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Georgia - South Ossetia


Russia-supported breakaway republic of Georgia
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.8 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 300,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: European Court Says Will Consider Beslan Case Against Russia 07/02 Employee of "International Alert" banned from working in South Ossetia 06/27 Russia and the South Caucasus: Exploiting Unresolved Conflicts 06/19 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of June 8-14 06/15 Ukraine in Danger of Two-Front War, as Saakashvili Becomes Odessa Governor 06/12 The End Of An Era In North Ossetia 06/11 Sergey Takoev resigns as North Ossetia's government head 06/10 Prosecutor's Office demands to bring head of Alagir District to responsibility 06/10 Over 1,500 Russian Soldiers Begin Drone Training Exercises in S Ossetia 06/10 The Putin Syndicate 06/09 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of June 1-7 06/08 Discharge of manganese into Terek happened during debugging gas equipment 06/08 Tamerlan Aguzarov announces resignation of North Ossetian government 06/06 Vladimir Putin relieves Taimuraz Mamsurov of his post as leader of North Ossetia 06/05 KBR residents detained at checkpoint "Verkhniy Lars" released 06/04 Yerevan hosts international festival ‘Culture Days of North Ossetia-Alania in Armenia’ 06/04 Ex-Georgian President Sakaashvili appointed governor of Ukraine's Odessa region 05/30 Saakashvili Confirmed As Governor Of Ukraine's Odesa Region 05/30 Poroshenko names Georgia's Saakashvili as Odessa governor 05/29 One Nation, Two Polities, Two Endangered Ossetian Languages? 05/27 South Ossetia Appoints Envoys to Donetsk and Lugansk Republics 05/26 The EU's Cynical Dismissals of Eastern Hopes 05/25 Prosecutor's Office of North Ossetia finds source of pollution of Terek River 05/25 In North Ossetia, Public Chamber concerned over pollution of Terek River in Vladikavkaz 05/25 South Ossetia Closes Border With Georgia Over Security Concerns 05/25 Donetsk, Luhansk ‘People’s Republics’ Seek International Legitimization Through Local Elections (Part One) 05/22 Policeman from Ingushetia suspected of murder 05/15 Ukrainian separatists recognize Abkhazia, South Ossetia 05/13 Is Abkhazia Heading For A New Political Standoff? 05/13 The Latest Census Underlines Georgia’s Profound Demographic Crisis 05/12 New Strains in Armenian-Georgian Relations 05/12 New Georgian Cabinet Wins Confidence Vote, But Rift Remains 05/11 Georgia hosts joint military exercises with U.S. 05/11 Russia's Airborne Troops to Receive Tanks 05/06 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of April 27-May 3 05/04 South Ossetia to amnesty 10 prisoners 04/30 In Tbilisi, protesters demand to restore diplomatic relations with Russia 04/30 Over 3,500 Russian Soldiers Hold Mountain Drills in South Ossetia 04/24 Lukashenka Says Belarus Supports Georgia's Territorial Integrity 04/23 De Facto South Ossetian President Dismisses Foreign Minister 04/23 New sub-committee to deal with ‘frozen conflicts’ to be created at PACE 04/23 Hideout with anti-tank missiles found in South Ossetia 04/22 Ukraine Crisis Is a Geopolitical Game Changer 04/17 Russia, Abkhazia Discuss Setting Up 'Unified Security Perimeter' 04/16 Is South Ossetia Heading For Political Crisis? 04/16 Over 1,000 Russian Soldiers Begin Tactical Training in Armenia 04/14 Will Head Of North Ossetian Republic Step Down? 04/13 North Caucasus drills involve over 1,000 troops, 200 pieces of military equipment 04/10 Are Russian Military Exercises in the North Caucasus a Signal to Azerbaijan and Georgia? 04/10 Yakub Khashagulgov taken into custody for one month 04/09 Putin's 2008 Comments On Crimea, Before A Sharp Change Of Tack 04/07 Global powers show their force in Ukraine 04/06 The Garissa University attack reminds us that extremism and education don't mix 04/04 Experts expect life improvement in South Ossetia after conclusion of alliance treaty with Russia 04/04 Luhansk Separatist Region To Issue Passports 04/03 S Ossetian Parliament Ratifies Treaty of Alliance, Integration With Russia 04/03 Russia Increases Military Capacity in the South Caucasus 04/02 Defence of native of Chechnya states he was tortured by power agents in Cherkessk 04/02 Participants of "Caucasian Forum" state aggravation of NGO status in the region 04/01 Georgia president says Russia is threat to regional security 03/31 Turkey’s policy towards ‘frozen conflicts’ and the Ukrainian Crisis 03/30 Lifting the visa barrier for Georgians should be the EU response to Russia’s bullying tactics 03/25 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of March 16-22 03/23 In North Ossetia, resident of Redant returns land plot to cemetery 03/23 Kremlin Envoy Warns IS 'Recruiting North Caucasus Students' 03/23 Kyrgyz Mercenary Details Alleged Russian Military Role In Ukraine 03/20 Transparency International: Chechen MPs violate anti-corruption laws 03/20 Germany condemns Russian deal with South Ossetia as threat to Georgia 03/20 Opposition accused Georgian authorities of weakness in context of Russian-South Ossetian treaty 03/20 Russia, South Ossetia sign alliance treaty; NATO condemns move 03/19 Russia, S Ossetia sign 'integration' pact 03/19 Advisers to train Ukraine troops 03/19 NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: Russia did not have the right to sign alliance treaty with South Ossetia 03/19 Georgia condemns treaty between Russia, South Ossetia 03/19 Russia's military drills in South Ossetia not linked with alliance treaty – Kremlin 03/19 Russia sign alliance agreement with South Ossetia 03/19 Russia signs integration deal with South Ossetia 03/19 South Ossetian Leader Says Won't Join Russia -- For Now 03/19 US doesn't recognize Russia, South Ossetia treaty 03/19 New Russian-South-Ossetian treaty fixes their interrelations 03/19 US Claims Russia-South Ossetia Treaty Invalid - Psaki 03/18 Putin signs treaty integrating the breakaway Georgian region of South Ossetia into Russia 03/18 Russia-South Ossetia treaty draws U.S., EU criticism 03/18 Putin signs treaty integrating South Ossetia into Russia 03/18 West cries foul as Russia strengthens ties with South Ossetia 03/18 Russia, Rebel Georgia Region Sign Treaty; West Alarmed 03/18 Russian treaty with South Ossetia breaks international law: NATO 03/18 On Crimea anniversary, Russia signs South Ossetia deal 03/18 Russian, South Ossetian Presidents Sign Treaty on Cooperation, Integration 03/18 Intended Signing of an Agreement Between Georgian Leaders 03/18 Russia signs treaty with Georgia breakaway 03/18 Russia signs treaty with rebel Georgian region, West concerned 03/18 Putin Signs Pact With Breakaway Georgian Region 03/18 Russia signs alliance treaty with South Ossetia 03/18 Statement by the NATO Secretary General on the so-called treaty between the Russian Federation and the South Ossetia region of Georgia 03/18 UK Says New Russia-South Ossetia Treaty Infringes Georgia’s Sovereignty 03/18 NATO states non-recognition of Russian-South-Ossetian alliance treaty 03/18 EU, U.S. Condemn Russia, South Ossetia 'Treaty' 03/17 US Refuses to Recognize Upcoming Russia-South Ossetia Treaty - Psaki 03/17 Russian servicemen launch military exercise in Armenia 03/17