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Georgia - South Ossetia


Russia-supported breakaway republic of Georgia
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.8 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 300,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: Putin: Tbilisi Should Establish Dialogue With Abkhazia, South Ossetia 12/18 Attack in Pakistan a chilling reminder of Beslan school siege 12/16 PAK-3RDLDALL ATTACK 2 LAST 12/16 Beslan 2004: The other cowardly attack on kids 12/16 Pakistan school attack: In a world inured to terrorism, killing children is a rare evil 12/16 10 horrifying mass-scale attacks targeting students 12/15 European Parliament to ratify AA with Georgia 12/15 Reforms of Islamic education cause disputes at Muslim Forum in Moscow 12/13 Two natives of Northern Caucasus complain of unfair detention in Moscow while trying to buy currency 12/13 Georgia Condemns Russia's Deals With Breakaway Territories 12/11 Geneva talks wrap up with no tangible results 12/11 South Ossetia Leader Says Treaty Could Call For Joining Russia 12/11 World Bank Plans to Support Business in Russia's North Ossetia 12/11 Georgian FM slams Russia-'Abkhazia' deal 12/09 Germany expresses support for Georgia's integrity 12/09 Merkel: Russia meddling with countries’ EU aspirations 12/08 German Foreign Minister Holding Talks In Tbilisi 12/08 Georgia To Continue Talks With Russia Despite Landmark Abkhaz Treaty 12/08 Steinmeier Says Germany Does Not Recognize Moscow-Abkhazia Deal 12/08 With her eye on allies and party, Angela Merkel talks tough on foreign policy - tackling Russia, Italy and France 12/08 Merkel says Russia punishing countries for leaning towards EU 12/07 Merkel Says Russia Punishing Countries With EU Aspirations 12/07 Merkel accuses Russia of 'creating problems' for eastern Europe 12/07 Merkel: Russia Meddling With Countries’ EU Aspirations 12/07 Why Did Putin Turn? 12/03 Latvia sees security threat in Russian deal with Abkhazia 11/26 Saakashvili accuses Georgian authorities of treason 11/26 Latvia sees security threat over Russia's deal with Abkhazia 11/26 Putin strengthens ties with Georgia breakaway region 11/25 Georgia cries fouls as Moscow strengthens ties with Abkhazia 11/25 Russia Says 'No Question' About Annexations Of Abkhazia, South Ossetia 11/25 On the Signing of a 'Treaty' between Georgia's Abkhazia Region and the Russian Federation 11/25 NATO: Russia-Abkhazi military agreement violates Georgia's sovereignty 11/25 Putin strengthens ties with Georgia breakaway region; Tbilisi protests 11/24 ​Collective defense partnership: Russia and Abkhazia sign alliance 11/24 Russia, breakaway Georgia region sign pact 11/24 NATO rejects Russian-Abkhaz treaty 11/24 Moscow, Tskhinvali Drafting 'Integration' Treaty 11/21 Georgia ready to continue dialogue with Russia: Prime Minister 11/19 Russia Says Will Not Press 'Allies' On Territorial Issues 11/19 Conscripts from Dagestan and North Ossetia, not Chechnya, will take their service at Pacific Fleet 11/19 Under Putin, Russia Has Lost Strategic Footing 11/18 Putin on ice 11/17 Thousands of Georgians protest against Russia, own government 11/15 More Than 30,000 Rally In Tbilisi Against Government 11/15 Georgians demonstrate against Russia - and own government 11/15 Leonid Tibilov instructs South Ossetian MFA to establish diplomatic relations with DPR and LPR 11/12 The Russian Military 11/10 Hitting the Pause Button: The 'Frozen Conflict' Dilemma in Ukraine 11/07 Tunnel Connecting South Ossetia With Russia Reopens 11/05 South Ossetia Said To Tighten Restrictions on Ethnic Georgians 11/04 Donetsk Elections Basis for Further Development: South Ossetia Parliament Speaker 11/03 Donetsk Elections Held at 'Quite High' Level: South Ossetia Parliament Speaker 11/02 What happens to the Caucasus when Russia stumbles 10/30 Georgian minister says Abkhazia has only two options 10/29 Baltic States Study how to Beat Russian Tanks 10/29 Head of Djeirakh District of Ingushetia dies in road accident 10/27 Aeroflot Resumes Tbilisi Flights Six Years After War 10/27 Compatriot Games: Russian-Speaking Minorities in the Baltic States 10/20 In North Ossetia, woman complains about kidnapping of her daughter for marriage 10/11 Ukraine: 'Frozen Conflict' Could Destabilize Europe 10/09 Top Russian Lawmaker Says UN Report on Ukraine First Step to Proving Kiev's Guilt 10/08 NATO Presence in Georgia Could Threaten Stability in Caucasus: Russia 10/08 The Confusing Direction of the EEU 10/07 Georgia to Raise Non-Use of Force Issue at Geneva Negotiations: Foreign Ministry 10/06 Azerbaijan wrestling team rank 2nd at international tournament 09/30 Is Moscow Preparing to Annex South Ossetia After Crimea? 09/26 Khajimba Sworn In As Abkhaz President 09/25 Haykakan Zhamanak: Will Armenia recognize Kosovo’s independence? 09/25 Haykakan Zhamanak: US wants Armenia to recognize Kosovo independence 09/25 Raul Khajimba inaugurated as President of Abkhazia 09/25 Russia's Frozen Conflicts Foster Corruption 09/22 Bako Sahakyan congratulates South Ossetia President on Independence Day 09/20 NKR president congratulates L, Tibillov on South Ossetia’s Republic Day 09/20 Hundred women attend First Congress of Muslim Women of North Ossetia 09/20 Rally In Support Of Scotland's Independence In Abkhazia 09/18 Vatican Foreign Minister Voices 'Solidarity' With Georgia 09/16 KBR: IED neutralized on "Kavkaz" Highway 09/15 Russian Scientists Complain About Publications Refusals Abroad 09/12 Georgia's President: Georgia Intends to Return Abkhazia, South Ossetia Peacefully 09/09 Former top US ambassador to UN, Iraq in laundering probe 09/08 US to help Georgia boost its defenses 09/07 US to help Georgia boost its defenses 09/06 Russia, Caucasus allies to form 'security outline' to counter NATO 09/05 Dagestan Remains the Epicenter of the North Caucasus Insurgency 09/05 Scepticism greets Putin’s Ukraine ceasefire plan 09/04 VIDEO: Nato plans closer ties with Georgia 09/03 Vladimir Putin raises prospect a peace deal could be achieved in Ukraine 09/03 In North Ossetia, forum dated to 10th anniversary of Beslan tragedy gathers scientists from different countries 09/03 Ukraine permanent ceasefire agreed, says Petro Poroshenko 09/03 VIDEO: Beslan school siege: Ten years on 09/02 Official: 'Transnistria to Learn From Russia’s Recognition of Abkhazia, South Ossetia' 09/02 Beslan School Siege 09/01 Pope Francis Sends Letter to Residents of Beslan Who Mark 10 Years Since School Massacre 09/01 Moscow opens art project about Beslan victims 09/01 3 days in hell: Russia mourns Beslan school siege victims 10 years on 08/31 In Beslan, Struggle For A ‘New Life’ Decade After Tragedy 08/31 Beslan: A Deadly Nightmare on the First Day of School 08/30 North-Ossetian Muftiat offers 0.5 million roubles for information about murders of Dudarov and Gamzatov 08/28 International Twitter fight: Russia unleashes counter-troll in response to Canada’s ‘Map Of Russia’ 08/28