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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: UN Representative for Somalia welcomes agreement of intent to form new administration in central Somalia 07/30 Kenya: Kenya's Tourism Crisis - Al Shabaab Hits Where It Hurts the Most 07/30 Why am I disappointed?”: A Sad Tale to tell 07/30 Somalia: Al-Shabaab Calls for Muslims to Attack Jewish People, Assets Worldwide 07/30 Kenya: Three Tanzanians Among Those Arrested Over Lamu Attacks 07/30 Hundreds of Thousands in Mogadishu Need Food Aid, Says the UN 07/30 Somalia: Somali Leaders Promise Renewed Efforts for Peace On Eid Al-Fitr 07/30 Somali Govt to Close Six Diplomatic Missions 07/30 Somali Women 'Untapped Resource' in Fight Against Al-Shabaab 07/30 Somalia: Somali Refugees Find an Unlikely Home - In Istanbul 07/30 People in Central Somalia Celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr Today Instead of Yesterday 07/30 Finance Minister Hails PFM Progress 07/30 Somali Pirates and Iranian Navy Fight 07/30 A Car Loaded With Explosives Caught At Liido Beach 07/30 Government Steps Up Efforts to Curb Corruption 07/30 Alshabaab Say They Will Increase Attacks Targeting MPs 07/30 Assessing Mombasa’s Credentials as a Battleground in Kenya’s War on Terror 07/30 Kenya: Police Looking for Men Who Buried Grenades in Wajir 07/30 Somali Man Suspected of Killings in Lamu 07/30 Alshabaab - We Will Target Planes Carrying Things for AMISON 07/30 Somali 'killed for not wearing veil' 07/30 Thousands in Mogadishu Need Food Aid - UN 07/30 Food Shortages Worsened By NGO Policy, Anti-Terror Laws 07/30 Africa: CAJ News Expands Further Into Africa 07/30 AMISON, Govt Soldiers Battle Al-Shabaab Insurgents in Bay Region 07/30 Politicians Rebuff Govt Decision to Create Mudug and Galgaduud State 07/30 KDF's Somalia Duty 'Not Over 07/30 The struggle for Kenya's marginalised youth 07/30 Somali woman killed by gunman 'for not wearing veil' 07/30 Somali woman killed for not wearing veil, relatives say 07/30 Puntland Govt Committed To' Implementing Democracy'-Says President 07/29 Ethnic hate speech reveals roots of Kenya violence 07/29 Amisom Captures Weapons From Al Shabaab 07/29 Somali finance minister hails PFM progress 07/29 Amisom and Govt. Troops Recover Weapons From a Garage 07/29 Mogadishu Mayor Survives Assassination Attempt 07/29 Kenya: Key Rights Report in Spotlight After Kenya Violence 07/29 Mogadishu Residents Still Celebrating Joyous Occasion On 2nd Day of Eid 07/29 Somali Migrants Die in Yemen 07/29 Message of the Acting Special Representative for Somalia On the Occasion of the Eid-Ul-Fitr 07/29 Minister for Information Visits Dalsan Radio Station 07/29 Politician Criticize Justice Minister Over Strong Inference in Irrelevant Matters 07/29 Casualties After Govt Soldiers Open Gunfire in Afgoye 07/29 Government Probes Reported Killings of Alshabaab Officials 07/29 Exclusive: Anti-pirate security staff all at sea after major firm suddenly goes bust 07/29 How Israel Can Escape the Gaza Trap 07/29 Intellectual Close to Losing Confidence in Somali Govt 07/29 Residents in Dhuusomareeb Celebrate Day 1 of Eid 07/29 Middle Shabelle Administration Distribute Cash to Needy Families On Eid 07/29 Somali Refugees Find an Unlikely Home … In Istanbul 07/29 Body of Stowaway Found on US Air Force Cargo Jet 07/29 Somali woman shot dead for not wearing veil 07/29 Somalia:Government Steps Up Efforts to Curb Corruption 07/29 Africa's deadly insurgencies : Ranking high on the wrong measures 07/28 PM Abdiwali - We Shall Form Administration for Central Somalia 07/28 Kenya: ODM Furious Over Likoni Terror Link 07/28 SIMHA Condemns the Re Closure of Radio Jowhar 07/28 The Chairman of Bondere for Sports Killed 07/28 Eid Mubarak from SomalilandPress 07/28 Somalia's Federal State Making - Progress Amid Challenges 07/28 Somali MP Claims Govt Is Not Consulting With Local Society in State Formation 07/28 Mayor Mungab Sits Down With Women Representatives of the Region 07/28 State Attorney General Accuses Farah Sheikh Over Strong Influence 07/28 Massive Security Operation Launched in Mogadishu Following Killings 07/28 Amisom Captures Al-Shabaab Camp, Kills Senior Commanders 07/28 Hizbul Islam Member Bashir Laq Laqaaye Dies in Al-Shabaab Custody 07/28 Mogadishu Security Sweep Arrests Scores, Nets Three Al-Shabaab Suspects 07/28 Police Seize Radio Jowhar Building, Order Staff to Vacate 07/28 Al-Shabaab Commanders Killed in AU Offensive 07/28 Somalia Minimizes Overseas Embassies Due to Shortfall in Budget 07/28 PM Abdiwali - UAE Responded to Our Call for Assistance 07/28 Are UPDF AMISON Salaries Swindled? 07/28 Ethiopia Ranked 39th in Africa in HDI 07/28 No Recent FAA Warning for Flights in or Out of Ethiopia - U.S. Embassy 07/28 Authorities Close the Independent Radio "Jowhar" Before the End of the 24hrs Ultimatum 07/28 Canada Providing Humanitarian Funding to Support UNICEF in Somalia 07/28 Deteriorating Food Security 07/28 The Body of the Chairman of Bondere for Sports Buried in the Outskirts of Mogadishu 07/28 Government Reduces the Number of Foreign Embassies 07/28 Mungab Survives Explosive 07/28 SOMALIA: The Curse Of Uncivil Society 07/28 PM Abdiwali Says Govt Prepared More Troops to Keep Security During Eid-Ul-Fitr 07/28 UN Special Representative for Somalia On the Occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr 07/28 Some of the Roadblocks in Lower Jubba Removed 07/28 UPDF, AMISOM troops capture Al-shabaab weapons 07/28 In pictures: Eid Al Fitr celebrations across the world 07/28 In South Sudan, Somalia, experts study hunger data to see if 'famine' label should be applied 07/28 Change of Her Majesty's Ambassador to Zimbabwe 07/28 NUSOJ Condemns new wave of Journalists' Arrests in Somaliland 07/28 Former Alshabaab Official Assassinated in Mogadishu 07/28 Mohamed Haji Madeer - There Is Nothing Called Shabelle State in Marka 07/28 South Sudan: UN Warns of 'Hunger Catastrophe' for Children 07/28 Six Killed in Renewed Fighting Over Regional Influence 07/28 President Hassan, PM Host Iftar Dinner for Puntland Delegation 07/28 Ethnic hate speech reveals roots of Kenya violence 07/28 Police Hire Maso As Assistant Coach 07/28 Operating in conflict zones: lessons from a financial institution in Somalia 07/28 Warning Signs of Another Famine, Lessons to Be Learned From the Past 07/28 Oil Sending Libya Down Somalia's Route To Ruin 07/28 Kenya: Gunned Down in Mombasa - the Clerics That Have Died 07/28