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Georgia - South Ossetia


Russia-supported breakaway republic of Georgia
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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 83.8 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 5
Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre Global Statistics : 300,000 IDPs
WFP Hunger Map: 13 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in August 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 09/26 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict brought in focus at UN General Assembly 09/22 Analysis: Evidence Of Blatant Violations Calls Into Question Validity Of Elections In North Caucasus  09/22 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of September 12-18 09/19 "Novaya Gazeta": men involved in attack on Ella Kesaeva visit her at home 09/15 Svetlana Gannushkina invites Ramzan Kadyrov to take part in debates on TV 09/08 Residents of Shamil District refuse rally in connection with murder of shepherds 09/08 Rostov-on-Don: Gukovo miners demand meeting with Golubev 09/07 HRW speaks in support of journalist Geriev 09/07 "Azadlyg" calls on public not to remain indifferent to paper's fate 09/07 Court sentences Rashid Evloev to six years of imprisonment 08/31 Russia Starts Drills in South Ossetia as Part of Snap Check 08/30 Week in the Caucasus: review of main events of August 22-28 08/29 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern caucasus in July 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 08/26 The Daily Vertical: The Road From Abkhazia To Donbas (Transcript) 08/25 The Morning Vertical, August 24, 2016 08/24 Three Independent North Caucasus Candidates Barred From Duma Elections 08/19 Why Russia needs a military base in Iran 08/18 Party Stripped Of Registration For Georgian Parliamentary Elections Amid 'Pro-Russia' Outcry 08/18 As Russia and Iran Strengthen Ties, U.S. Should Support Key Ally Georgia 08/18 The Power Vertical: The Putin Doctrine (Transcript) 08/17 Russian PM says Moscow could break off diplomatic ties with Ukraine 08/12 Georgia Sabotaging Work on Non-Use of Force in Abkhazia, South Ossetia 08/12 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in Quarter 2 of 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 08/11 The Morning Vertical, August 9, 2016 08/09 Russian bombers mop up terrorists in Syria 08/08 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in june 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 08/08 Georgia marks anniversary of 5-day war with South Ossetia 08/08 Volgograd: locals complain about deficit of beaches 07/27 Georgia's CEC rejects application for a referendum on joining NATO 07/27 CTO regime lifted in three mountain districts of Dagestan 07/26 Policeman shot dead in Ingushetia 07/26 Russian army put on war footing in the South 07/22 Russian jets bomb US-backed rebels in Syria 07/14 Russia-NATO Council: 'No point' or silver linings? 07/12 Russian anti-ISIS war from Syria to Caucasus 07/12 US and former-Soviet Georgia sign ‘defence partnership’ to counter fears of Russian expansionism 07/07 Abkhazia leader calls for calm after riots 07/06 U.S. And Georgia Announce Deeper Military Ties Ahead Of NATO Summit 07/06 Kerry Traveling To Georgia, Ukraine Ahead Of NATO Summit 07/06 US, Georgia ink defense cooperation agreement 07/06 Evkurov wants to set up dialogue among followers of different concepts of Islam 07/02 In Volgograd, participants of conference claim suppression of social activities in region 07/02 South Ossetia: villagers demand to simplify access control 07/02 Moscow experts call on to consider specifics of Islam in preventing recruitment to IS 07/02 All detained believes released from police station in Makhachkala 07/02 Resident of Kabardino-Balkaria to stand trial on charge of involvement in IS 06/30 Hideout with weapons and ammunition discovered in Dagestan 06/30 Mudslide Blocks Vital Armenia-Russia Trade Route 06/29 Businessmen in North Ossetia Politically Resurgent as Moscow’s Ability to Finance Republic Wanes 06/29 Investigator changes pre-trial restriction measure against Mozdok resident Timur Temirov 06/29 Relatives of Rashidov and Ramazanov doubt version of accidental explosion 06/29 In Volgograd, demolition of house in Kirov District suspended 06/29 Resident of Pankisi Gorge killed in Syria 06/29 Forum of Azerbaijani civil society calls on authorities to ensure conditions for NGOs 06/29 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in may 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 06/27 Young North Caucasus Muslims Oppose Russia’s Air Strikes in Syria 06/27 Dagestan: local woman killed in house collapse 06/27 South Ossetia's Military to Be on Par With Russian Army Which Defended It 06/23 Reports: U.S. Envoy Nuland To Meet With Top Putin Aide 06/22 That Daily Vertical: Always The Victim (Transcript) 06/22 Residents of South Ossetia treat idea of legalization of weapons as unattractive 06/22 Child injured in explosion of ammunition in Karabakh conflict zone 06/16 Workers of "Nairit" prepare appeal to court 06/16 Law enforcers report on six men killed in special operation in Dagestan 06/16 South Ossetia's Parliament Considering Recognition of Armenian Genocide 06/15 In Dagestan, director of House of Culture wounded in shelling 06/14 Infographics. Statistics of victims in Northern Caucasus in April 2016 under the data of the Caucasian Knot 06/14 Rights defenders to gather testimonies of South-Ossetian residents for Hague Court 06/14 "Rosbalt": DVR record contradicts investigators' version in Nemtsov's case 06/13 Impossible choice 06/11 Abkhazian Premier promises not to hold a referendum on joining Russia 06/10 Shepherd kidnapped near border with South Ossetia, Georgian officials report 06/10 Abkhazia will not join Russia, PM says 06/10 Lawmakers: More US pushback needed against Russian aggression 06/08 Investigators Revisit Latest 'Golden Youth' Case Amid Outrage 06/08 Russian Soldiers Finalize Mountain Combat Training in North Ossetia 06/03 Valery Brinikh reports on appointment of new examination in his case 06/02 Owner of "Ummah" shop in Makhachkala kidnapped, his relatives report 06/02 Make (Your Country's Name Here) Great Again! 06/02 Sergey Bachurin appointed Chief of MIA's Department for NCFD 06/02 Managers of "Electrozink" promise to stop lead production in September 05/31 Volgograd: activists protest against new rules of picketing 05/31 South Ossetia Postpones Referendum On Accession To Russian Federation 05/30 South Ossetia to Hold Referendum on Joining Russia in 2017 05/26