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War in Somalia


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 114.2 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 1,100,000 IDPs
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Calm Returns to Baidoa After Protests 08/27 Qatar Donates Boats to Somalia 08/27 Ahmed Daci Militants Freed From Prison 08/27 Business Resumes At Mogadishu's Bakara Market Following Merchant Strike 08/27 U.S. Govt Donates 5,000 Tons of Medications to Amisom 08/27 Calm Returns to Baidoa After Protests 08/27 Somali Journalists Receive Training On Media Ethics, Press Freedom 08/27 East Africa: Interpol Warn of Security Threats By Organized Gangs in East Africa 08/27 Somali Forces, Amisom Capture Tiyeglow in Bakool Region 08/27 Somalia Ready for Business - AU Chief 08/27 Somali Forces and Amisom Capture Tiyeglow in Bakool Region 08/27 9 killed in fresh clan clashes in N. Kenya 08/27 Somali, Amisom Offensive Aims to End Al-Shabaab Charcoal Trade, UN Envoy Says 08/26 27th IGAD Extraordinary Summit Concludes 08/26 Challenges Ahead As Somali, Amisom Forces Prepare for Next Al-Shabaab Offensive 08/26 Somali Prime Minister Visits Dadaab Refugee Camp 08/26 Bakara Market Traders Close Doors After Imposters Levy Taxes 08/26 IGAD leaders give push to S. Sudan peace talks 08/26 AU, Somali Troops Take Key Town From Al-Shabab 08/26 Africa: 'Black Europe' - a Walk Down the Musical Memory Lane 08/26 The Somalia Prime Minister Visits Kenya's Dadaab Refugee Camp 08/26 Al-Shabaab 'Flee' Ahead of Troop Advance 08/26 World Food Programme Warns Against Ration Card Scam in Bosaso 08/26 IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Govt Meeting in Addis Ababa 08/26 Djiboutian President Survives What Seemed As an Assassination Attempt 08/26 AMISON Says Will Embark On New Offensive Against Al Shabaab 08/26 A Father Who Was Labourer Hangs Himself Near Adado 08/26 Business Picks Up in Bakara Again After Go-Slow By Traders Due to Complaints On Double Taxation 08/26 Police Bosses From Eastern African Countries to Be Trained in Mombasa 08/26 Somalia - Detention of 19 Journalists 08/26 Prime Minister of Somalia Condemns Violence in South Sudan 08/26 FEATURE-Somali "paradise flower" chewers savour low-price bliss after UK ban 08/26 President Hassan to Attend the Inauguration Ceremony of Erdogan 08/26 Somali Military Court Sentences the Killer of Journalist 08/26 Franchise Opportunity: Western Union in Somaliland 08/26 Somaliland:US Senate gives Somalia money transfer a new lifeline 08/26 Vacancy Position of qualified Engineer (ADRA Garowe) 08/26 Kenya: I Detonated 173kg Mombasa Terror Bomb - Cop 08/26 Somali 'paradise flower' chewers savor low-price bliss after UK ban 08/26 Somali government warns illegal taxes collectors after protest in Bakara Market 08/26 Somali, Amisom Forces Seize District in Bakol 08/25 Somali Activists Take Aim At Tribalism, Push for National Unity 08/25 Amisom Convenes Workshop in Mogadishu to Draft First Policy On Child Protection 08/25 Seychelles Welcomes the Apprehension of Garfanji 08/25 Acting PM Visits Central Prison 08/25 UN Security Council in Preparation to Review the Arms Embargo On Somalia 08/25 The Fear of Somali Gangs in Eastleigh 08/25 Somali Counter-Terrorism Expert Killed By Roadside Bomb in Mogadishu 08/25 UN Decries 'Punishing' Prison Conditions for Former Somali Child Soldiers 08/25 Conference On the Implementation of the Federal System Starts in Baladweyne 08/25 Afex Condemns Crackdown On Media Freedom in Somalia, Demands Immediate Release of Detained Journalists 08/25 Leaders From the Government Visit the Central Prison of Mogadishu 08/25 AMISON and Govt. Troops Preparing to Attack Barawe 08/25 Hanafi Admits He Has a Kenyan ID 08/25 Kenya: Al Shabaab Militants Behead Garissa Miraa Dealer 08/25 EAJA Condemns Raid On Radio Stations, Arrest of Journalists in Somalia 08/25 'I Flied From Mogadishu Airport,' Says Former War Lord 08/25 Germany Pledges Assistance for the Somali Refugees in Ethiopia 08/25 Minister of Information, Mustaf Duxulow Discusses the Government Initiatives 08/25 President Hassan Receives the New Indian Ambassador to Somalia 08/25 Amisom and Govt. Forces Bound Towards Jalalaqsi 08/25 FAJ Condemns New Wave of Attacks Against Independent Media in Somalia 08/25 Kenya: Shabaab Kill Miraa Pick-Up Driver in Lamu 08/25 What Is ISIS? 08/25 Amisom to Withdraw From Somalia in Two Years 08/25 Ministerial Meeting On UNHCR's Initiative On Somali Refugees 08/25 UNHCR Calls for Continued Support to Somali Refugees 08/25 U.S. Government Calls for African Governments to Fight the Armed Insurgents 08/25 Interviewed With the Somali PM Abdiweli While Visiting Dadaab Refugee Camp 08/25 UNDP Refutes Claims of Spending Without Oversight 08/25 SPP - Appealing for Human Rights Organizations 08/25 IGAD Leaders in Addis for an Extraordinary Session 08/25 Africa: Fiba Africa Clubs Champions - Zone V Ladies in Mombasa 08/25 Somali Islamists flee African troop advance 08/25 'Black Europe' – A walk down the musical memory lane 08/25 Avenging James Foley: Tit for Tat Is Not a Solution 08/25 Thousands Attend Funeral Of Michael Brown 08/25 Hysteria About ISIS Is Unwarranted 08/25 AU, Somali Troops Take Key Town From al-Shabab 08/25 Al-Shabab threatens to kill more politicians 08/25 Somali forces and AMISOM liberate Tiyeeglow town in Bakool region from al-shabaab terrorists. 08/25 AU, Somali Troops Take Key Town From al-Shabaab 08/25 Somaliland: Court Lifts 238 day Ban on Hubaal Newpaper 08/25 As Kenya fights terrorism, its tactics come under fire 08/25 Italy recovers 24 bodies in deadliest refugee days 08/25 somalia:Qatar opens embassy in Somalia 08/24 Qatar to Reopen Its Embassy in Mogadishu 08/24 Somalia battles to get guns off its streets 08/24 Africa: Italian Navy Rescue Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants 08/24 Africa: Migrants Die Off Italy 08/24 Piracy is a symptom of Somalia chaos 08/24 Senior military officer was killed today in a car bomb explosion likely planted in his car by al-Qaeda operators in Aden. 08/24 Can Somalia disarm its militias? 08/24 Somaliland: An Oasis of Tranquility in a Chaotic and Dysfunctional Neighbourhood 08/24 Summary executions in Somalia 08/24 Suspected Shebab militants behead Kenyan driver 08/23 Fear, loathing and greed in Somalia and Kenya 08/23 Conference on the Implementation of the Federal System Starts in Baladweyne 08/23 somali government’s Weekly Press on the Progress of the Government 08/23 East Africa states give troops for new standby force 08/23