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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: World Briefing: Somalia: Pirates Free Indian Sailors Held for 4 Years 10/31 Kenya: Kenya Revives Reconciliation Efforts in Mandera, Wajir 10/31 Allied Forces Kill Five Al-Shabaab Militants in El Garas 10/31 Somalia: Somali Govt Co-Ordinates Aid Distribution in Former Al-Shabaab-Held Areas 10/31 UAE, Somali Leaders Address Anti-Piracy Conference in Dubai 10/31 US warns of al-Shabaab attacks in Burundi 10/31 Mohmaud Suspends 21 Judges Across Somalia 10/31 AMISOM mourns passing of Somali Police Commissioner Brig. General Mohamed Hassan Ismail 10/31 LEADERSHIP: The Bright Side Of Bad News 10/31 Mareykanka oo ka digay weeraro al-Shabaab ka geystaan dalka Burundi 10/31 US warns against Burundi travel amid Al Shabaab threat 10/31 Somalia: Police Chief dies after sudden illness 10/31 Somali government investigates the death of the Somali police chief 10/31 Seychelles: Heading Home After Years in Captivity - Seven Indian Sailors Released By Somali Pirates 10/31 Somali pirates release seven Indian sailors 10/31 Somali pirates free Indian sailors after 4 years in captivity 10/31 Poor rains followed by floods likely to worsen Somalia food crisis, experts warn / FAO urgently appeals for $49 million to stave off disaster in Horn of Africa country 10/31 IOM Engages Mogadishu Communities in Discussion of Irregular Migration 10/31 Somalia gains ground from al-Shabaab terror group 10/31 ICRC president completes talks with African Union and Ethiopian leaders 10/31 Floods Threaten Somali Food Security 10/31 Somali Pirates Free Indian Sailors After Four Years in Captivity 10/31 Gunmen Kill Suspected Al-Shabaab Member 10/31 Ummah Hospital Doctors Treating Deceased Somali Police Boss Detained 10/31 FM, some Arab counterparts discuss anti-piracy efforts 10/31 UN agency warns Somalia on verge of food crisis, urges uptick in humanitarian funding 10/31 Somali Pirates Release Sailors After Ransom Paid 10/31 Sectarianism causing turmoil in Somalia, says Museveni 10/31 Pirate Attacks Off Somalia Coast Drop - Maritime Watchdog 10/31 Lynne Featherstone Re-Affirms Strength of UK Partnership With Somalia On Visit to Mogadishu 10/31 Somali Sea Pirates Release Indian Hostages 10/31 At Least Three Million in Somalia in Need of Aid: UN Secretary General 10/30 UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon Lauds Somali Refugees in Dadaab Camp 10/30 At least 3 million in Somalia in need of aid: U.N. Secretary General 10/30 South-Western State Formation Conference Opens in Baidoa Amid Protests 10/30 President Hassan Dismisses 21 Judges 10/30 Ahlusuna Warns Political Feud Would Lead the Country to 'Foreign Meddling' 10/30 Somalia:AMISOM conducts Gender Audit Workshop 10/30 Ahlu Sunnah Wants More Investigations On Explosives Imported Through Mogadishu Sea Port 10/30 At least 3 mln in Somalia in need of aid: UN Secretary General 10/30 Religious Leaders Spoke About the Current Disagreement Between the President and the PM 10/30 UN, WBG Leaders Pledge More Assistance to Help Peace and Development 10/30 President Hassan Sheikh Departs to Dubai for Anti - Piracy Conference 10/30 Somali Leaders' Political Feud May Cripple Govt Progress 10/30 UN Head Ban Ki-Moon Visits Somalia 10/30 UAE Cautions About a Relationship Between Al-Shabaab and ISIS 10/30 EU Naval Force Flagship Visits Dubai in Support of UAE Counter-Piracy Week 10/30 The AU responds to Human Rights Watch allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by AMISOM personnel 10/30 40 sailors still held hostage as attacks drop 10/30 Somali pirates released seven Indian hostages 10/30 The UN Secretary-General and World Bank President in Somalia and Kenya 10/30 UK Minister Visits Somalia to Promote the Rights of Women and Girls 10/30 56 Journalists Killed in 2014: Watchdog 10/30 We’re not out of the woods yet, says Somali minister 10/30 Indian sailors released by Somali pirates 10/30 Awesome: Foreign Fighter Pouring into Syria "Faster than Ever" (Guest Post by R. Shackleford) 10/30 Benadir Administration Allocates U.S. $250,000 to Kahda District for Social Services 10/30 United Nations, World Bank Chiefs Visit Mogadishu 10/30 Somali Police Seize Explosives At Mogadishu Port 10/30 Regional navies need to work together to tackle piracy 10/30 Somali Pirates Release 7 Indian Sailors 10/30 Somalia University Reopens 10/30 AMISOM mourns passing of Somali Police Commissioner Brig. General Mohamed Hassan Ismail 10/30 African Union hits back at Somalia rape allegations 10/30 Seven Indian sailors freed after four years pirates captivity 10/30 US Advises Citizens Against All Non-Essential Travel to Burundi 10/30 PUT-UP JOB FOR COPENHAGEN CONFERENCE ON SOMALIA 10/30 Somalia Pirates release Indian sailors 10/30 Al-Shabaab Targets Civilians in Mogadishu After Suffering String of Losses 10/29 Somali Women, Girls At Risk of Gender-Based Violence 10/29 IJA Forces Push Al-Shabaab Out of Kudha 10/29 Mohamud Extends Al-Shabaab Amnesty Offer for 60 Days 10/29 Uganda Sends More Troops to Somalia 10/29 SOMALIA: Al Shabaab Cut Down To A More Manageable Size 10/29 PM Rugunda lauds Canada for antiterrorism support 10/29 Somalia: Al-Shabaab – It Will Be a Long War (2-2) 10/29 UN’s Ban Ki-Moon Arrives in Somalia 10/29 Risking Life to Run for Presidency in Somalia 10/29 Kenya's Somali refugees divided on homeland 10/29 UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Arrives in Somalia 10/29 Readout of the Secretary-General's meeting with H.E. Mr. Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti 10/29 UN Secretary general Ban Ki-Moon to visit Mogadishu wearing No Flak Jacket 10/29 UN head Ban Ki-Moon visits Somalia 10/29 Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed urges nations to unite in piracy fight 10/29 Uganda deploys over 2,700 troops in Somalia 10/29 Security Beefed up in Baidoa Ahead of Anticipated Visit By President Hassan 10/29 Jubbaland Forces and Alshabaab Fight On the Outskirts of Kismayo 10/29 UN chief calls for urgent aid to avert new famine in Somalia : October 29, 2014, 6:12 pm 10/29 A Briefing in Mogadishu On Progress Against Al-Shabaab - Amnesty Extended By 65 Days 10/29 Senior Emirati official warns of possibility of Islamic State and al-Shabab collaboration 10/29 UN Chief Warns of Famine in Somalia 10/29 UAE official warns of potential for IS-Shabab link 10/29 Al-Shabab Somalia Branch in Decline, But Not Gone: UN Chief 10/29 Blowing the horn of Africa 10/29 Trafficking gang offered 'a la carte' routes to UK 10/29 At least 3 million in Somalia in need of aid: U.N. Secretary General 10/29 UN chief calls for urgent aid to avert new famine in Somalia 10/29 UN Secretary-General and World Bank Group President Arrive in Mogadishu 10/29 General Assembly Meeting for EFASOM Members and Education Stakeholders 10/29 President Hassan Opens the Conference to Form the Three Regions State Officially 10/29