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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: BBS demands probe into British colonial massacres in Sri Lanka 03/04 Top UN political official urges Sri Lanka to seize 'historic moment' for reconciliation 03/04 Air Pollution, Traffic Congestion & Opening Dalada Veediya 03/04 Sri Lanka arrests France-bound woman over rebel links 03/04 China’s Challenges After Regime Change In Sri Lanka 03/03 Refer Sri Lanka To International Criminal Court: TGTE Tells UNHRC 03/03 U.N. calls for accountability in Sri Lanka rights investigation 03/03 UN envoy urges Sri Lanka to address mistrust among ethnic Tamils of government's peace moves 03/03 Top woman leader of LTTE arrested at Colombo airport 03/03 UN urges Sri Lanka to quickly address mistrust of new govt 03/03 Ex-Women Sea Tiger leader nabbed while attempting to flee 03/03 Tamil woman and 8y old daughter arrested on return to Sri Lanka by anti-terror police 03/03 Sri Lankan tourist development 'the result of human rights abuse' 03/03 A commendable move 03/03 Former Knox headmaster admits withholding information from police 03/03 Top UN political official urges Sri Lanka to seize ‘historic moment’ for reconciliation 03/03 Sri Lanka: Domestic investigations, even with external supervision, will not work: NESoHR 03/03 U.N. calls for accountability in Sri Lanka rights investigation 03/02 Five Qld trainers banned from greyhound industry for life 03/02 Feltman wants suitable legal framework for HR probe 03/02 Sri Lanka can show commitment to justice and reconciliation by signing Rome Statute, says Callum Macrae 03/02 Sri Lanka seeks international help in war crime probe 03/02 Sushma Swaraj to travel to Lanka this week before PM Modi`s visit 03/01 Sri Lanka: UN maintains ‘genocide without witnesses paradigm’ with Eezham Tamils 03/01 Sri Lanka police quiz Naval officer over missing people 03/01 Sri Lanka concerned by China loans, rules out submarine visits 03/01 Feltman pledges fullest support for govt's 100 day programme 03/01 WikiLeaks: JVP, Sirisena And Sampanthan On Trinco Buddha Statue 03/01 China says Sri Lanka loans made "based on consensus" 03/01 Sri Lanka concerned by China loans, rules out submarine visits 02/28 Sri Lanka: Tamils boycott Trinco sittings by domestic commission on missing persons 02/28 TGTE Wants Human Rights Chief To Present “Oral Report” On Sri Lanka War Crimes 02/28 WikiLeaks: By Improving SL Navy’s Ability, US Will Help To Bring Terrorist LTTE To Heel: Embassy Colombo 02/28 We will conduct domestic war crimes inquiry 'if required' says Sri Lanka's justice minister 02/27 No foreigner in war crimes probe: Sri Lanka 02/27 Thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka Rally 02/27 Foodie paradise in Sri Lanka's hill country 02/26 US assists Sri Lanka in de-mining efforts 02/26 HRW tells Sri Lankan president to press ahead on rights reform 02/26 Court extends travel ban on KP 02/26 Sri Lanka's business delegation to attend exhibition in China 02/26 Over 6,000 Indians are in jails of 71 countries: Govt 02/25 UNHRC President Justifies The Deferral On Sri Lanka War Report 02/25 UN defends its decision to defer Lanka war crime probe report 02/25 Medical breakthrough: Australian researchers map the genome for pancreatic cancer 02/25 Sri Lanka: Protesters demand international prosecutions, decry supervision of domestic mechanisms 02/24 Abbott dismisses new Liberal leaks as 'storm in a teacup' 02/24 Defend The Right Of NPC To Pass Genocide Resolution 02/24 China, A Reality Check 02/23 To Zeid On Deferral Of Sri Lanka War Report 02/23 Dayan’s Smart Patriot: Will The Real Smart Patriot Please Stand Up? 02/23 Tamils hold anti-UN protest in northern Sri Lanka 02/23 British Tamil university students voice support for Jaffna protest 02/23 Sri Lanka Premier starts with fixing civil war ills 02/23 Consensus on domestic inquiry, a hard bargain? 02/23 Australia quiet on rights abuses in return for asylum deal - Sri Lanka 02/23 Nugegoda, The Nazism Of Sri Lanka & Its Genocide 02/22 A law to build public confidence 02/22 The dragon’s tale 02/22 China, India competing in South Asia: Pakistani daily 02/22 Sri Lanka is being opened for separatism - NFF 02/22 Sri Lanka: OISL deferral has dashed Tamils' hope on permanent settlement: NPC Councillor 02/22 Central Queensland battles to recover after Tropical Cyclone Marcia 02/22 Australia Post could 'go bust' without changes to letter delivery rules 02/22 Tony Abbott announces counterterrorism strategy 02/22 Federal Parliament's top bureaucrat claims she has been 'denied natural justice' 02/22 Bluescope boss: lower dollar critical as headwinds recede 02/22 Moral clauses in sports contracts put professional athletes under ‘unfair scrutiny’, say academics 02/22 New York Times Iran correspondent Nazila Fathi on defying a government and fleeing in exile 02/22 Australia quiet on rights abuses in return for asylum deal-Sri Lankan PM 02/22 Turkish forces launch Syria incursion to protect territory 02/22 Sri Lanka passes bill to protect victims of crimes, witnesses 02/21 Achieving National Reconciliation, Peace & The 13A 02/21 Sri Lanka’s new government to discuss fresh war crimes probe with UN 02/21 Road Blocks In IHR Mechanisms: What Implications For Lanka? 02/21 Sri Lanka calls off its lobbyists amid improved relations with US 02/21 Sri Lanka appoints new Army Chief; reinstates Fonseka loyalists 02/20 Sri Lanka enacts witness protection law before war crimes probe 02/20 How Did Navy Grant Three Months Leave To Yoshitha? JVP 02/20 How did Yositha leave country while probe on - JVP 02/20 New Sri Lanka gov't ends US lobbying contracts 02/20 MR Was Like A Terrorist: SF 02/20 Indian magazine's release: Police complaint against Lankan PM 02/20 Understanding Patriotism, Nationalism & Sri Lankan Identity: A Reply To My Critics 02/20 Sri Lanka’s Promises to Investigate Wartime Atrocities Prompt Deferral of UN Report 02/19 CPI-M asks SL to launch independent probe on attacks on Tamils 02/19 'Justice delayed must not be justice denied' says Sri Lanka Campaign 02/19 KP travel ban to stay 02/19 Did Govt request UNHRC for postponement of war crimes report - Opposition Leader 02/19 Sri Lanka enacts witness protection law before war crimes probe 02/19 Accountability will lay basis for progress in Sri Lanka – UN Secretary-General 02/18 Deferral On Sri Lanka War Report Granted Due To ‘Likely Availability Of More Information’ 02/18 British Govt. Urges All Sides To Continue To Work Together On Sri Lanka War Report 02/18 India clears $8 billion warships project to counter Chinese navy 02/18 Sri Lanka's ex-President Rajapaksa vows political return 02/18 Ban to keep a close watch on Lanka 02/18 Moment of Truth: Sri Lanka’s Chance for Reconciliation 02/18 Indo-Lanka ties to flourish under Modi and Sirisena 02/17 UN postpones key Sri Lanka war crimes report 02/17 UNHRC defers Sri Lanka war crime report by 6 months 02/17