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Northern Mali

Al-Qaeda takeover of northern Mali


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 94.5 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
WFP Hunger Map: 32 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: In Amenas: 7 terrorist leaders responsible for the attack were killed by the French army 10/24 France moving troops toward Libyan border, monitoring al-Qaida linked militants 10/23 West Africa: Sahel Smuggling Routes Under Fire 10/23 Algeria: Algeria Arrests Mauritanian Terrorist 10/22 The National People's Army continues its fight against terrorism with determination 10/22 Mali’s Griots See a Role in the Peace Process 10/22 Niger buys 'spy plane' to combat Sahel militants 10/22 French moving troops toward Libyan border 10/22 Fresh tribal clashes kill 7 in S. Libya 10/21 Sahel smuggling routes under fire 10/21 Algeria: Sellal Hails Efforts of Anp, Security Forces in Protecting Algerian Border Areas 10/21 Algeria arrests Mauritanian terrorist 10/20 Fifty migrants reach Spanish enclave of Melilla 10/20 Algeria's prime minister denies the presence of Islamic State group in Algeria or North Africa 10/20 ISIS Eyes Sahel 10/20 U.S. drone crashes on landing at airport in Niamey: Niger sources 10/20 US drone crashes at Niger airport 10/20 PM denies Islamic State group presence in Algeria 10/20 PM denies Islamic State group presence in Algeria 10/19 UN urges Mali peace accord at Algiers talks 10/19 U.N. urges Mali peace accord at Algiers talks 10/18 UN appeals to Mali factions over peace deal 10/18 At least six killed in northern Mali ahead of peace talks 10/17 UK Backs Global Push To Battle Spread Of Ebola 10/16 ISIS eyes Sahel 10/16 At least seven dead in north Mali clashes 10/16 MALI: A Bit Of Afghanistan In Africa 10/15 UN Peacekeepers Are Targets in Restive Northern Mali 10/14 U.N.'s Mali envoy to quit after being named Dutch foreign minister 10/14 West Africa: France Destroys Al-Qaeda Convoy Carrying Arms From Libya to Mali 10/13 Nigeria: Ekhomu Urges U.S. to Sell Arms to Nigeria to Fight Terrorism 10/13 French forces launch raid in Niger against al Qaeda units 10/10 French 'destroy' al-Qaeda convoy 10/10 France Levels Al-Qaida Convoy in Niger 10/10 France says forces 'destroyed' Al-Qaeda arms convoy in Niger 10/10 Video: France expands its African anti-jihadist warfront 10/09 Security forces target secret Sahel routes 10/09 Mali: The Battle of the Ametettaï Valley 10/09 Funeral held for nine Niger peacekeepers killed in Mali 10/08 UN hit by another deadly attack in Mali, vows to boost defences 10/08 UN Condemns Deadly Attack on Peacekeepers in Mali 10/08 Mali asks UN to send more troops 10/08 Mali asks for special UN force to end peacekeepers' attacks 10/08 Mali asks for UN rapid-reaction force 10/08 UN calls for Sahel security collaboration 10/08 Leave the Army to repair itself 10/08 UN staff: Alarm at attacks on peacekeepers in Mali 10/07 U.N. peacekeeper killed in rocket attack on northern Mali base 10/07 UN peacekeeper killed in Mali attack 10/07 UN: At least 1 peacekeeper killed in Mali attack 10/07 Malian jihadist stages deadly rocket attack on UN camp: MINUSMA 10/07 At least 1 peacekeeper killed in attack on base in northern Mali 10/07 Mali rebel attack kills UN peacekeeper 10/07 Algeria army ambushes, arrests group on Niger border 10/06 Mali PM: France, U.N. must step up fight against Islamists in Mali 10/06 Denmark Advises its Citizens Not to Travel to Somalia 10/06 MUJAO member claims Mali peacekeeper attack 10/06 Is it right to pay ransoms? 10/06 Jihadist claims responsibility for attack on UN in Mali 10/05 Niger vows to keep its peacekeepers in Mali, a day after 9 killed in attack on UN force 10/04 Niger peacekeepers to remain in Mali 10/04 Algerian troops kill five foreign militants near Niger border 10/04 UN chief 'outraged' by deadly Mali ambush 10/04 Niger to stay in Mali after peacekeepers killed 10/04 Mali: The Unsung Hero of Timbuktu 10/03 Nine UN peacekeepers killed in attack on convoy in Mali : October 03, 2014, 5:57 pm 10/03 Nine U.N. troops killed in worst attack yet on Mali force 10/03 Nine UN troops killed in worst-ever attack in Mali 10/03 Nine UN peacekeepers killed in ambush by gunmen on motorbikes in Mali 10/03 Nine UN troops killed in worst attack on Mali force 10/03 More UN peacekeepers die in Mali 10/03 UN peacekeepers killed in Mali ambush 10/03 Rebels kill nine UN peacekeepers in Mali 10/03 UN peacekeeping troops suffer heavy casualties in northern Mali 10/03 Nine UN troops die in Mali ambush 10/03 United Nations: 9 peacekeepers believed killed in northern Mali, in latest attack on force 10/03 What will it take for us to stop doing business with Qatar? 10/02 French troops edge closer to Libya border to cut off Islamists 10/02 Western Sahara: 'I'm Missing My Place in the World' - an Interview With Aziza Brahim 10/01 Spain and Morocco arrest 9 in terror cell 09/26 Suspected jihadists arrested in Spain and Morocco 09/26 Spain, Morocco arrest 9 suspected militants linked to ISIL 09/26 Gearing for war 09/25 This is a message in blood: IS-linked jihadis behead French hostage 09/25 Spain and Morocco arrest 9 in terror cell 09/25 France’s hostage nightmare 09/25 ISIS-linked terrorists behead French hostage in new video: watchdog 09/24 Abducted Tuareg man beheaded in Mali 09/24 Suspected al Qaeda-linked militants decapitate Tuareg man in Mali 09/24 Algerian extremists allied with ISIS behead French hostage 09/24 Algerian Troops Kill 'Terror' Chief in Kabylie Region 09/22 Two civilians killed by mine in Mali 09/21 UN chief demands end to attacks on Mali peacekeepers 09/20 Algerian troops kill two Islamist militants: ministry 09/20 France strikes Islamic State group's depot in Iraq 09/19 Mali: UN Chief Demands End to Attacks On Mali Peacekeepers 09/19 Roadside bomb kills 5 UN peacekeepers in Mali 09/19 Chad accuses U.N. of neglecting its peacekeepers in Mali 09/19 Bomb blast kills Chadian UN peacekeepers in Mali 09/18 President dismisses accusations that France pays terrorists ransoms for hostages 09/18