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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Unexploded Sri Lankan jet bomb found in Kilinochchi 09/25 Sri Lanka: 15,000 Tamils attend historic uprising in Jaffna, reject Unitary Constitution, ITAK draws flak 09/24 After The Attack On Ambassador Ansar 09/23 Sri Lanka in 'no hurry' towards reconciliation president tells UN 09/23 Sri Lanka: Tamil POWs denounce Colombo's latest announcement, continue fast 09/23 EU court recommends removal of Tamil Tigers and Hamas from terrorist list 09/23 EU court moves to keep Hamas, Tamil Tigers off terrorism list 09/23 Dear Mr. Obama, Please Lift The Ban On The LTTE 09/23 This 'genius grant' recipient says the principles he fights for aren't complicated 09/23 The Office on Missing Persons in Sri Lanka: A New Chapter or Another Empty Promise? 09/22 President tells UNGA: No more wars in Sri Lanka 09/22 EU court moves to keep Hamas, LTTE off terrorism list 09/22 EU advised to drop Hamas and Tamil Tigers from terror list 09/22 The State Of Reconciliation 09/22 Hamas should come off terror list – EU legal advisor 09/22 Silent struggle 09/21 Sri Lankan justice minister rejects war crimes allegations 09/21 At UN Assembly, President of Sri Lanka outlines plan for peace and sustainable development 09/21 ‘Gnanasara’ And Sinhaley Alt-Right Antics – ‘Alu Yata Gini’ 09/21 Sri Lanka: ‘Reconciliation prospects’ look as grim as ever: Rev Fr Mangalarajah 09/20 Tricks Or Treat? Transitional Justice For Postwar Sri Lanka  09/20 Winning ‘Hearts & Mind’ Of The South – A Challenge To Tamils Living In Sri Lanka & Its Polity 09/20 Sri Lanka: Colombo deploys discrimination in housing assistance to Peasaalai war-affected families 09/18 Sri Lanka: SL Intelligence sabotages NPC-organised medical inspections on ex-LTTE members 09/17 PM to visit New Zealand 09/16 PM to make first official visit to New Zealand 09/16 Sri Lanka: Catholic Peace Mission in Jaffna challenges Colombo’s propaganda on ‘reconciliation’ 09/16 Attack On Ambassador Ansar & Tamil Islamophobic Racism 09/16 Sergei De Silva-Ranasinghe’s Review Of Eelam War IV: Reflections 09/16 Fearful Weerawansa Spills The Beans, Tells Exact Location Of Gota’s Mass Graves 09/15 Thileepan’s fast marked in Jaffna 09/15 Sri Lankan ‘war criminals’ living in the UK 09/14 Dinesh fires salvos at UN Chief 09/14 Buddhist monks reassure MP of ‘dangerous constitution’ and war crimes trials 09/14 Mr. Wigneswaran, Please Rewrite Your Speech To The Sinhalese Youth 09/14 Indian coast guard detain man fleeing Mullaitivu 09/14 Dinesh calls for govt’s clarification on Moon’s Rwanda, Bosnia statement 09/14 Annihilation of the deadly parasite 09/13 Sri Lanka: Sirisena's Forest Department escalates appropriations of lands from Tamils in Vanni 09/13 Sri Lanka: Colombo's desecration of Tamil Heroes Cemetery comes to light as SLA vacates Kanakapuram 09/12 Sri Lanka: Lawyers demand UN action into allegations of Colombo deploying chemical substances on POWs 09/11 India deports Tamil with alleged LTTE links 09/11 Sri Lanka: Colombo’s Fishing Ministry accelerates structural genocide with EU ‘certificate’ 09/10 ITAK marking time: Sangaree 09/09 M.I.A. Takes 'AIM' At A Global Message 09/09 Ranil says government is recruiting more Tamils to police forces 09/09 Sri Lankan court allows exhumation of slain editor's remains 09/08 Sri Lanka: Colombo adopts further delaying tactics on Tamil POWs cases 09/08 LTTE affiliates overseas still very much active: Akila 09/08 LTTE, Leader Of The Opposition & Avant Garde Indictments 09/07 Sri Lanka’s Denial – Surest Guarantee Of Further Genocide 09/07 Ranil condemns assault on High Commissioner in Malaysia 09/06 Sri Lankan foreign secretary calls on country to exploit its potential 'Soft Power' 09/06 Mahinda Rajapaksa says attack on Sri Lankan envoy was against government 09/05 Five arrested over assault on Sri Lankan envoy 09/05 Government’s Consolidates Relationship With International Community – Next Steps  09/05 Sri Lankan army invited to join UN peacekeepers in Mali 09/04 Sri Lanka seeks more time for ethnic reconciliation 09/04 Footprints: Post-war reconciliation 09/04 Credible war crimes inquiry with international actors essential - Wigneswaran tells UN chief 09/03 Ban Ki-Moon urges Sri Lanka to redress wrongs of war 09/03 Sri Lanka: Systemic impossibility of Colombo's reconciliation exposed: Tamil political prisoners 09/02 UN chief says Sri Lanka killings prompted self-scrutiny 09/02 UN chief asks Sri Lanka to reduce military presence 09/02 U.N. chief urges Sri Lanka to redress wrongs of war 09/02 UN could have saved more lives: Ban 09/02 In first visit to Sri Lanka since end of war, Ban flags role of human rights and sustainable development on path to stability 09/02 Nationalists protest UN chief's visit to Sri Lanka 09/01 Sri Lanka nationalists protest against U.N. chief visit 09/01 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon faces protests in Sri Lanka 09/01 Athurugiriya shooting; second pistol found 09/01 The youth need to be part of reconciliation, says Ban 09/01 Tamils protest against Rajapaksa's visit to Malaysia 09/01 UN chief Ban Ki-moon arrives in Sri Lanka 08/31 Military intelligence officers implicated in Ekneligoda disappearance 08/31 Former LTTE cadre detained by white van in Kilinochchi 08/31 Vaiko calls on international community to help locate missing Tamils 08/31 Former Army Lieutenant convicted for causing death by negligence 08/31 Bribery Commission Files Case Against Eight Including Gota And Avante Garde Chairman 08/31 The Suicide Act 1961 08/31 Sri Lanka: CBK answerable to crimes committed under her regime: Ananthy Sasitharan 08/31 Our aim not division but devolution: Opposition Leader Sampanthan 08/31 Open Letter To UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 08/30 Sri Lanka teenager held over presidental website 'exam protest' hack 08/30 Families of people missing in Sri Lanka's civil war march in silence 08/30 Sri Lanka: White van abduction reported in Ki'linochchi on International Day of Disappeared 08/30 'Missing LTTE cadres are abroad' claims foreign minister 08/30 Security Can Coexist With Human Rights 08/29 Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena's website hacked twice within two days 08/28 Sri Lanka cricket team attackers killed: police 08/28 Sri Lanka: Colombo steps up deceptive preparations for Ban Ki-moon's ‘inspection’ 08/28 Indian Notions Of Its Sri Lanka Involvement 08/27 Case against Tiran Alles: HC seeks clarification from SC 08/24 Prageeth Ekneligoda Had No Links To LTTE: CID Tells Homagama Courts 08/24 Sri Lankan reforms aims to simplify tax, increase base, compliance -minister 08/24 ‘No compulsion’ to implement UN resolution insists Sri Lankan president 08/23 When I Heard LTTE Forces Order Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination 08/23 Top Level Decisions Need To Be Backed By Education On The Ground  08/22 The LTTE’s Forced Recruitment Of Children In Armed Combat 08/22 Alleged deaths, illnesses of ex-LTTE cadres: Five member committee to assist probe 08/21