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Sri Lanka Civil War


Civil War between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers)
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 95.6 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 500,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Deteriorated
News up to: Jagath Dias Appointment; Major Setback For Peace-Building Process In Sri Lanka: ECCHR 05/22 Global income disparity widening: OECD report 05/22 [Ex Services News] – 21.05.2015 05/21 A Trembling Gotabaya Appears Before FCID 05/21 Cannes films tackle war-weariness with martial arts and Tamil Tigers 05/21 Screaming At Gota & Silent On Fonseka, Why? 05/21 Sri Lankan immigrant drama 'Dheepan' finds a home at Cannes 05/21 The North and the South 05/21 'LTTE began like Jaffna protests' - Mahinda 05/21 WP Chief Minister questions Govt's silence over Vigneswaran's action 05/20 Domestic mechanism in June 05/20 New government has sabotaged Sri Lanka's Victory Day says Mahinda Rajapaksa at celebrations 05/20 Lanka's domestic war crimes probe to get underway next month 05/20 'Govt initiatives won't compromise national security' 05/20 Maj Gen Dias promotion 'major setback' for peace-building in Sri Lanka - NGOs 05/20 Nauru asylum seeker abuse inquiry: Senators frustrated by lack of answers 05/19 Sri Lanka shift on war anniversary 05/19 Sri Lanka celebrates Mullivaikkal anniversary with military parade as Tamils grieve 05/19 War Heroes laid foundation for national unity, harmony - PM 05/19 'We must work with determination to make this a land of peace' 05/19 Lanka to honour fallen war soldiers at solemn ceremony 05/19 A tale of two Presidents: six years after the war 05/19 Development, reconciliation to get equal focus - President 05/19 North-East remembers May 2009 massacre amid ban by Sri Lankan authorities 05/18 The Shift From Victory Day To Remembrance Day  05/18 Tamil leaders honor Sri Lankan war dead at grounds of civil war's final battle as police watch 05/18 Tamils in Lanka openly mark anniversary of war's end 05/18 Tamil leaders honor dead from Sri Lankan war at battle zone 05/18 Forces of racism still exist in Sri Lanka says GTF president 05/18 Crowds at May 18 memorial event in PTK 05/18 Woolworths reminds suppliers of 'moral obligation' to farm labourers 05/18 New Sri Lanka Army chief attacked by rights group 05/17 Sri Lanka: New mantra of ‘hybrid courts’ in the game of geo-politics 05/17 HRW slams promotion of Lanka civil war general 05/17 Sri Lanka's promotion of accused war criminal is a 'slap in the face of victims' - HRW 05/17 During LTTE times women were able to walk alone at night says NPC minister 05/17 Parliamentary ministers in Sri Lanka to leave positions to support Mahinda Rajapaksa campaign 05/17 Sri Lankan MP's to hold 'victory day' on May 19 05/17 Protect The Space For Reconciliation During May 18 Commemorations: NPC 05/17 Maj. Gen. Dias appointment: HRW slams govt 05/17 Tamils in Denmark remember May 18th massacre 05/17 Another crutch for the Rajapaksa cabal 05/17 Sri Lanka’s New Army Chief A Blow To Justice: Human Rights Watch 05/17 Former peace negotiator ready to testify against Sri Lanka at international war crimes tribunals 05/16 Rape & Murder Of Another School Girl In Jaffna 05/16 NPC allocates Rs 40.3 million to support ex-LTTE cadres and families of detained 05/16 Syria's antiquities chief warns of Islamic State catastrophe 05/15 Beyond Victory Parades & Commemorations 05/15 Peace not achieved in Sri Lanka says Canada's Liberal party leader in Mullivaikal commemorations 05/15 The Army & The Indo-Lanka Accord 05/15 Victory Day, Remembrance Dar & Post War Political Reconciliation 05/15 Suspected war criminal Jagath Dias made Chief of Staff of Sri Lanka’s Army 05/14 Sri Lanka: SL military steps up surveillance during Genocide Memorial Week 05/14 Land Councils warn territory control would sound death knell for small Indigenous communities 05/14 Government ‘duty-bound’ to celebrate ‘war victory’ – Sinhala organisation 05/14 Nepal quake: Aid agencies race to beat monsoon season 05/13 Karachi bus attack 05/13 Tamil war widows still struggle in Sri Lanka 05/13 Sri Lankan minister warns against commemorating LTTE 05/13 John Kerry, War Crimes & The Other Kerrey 05/13 UK’s Sri Lankan Candidates & Distasteful Crusade Of The Constrained Media 05/12 Picasso painting sold for record US$179 million 05/12 Nigerian Defence College visits Sri Lankan Naval headquarters 05/12 Beginning of Mullivaikal remembrance week marked, under watch of security forces 05/12 Mending fences with TN 05/12 Yemen truce a step closer, with more Houthi rebels on board 05/11 Winning People’s Support Will Also Ensure Security  05/11 For a sense of proportion 05/11 Higher Voter Turnout For Mahinda: Due To Enthusiasm, War Or Jilmart? 05/10 Threats To Sri Lanka After Ending Insurgency & Terrorism 05/09 Journalists in North-East continue to face attacks - IFJ 05/09 Sri Lanka shifts navy camp in Sampur, pledges to release land 05/09 Buddhist Extremists Threaten “The Forgotten People” 05/08 The Army: The Years 1984 – July 1987 05/08 Sri Lanka: Victory For Mindful Journalism 05/08 Fire Protection Association calls for crackdown on dodgy building materials 05/08 Tantirimalai’s Eight Wishes 05/07 Northern Provincial Council member vows to continue remembering Tamil war dead at Maveerar Naal 05/07 Northern Provincial Council member vows to continue remembering Tamil war dead at Maveerar Naal 05/07 TCSF to hold seminar on 'Right to Memory' at Jaffna Library 05/07 Lanka promises to meet deadline for probe into war crimes 05/07 Jobless rate climbs to 6.2 per cent 05/07 Shifting of Sampur Naval Camp not politically motivated - Governor 05/07 Domestic mechanism will ‘salvage the good name of armed forces’ - Sri Lankan FM 05/07 PHEPRO Foundation claims chronic kidney disease cure 05/07 Celebrations and reflections for traditional owners at end of decades-long land claim 05/06 Tales from the war 05/06 Why Japan did not occupy Lanka 05/06 Penguin DNA different from Sydney to Perth 05/05 Sri Lanka’s Development Goals Fall Short on Gender Equality 05/05 Sixteen Tamils from North-East arrested by Sri Lanka over past 100 days 05/04 NPC member summoned by Sri Lanka police for involvement in commemorating Tamil war dead 05/04 Start of a US-Sri Lanka ‘Reset’? 05/04 Be more inclusive, Kerry urges Tamil, Sinhalese leaders 05/04 6 years after war, Tamil families want to know where their loved ones are 05/04 Kerry heading to Middle East this week -State Department 05/04 John Kerry holds talks with Tamils in Sri Lanka 05/03 Sri Lanka: 16 Batticaloa Tamils arrested within last 100 days at Colombo airport 05/03 Sri Lanka: Gajendrakumar urges Tamils not to succumb to invisible designs of genocide 05/03 Kerry urges Sri Lanka cooperation in war-crimes probe 05/03