ‘Protestors’ At Disrupted Missing Peoples Event 08/05 No investigative role for Advisory Panel 08/05 World War I: The Great War Centenary And Sri Lanka 08/04 Former war zone drinks its troubles away 08/04 Tamil Undergrads In Sabaragamuwa University Under Threat 08/04