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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Holland oo looga digay in ay qaxooti Soomaaliyeed dib u celiyaan 10/23 Somali pirates still holding 37 sailors: UN official 10/23 Somalia Plans to Start Producing Oil Offshore in Six Years 10/23 No Journey to Somalia for Sierra Leonean Troops 10/23 Kenya: Arrest of Kenyans Over 2010 Kampala Bombings Is Legal - Uganda Court 10/23 Somali Al-Shabab Court 'Stones Teenager to Death' 10/23 UN Delegation Assesses Conditions in Barawe 10/23 Somali, Amisom Police Meet With Civil Society Groups 10/23 After the Fall of Barawe, Al-Shabaab and Somali Government Face New Reality 10/23 Somali Intelligence Agency Seizes Mogadishu Garage 10/23 Somalia's South-Western State Panel Completes Draft Constitution 10/23 Kagame: World not learning from the past 10/23 Three years after Libya revolt, 'Dubai dream' still far off 10/23 A UK Fact-Finding Mission in Somaliland 10/23 The Council of the European Union Meets On Somalia 10/23 Somali Parliament Holds Discussion On the Country's Upcoming Political Parties 10/23 African Union to Probe Allegations of Abuse By Amisom Troops in Somalia 10/23 Djibouti: A German Defence Ministry Official Visits Djibouti 10/23 Norway Puts Ethiopia As One of Six Priority Countries in Development Cooperation 10/23 Denver teens' travel stirs terror appeal concerns 10/22 China, Iran defense officials pledge closer ties 10/22 Somalia: UN officials visit Barawe district 10/22 Somalia: African Union Probes Rape Allegations 10/22 Three Denver Teen Girls Nabbed Joining ISIS 'For Islam' 10/22 Journalist Attacked Outside Home 10/22 Officials: 3 Denver girls were trying to get to Syria 10/22 Taliyaha Ciidamada Khaaska ee Uganda oo booqday Ciidamada la dagaalamaya al-Shabaab 10/22 Analysis: The state of state-building in Somalia 10/22 Somalia's al Shabaab says stones man to death for rape 10/22 Ugandan Contigent of Amisom Warned Against Ebola 10/22 German Security Forces to Hunt German Alshabaab Financer in Kenya and Somalia 10/22 Obama's ISIS, Ebola "mission creep" 10/22 Eight die of Hunger and Thirst in Southern Somalia 10/22 Somalia: al-Shabaab stones a teenage boy to death for ‘Rape’ allegations 10/22 Ugandan troops in Somalia urged to fight against the Spread of Ebola 10/22 India still on guard against polio 10/22 Dr. Tedros Holds Talks With Norwegian Counterpart 10/22 Djibouti: Germany, Djibouti Discuss Military Co-Operation 10/22 Somali teenager 'stoned to death' 10/22 The Coverage of Dalsan Media Co-Operation Expanded 10/22 Court Releases Detained Journalists On Bail 10/22 Kenyan Forces Killed Al-Shabaab Militants in Somalia, Not At Ethiopian Border - Official 10/22 Somali Army Kills 7 Al-Shabaab Gunmen in Beledweyne 10/22 Parliament Discusses Political Parties, 2016 Elections 10/22 Somali Parliament Discusses 2016 General Elections 10/22 Date Set for Kenya, Somalia Sea Territorial Dispute Hearing 10/22 Speculation over US girls stopped in Frankfurt 10/22 Somalia: Alshabab executes a man by stoning 10/22 FBI: Denver girls may have tried to join jihadis 10/22 PM Abdiwali Meets Members of His Community in Nairobi 10/22 President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya Criticises Countries That Invest in Terrorism 10/22 Concerns By EU Over the Release of Sea Pirate 10/22 EU and EC Discuss Somali Issues 10/22 Somaliland:EUCAP Nestor trains and mentors Somaliland Coast Guard young officers in Berbera 10/22 Three US girls stopped in Germany, suspected of trying to join IS 10/22 National Geographic infographic reveals what the world consumes 10/22 Two Somali reporters released on bail, two still jailed 10/22 Yemen, Somalia discuss bilateral relations 10/22 FBI intercepts teenagers’ plan to join Islamic State in Syria 10/22 Somaliland and Puntland reinforce CLTS as the national sanitation strategy 10/22 Anti-terrorism law set to be debated by the Somalia Parliament 10/22 Somalia wants Peacekeepers to be ‘tested’ before deployed 10/22 Guddiga Adeegga Bulshada ee Baarlamaanka oo Booqday Dhaawacyada Ku Jira Isbitaallada Muqdisho 10/22 Islamist militants stone 18-year-old boy to death in Somalia after he’s accused of raping woman at gunpoint 10/22 Sustained response to Somalia piracy requires effective State governance - UN political chief 10/22 Appalling violence against Somalis in South Africa must stop 10/22 Somalia:EAEF Condemns Kenyan Plot to Annex Somali Offshore Territory 10/22 'Fishing Without Nets' a Dramatic Tale of Somali Piracy 10/22 'Fishing Without Nets' a Dramatic Story of Somali Piracy 10/22 Somali Pirates Still Holding 37 Sailors: UN Official 10/22 67 Somalis Fined for Illegal Entry 10/22 U.N.: Piracy off Somalia at lowest level in years 10/22 Court Adjourned and Shabelle Owner and Newscaster Released on bail 10/21 Somalia wants its pirates in Kenya jails sent home 10/21 Somalia: Government troops died in road accident near Mogadishu 10/21 Somali Culture and Higher Education ministry examines hundreds of Somali students for Iraqi scholarship 10/21 Somali government open “secret talks” with Al Shabaab 10/21 Somalia: UN envoy condemns attack on African Union troops in Hiiraan region 10/21 Somalia, Burundi Sign Agreement to Reconsider Embassy Closure 10/21 Decision to Split Mudug Lays Bare Complexities of Somali Federalism 10/21 Somalia Doesn't Need to Alter Kenya Border 10/21 Dowladda Federaalka oo doonaysa Maxaabiista ku xiran Kenya in dib loo celiyo 10/21 Somali Media Stakeholders Call for Immediate Release of Journalists 10/21 African Union Representative Calls for Calm After Protests, Riots in Hiran 10/21 Somali Govt Ready for Talks With Non-Violent Al-Shabaab Factions 10/21 Somaliland inspired by Scotland and Catalonia independence campaigns 10/21 Two Journalist Released on Bail 10/21 Somalia orders UK passport seizure 10/21 Kenya: Kenyan Troops Kill Five Al-Shabaab Fighters At Ethiopian Border 10/21 Kenya: Kenyan Police Struggling to Manage Security Threats 10/21 Somalia:Support for the PM Declining 10/21 Shirkada Soma Oil & Gas oo wajigabax kala kulmay shirkoodii London [Daawo] 10/21 Ambitious Angola takes to world stage 10/21 Oil Companies Say They Don't Think There Will Be Outbreak of Ebola in Somalia 10/21 Government Troops Die in Road Accident 10/21 Government Starts Talks With Sub-Groups of Alshabaab 10/21 Prof. Baadiyow Welcomed in Holland 10/21 Date Set for Kenya-Somalia Boundary Case 10/21 Somali Parliament discuss 2016 general elections 10/21 After All We've Done, Somalia Is Very Ungrateful 10/21