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Georgia - South Ossetia


Russia-supported breakaway republic of Georgia
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.8 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 300,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: Russia needs new Warsaw Pact to contain Washington's military lust 05/25 Georgia's Delicate Foreign Policy Dance 05/25 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of May 16-22 05/23 In KBR, people mark Circassian Memorial Day with march and rally 05/21 Georgian shot dead near breakaway Abkhazia region 05/20 Russia not to liberate Europeans any more 05/20 Russian Military Bus Crashes In South Ossetia, Killing Six Officers 05/19 Bride of resident of North Ossetia deported to the United States 05/12 South Ossetia on Alert Amid Joint Georgian-US Drills 05/12 US, British troops hold joint exercises with Georgia's army 05/11 U.S.-Georgian Military Drills Begin 05/11 Conflicting information reported about deportation of US citizen from Russia 05/11 Four Georgia's citizens detained on border are kept in Tskhinvali SIZO 05/10 Four Georgian citizens detained near South-Ossetian border, eyewitnesses report 05/09 Putin Urges Former Soviet States to Prevent Distortion of Shared History 05/08 Russia Slams Upcoming U.S.-Georgian Military Drills 05/06 Russia stages triumphant concert in Palmyra's ruins 05/05 Moscow Moves To Alleviate Major Ecological Problem In North Ossetia 05/02 South Ossetia referendum is not legal 04/16 Is Russia Preparing the Annexation of South Ossetia? 04/15 The Morning Vertical, April 15, 2016 04/15 Residents of Dagestan insulted by photos of Dagestani girl from "Miss Russia" contest 04/14 Resident of Northern Caucasus detained while trying to join IS 04/13 The Daily Vertical: Putin's Crisis Menu (Transcript) 04/12 South Ossetia to hold referendum for accession to Russia 04/11 The U.S.S.R. Is Falling Apart Again 04/07 De Facto South Ossetian President Proposes New Model For 'Union' With Russia 04/06 Nagorno-Karabakh: This ‘frozen’ post-Soviet conflict is heating up and fits right in with current global chaos 04/04 Stay Tuned: South Ossetia Might Hold Referendum on Joining Russia 04/04 South and North Ossetians Clash over Georgian Ensemble’s Concert in Vladikavkaz 04/04 Cohen: US, Russia fail to arrange meaningful pathway forward to end Karabakh conflict 04/04 Vladimir Putin's Mysterious Moving Border 04/04 Gazprom focusing efforts on Eastern Europe 04/01 British Foreign Secretary declares Russia "threat to all of us" 03/31 Member of Gagiev's grouping sentenced to 22 years in prison 03/28 North-Ossetian SC leaves Oleg Dzampaev in custody until May 2 03/25 Concerts of Georgian dancers in Vladikavkaz give rise to disputes among residents of South and North Ossetia 03/24 Russia, Abkhazia, S Ossetia Concerned About Georgia-NATO Cooperation 03/24 The Morning Vertical, March 22, 2016 03/22 Georgian FM: Western Integration, Sovereignty Are 'Red Lines' In Russia Talks 03/19 South Ossetia hosts events in memory of Eredvi victims 03/19 Georgian FM: Western Integration, Sovereignty Are ‘Red Lines’ In Russia Talks 03/18 Is Georgian-Abkhaz and Georgian-Ossetian Reconciliation Possible? 03/18 Renewed Confrontation in Georgia 03/17 Two residents of Northern Caucasus suspected of attempt to join IS 03/16 UK diplomats stopped over 'spy' claims 03/16 Gatsalov re-elected mufti of North Ossetia 03/16 English espionage: Britain spies on Russia 03/15 Senior 'Islamic State' commander Omar al-Shishani reported dead in Syria 03/14 Attackers beat group of journalists covering human rights abuses in North Caucasus 03/09 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of February 29-March 6 03/07 Obama Administration to Finally Release Data on Drone Strike Casualties 03/07 Over 500 Intelligence Troops Conduct Drone Exercises in North Ossetia 03/06 Over 300 Russian Communication Troops Hold Drills in North Ossetia 03/06 North-Ossetian woman disappears from Ingush hospital 03/05 South Ossetia’s Leaders At Odds Over Military Accord With Russia 03/05 Resident of North Ossetia suspected of fighting for IS 03/04 The Daily Vertical: RIP Minsk 03/03 "Kommersant": Aslan Gagiev released on bail in Vienna 03/03 Vyacheslav Bitarov dismisses government of North Ossetia 03/01 Putin appoints Bitarov acting head of North Ossetia 02/29 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of February 22-28 02/29 Moscow’s Desire to Micro-Manage the North Caucasus Causing Multiple Inefficiencies 02/29 In Chegem, man stages kidnapping of his own son, MIA reports 02/28 Obituary: Republic Of North Ossetia Head Dies Just Months After Taking Office 02/24 Resident of Vladikavkaz suspected of involvement in combat actions in Syria 02/24 Creating visa-free regime between breakaway regions illegal, says Azerbaijan 02/24 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of February 15-21 02/22 South Ossetia, former part of Georgia, to hold ‘special’ referendum to join Russia 02/20 Vyacheslav Bitarov appointed acting head of North Ossetia 02/19 Officially announced that Aguzarov died of pneumonia 02/19 North-Ossetian leader Tamerlan Aguzarov dies 02/19 ICC Group to Arrive in Georgia February for 2008 S Ossetia Conflict Probe 02/14 Stoltenberg: Georgia Moving Closer To NATO 02/11 Syria Kurds' First Foreign Office to Be Opened in Moscow 02/10 SC of North Ossetia orders to demolish structures at Dzivgis Fortress 02/10 Next Round Of Georgian-Russian Talks Moved To March 02/08 Russia's nonparticipation in Rome Statute is no officials' protection from ICC 02/02 Competition Over Ethnic Titles and History Unfolds in the North Caucasus 02/01 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of January 25-31 02/01 Russia Prepares to Test Next-Generation Su-35S Fighters in Syria 02/01 Russia Says Will Cooperate With ICC Probe Of War Crimes 01/30 How Could Russia Respond to New Threats in Military Doctrine? 01/30 The Russian Public Seems to be Less Receptive to Hate Propaganda 01/28 Russia Provides Int'l Court of Justice Materials on South Ossetia Conflict 01/28 Georgia Welcomes ICC Probe Of 2008 War With Russia 01/28 Human Rights Violations Should Receive Equal Treatment 01/28 ICC Opens Probe Into War Crimes in South Ossetia in 2008 01/27 ICC judges authorize investigation into Georgia's 2008 war 01/27 ICC Authorizes Investigation Into 2008 Russia-Georgia Conflict 01/27 ICC probes Russia-Georgia war crimes 01/27 Georgia/Russia: ICC Judges OK Investigation 01/27 International court to investigate 2008 Georgia-Russia war 01/27 International Court To Probe 2008 Georgia-Russia Conflict For Alleged War Crimes 01/27 ISIS fighters use Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge to train & rest – Lavrov 01/26 Russia: ISIL training base located in Georgia's Pankisi 01/26 Russia’s Top Muslim Cleric Affirms Support For North Ossetian Colleague 01/18 Security Services May Be Threatening Official Clergy in North Ossetia 01/15 The Region of Shida Kartli: Zardiaantkari Village – January 2016 01/15 The Transnistrian Conflict in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis 01/12