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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Kenya: KDF Closing in On Lamu Killers 07/21 Katauti Joins Burundi's Vital'o 07/21 Gunmen kill at least four in Kenyan port city 07/21 Several killed in Mombasa shooting 07/21 Kenya police: Gunmen kill 3 people as insecurity escalates at Kenyan coast 07/21 Kenya defence Twitter account hacked 07/21 Somalia facing disaster three years after devastating famine 07/21 Kenya police: Gunmen kill 3 people in Kenya coast 07/21 MPs and Intellect Debate Over Somali Waters 07/21 Technical Committee Appointed By PM Claim Commitment to Form State 07/21 Mayor Mungab Concludes Training for 17 District Commissioners 07/21 Intense Clashes Erupt Between Al-Shabaab and Govt Troops 07/21 MPs Accuse Govt Leaders for Not Following the Constitution 07/21 Fly Olympic Airlines Commences Europe-Mogadishu Flights 07/21 Massachusetts Mayor Doesn't Want More Somali Refugees in His Town 07/21 Senior Alshabaab Member Takes Part a Quran Quiz in Mogadishu 07/21 Dead Bodies of Somali Businessmen Discovered in Nairobi 07/21 U.S. Issues Passenger Flight Prohibition and Advisory On Somalia 07/21 Shabelle State Sends Complaints to Regional and International Bodies 07/21 Somalis Gather in Mogadishu to Oppose President and PM 07/21 Multiple Ied Blasts Rock Mogadishu 07/21 Kenya Police Say Alshabaab Perpetrated Attack On Vehicles in Lamu 07/21 Jabuti School Qualifies for Round Three in Dalsan Quiz 07/21 A Soldier Kills His Pregnant Wife in Mogadishu 07/21 The Pay of KDF Contingent of Amisom Announced 07/21 MSDF Anti-Piracy Mission Off Somalia Extended 07/21 20 Somali Immigrants Rescued From High Sea 07/21 The New Police Boss Takes Over His Post Officially 07/21 More Than 3,000 Kenyan Soldiers Have Died in Somalia, Kenya Losing the War 07/21 Some Roads in Mogadishu Closed for Security Concerns 07/21 South Africa: Court Orders Treatment for Gravely Ill Somali Girl 07/21 Somali Govt and AMISON Conduct Search Operations in Mogadishu 07/21 Mayor Mungab Develops Security Plan 07/21 Cabinet Ministers Due to Visit Deefow 07/21 Government Soldier Killed in Mogadishu 07/21 Interim Jubba Militia Standoff With Al-Shabaab in Kismayo 07/21 Gunmen kill four in Kenya 07/21 Govt Minister Denounces President's Call for Negotiations 07/21 Will Kenya Face Up to Police Abuse? 07/21 Hodan Commissioner Comments On District's Search Operations 07/21 Clean-Up Exercise Commences in Mogadishu 07/21 Study: Risk of female genital mutilation in England higher than thought 07/21 Police arrest eight after attacks in Kenyan port city 07/21 America can, and should, set standards for drone use 07/21 Meeting Opposing Government Leaders Hosted By MPs in Mogadishu 07/21 Mubadala Unit Eyes Oil Opportunities in Somalia 07/21 Many Arrested By Police in Hodan Crackdowns 07/21 Somalia: Puntland President Not Adamant About Domestic, External Threats 07/21 Kenya: Seven Dead As Gunmen Ambush Convoy in Lamu 07/21 Apprehension As Boko Haram Kills Redeem Pastor 07/21 Nigeria: Boko Haram Takes Over Town 07/20 Kenya:Dead bodies of Somali businessmen discovered in Nairobi 07/20 Bondhere Commissioner Alleges They Capture Al-Shabaab Senior in the District 07/20 Somalia facing new famine threat, aid agencies warn 07/20 Demonstrations Against Al-Shabaab Held in Mogadishu 07/20 Baniyas target defender Hamdan Al Kamali from Al Wahda 07/20 Edgar Bruno says Al Shabab’s new manager Caio Junior can bring stability 07/20 Somalia facing disaster three years after devastating famine 07/20 Somaliland:Creative Writing Course as part of Hargeysa International Book Fair. At Hargeysa Cultural Center, 2-7 August 2014 07/20 Somalia:Al-Shabaab agent captured in Banadir District 07/20 Gunmen in Kenya kill four in Mombasa 07/20 Somali Prime Minister Announces U.S. $500,000 in Drought Emergency Funds 07/20 Somali Constitutional Review Commission Seeks Govt Funding 07/20 Armed men on a motorbike kill at least four in Mombasa 07/20 Gunmen Attack Market 07/20 Tanzania: 17 Charged With Terrorism Offenses in Dar es Salaam Court 07/20 Kenya Red Cross: 7 killed in new militant attack on bus at the Kenyan coast 07/19 Seven killed in Kenya bus attack 07/19 Seven die in Kenya attack 07/19 Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for Kenyan bus attack that leaves seven dead 07/19 Drought Hits Amid Skyrocketing Prices 07/19 Somalia: Suicide Bombing Targets Somali Politician in Kismayo 07/19 Deadly Attack on Police Officers 07/19 Engineer Shot Dead in Mogadishu 07/19 7 killed in Kenya militant attack 07/19 Shebab claim deadly attack on Kenya bus, deny Somalia bomb 07/19 Kenya: Seven Killed in Bus Attack 07/19 Egypt: Over a Dozen Soldiers Killed 07/19 somalia:Weekly update from the ministry of information 07/19 Puntland Govt Seeking to Contain Polio Spread 07/19 Kenya Red Cross: 7 die in militant attack on coast 07/19 Kenya Al-Shebaab gun attack on bus kills seven people 07/19 Shebab claims deadly strike on Kenya bus 07/19 If landlocked is mind-locked, how come UPDF and telecoms work? 07/19 Kenya Police Say Alshabaab Perpetrated Attack on Vehicles in Lamu 07/19 London’s pro-Palestine rally was a disgusting anti-Semitic spectacle 07/19 Minister for Foreign Affairs Discuss with Acting Qatar Ambassador to Somalia 07/19 US FAA issues strongest aviation warnings for Ukraine, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia 07/19 Shebab militants claim attack on Kenya bus that killed 7 07/19 Somalia blast kills six in alleged attack on anti-Shebab leader 07/19 Somalia: Suicide bomber kills six in attack in Kismayu 07/19 Kenya: Somalia’s al-Shabaab militants claim attack on Kenya bus that killed 7 07/19 Somalia declares drought as food prices skyrocket 07/19 Somalia's al Shabaab claim responsibility for Kenya bus attack 07/19 Al-Shabab claims deadly Kenya bus attack 07/19 KDF Will Not Pull Out of Somalia - MPs 07/18 Al-Shabaab Forcefully Enrolling Children in Indoctrination Centre in Barawe 07/18 Government Official Killed in Explosion in Mogadishu 07/18 Federal Govt Forms Technical Committee for South-West State 07/18 Jubaland Forces Clash With Al Shabaab Militants 07/18