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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Tamils in Sri Lanka’s north seek autonomy, justice : August 03, 2015, 1:00 pm 08/03 Hunter Valley community farwells gas company with party 08/03 Massacre of Tamil civilians by IPKF remembered in Jaffna 08/02 Sri Lanka: War-affected Tamils in North resolve to boycott SL Parliamentary Election 08/01 Sri Lanka Justice: Callum Macrae On The Leaked UN Document 08/01 Jayasuriya pays homage to victims of APS attack 08/01 UN Leaked Document – Consumption For The Election In Sri Lanka! 08/01 Sociology Of The Rajapaksa Phenomenon 08/01 Sri Lanka: Gunmen open fire at election rally, one dead, 12 hurt 07/31 Children, women suffer most in war - envoy 07/31 Sri Lanka: Turkey resumes war against Kurds with US approval 07/31 Gunmen open fire at Sri Lanka rally, one dead 07/31 The Fall Of Elephant Pass: The System Cannot Hold 07/31 Wigneswaran urges British MPs to ensure international justice process for Sri Lanka 07/31 Sri Lanka will ‘not agree’ to international war crimes probe against Mahinda 07/30 ITJP report highlights structural genocide against Tamils under complete impunity says Australian senator 07/30 Sri Lanka will ‘not agree’ to international war crimes probe against Mahinda 07/30 Alles could be arrested sans a warrant - ASG 07/30 JHU realised MR's weak points - Patali 07/30 UN Leaked Document On Sri Lanka War Crimes; UN Human Rights Chief Must Speak Up Now: Tamil Civil Society 07/29 Sri Lanka’s most pressing problems are both structural and systemic - Taylor Dibbert 07/29 We need to address the reconciliation issue 07/29 Indigenous leaders call on the AFL to do more over Goodes booing 07/28 Internal UN document details plan for “domestic probe” in Sri Lanka 07/28 Sri Lanka opposition not to go beyond 13A for ethnic solution 07/28 Rajapaksa 'Ready for Struggle' in Sri Lanka Comeback Bid 07/28 Stakeless in society : July 29, 2015, 5:14 am 07/28 Right makes might, not otherwise 07/28 New Report Exposes Systematic Persecution Of Tamils In Sri Lanka Through Torture, Rape, Illegal Detention And Killings 07/28 TNA requests Indian, foreign support if Govt. fails to accept their proposals 07/27 Australia may return Sri Lankan asylum seekers 07/27 TNA will not accept an internal investigation reiterates spokesperson 07/27 Billionaire investor says Australia needs strategy to transition from mining economy 07/27 Sri Lankan MP says TNA manifesto threatens country's sovereignty 07/26 UPFA’s Negative Election Campaign Will Not Win Votes 07/26 Patali challenges MR over 'ransom money payment' 07/24 Governing Under Siege: Dangers Of Perpetuating Partisanship 07/24 Arrested army personnel did not pose threat to MR, Gota 07/23 Sri Lankan Civil War: What If the Tamil Tigers Weren’t Labelled as ‘Terrorists’? 07/23 Black July 1983: Political Leaders Should Bravely And Honestly Address The Key Issues: NPC 07/22 Coalition needs boots on the ground to fight IS, must include Iran: expert 07/22 Six months RI for concealing information 07/22 White Van saga a damp squib! 07/22 Cuba reopens Washington embassy but relations still frosty 07/21 Tamil Nadu: Cyanide and satelite phones seized from Sri Lankan refugees 07/21 New government failed to prioritise national security in Sri Lanka says Gota 07/21 Mining the moon could make space travel to Mars a possibility 07/21 Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa denies giving money to LTTE 07/21 Sri Lanka: Chadian parallel: dictator faces trial for war-crimes 07/21 LTTE 'dropout' among four arrested in Uchipuli, India 07/21 JVP Leader uttering falsehood – MR’s Media Unit 07/21 Royal Commission investigates domestic violence in Indigenous communities 07/20 Revised GDP base to affect Lanka’s growth 07/20 Fake war crimes report to be released before election 07/19 A good omen for democracy 07/19 Prabhakaran's kin to contest against Rajapaksa in Lanka polls 07/18 The Fluid Prejudice In Writing History 07/18 Rajapaksa accuses new government of allowing 'chaos' in 'North' of Sri Lanka 07/18 Sri Lanka: Buddhist military monks behind structural genocide: Tamils in Ampaa'rai 07/18 Wool from Tasmanian sheep judged Australia's best 07/17 I have never betrayed the people - MR 07/17 Secret pact with LTTE helped MR win in 2005, alleges Hakeem 07/17 Sri Lanka's former president launches comeback bid 07/17 Over 1 million people call on UN to set up international tribunal or refer Sri Lanka to ICC 07/16 Maithri From Zero To Hero 07/16 A Million People & Counting Want Sri Lanka Referred To The ICC 07/15 Chinese economic growth exceeds expectations 07/15 Call for Humanity As Ubumuntu Arts Festival Ends 07/15 Sri Lanka: New act of structural genocide seeks to uproot 3,500 Tamils from Mannaar islet 07/15 NT Govt warns Indonesian beef price will rise after slashing cattle imports 07/14 Darkness no more 07/14 Business groups not sold on SA Govt's $15m investment fund 07/13 Former Sri Lanka leader to run for prime minister in August elections 07/13 Former Sri Lanka Leader to Run for PM in August Elections 07/13 Sri Lanka: Srebrenica, Mu'l'livaaykkaal: genocide's political dimension 07/12 Sri Lanka: Srebrenica, Mu'l'livaaykkaal: genocide's political dimension 07/11 Eddie Obeid and sons sue nine ICAC staffers 07/10 Sri Lanka's defeated Rajapaksa to contest August 17 poll 07/10 “Thieves” Given Nominations: Dejected CBK Leaves For UK 07/09 Sri Lanka: SL State sustains genocidal grip on Eezham Tamils citing ‘LTTE affiliation’ 07/09 Victorian Government to scrutinise management of much-loved Hanging Rock 07/09 ‘I have no blood on my hands’ claims CBK 07/08 Seize this opportunity for true reform - CV Wigneswaran 07/08 Tamil Nadu says no LTTE threat to dam, defying Indian intelligence report 07/08 NSW mining policy: Government proposes shifting focus to environmental and social factors 07/07 Nissan warehouses to close, 58 jobs to go 07/06 Iran nuclear negotiations enter 11th hour 07/06 Sri Lanka polls timed ahead of U.N. war crimes report to foil Rajapaksa comeback 07/06 Young girls encouraged to become engineers by Australian universities 07/06 Sri Lanka's August elections timed to stop comeback by Mahinda Rajapaksa 07/06 Sri Lanka: Ex-militant Tamil mother attempts suicide due to poverty, discrimination 07/06 Sri Lankan army holds Buddhist festivals in North-East 07/06 An Aimless TNA & The Disillusioned Tamils 07/06 Billions-year-old galaxy discovered by high-tech telescope in remote Western Australia 07/06 Give them health, not drugs ! 07/06 End of war did not signify end of conflict in Sri Lanka says Wigneswaran at Tamil diaspora meet 07/05 Karumpuli Naal marked worldwide 07/05 Sri Lanka polls timed ahead of UN war crimes report to foil Rajapaksa comeback 07/05 “Our” War Heroes Of Mirusuvil & The Tamil Terrorists 07/05 Pakistani gunmen kill three in attack blamed on Islamist groups 07/05