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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
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Hiiraan Governor Is Not Under Arrest in Mogadishu Prison, Says Official 11/28 Somali Lawmaker Accuses Presidency of Fuelling the Fighting in Galkayo 11/28 Somalia: Fight broke out between Iranian crew and Somali pirates 4 dead 11/28 Somalia: The latest report from the fight in Galkaio town 11/28 Kenya links 2 terror suspects to Iran 11/28 Rival militia forces battle in central Somalia: UN 11/28 Somaliland:President Silanyo Meets Turkish Envoy H.E Ahmet Rize Demeirer 11/28 China to set up navy base in Djibouti 11/28 Somaliland:Turkish Envoy with the Heads of Political Organizations 11/28 Somaliland:Time for re-casting the failed SL-Somalia talks 11/28 Somaliland:President Silanyo Meets Turkish Envoy H.E Ahmet Rize Demeirer 11/28 Al Shabaab militia take hostage from Kenyan town, lecture residents 11/28 7 Dead as Fighting Flares in Somalia's Contested Mudug Region 11/28 China to set up navy base in Djibouti 11/28 Somaliland:Turkish Envoy with the Heads of Political Organizations 11/28 Kenyan-Somalis Air Their Views On Culture and Politics 11/27 SOMALIA: The ISIL Threat Helps 11/27 Germany Offers Protection to Refugees Stranded in Egypt 11/27 UN Envoy for Somalia Expresses Concerns Over Recent Rise in Piracy Acts 11/27 China in Talks to Open Patrol Boat Service Base in Djibouti 11/27 Amavubi Look to Bounce Back Against Somalia 11/27 SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Mission Impossible In South Korea 11/27 AIR DEFENSE: Aegis Moves To Europe 11/27 Wall Not on Our Land, Say Somalia MPs 11/27 Uganda: Injured UPDF Soldier Cries Out for Help 11/27 China to set up 1st overseas naval base in Djibouti next to US airbase 11/27 Lies, Terror and the Drive to War 11/27 The African Union High-Level Delegation to theGulf countries concludes the last leg of its vist in Abu Dhabi 11/27 Somali President Receives Ex Norway PM in Mogadishu 11/27 Somali PM Arrives in Adado On Mission to Defuse Galkayo Tension 11/27 Somali president receives Ex Norway PM in Mogadishu 11/27 Africa's child brides expected to double by 2050 11/27 Somalia reopens embassy in Iraq 11/27 Somali premier reaches Garowe city 11/27 Readout of Deputy Secretary Bob Work's Visit to Djibouti and Qatar 11/27 EU turns to Turkey to help manage its migration woes 11/27 Beijing confirms military support facilities in Djibouti 11/27, committed to safer online marketplace 11/26 Somali Officials Warn of Attacks by al-Shabab Faction 11/26 How al-Qaeda and Islamic State are fighting for al-Shabaab affections in Somalia 11/26 National Team Concede Defeat Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya Tanzania Win in Cecafa Cup 11/26 Al Shabaab Clash With Residents Over Zakah Collection in Hiiraan 11/26 Vast crowds expected for pope's first mass in Africa 11/26 AMISOM Convoy Targeted in Twin Bombs in Marko Town 11/26 Pope Francis denounces radicalisation, 'barbarous attacks' 11/26 China’s military in talks to build logistics ‘facilities’ in Horn of Africa Djibouti 11/26 Confrontation Between Alshabab Fighters and Nomadic People 11/26 Seychelles to Focus On Promoting an 'Ocean of Opportunity' As It Assumes Presidency of the Contact Group On Piracy Off the Coast of Somalia in 2016 11/26 Election Consultations Continue in Somalia 11/26 UN Envoy for Somalia expresses concerns over recent rise in piracy acts 11/26 AMISOM pledges further support to regional assemblies of interim administrations 11/26 Somalia: Military base in Bossaso raided in the name of ISIS 11/26 China in talks with Djibouti over naval facility 11/26 Jubilant Kenyans extend warm welcome to Pope Francis 11/26 Somaliland:Stars of the Horn at Colston Hall 11/26 Somaliland:Today is not yesterday and yesterday is not today 11/26 Somaliland:Africa Notebook 11/26 Child brides to double in Africa 11/26 Puntland bars Somali PM from traveling to region 11/26 Rising piracy off Somalia coast worries UN 11/26 Somalia: Operation Atalanta German Maritime Patrol Aircraft Supports Flagship With Air-Drop At Sea 11/26 Pope disgusted by 'barbarous attacks' in God's name 11/26 China military in talks for logistics 'facilities' in Djibouti 11/26 Pope calls for interfaith peace, end of violence in God's name 11/26 Pope calls for inter-religious dialogue against terrorism 11/26 China in talks with Djibouti on establishing logistics base 11/26 Pope: Interfaith Dialogue ‘Essential’ to Avoid Violence 11/26 Beijing confirms military support facilities in Djibouti 11/26 Injured UPDF soldier cries out for help 11/26 China navy holds first joint anti-piracy drill with NATO 11/26 VIDEO: Fighting FGM - 'I felt my flesh being cut' 11/25 Former Galmudug State Leader Voices Concern Over Galkayo Fighting 11/25 Al-Shabaab Threatens to Behead Islamic State Sympathisers 11/25 UN Secretary-General Appoints Michael Keating to Succeed Nicholas Kay As Special Representative for Somalia 11/25 Pope heads to Africa hoping to bridge Christian-Muslim faultlines 11/25 Ilaa 30 Ruux oo lagu xiray howlgallo laga sameeyay Magaalada Buuloburde 11/25 Somalia: Al shabaab warns members against joining IS 11/25 Al-Shabab Official Threatens Pro-Islamic State Fighters 11/25 Somalia: At Least 20 Al Shabaab Suspects Arrested in Bulo-Burde Security Operation 11/25 Somali Officials Warn of Attacks by al-Shabab Faction 11/25 UN Police Course Opens at Gishari Police School 11/25 Kenyan president fires five graft-tainted ministers 11/25