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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 75.6 Warning (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
WFP Hunger Map: 21 % undernourished
Economist Intelligence Unit Sovereign Ratings: Rating BB
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged
News up to: Ramadan marked with violence in deep South 07/07 Car bomb kills policeman, wounds two in rebel-hit Thai south 07/05 Car bomb hits checkpoint in rebellious Thai south 07/05 Spate of bombings in deep South marks end of Ramadan 07/04 High alert in deep South for vehicle bombs 06/28 Thai police: Car bomb linked to tourist island attack 06/27 Three explosions, several arson attacks happen in Pattani 06/06 Four troops injured in Pattani bomb attack 05/16 ‘Revenge’ attack kills one, injures 5 others in Yala 04/28 Explosion in Thai south kills 2 policemen, injures 8 04/11 Man forced to drive bomb to central Yala 04/05 Cycle of reprisals point to peace plan flaws 04/04 One dead, dozens wounded in wave of bombs in south Thailand 03/31 Latest attacks show BRN's new strategy 03/28 Shut Muslim school plans fundraiser 03/18 Five held for Cho Airong attack blitz 03/15 Religious leaders, villagers pray for raided hospital 03/15 Attacks in Thai south wound 11 on insurgency anniversary 03/14 Thai Security head says violence down in Muslim south 03/08 Car bomb injures police officers, civilian in Thai south 02/27 Car bomb in southern Thailand injures 7 police, 2 civilians 02/27 Car bomb injures seven in Thailand’s rebellious south 02/27 Pattani car bomb injures police, civilians 02/27 Bomb kills Thai soldier, injures another in Muslim south 02/17 Two rangers injured in bomb attack in Pattani 02/12 Muslim man shot dead in Pattani 02/12 Troop killed in Yala bombing 02/12 Southern Thailand Violence Raises Fears of Insurgent Escalation 02/12 Large, well-hidden insurgent base captured 02/11 Five insurgency suspects still on the run 02/11 Thai NGOs: Torture of detained systematic in Muslim south 02/10 Conflict brewing over Buddhist park in South 01/17 The big issue: Looking away 01/16 OIC ready to assist on unrest in deep South 01/13 Insurgency claimed 6,543 lives in last 12 years 01/04 Violence down in Thai south, but concerns remain 01/04 Fall in violence spurs hope for peace in South 01/03 Suspected Muslim rebels in southern Thailand attack government office and shoots official in head 12/29 Suspected Muslim rebels kill official, attack police in Thailand's south 12/29 Family fights state seizure of Pattani ponoh land 12/19 Muslim Thai officer killed in blast at cemetery: police 12/13 Widow asks why husband died in custody 12/05 Insurgency suspect dies in military custody in Pattani 12/04 Insurgents, govt discuss 'safety zone' in South 11/30 Isoc: Baby's DNA could tie father to Far South attacks 11/25 Thai Muslim students warned of danger in joining police 11/16 Bomb kills four in Thailand's south: Police 11/13 Deadly bomb blast hits Thailand's restive south 11/13 Four killed, four others injured in Pattani bomb attack 11/13 Deadly bomb blast kills four in southern Thailand 11/13 Bomb kills four in Thailand's south: police 11/12 Maximum security enforced in southern trade zones 10/30 Pattani rocked with seven explosions 10/21 Two killed, five injured in bomb attack against rangers 10/19 Roadside bomb kills two rangers in Thai south: military 10/19 Two dead as bomb hits army vehicle in restive Thai south 10/19 Buddhist couple shot dead in Pattani 10/08 6 Thai security officials injured in 2 attacks in south 09/21 Three policemen slightly injured in Pattani bomb attack 09/21 Three dead, 14 wounded in Thai south motorcycle bomb 09/18 Motorcycle blast kills two in southern Thailand bomb attacks 09/17 “Independence or martyrdom” in Thailand’s Deep South 09/09 Buddhists walk to capital from Pattani 09/08 Garbage truck driver shot dead in Pattani 09/08 No peace soon in Thailand’s Deep South 09/06 Metal cooking gas tanks face ban in Thailand because they're often used to make bombs 08/05 Thai police: Insurgent killed in clash in Muslim south 08/03 New gas cylinders to cut bomb casualties 08/03 Buddhist monk succumbs to sustained injuries caused by Pattani bomb attack 08/02 Fourteen wounded as rebels storm base in Thai south : July 31, 2015, 2:02 pm 07/31 Muslim leader slams Pattani alms bombing 07/26 Buddhist monk, policeman killed in bomb attack by suspected rebels in southern Thailand 07/25 Monk, troop killed in Pattani bomb attack 07/25 Bomb kills Thai soldier, Buddhist monk in Muslim south 07/25 Monk, policeman die in rebel bomb attack in south Thailand 07/25 The big issue: The goats of August 07/25 Bomb kills one monk, one soldier in Pattani 07/25 Pulo leader condemns use of force 07/23 A look at southern Thailand's smoldering insurgency 07/20 Gunmen kill two soldiers in Thai south, independence banners found 07/16 PAOs delay fuel tax after pump protest 07/13 Teacher shot dead in Pattani two years after brother killed 07/13 Language is way forward in deep South 07/02 South violence drops 73% for Ramadan 06/25 UPDATE: Car bomb maims 8 soldiers 06/04 Savage Yala attack kills 4 soldiers 06/03 Four soldiers shot dead in southern Thailand 06/03 Bombs in southern Thailand kill one police officer, wound seven 05/31 Twin Pattani blasts kill policeman, wound 11 05/31 Gunmen shoot dead two soldiers in south of Thailand: police 05/30 Teacher killing spooks South 05/28 Blasts in Thai south ‘sign of rebel discontent’: expert 05/15 More than a dozen bombs explode in Thai south, 12 people wounded 05/14 Two policemen injured in ambush by insurgents in Pattani 05/11 Thai soldier shoots dead two colleagues in deep south 05/10 Police use DNA evidence to identify southern Thai insurgents 05/07 DNA swabs becomes new weapon in insurgency battle 05/07 Thailand Using DNA Tests to Combat Insurgents 05/06 Village chief killed after leaving mosque in Thai south 04/27 Morning attacks in Thai Muslim south injure 8 04/24