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Northern Mali

Al-Qaeda takeover of northern Mali


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Fund for Peace (FfP) Failed States Index: 94.5 Alert (worst is 120)
HIIK Conflict Barometer 2008: 4
WFP Hunger Map: 32 % undernourished
International Crisis Group Crisis Watch: Unchanged

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News up to: Le Maroc condamne « fermement » l'attaque terroriste à Kidal 02/14 Trois jours de deuil en Guinée, après la mort de six soldats à Kidal 02/14 Mali Islamist group Ansar Dine claims attack on U.N. base 02/13 U.S. commander sees al Qaeda Africa group strengthening 02/13 Mali: In Mali Visit President Joachim Gauck Calls for Development and Security 02/13 Mali: Extremists claim attack that killed 5 peacekeepers 02/13 Gunmen attack UN base in northern Mali 02/12 Deadly attack targets UN mission in northern Mali 02/12 UN Peacekeeping Base Attacked in Northern Mali 02/12 Violent skirmish at UN base in Mali: Casualties are reported 02/12 Deadly mortar attack hits UN Mali base 02/12 In Mali visit President Joachim Gauck calls for development and security 02/12 Several people killed in attack on UN base in Mali 02/12 Six UN peacekeepers among 9 troops killed in Mali attacks 02/12 Suspected Islamist militants kill three at Mali customs post 02/11 Suspected Islamist Militants Kill 3 at Mali Customs Post 02/11 Suspected Islamist militants kill three at Mali customs post 02/11 Ayrault is new French foreign minister 02/11 3 killed in attack on customs post in central Mali 02/11 French Foreign Minister Fabius to quit 02/10 3 soldiers die after vehicle hits land mine in central Mali 02/10 Landmine 'kills 3 soldiers' in Mali 02/09 Australian Former Hostage Calls for Husband's Release 02/09 Australian released by al-Qaeda says husband is alive 02/08 Australian woman freed by al Qaeda says her husband is still alive 02/08 Jocelyn Elliot arrives in Burkina Faso 02/08 Australian Woman Freed by al-Qaida Says Her Husband Is Still Alive 02/08 U.S. military seeks to prepare Africa for shifting terror threat 02/08 Australian kidnapped in Burkino Faso freed 02/07 Elderly Australian woman freed by al Qaeda in Burkina Faso 02/07 Burkina Faso: Australian Medical Worker Freed By Al Qaeda Kidnappers 02/07 Al-Qaeda claims Timbuktu attack 02/06 Al Qaeda claims responsibility for attack on U.N. base in Mali 02/06 Al-Qaeda claims kidnap of Australians in Burkina Faso 02/06 Australian medical worker freed by al Qaeda kidnappers in Burkina Faso 02/06 Australian woman freed after kidnap by al Qaeda in Burkina Faso 02/06 Australian Grandmother Freed By Al Qaeda 02/06 Al-Qaida group claims attack on police station in north Mali 02/06 Malian Tuaregs returning home face violence in Timbuktu 02/06 Australian woman freed after being kidnapped by al-Qaeda affiliate in Niger 02/06 Burkina militants free Australian woman 02/06 Timbuktu recovers its mausoleums, risen from ruins 02/05 UN peacekeeping base under attack in Mali 02/05 Mali: Timbuktu - 900-Year-Old Ceremony Re-Consecrates Mausoleums Destroyed By Armed Groups 02/05 Gunmen attack U.N. base, army checkpoint in Mali's Timbuktu - sources 02/05 Timbuktu’s historic mausoleums recovered from ruin 02/05 Malian, UN Forces Retake Timbuktu Base After Attack 02/05 Twin attacks on UN base, hotel in northwestern Mali 02/05 Car bomb explodes at UN base in Mali's Timbuktu 02/05 Malian forces take back UN police base from assailants 02/05 Al Qaeda group says it holds two Australians 02/05 Al Qaeda group claims kidnapping of Australians in Burkina Faso 02/05 Timbuktu recovers its mausoleums, risen from ruins 02/04 Timbuktu: 900-year-old ceremony re-consecrates mausoleums destroyed by armed groups 02/04 ISIL building ‘army of the poor’ in Libya by offering African recruits up to $1,400 02/02 Damon Albarn among stars who defy Islamist threat at Mali music festival 02/01 Bern battles to keep Swiss woman kidnapped in Mali alive 01/31 RELIEF FOR LIBYA'S 'CHINESE CAMP'? 01/29 Mali: Soldiers Killed in Attack, Explosion in Northern Mali 01/29 Four soldiers killed in attack, explosion in northern Mali: military sources 01/28 Four soldiers killed in two separate attacks in northern Mali 01/28 Mali Reclaims Role as Cultural Hub With Music Festival 01/27 Senegal arrests 500 people in terror crackdown 01/27 Al Qaeda affiliate claims kidnapping of Swiss nun in Mali 01/27 North Africa al-Qaida group posts video of kidnapped Swiss 01/27 British-accented terrorist appears in video threatening nun kidnapped in Mali 01/27 Mali: As Security Improves in Timbuktu, Refugee Family Returns 01/27 Missionary taken hostage 01/27 Senegal interrogates 900 people in counter-terrorism operation 01/26 Mali: UN Agencies Working in a 'Hostile Environment' in Mali 01/26 Al Qaeda group releases video of Swiss hostage: monitor 01/26 Senegal Questions 900 People in Counterterror Operation 01/26 New Issues Regarding Terror In West Africa 01/26 119 billion euros for German Army 01/26 Ombudsman: German army is 'short of almost everything' 01/26 Jihadists claim kidnap of Swiss woman in Mali: report 01/26 Tuareg women-only musical tradition reborn in Algeria 01/25 Arrests in Burkina Faso attack probe 01/21 From Dakar to N'Djamena, hotels boost security after Burkina attack 01/21 Mali calls for Swift Implementation of Peace Deal 01/20 Three police killed in Mali attack by suspected jihadists 01/20 Burkina Faso attack puts West Africa on edge over jihadist threat 01/20 Armed men kill 3 gendarmes in Mali's central region 01/20 Arrests in Burkina Faso attack probe, Italy lays wreath for boy 01/20 Video footage shows Burkina Faso attackers 01/19 The Time To Arm Immigration Is Now! 01/19 Burkina Faso: 'Trial By Fire' for New Burkina Faso Leaders After Attack 01/19 Burkina Faso detains, questions several people after attack 01/19 Three Burkina Faso attackers 'at large' 01/19 Kidnapped Australian doctor's patients turn to Facebook 01/19 Mali and Burkina to tackle militants 01/18 Burkina Faso and Mali to join forces to counter Islamist attacks 01/18 Mali government, rebels urge progress on implementing peace deal 01/18 Burkina Faso capital security tightens after jihadi attack 01/18 Mali gov't, rebels urge progress on implementing peace deal 01/18 COUNTER-TERRORISM: Germany Steps Up 01/18 'Trial by fire' for new Burkina Faso leaders after attack 01/18 Al Qaeda names fighters behind attack on Burkina capital 01/18 After Burkina Faso and Mali, where next? 01/18 Burkina campaign to free Australians 01/17