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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Obama eased rules for drone strikes in Pakistan: report 04/27 1,200 Somalis return home from war-torn Yemen 04/27 Kenyans in US more likely to suffer from heart diseases 04/27 Kenya: Kuttuny Youth Fight DP Ruto Allies Over ICC Jail Remarks 04/27 The Shareholder Spring Continues 04/27 Kwibuka 21 - Ministry of Health Commemorates 04/27 Kenya: Suspect 'Was Not in Uhuru Rural' 04/27 Nigeria: Boko Haram Attacks Army Base in Niger 04/27 Nigeria: BBOG Group to Brief Press On NSA's Statement On Rescue of Chibok Girls 04/27 Nigeria League Round-Up - Sunshine Stars Secure Nervy Win in Akure 04/27 East Africa: Muturi Urges EAC to Join War on Terrorism 04/27 Tanzania: Were Tanzanians Spared in the Violence Down South? 04/27 Weakened Boko Haram Still Attacks 04/27 Nightmare in Nepal as death toll soars 04/27 Cheers as survivors pulled from rubble 04/27 Sudan: 'Peacekeepers Responded Proportionally to Attacks in Kass' 04/26 Sunday Kitty Group shelve South Africa trip over Xenophobia 04/26 Faith Turns Christians Into Terrorist Targets 04/26 Alshabaab oo baahiyey sawirrada sarkaal Kenyan oo looga dilay Somalia 04/26 Strong aftershock hits Kathmandu 04/26 Mnene Hospital Fraud Trio Acquitted By Gweru Magistrate 04/26 Gwanda CIO Boss Reclaims Disputed Farm 04/26 Soldiers rescue two kidnapped Kenyans 04/26 Volcano ash choking Chile 04/26 Two Kajiado Leaders Want Somalis Vetted 04/26 Somalia FM Says His Country, Kenya Are on Good Terms 04/26 Somalia's al Shabaab kills three officials, former lawmaker in Mogadishu 04/26 Islamic State or Al-Qaeda? Somalia's Shebab mulls future 04/26 Somalia's al Shabaab kills three officials, former lawmaker in Mogadishu 04/26 Kenya: Mau Alert After Terror Attack Scare 04/26 Somalia's al-Shabaab kills three officials, former lawmaker in Mogadishu 04/26 Somalia's al Shabaab kills three officials, former lawmaker in Mogadishu 04/26 Covering xenophobia in South Africa 04/26 Zifa Dribbles Sponsors Away 04/26 Alarm Bells Ringing Loud for Highlanders, Caps United 04/26 Rwanda Down Somalia in Kigali 04/26 Dembare, City Share Spoils 04/26 Apartheid system to blame for economic woes 04/26 Al-Shabaab are defeated - Museveni 04/26 1,200 Somalis return home from war-torn Yemen 04/26 Madaxweyne Xasan, Axmed Madoobe iyo Shariif Xasan oo tegaya Garowe 04/26 Somalia's al Shabaab kills three officials, former lawmaker in Mogadishu 04/26 Kenya start training Somali foreign office officials for diplomatic training 04/26 Witness: 'The earthquake swung me, I hit a wall' 04/25 'Massive destruction -- extent is difficult to imagine' 04/25 Kenya: Exécution d'un chef local enlevé par des membres suspectés d'Al-Shabab 04/25 Quake felt as far away as New Delhi 04/25 Witness: 'Houses have cracked and fallen' 04/25 Somalia’s al-Shabab kills man for ‘insulting prophet’ 04/25 Kenya: Is There a Link Between Terrorism and Historical Injustice in Kenya 04/25 Kenya: Demas Kiprono - Linking Terrorism and Historical Injustice in Kenya 04/25 Kenya: Al Shabaab Amnesty Extended By 14 Days, Six Returnees Surrender in Mombasa 04/25 Kenya: Al Shabaab Shot Abducted Mandera Chief 8 Times As Elders Watched, Maalim Buried in Arabia 04/25 Train Kills Migrant In Macedonia In Second Accident In Two Days 04/25 Kenya: Two Teachers Abducted a Day After Area Chief Was Killed 04/25 Somali government says Al Shabaab want to carry out attacks in Mosques and markets 04/25 Saraakiil milateri oo lagu kala qoray gobollo kala duwan ee Somalia 04/25 Pregnant women try to cross sea to Europe 04/25 Kenya: Q FM Presenter Ryno Dies in Road Accident 04/25 Mr. Magafe, the Libyan warlord who feeds on immigrants 04/25 Somali Refugees Deny Camps Used to Train and Plan Terror 04/25 23 minutes ago This country has wept enough over tragedies 04/25 Somali Foreign Minister Discusses al-Shabab with VOA 04/25 Somalia FM Says His Country, Kenya Are on Good Terms 04/25 Major Earthquake Strikes Nepal, Convoy of Hope Responds 04/25 South Africa: Police Minister in Moscow for Anti-Drug Meeting 04/25 Terrorists target Christians 04/25 Mareykanka: Nin Somali ah oo u hanjabay FPI oo la xiray 04/25 IMF Issues Gloomy Forecast 04/24 US unsure about who will die in drone strikes 04/24 Sudan: 'Collapse of Security Situation in Darfur' - Umma Party, ICG 04/24 Kenya: UN Mourns Staff Killed in Somalia 04/24 Somalia Coach Resigns to Fate Ahead of Rwanda Clash 04/24 UN Flags at Half Mast in Honour of Staff, Including Two Kenyans, Killed in Somalia 04/24 UN Refugee Chief to Visit to Discuss Return of Somali Refugees 04/24 Migrants Killed By Train In Canyon 04/24 Kenya: Is Govt's Security Policy the Real Enemy Within? 04/24 'Al-Shabab' kills Kenyan chief 04/24 Sudan: The Chaos in Darfur 04/24 Migrants killed on Macedonia railway 04/24 At least 14 migrants killed by train in Macedonia 04/24 14 migrants killed by train during trek to Europe, police say 04/24 Migrants killed by train in Macedonia while taking land route to western Europe to avoid sea 04/24 Mali: Inter-Malian Dialogue - Minusma Chief Optimistic About Success of Algiers Process 04/24 Liberia: Over U.S.$104.8 Million Needed for UNMIL Drawdown 04/24 SOMALIA: The Islamic Conundrum 04/24 Migrants from Somalia and Afghanistan hit by train in Macedonia 04/24 Fourteen Migrants Killed In Macedonian Railway Accident 04/24 14 Migrants Killed By Train While Walking On Macedonia Railway Track 04/24 Somalia-based piracy contained: Parrikar 04/24 BBC World Service Awarded A George Foster Peabody Award—Special Ebola Service Honoured For Public Service 04/24 Train kills 14 Somali, Afghan immigrants in Macedonia 04/24 Govt,United States Ink New Deal to Scale Up Ties in Peacekeeping Operations 04/24 At least 14 Somali, Afghan immigrants killed by train in Macedonia 04/24 At camp, red dots signify migrants who died at sea 04/24 The migrants trying to give birth in Europe 04/24 Kenyan Governors Build Confidence to Secure Tip-offs on Islamists 04/24 Train kills 14 migrants on Macedonian track 04/24 26 minutes ago Cut off Shabaab funds from sugar smuggling 04/24 Somalia seeks to drive militants from southern valley bases: PM 04/24