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Northern Mali

Al-Qaeda takeover of northern Mali


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 94.5 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
WFP Hunger Map: 32 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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07/08 Leading Africa's Anti-Terrorism Drive 07/07 The Caliphate - Understanding the Caliphate 07/03 What ISIS and the 'caliphate' mean for Pakistan 07/03 Landmine kills UN peacekeeper in Mali 07/01 U.N. peacekeeper killed, six others injured in Mali blast 06/30 African Leaders Call for a Fight Against Terror 06/30 Morocco Eyes Regional Clout as a Moderate Muslim Model 06/28 MALI: Fear And Loathing In The Desert 06/28 African Leaders Call for a Fight against Terror 06/27 African leaders' summit urges action on rising militant threat 06/26 UN force in Mali to give priority to peace talks 06/26 Mali arrest suspected Islamist fugitive linked to jail break 06/25 UN extends Mali mission, urges peace talks 06/25 Mali urges aggressive overhaul of U.N. peacekeeping mission 06/25 Sudan releases most members of extremist cell 06/21 Mali: Govt Needs to Show Leadership to Tackle Crisis - UN 06/21 Mauritania is voting, but with opposition boycotting, president likely to win another term 06/21 Mauritania polls close with incumbent expecting uncontested win 06/21 Mauritania president set to win re-election amid poll boycott 06/21 Mauritanians vote for leader, opposition boycotts 06/21 Mauritania votes amid opposition boycott 06/20 Mali: UN Peacekeeper Calls for Talks on North 06/19 Liberia: Defense Minister Appreciates Bangladeshi Support 06/19 UN to use spy drones in northern Mali 06/19 UN: Mali Needs to Show Leadership to Tackle Crisis 06/19 Mali violence displaces nearly 18,000 in Kidal, says UN 06/19 UN peacekeeping chief says unmanned drones will be deployed in Mali to help protect civilians 06/18 UN calls for immediate dialogue on Mali 06/18 Mali: UN peacekeeping chief cites progress on political track as key to stability 06/18 UN: Drones will be deployed in Mali 06/18 Main fugitive in Mali prison break suspect in French kidnap: sources 06/17 Two dead, 15 prisoners escape from Mali prison in gun battle 06/16 Dangerous Alliance: Shi'ite Militias Reinforce Iraqi Army 06/16 Malians close in on peace deal 06/16 Mali armed groups say they agree to peace talks 06/15 Army officer arrested for suspected plot against Mali's president 06/06 Mali officer arrested over 'coup' bid 06/06 Mauritanian election campaign kicks off 06/06 Mali imposes national military service amid separatist tensions 06/05 Let’s support our mighty army 06/05 Sahel countries help Mali 06/05 Mali peace envoy meets rebel leaders in Mauritania 06/04 Arab TV airs video of Frenchman kidnapped in Mali in 2011 06/03 Video: French hostage kidnapped in Mali calls for release 06/03 B2Gold strikes $570m accord to buy Papillon Resources 06/03