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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Jaffna students celebrate LTTE leader Prabhakaran’s birthday 11/26 Sri Lanka: Tamil student in Jaffna commits suicide demanding release of political prisoners 11/26 Tamils prepare for Maaveerar Naal 11/26 ‘India pushing world to third world war’ : November 26, 2015, 3:17 pm 11/26 'Participation in Mahaveer Day illegal' 11/25 Rethinking Needed 11/25 LEGAL SNAG DELAYS TAMIL DETAINEES’ RELEASE 11/25 Sri Lanka's police warn of legal action against events in 'support of LTTE' ahead of Maaveerar Naal 11/25 Notwithstanding Denials Thousands Of Missing Persons Could Not Have Vanished Into Thin Air 11/25 Govt Issues Stern Warning Against ‘Great Heroes Day’ Remembrance 11/25 PTA to be replaces with law appropriate for global challenges - Mangala 11/25 Murugeysen Tiruchelvam: A Great Hindu Leader 11/24 U.S. lauds Sri Lanka government on post-war Tamil reconciliation 11/24 Ven Sobitha In 1970’s 11/24 Rajapaksa urges police to ensure Tamil Eelam flag is not hoisted 11/24 Military intelligence presence increased around Jaffna Uni 11/23 TNA welcomes Sri Lanka’s commitment to donor conference on North-East development, calls for genuine consultation on budget expenditure 11/23 TNA calls on Sri Lanka to allow Tamils to remember war dead freely in November 11/23 US will pressure Sri Lanka to meet the needs of Tamils - Wigneswaran on Samantha Power meeting 11/22 Sri Lanka scales back list of banned pro-LTTE outfits 11/22 Ban lifted on Tamil diaspora's bodies 11/22 ‘Demilitarisation in Jaffna cannot wait’ says Samantha Power 11/22 Sri Lanka's Sunday Times slams 'bleeding heart' Ambassador Power 11/22 Commando parachutist makes history descending with war dog 11/22 Sri Lanka’s ex-navy chief denies operating secret jail : November 21, 2015, 5:21 pm 11/21 Sri Lanka: Mystery surrounds death of ex-LTTE member in Maanthai West 11/21 Sri Lanka slashes list of 'terrorists' in reconciliation bid 11/21 Former LTTE cadre found dead after witnessing murder attempt 11/21 TNA MP says Tamils should be allowed ‘to remember their heroes’ 11/21 Better if Samantha Power doesn't visit Sri Lanka- opposition MP 11/20 The Flawed Western Approach To Reconciliation 11/20 Tamil family feared to have ‘disappeared’ released after 6 years in Sri Lankan custody 11/20 The Death Of A Struggle 11/20 Major diaspora orgs are de-proscribed, while dozens of Tamils remain on 'terror' list 11/20 'We need Prevention of Terrorism Act' says Sri Lankan government minister 11/19 Samantha Power Must Recalibrate Washington’s Sri Lanka Rhetoric 11/19 Refugees fear being trapped in Balkans 11/19 International experts to monitor Sri Lanka's justice mechanism 11/19 Serbia, Macedonia Filtering Migrant Flow 11/19 4 European nations shut their borders to economic migrants 11/19 Vavuniya school remembers massacred students 11/19 UN team identifies torture center on Sri Lankan navy base 11/18 UN team finds secret cells on Sri Lankan navy base where detainees were interrogated, tortured 11/18 Sri Lankan budget to avoid tough choices as risks mount 11/18 UN experts demand action over suspected secret Sri Lankan prisons 11/18 Stern action if there is proof - Foreign Minister 11/18 Four European nations close borders to non-war migrants 11/18 Hunger strike prisoners give up fast 11/17 PTA detainees call off hunger strike 11/17 Sri Lanka: Political prisoners call off hunger strike, issue new ultimatum with global struggle 11/17 Peiris warns against amending PTA and releasing Tamil political detainees 11/17 Tamil Political Prisoners: Hunger Strike Temporarily Called Off 11/17 Eight More Ex-LTTE Suspects released On Bail 11/16 Sri Lanka: Hunger strikers: ‘USA, co-sponsors of consensus-resolution responsible for our fate’ 11/16 Sri Lankan minister lashes out at France in wake of Paris attacks 11/16 Sustaining Sri Lanka’s Peace & Stability In A Threatening Global Environment  11/16 An Open Letter To No One & Everyone About Terrorism 11/15 Prisoners detained under PTA willing to undergo rehabilitation 11/15 Lessons Sri Lanka Can Learn From The Paris Attack 11/15 Democracy: Does It Have Any Meaning For The Tamils? 11/14 Sri Lanka: Prisoners on hunger strike expose ‘reconciliation’ mask of genocidal Colombo 11/14 Monitoring of Sri Lanka critical to discern government's commitment to healing war wounds - Taylor Dibbert 11/14 ICC releases convicted Congolese war criminal 11/14 Clarifying Sri Lanka's Transitional Justice Commitments 11/14 North-East of Sri Lanka hit by severe floods 11/14 Some Thoughts On The Hartal From Jaffna: Whose Crazy Idea? 11/13 Sri Lanka’s Tamil regions protest for prisoners’ release 11/13 Sri Lanka: Hartal brings North to standstill, no signs of Colombo releasing Tamil POWs 11/13 Sri Lanka: Condition of hunger-striking POWs, political prisoners worsens 11/12 TID Commences Case Against KP 11/12 Mervyn Gives Statement To Court On Whitevanning 11/11 30 Tamil political prisoners to be released on bail today 11/11 Sri Lanka: Family of imprisoned Muslim joins Tamils demanding release of political prisoners 11/10 Maldives revokes state of emergency citing improved security situation 11/10 Over 200 Tamil prisoners re-start hunger strike 11/10 Tamil Prisoners: Holding Them Indefinitely Defies Logic 11/10 First batch of Tamil prisoners to be released today 11/10 UN Committee to probe Lalith, Kugan disappearance 11/10 Maldives says state of emergency may be lifted early 11/09 Maldives' foreign minister says state of emergency may be lifted early 11/09 South Africa: Getting Ready for a Woman President? 11/09 Sobitha Thero; A Selfless Warrior Of Our Times 11/08 The Ashes Of My Father: The Voice Of The Son Of A Freedom Fighter 11/08 Restoring Muslim-Tamil Relations In The North 11/08 Sri Lanka: Diaspora should mount independent legal campaign: Prof. Boyle 11/08 The Assault On Freedom, The Debasement Of The Soul & The Cult Of Suicide 11/07 An Appeal To Minister Champika Ranawaka 11/07 The Water Marvel 11/06 Sri Lankan refugee attacks former Indian NSA with slipper 11/06 Expulsion of Muslims wasn't ethnic cleansing - Ariyanenthiran 11/06 Sri Lanka: Tamil POWs, political prisoners announce fast unto death 11/06 Why, where and what for? 11/06 Info on LTTE arms cache claim a hoax 11/06 How Global Is Global Tamil Forum? 11/06 The Other Side Of Ethnic Cleansing 11/05 Sri Lankan refugee attacks former Indian NSA with slipper 11/05 Expulsion of Muslims wasn't ethnic cleansing - Ariyanenthiran 11/05 The Water Marvel 11/05 Sampanthan’s thumbs up for reconciliation 11/04 CID probes Pillayan to locate alleged murder weapon 11/04