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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Somalia: Somali Police Force Basic Recruit Curriculum Validation Workshop organized in Mogadishu 01/24 Sudan's RSF arrests 64 illegal migrants near Libyan border 01/24 What President Trump's Policies Mean for Somalia and Security in Greater East Africa 01/24 Mind-Body Wellness Program Helps Trauma Survivors in Somalia 01/24 WFP Makes Drastic Cuts to Food Aid Across Africa 01/24 African Leaders to Choose New AU Chair at Busy Summit 01/24 US greenlights Sh43.5bn arms deal to Kenya to boost terror fight 01/24 Trump's administration approves sh43.5 bn arms deal to KDF 01/24 Galmudug VP Meets Int'l Aid Agencies Amid Famine 01/24 Afgoye Deputy DC Alarms Over Rise of Shabaab Raids 01/24 US gives nod for $418m military aircraft sale to Kenya 01/24 KDF, Foreign Forces Take Badhadhe From Al Shabaab 01/24 Chinese warships tour Gulf Arab states for first time since 2010 01/24 Danish man jailed 12 years for narcotics 01/24 Explosion Kills 7 Somali Policemen Just West of Mogadishu 01/24 Roadside bomb kills at least 4 troops in Somalia town 01/24 Africa House holds workshop Linking up Startups,... 01/24 Police reservist killed in Mandera Shabaab attack - VIDEO 01/23 Africa: African Press Review 23 January 2017 01/23 Kenyan Police Officer Killed in Mandera Al-Shabaab Attack 01/23 CAR Becomes Most Dangerous Spot for Aid Workers 01/23 Burundi: UN Says Delayed Peacekeeper Salaries Soon to Be Paid 01/23 Kenya: Police Reservist Killed in Mandera Al-Shabaab Attack 01/23 Somalia's Upper House Senate Picks New Speaker 01/23 Somali Candidate Applauds New Senate Leadership 01/23 Aggression targets Souk al-Aqeq in Sa'ada, kills two, injures five 01/23 Mind-body Wellness Helps Trauma Survivors in Somalia 01/23 Businesses close as South Sudan’s economic crisis worsens 01/23 US government to continue HIV/AIDS, Security support to Africa 01/22 Turkish President Targets Cleric's Schools on Africa Visit 01/22 Somalia Upper House Elects New Speaker 01/22 Kenya: Kenyatta's Hopes for Relations With Trump's U.S. 01/22 Africa: The Problem With Photojournalism and Africa 01/21 Herders Hard Hit As Drought Strikes 01/21 Sanctions lifted, but is Sudan out of the woods? 01/21 What President Trump’s policies mean for Somalia and security in greater East Africa 01/21 Burundi troops to remain in Somalia, payments resume 01/21 Somaliland:WorldRemit founder: 'I lost my job to uncover UN fraud 01/21 Is terrorism a real problem for the world? 01/21 Police Commander Killed in Attack in Somalia's Middle Shebelle Region 01/21 Somaliland:Mercy Corps moves to enhance teachers skills 01/21 Former head of southern fleet appointed to lead China's navy 01/21 Africa: Counterterrorism Efforts Dominated Africa Policy During Obama Years 01/20 Amisom, Somali Forces Killed 92 Civilians in Last Four Months - UN 01/20 UN chief: Thousands of children fighting in Somalia 01/20 Ethiopian Amisom Troops Donate Food to Needy Gobwein Residents 01/20 Press Statement on the Drought Appeal 01/20 Burundi drops threat to quit peacekeeping in Somalia 01/20 Press Statement on the Drought Appeal 01/20 Somali herders hard hit as drought strikes 01/20 Security checks at Wajir airport for Mogadishu-Nairobi flights to stay 01/20 US drone strikes killed 117 civilians during Obama's presidency: Report 01/20 President Appeals for Assistance as Drought Worsens 01/20 Executed Uganda Soldier Sends Last Message to Uhuru Kenyatta Warning of Execution of 2 KDF Pows 01/19 Ethiopia Think Thank Warns a Darood Presidency May Lead to Anarchy 01/19 Counterterrorism Efforts Dominated Africa Policy During Obama Years 01/19 260 Civilians Killed in Somalia Conflict Involving AMISOM, SNA and Al-Shabaab, UN Report Says 01/19 SNA, AMISON Killed 92 Civilians in Last 4 Months - UN 01/19 "I Am Not Broke. I Will Be the Next President" Sheikh Shariff Says As He Returns to Somalia to Face Elections 01/19 AU Pays Tribute to Burundian Soldiers Killed in Somalia 01/19 What has each US president left for their successor? 01/19 AFCON Soccer Fever Sweeps South Africa 01/19 Gen Katumba warns over Burundi exit from Somalia 01/19 Somali gang rape video sparks call for justice, not fine of camels 01/19 A boom in qat in Ethiopia and Kenya 01/19 One Zuma to another Zuma? 01/19 Somali President Appeals for Assistance as Drought Worsens 01/19 UPDF vows retaliation for al-Shabaab killing of captured Ugandan soldier 01/19 Senior AU Official Begins Visit in Burundi 01/19 Uhuru Says Al Shabaab Defeated in Somalia Battle 01/19 UN alarmed that most of al-Shabab's force in Somalia are kids 01/19 UN alarm that most of al-Shabab's force in Somalia are kids 01/19 Yemen: Ongoing humanitarian crisis adding to migrants woes, says UN migration agency 01/18 Africa: 'Wait and See' No Longer an Option for Disaster Response - IFRC Chief 01/18 Kenya Sees Progress in Counter-Terrorism Amid Reduced Attacks 01/18 Africa: Popular British TV Drama to Feature Female Genital Mutilation Plotline 01/18 Security Forces, Amisom Killed 92 Civilians in Last Four Months of 2016 - UN 01/18 East Africa: Al-Shabaab Executes Ugandan Soldier in Somalia 01/18 Somalia Seeks U.S.$864 Million in Humanitarian Aid As 3 Million People Face Biting Drought 01/18 Ugandan soldier executed by Somalia's al Shabaab militants -video 01/18 New Drought Strikes Millions in Ethiopia, Still Reeling From El Nino 01/18 Early Action the Only Way to Avert Another Catastrophe, Says Senior UN Relief Official 01/18 The problem with photojournalism and Africa 01/18 Somalia: SNA, AMISOM Forces Drive Al Shabaab Out of Town 01/18 Istanbul NYE attacker was directed by Isil commander who changed target at last minute 01/18 Ugandan soldier executed by Somalia's al Shabaab militants -video 01/18 Ugandan soldier executed by Somalia's al Shabaab militants -video 01/18 Video posted of sexual assault sparks outrage in Somalia 01/18 Ugandan soldier executed by Somalia's al Shabaab militants -video 01/18 Somali Girl Arrested Over Istanbul Nightclub Attack 01/18 Updated - 3 Dead, 4 Injured in Adado Fighting 01/18 UN Warns Millions of Somalis Are At Risk of Famine 01/18 AMISOM Regrets Tragic Road Incident in Somalia 01/18 UN Warns of Famine Risk in Somalia Amid Worsening Drought 01/18 ‘An order came from Raqqa’: suspect in Istanbul nightclub attack claims he received orders from Islamic State 01/18 What is at stake as Somalia votes for new president 01/18 Amisom, Somali forces killed 92 civilians in last four months -UN 01/18 Refugees tortured and raped in squalid desert camps, arrest of Somali 'sadist' reveals 01/18 Burundi Soon Withdrawing its Troops From Somalia... 01/17 Watch: Moment when Istanbul attacker was arrested 01/17