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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Explaining the Economic Geography of Somali Piracy 04/16 Ugandan soldiers serving with the AMISOM trained Al-Shabaab fighters 04/16 CPJ: Iraq Remains World Leader in Unsolved Murders of Journalists 04/16 Nigeria: Abuja Blast Linked to UK White Widow 04/16 Armed Men Kill Security Officer in Kismayo 04/16 Fatal Car Accident Kills 22 in Mogadishu Outskirts 04/16 Somaliland Troops Seize Taleh Town Ahead of Clan Convention 04/16 Getting Away With Murder 04/16 Somali Federalism Should Be Implemented Without Tribalism, Lawmaker Says 04/16 Clan Militias Clash Over Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Daynile 04/16 Africa: Economic Prosperity At Risk From Instability - Report 04/16 The slow death of free speech 04/16 Allied Forces Attack Al-Shabaab Bases in Bakol, Kill 43 Militants 04/15 Somaliland: Buhodle Mayor Resigns 04/15 Somali Woman Becomes Unconscious Inside Kasarani Detention of Nairobi 04/15 Gunmen Kill Two Villa Somalia Security Guards 04/15 Somali Prime Minister Holds Talks With Kismayo Residents 04/15 Somali Federalism Process Should Not Mirror Tribalism, Mohamud Says 04/15 Somali President 'The People of Burundi Are Our True Brothers Who Have Given Their Blood to Bring Peace and Stability in Somalia' 04/15 Somali Migrants Arrested By Libyan Coast Guard 04/15 President Hassan - '12 Months On, the Fact That These Courts and Legal Offices Are Working Again ' 04/15 UN: Britain's sexism more 'pervasive' than any other country 04/15 Jubba Official Killed in Kismayo 04/15 Being a Somalilander Part 3 04/15 PM Abdiweli tours Kismayo seaport as gov,tcalls the facility handed over 04/15 Return of the Quirky Somali Diasporans 04/15 Deliberate murders land Syria on 2014 Impunity Index 04/15 Al Shabaab Ambushes Ethiopian Troops In Somalia: 12 Dead!! 04/15 Why Sheffield is throwing its weight behind Somaliland 04/15 Obama To Meet With Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh 04/15 Somali government turned blind eye over Kenyan atrocities against ethnic Somalis. 04/15 Uplifting letters of hope sent to children of Syria 04/15 Dr. Ali Khalif Galaydh is said to be engaged in Secret Talks with Somaliland 04/15 Report: Africa's Economic Prosperity at Risk From Instability 04/15 Obama to meet Djibouti President on May 5 04/15 Kenya targeting Muslims: Somalia's Al-Shabaab 04/15 Another Critical Newspaper Shut Down in Somaliland 04/15 PM Abdiweli Tours Kismayo Seaport As Gov't Calls the Facility Handed Over 04/15 Al-Shabaab On the Verge of Elimination 04/15 Roadblocks Removed From Lower Shabelle 04/15 Somalia: Delivering Clean Water in a Conflict-Stricken Country 04/15 Somalia: Qoryoley 'Inaccessible' Due to Border Blockages 04/15 Kuwaiti Company to Construct Airport, University in Puntland 04/15 No-Confidence Motion Against President Hassan Looms-Sources 04/15 Maritime Piracy: A Chronic but Manageable Threat 04/15 Government Forces, Al Shabab Battle in Bakool Region 04/15 Kenya: KDF Rescues Two Aid Workers Kidnapped in Somalia in 2011 04/14 Is Piracy Eradicated? 04/14 Kenya: Somalis Trapped in 'Catch-22' Amid Crackdown On Refugees 04/14 Somalia and Fiji Formalise Diplomatic Relations 04/14 Somalia: Kenyan Troops Rescue Two Kidnapped Aid Workers From Somalia 04/14 Somali Prime Minister Visits Bulo Burde, Jowhar 04/14 Kenya: It's Economic Sabotage, Claim Somalis 04/14 Turkish Police to Work With Kenyan Counterparts to Stabilise Somalia 04/14 Somali Govt, HRW Call for End of Police Crackdown On Somalis 04/14 Somalia - Federal Govt, Ethiopian Troops Clash With Al Shabaab in Bakool 04/14 Mortar Attack Injures Two Turkish Workers At Embassy Site 04/14 PM in Kismayo Port City for Official Visit 04/14 Kismayo Businesses Are Closed Ahead of Prime Minister's Arrival 04/14 Govt' Shuffles the Burdhubo District Administration 04/14 Somali‬ President Thanks United Arab Emirates for Cooperation On Security and Development 04/14 Al-Shabaab Suffers Loss in Their Fighters After Clash in Bakool 04/14 There Must Be Available Solutions for Refugees Seeking Safety 04/14 Westgate Attackers May Have Passed Through Uganda 04/14 Somalia Praised for Coming Up With Young and Talented Referees During Anglophone Education Officers' Workshop 04/14 President Hassan "I Congratulate the SNA On Its Successes During Ongoing Operations Against Al-Shabaab and the 54th Anniversary of Its Inauguration 04/14 From Hijab to Jihad 04/14 Children Died of Malnutrition, Illness in IDP Camp Outside Mogadishu 04/14 Somalia - National Armed Forces Celebrate 54th Anniversary 04/14 Press Release Regarding the Attack Perpetrated Against the Premises of the Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu 04/14 Somalia's Gas Preserves Ready for Investment 04/14 Government Rejects Protest Against Kenya in Mogadishu. 04/14 Somalia - Puntland Farmers Day Marked With 'Commendations and Pledges' 04/14 Mombasa Crackdown Nets 100 Foreigners 04/14 Polio: Nigeria 2nd Largest Country With Unimmunised Kids 04/14 New Hamarweine District Commissioner Hailed 04/14 Suspects Arrested Following Armed Assassination On Presidential Security Officer 04/14 Al-Shabaab Block Town Borders in Bakool 04/14 100 Aliens Seized in Mombasa Swoop 04/14 Passengers On Board a Bus Killed After Attack Near Galkacyo 04/14 Al-Shabaab and Amisom Forces Physical Encounter in Gedo Halts 04/14 AMISOM Forces Rescue Hostages From Al Shabaab 04/14 The Somali Question, the Kikuyu Answer 04/14 Kenyan aid workers home after 2-year Somalia captivity 04/14 The Situation of IDPs in Newly Liberated Areas Remains Fluid As Military Operation Continues 04/14 Somali National Team Player Released From Kasarani Detention 04/14 Army Marks Its 54th Anniversary Celebrations in Mogadishu 04/14 Kenya and Somalia Should Forge Stronger Business Ties to Fight Terrorism 04/14 AFC Leopards Somali International Among Those in Kasarani Concentrated Camp 04/14 President Hassan :”12 months on, the fact that these courts and legal offices are working again 04/14 Air Force mission on the rise in Africa amid Afghan drawdown 04/14 Sailors in Djibouti patrol to prevent another USS Cole 04/14 Accompanied tours in Djibouti? US military looks at options as it settles in for the long-term 04/14 Kenya ‘no genocide in 2014 shame on you’ 04/14 Brundi is our true brothers who have given their blood to bring peace and stability in Somalia 04/14 Aid workers rescued in Somalia 04/14 Kenya: Media Told to Report Objectively On Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism 04/14 Kenya: Rescued Kenyan Aid Workers Tell of Shabaab Ordeal 04/14 Anger aganist Kenya atrocities 04/14 Kenya: Turkish Pact to Mordenise Kenya Police 04/13