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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Gotabaya’s Ploy To Suspend The Constitution & Impose Martial Law 11/23 Sri Lankan Navy Arrests 14 Tamil Nadu Fishermen on Charges of Poaching 11/23 Sri Lanka: Sampanthan suspected of clandestine deal 11/23 Former disability discrimination commissioner calls for national inquiry into disability sector amid sexual abuse claims 11/23 Maithripala Is The Best Candidate: Prof. Wijesinha 11/22 Will Tamils Help Electing Mahinda Again? 11/22 Reintegration Essential For Rehabilitation 11/22 Sri Lanka Warns of Currency War 11/22 Rights activist welcomes Lanka`s pardon to Indian fishermen 11/21 Sri Lanka leader to face health minister in polls 11/21 BJP leader Subramanian Swamy seeks ban on Prabhakaran's birth anniversary celebration in Tamil Nadu 11/21 Sri Lanka's Health Minister to challenge President Mahinda Rajapaksa 11/21 Sri Lankan ruling party cracks, Rajapaksa to face health minister in presidential race 11/21 LTTE did it Norway’s way - Keheliya 11/21 Sri Lankan presidential election set for January 8 next year 11/21 Swamy seeks ban on Prabhakaran's birth ann celebration in TN 11/21 Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa facing electoral rebellion 11/21 Sri Lanka Minister to Challenge President 11/21 Tamil Nadu asked to ban celebrations of LTTE by BJP leader 11/21 A rough journey for refugees in Malaysia 11/21 Lankan minister defects to challenge Rajapaksa in polls 11/21 Sri Lankan leader calls early presidential polls 11/20 Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa seeks unprecedented third term as president 11/20 Sri Lanka President Seeks Unprecedented Third Term As Critics Seek to Unseat Him 11/20 Sri Lanka president calls early election 11/20 Solheim provided parts for LTTE air force - Sri Lanka 11/20 Clinging to power in Sri Lanka? 11/20 Australian girls beat boys in computer literacy study 11/20 Sri Lanka's President seeks re-election in snap polls 11/20 'Tight lid on LTTE' 11/19 Sri Lanka north assembly calls for release of Tamil detainees 11/19 MDMK to celebrate 60th birth anniversary of Prabhakaran 11/19 Sri Lanka: Former LTTE member reported missing in Jaffna 11/19 Celebrate Prabhakarans 60th birth anniversary Vaiko 11/19 Tourism In Sri Lanka Is Part Of “Stealth Militarisation”; Sri Lanka Campaign Warns Tourists Of Ethical Risks 11/19 Ian Macdonald, John Maitland to be prosecuted over Doyles Creek mine licence 11/19 Who Should Be The Common Opposition Candidate? 11/19 Sri Lanka says domestic probe will include human rights abuses 11/18 Sri Lanka's civil war : Giving voice to the voiceless 11/18 The Political Philosophy And Praxis Of K. Pathmanabha 11/18 A Chat-Compartment In “Yarldevi” 11/18 Lanka disappearance probe to investigate human rights abuses 11/18 PRESIDENCY: ‘NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS’ 11/18 Ranil's CFA opened doors to Western funding of LTTE 11/18 Monks` party quits Sri Lanka government ahead of polls 11/18 Sri Lanka: Norwegian doctor vows to challenge Israeli travel ban to Gaza 11/18 Palm Island death in custody: repercussions felt 10 years on 11/18 Young Tamil man arrested by TID, accused of being LTTE 11/18 Indian govt is betraying Tamils by indulging Sri Lanka - Vaiko 11/17 Former Oslo envoy rubbishes Rajapaksa's LTTE funding charge 11/17 Solheim To Set The Truth Straight Today 11/17 Times of India 11/17 Solheim rejects Rajapaksa's accusations 11/17 Sri Lanka HC in Australia tries to block book on war crimes - TRC 11/17 Solheim says Sri Lanka aware of rebel funding 11/17 SOMEBODY HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE - and it’s not the Sri Lankan Govt. 11/17 Homelessness not sexy enough for Victorian attention 11/17 Reply To Rajapaksa’s Allegations: Full Text Of Statement By Erik Solheim 11/17 Carmichael coal mine promised financial backing from Queensland Government 11/16 U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Accuses Sri Lankan Government of Attempting to Sabotage War Crimes Inquiry 11/16 Tamil man arrested under PTA 11/16 Elections, Mahinda And The Tiger 11/16 Sri Lanka accuses Oslo envoy Erik Solheim of financing Tamil Tigers 11/16 ERIK ENRICHED TIGERS 11/16 Sri Lanka: TID abducts Tamil man for ‘rehabilitation’ 11/16 [Cultural Diary - (17-11-2014)] 11/16 Solheim at it again, says deputy minister 11/16 SL High Commissioner In Australia Tries To Block The Book “Sri Lanka’s Secrets” 11/16 Gendered Genocide: Sri Lanka’s War Against Tamils 11/16 Murder is 'another plan to chase Tamils out of country' - TNA MP 11/16 Eelam refugees begin hunger strike in Indian camp 11/16 Rajapaksa charges Norway with funding LTTE 11/16 Lanka prez alleges Norway funded LTTE 11/15 Mahinda Rajapaksa alleges Norway funded LTTE 11/15 Rajapaksa accuses Norway of funding the LTTE 11/15 Rajapaksa charges Norway with funding LTTE 11/15 Sri Lanka: US-trained commander of SL military steps up surveillance on Jaffna University 11/15 Sri Lanka: SL military fabricates evidences to distort Mannaar assassination, say residents 11/15 Government announces over Rs 45m in welfare grants for military 'war heroes' 11/15 Former Tamil Tiger rebel killed in Lanka 11/14 Mannar bishop condemns killing of former LTTE policeman 11/14 Sri Lanka: Mannaar Bishop condemns assassination of Nakuleswaran 11/14 Pope to Visit Typhoon-Devastated Area During Philippines Trip 11/14 Infographic: 5 Facts About Sri Lanka’s Tamil Community in the North 11/14 A Sri Lankan Girl Living in Lebanon Isn’t Really a Citizen of Either Country 11/14 Wife of assassinated former LTTE policeman describes threats days before shooting 11/14 Gota Pledges To Fight Drug War Just Like He Did With LTTE 11/14 CIVILIAN CASUALTIES AND 'RULES OF WAR' 11/14 The South Asia Nuclear Threat And The Sirimavo Doctrine 11/14 SAFF Womens Championship Bangladesh beat Afghanistan 6-1 11/13 Gunmen assassinate former LTTE policeman in Mannar 11/13 TNA must work for people instead of playing LTTE card - MP Praba Ganesan 11/13 Dancing Stars Keeping the Evening Alive 11/13 Some people conveniently forget country's past- Defence Secretary 11/13 Rupert Murdoch accuses former News Corp CEO Kim Williams of leaking secret financial records 11/13 Sri Lanka: Malnutrition in Vanni worse today than in war time: UNP MP 11/13 'Terrorists being white washed in Europe' 11/12 Embassy in dubious mission - Wimal 11/12 India's Army War College learns from Sri Lankan warfare experiences says SL army commander 11/12 Sri Lanka: Former Tamil Eelam policeman shot dead in Mannaar 11/12