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Why did it take two years? 09/11 Three new polio cases detected in Pakistan 09/11 Army, air chiefs pledge joint fight against terror : September 11, 2014, 4:07 am 09/11 Operation to be extended to remote areas: army chief 09/11 Military operations in NW Pakistan disrupt education 09/11 Pakistan nabs militants linked to attack on Malala 09/11 Naval attack investigation to focus on inside help: Asif : September 11, 2014, 3:42 am 09/11 TTP poses significant threat in Pak, warns US counterterrorism agency 09/11 TTP remains signifcant threat in Pakistan, US Senate committee told 09/11 Pakistan jets kill 35 militants in North Waziristan 09/10 Govt approves release of Rs 1.059 billion for IDPs of NWA 09/10 Illegal settlements a threat to airport, Nur Khan Airbase 09/10 Pakistan army kills 65 militants near Afghan border 09/10 Pakistan air strikes kill 65 militants in northwest: Army 09/10 65 militants killed in Pak military offensive in N Waziristan 09/10 Taliban had ‘inside help’ in Navy dockyard attack; SP’s house raided 09/10 Pakistan Airstrikes kill 35 militants in Taliban stronghold near Afghan border 09/10 65 Militants Killed in Pakistan Military Offensive in North Waziristan 09/10 Pakistan Says Air Strikes Kill 35 Suspected Militants In Northwest 09/10 Pakistan airstrikes hit Taliban hideouts, kill 35 09/10 Pakistani Air Strikes Hit Taliban Hideouts Kill 35 09/10 IDPs renew demand for end to operation 09/09 Six Taliban killed in clash with army in NW Pakistan 09/09 Sit-ins shift govt attention away from IDPs’ misery 09/09 Dar approves Rs1.059 for displaced persons 09/09 Raheel calls on Khattak 09/09 Pakistan airstrikes hit Taliban hideouts, kill 65 09/09 65 militants killed in Pakistan airstrikes 09/09 Pakistani Taliban claim responsibility for Navy dockyard attack 09/09 Al Qaeda man killed in drone strike 09/09 Sunni cleric gunner down by unknown assailants in Karachi 09/09 Taliban claim attack on Pakistan navy dockyard 09/09


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