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Ethiopia - Ogaden

Separatist groups in ethnic Somali eastern Ethiopia


Since 1984, the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), and its military arm, the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA), have been fighting to separate the Ogaden, a portion of the Somali Region, from Ethiopia. The Somali Region is approximately 280,000 square kilometers, about as big as Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia, and is sparsely populated, with approximately four million inhabitants, almost all ethnic Somalis. This is 15 people per square kilometer, less than Oklahoma and more than Utah.
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 96.1 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 3
WFP Hunger Map: 45 % undernourished
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 325,000 IDPs
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating B
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: New Age Assesses Exploration Well Potential 04/21 Ethiopia:EU Parliament holds discussion on Ethiopian human rights in Ogaden and Kality Prison 04/07 EU holds discussion on Ethiopian human rights in Ogaden and Kality Prison 04/06 Ethiopia: ONLF Executive Committee Meeting Makes New plans,Evaluates the recent 04/02 Meeting the Victims: Ogaden to Dadaab in Search of Peace 03/28 Ogaden region is working towards Independence,say Ogaden Community 03/27 9 year old gilr and 7 year old boy gang raped 03/27 OYSU-San Diego and the Walk to End Genocide 03/25 Prominent Elder Shot and Killed in Kismayo Town By Gunmen 03/25 Prominent elder shot and killed in Kismayo town by gunmen 03/24 The Somali-Ogaden protest at the Pan-African Parliament 03/23 Ogaden Massacre day held at University of Minnesota 03/19 Poisoned and thrown out of the jail Ogaden 03/19 A Devastating story of the jail Ogaden in Jigjigga 03/16 Civilian Detentions and Looting reported in Karin bilcile Village. 03/15 Ethiopia: Ogaden Youth Of OYSU Unveils The Hidden Genocide That The World Turned a Blind Eye 03/13 Hundreds Protest against Ethiopian human Rights Abuses in Ogaden at Geneva 03/12 Major Demonstrations against the Ethiopian Regime Took Place in Geneva 03/12 Ethiopian Forces Kidnap, Rape 2 young Boys 03/08 Catholic Presence in the Somali Region of Ogaden Very Limited 03/06 Ethiopian persecution, threats and kidnappings 03/01 Violence in the Ogaden Rages On: Ethiopian Persecution, Threats and Kidnapping 02/28 Exceptions to the democratic rule 02/27 Ahmed Farah Speech: Ogaden Massacre Day 02/26 Humanitarian Crisis’ for Ogaden Living Near Ethiopia’s Oil Fields 02/23 New Oil, Gas Find 02/22 Malnutrition kills 10 in Jail Ogaden 02/20 Kenya: Ogaden Refugees in Kenya Ask for Govt Protection 02/11 Press Briefing about the state of the ONLF Abductees from Nairobi 02/10 Kenyan Police Accused of Seizing Ethiopian Rebels Released On Bail 02/10 Civilians detained in Qarjajabo and Doogcadeeye Villages 02/09 Two young brothers killed in Falfal, Ogaden 02/09 Police Officers in Kidnapping Case Out On Bond 02/07 Kenya charges 2 police for Ethiopian rebels kidnap 02/06 Kenyan officers deny abducting Ethiopian rebels 02/06 Kenyan police deny rebel kidnapping 02/06 Two Kenyan Police Officers Arrested for Abduction of Ethiopian Rebel Officials 02/04 Chief Inspector in Court Over Abduction of Ogaden Rebels 02/04 Ethiopia:Two police officers arrested over abduction of ONLF officials 02/04 Official: 2 Kenya police will be charged in court for the kidnapping of 2 Ethiopian rebels 02/03 Two Police Officers Arrested Over Abduction of Ethiopian Officials 02/03 Kenya: Cops arrested over abduction of Ethiopian officials 02/03 2 Kenya cops due in court for abduction of rebels 02/03 Ethiopia Denies Abduction of ONLF Officials 02/02 Silence and pain: Ethiopia’s human rights record in the Ogaden 02/01 Abduction of peace envoys in Kenya by Ethiopian agents 01/30 Urgent Appeal To Release Abducted ONLF Members 01/30 Ethiopia 'Kidnaps' Chief Rebel Negotiators in Kenya 01/29 ONLF Press Release - Ethiopia Abducts Two Senior Onlf Leaders‏ 01/29 Kenya: Police investigating alleged abduction of two Ethiopians in Nairobi 01/29 Ethiopia “kidnaps” chief rebel negotiators in Kenya 01/28 Ethiopia: Somali Ogaden community protests outside London’s Ethiopian Embassy 01/19 Somaliland:Breaking News; ISTANBUL II COMMUNIQUE 01/19 Ethiopia: An Exclusive Interview with ONLF Foreign Secretary Abdi Rahman Mahdi 01/16 Measles outbreak hits Ogaden region 01/12 Ethiopia:Relatives Fear for Missing Political Prisoners Detained in Ogaden Jails, Reports 01/09 Why ICRC not working in Ogaden? 01/09 More than 90 died in Jigjiga’s Jail Ogaden 01/08 Ethiopia:Heart-breaking: Puntland arrests,tortures 15 Somali Ogaden deportees 01/06 Ethiopia:Genocide or Terrorism? Transnational Advocacy and the Ogaden Conflict 12/28 Kenya-Citizen participation key to development, Somaliland Ambassador 12/26 Ethiopia:Fighting in Gaashaamo Province of Ogaden region leaves 3 injured, Reports 12/25 Ethiopia’s New Plan to Hunt, Kill or Maim Ogaden citizenry in the Diaspora 12/25 Ehiopia: Seminar on Preventing Human Rights Abuses held in Johannesburg,South Africa 12/24 Ethiopia: Ogaden Youth Of OYSU Unveils The Hidden Genocide That The World Turned a Blind Eye 12/18 Ethiopian army and Civilians Fought a Pitched Battle in Qalaafe 12/17 Update: Mustahiil Massacre 12/15 Ethiopia: we have attacked Chinese convey in Ogaden-ONLF Commander 12/14 Civilians rounded up and Young girl gang raped in Dhagaxmadow town, Ogaden 12/14 Detained civilians Tortured to Death in Jail Ogaden 12/14 Ethiopia: From Regional to International-Ogaden Youth holds conferences around the Globe 12/11 Ethiopian:OYSU Condemns Ethiopian Regime’s Propaganda & Calls for Humanitarian action in Ogaden 12/09 OYSU Condemns Ethiopian Regime’s Propaganda & Calls for Humanitarian Action in Ogaden 12/08 Heavy fighting continues in Ogaden for the 2nd straight day 12/07 The Loss of Nelson Mandela is not only by South Africans and Africans but for all Oppressed people of the World. 12/05 Lawlessness on the rise in Jigjiga 12/05 Infant baby killed and his mother beaten unconsciously by Ethiopian soldiers 12/05 Ministry of Mines Signs Agreement With Chinese Firm for Ogaden Gas Reserves 12/03 Ethiopia: Cholera outbreak kills 55 in Jail Ogaden in The Regional Capital of Ogaden Region 11/28 Youth groups of Human Rights rallying an international support for Ogaden Issue 11/28 Cholera Outbreak reported in Jigjiga's Jail Ogaden. 11/28 More than 200 youth detained in Jigjiga City 11/27 Statement on Day for Elimination of Violence against Women 11/26 Mass detention of Ogaden civilians in Degahbour and Its environs 11/26 Africa: U.S. Ambassador Power On Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women 11/25 Gas Fields' Development Awarded to Chinese Company 11/25 Over Dozens of girls and women detained in Xudur-Ayle village 11/23 Two young girls raped in Marsin Village, Ogaden 11/23 Ethiopia: Former Ethiopian Paramilitary Commander tells right Abuses in Ogaden –Video 11/21 Ethiopia: Suspicious Minds - Ethiopians Told to Keep an Eye Out for Al-Shabaab Activity 11/20 Ethiopia: Human Rights abuses in Ogaden gets International Attention.A Good News Story? 11/18 Ethiopia: Ogaden Regional President and Vice President Are Under Investigation in Human Rights Abuses in Ogaden 11/18 Ethiopian Troops accused of killings and Civilians displacement 11/14 Somaliland: Somalia-Somaliland Dialogue Talks Postponed Until December 11/09 The Ethiopian government theatrics about Al-Shabab threat and closure of the Somalia border 11/07 Ogaden Community and ONLF officials meet in Nairobi 11/05 Jigjiga: Regional administration tights security, fears Alshabaab Target 10/25 Ethiopia: ONLF fighters attack Kebridahar Airport- ONLF official 10/21 Ethiopia: Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia visits Ogaden Region. 10/19 Axmed Madoobe oo Kismaayo ku qaabilay Siyaasiyiin uu hoggaaminayo Cumar Cabdi Rashiid 10/17