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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Westgate Mall Attack Survivors Confront Painful Memories 09/19 Mexico shootout or massacre? Witness accounts challenge military's take. 09/19 Kenya: Chaos Mars Protest of Killings in Garissa 09/19 Kenya: Chief Shot Dead in Mandera 09/19 An International Conference in London On Somali Security 09/19 Somali Ministry of Interior to Open Regional Office in Kismayo 09/19 Kenya: 1 year after attack, guards still unarmed 09/19 Finland Charges Four With Funding Al-Shabaab 09/19 Somali Prime Minister - Al-Shabaab Will Not Control Any Territory By 2015 09/19 Somalia's Population Census May Be Conducted Soon 09/19 UN Envoy to Somalia Hails Kismayo Reconciliation Conference 09/19 United Nations Conducts Weapons Cutting Training for the Somali Police Force 09/19 Kenya: 1 year after attack, guards still unarmed 09/19 Kenya: Westgate Siege Anniversary Brings Back Painful Memories 09/19 Warta Nabadda District Commissioner Says His District Is No Go Zone for AMISON 09/19 Hundreds Riot Against the Killing of 9 Year Old Boy by Amisom 09/19 Somalia Faces Famine Amidst U.S.-Led War On Terror and Oil Search 09/19 Flood of Foreign Workers Leave Young Somalis Out of Work 09/19 Somalia-Kenya:International court of Justice to begin hearing on Kenya Somali maritime Border dispute case 09/19 shafiq Quresh:To Recognize the Republic of Somaliland 09/19 Air strikes alone won't beat ISIS 09/19 Watch: Toddler Breaks Military Protocol, Jumps into Mum's Arms 09/19 Harassment haunts Somalis in Kenya, a year after Westgate attack 09/19 Lessons of the Westgate Attack 09/19 3 Years After Somali Famine, New Hunger Crisis Looms 09/19 Kenya: 1 year after attack, guards still unarmed 09/19 Finland: 4 Charged With Funding Somali Militants 09/18 Former Amisom commander has case to answer - court martial 09/18 UN deputy envoy welcomes reconciliation conference in southern Somalia 09/18 Young diaspora Somalis rediscovering entrepreneurial roots 09/18 Botswana: Reporter Flees to South Africa 09/18 Somaliland: Ali Khalif’s Disguised Politics of “Somali Unity” A Dangerous Message 09/18 Gaadiid gar-gaar u siday degmada Buulo Barde gobolka Hiiraan oo go’doon ku jira 09/18 India to hold maritime dialogue with China this year 09/18 IS Fighters Besiege Kurdish City as Drone Reportedly Belonging to US Spotted Over Syria 09/18 United Nations Conducts Weapons Cutting Training For The Somali Police Force 09/18 Dowlada Federaalka oo soo bandhigtay sahanka tirakoobka dadka Soomaaliyeed (Sawirro) 09/18 Flood of Foreign Workers Leave Young Somalis Out of Work 09/18 EU Naval Force Flagship Its Andrea Doria Refuels At Sea Off the Coast of Somalia With FGs Berlin 09/18 Rapid Communications to Launch Virtual Banking Services in Somalia 09/18 Federalist Moves Heighten Natural Resources Debate 09/18 Somali government praises Britain for its role on Somalia’s progress 09/18 Riot in mogadishu as Amisom truck hit and run 9 Year Old Boy 09/18 Keep public guard up against terrorists 09/18 VOA exclusive: Family of Somali-American fighter in Syria speaks out 09/18 Somali Refugees Brought Before a Court in Kenya 09/18 AMISON's Toll On Somali Women and Girls 09/18 Doctor Mohamed Hassan Sabriye (Qooje) Dies in Nairobi 09/18 South Africa: 'Open Mosque' Admits Everyone, Including Critics 09/18 Minister of Information Praises UK's Role On Somalia Ahead of Today's London Security Event 09/18 Mogadishu Residents Rally for Peace 09/18 Somali National Held for Attempted Bribery 09/18 Firm to Launch Virtual Banking Services in Somalia 09/18 Dozens of Al-Shabaab Members Taking Advantage of Amnesty 'Every Day' 09/18 Over 130,000 Somalis Displaced in 2014 09/18 Central Africa: Ivory, Insurgency and Crime - the Sudans Connection 09/18 Kenya: Kenyan Military Deploys At Checkpoints to Counter Weapons Smuggling, Terrorism 09/17 Kenya: Mandera Clan Conflict Has Displaced More Than 19,000, Kenya Red Cross Says 09/17 Somali Stakeholders Submit Complaints On Media Bill 09/17 Somalia: Mohamud Attends Reconciliation Conference in Kismayo, Hirale Boycotts 09/17 Kenya: We're Not Avoiding Refugee Repatriation, Says Somalia 09/17 Kenya: Why Youth Are Turning to Radicalism 09/17 EFSON Has Concluded a Policy Forum On the National Education Priorities 09/17 Kenya: First Lady Pays Tribute to Mall Attack Victims 09/17 Rwanda Wary of Egypt in Fiba Zone V Tourney 09/17 President Hassan Arrives in Kismayo 09/17 Somalia: Ugandan-AMISON Soldier Prosecuted Over Selling Ammunition 09/17 Somalia: Forced Displacement in Somalia Shows 'No Signs of Easing,' UN Agency Warns 09/17 Kenya Westgate massacre: developments one year on 09/17 Deputy UN Special Representative for Somalia welcomes Kismayo Reconciliation Conference 09/17 Counselor Thomas A. Shannon's Travel to Mogadishu, Somalia, On September 14 09/17 Blast Rocks Kano School 09/17 Finland: 4 charged with funding Somali militants 09/17 Uganda: Kudos to Security for Averting Terror 09/17 Somaliland : A little bird with admirable Voice 09/17 More Terror Suspects Flee 09/17 There is an African answer to terror 09/17 US Government Investigating Young People Joining Mideast Jihadists 09/17 UN deputy envoy opens reconciliation conference in southern Somalia 09/17 South Africa’s 'Open Mosque' Admits Everyone, Including Critics 09/17 Githu picks foreign lawyers in Somalia oil border dispute 09/17 ONLF – the Only Somali Organization Free of Ethiopian Control 09/17 Don't Force Somali Refugees to Leave 09/17 Bristol police claim biggest ever seizure of drug since khat made illegal 09/17 VIDEO: Somali PM: 'Al-Shabab amnesty working' 09/17 Somaliland: The 2nd Somali Peace Festival Gets underway in Hargeisa 09/17 Raysalwasaare Cabdiwerli Shiikh oo la kulmay Jaaliyadda Soomaaliyeed ee Birmigham UK 09/17 Uganda Police intercept vehicle loaded with explosives 09/17 Ugandan-AMISOM Soldier Prosecuted Over Selling Ammunition 09/17 Somalia:UN welcomes Kismayo Reconciliation Conference 09/17 Prosecutors charge 4 with financing Somali militants in Finland's 1st terror case 09/17 Ugandan Police Arrests New Arrival Somalis 09/17 Stolen phone means $500k bill 09/17 VOA Exclusive: Family of Somali-American Fighter in Syria Speaks Out 09/17 Deputy UN Special Representative for Somalia welcomes Kismayo Reconciliation Conference 09/16 Somali PM heads to London for upcoming conference on Somalia 09/16 North Africa: 700 Migrants Presumed Dead 09/16 DOJ extremism fight could take cue from Minnesota 09/16 Aid workers are there to help - even if some die trying 09/16 Somalia, Kenya Leaders to Meet Regarding Maritime Dispute 09/16