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Burma: Burma’s road to ‘liberal authoritarianism’ 05/24 Suu Kyi calls for ‘space’ to address plight of Rohingya Muslims 05/23 Democratic Voice of Burma: Village official gunned down in Hpakant – Nang Mya Nadi 05/23 The Irrawaddy: Murdered ’88 activist’s soul finally laid to rest – Kyaw Phyo Tha 05/23 TOLOnews 10pm News 22 May 2016 05/23 Gas-rich Myanmar still under sanctions pressure 05/23 US Secretary of State Kerry urges further reforms in Myanmar 05/23 Myanmar asks for 'space' to address Rohingya issue 05/23 Nikkei Asian Review: Suu Kyi faces tough test in Myanmar’s privatization push – Motokazu Matsui 05/23 The Irrawaddy: Army supports peace conference, senior-general says 05/23 Democratic Voice of Burma: Kerry pledges ‘strong support’ for Burma’s democratic transition – Feliz Solomon 05/23 Joint Press Availability With Burmese Foreign Minister Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 05/23 Aung San Suu Kyi calls for patience over the ‘Rohingya’ controversy 05/22 Myanmar's transition 'remarkable statement' to world: Kerry 05/22 John Kerry to welcome reforms, push for more on Myanmar visit 05/22 Suu Kyi, Kerry walk tightrope over 'Rohingya' question 05/22 Secretary of State Kerry in Myanmar to press further reforms 05/22 Kerry Arrives for Myanmar Meeting With Aung San Suu Kyi 05/22 US to keep sanctions on some of Myanmar's sectors: Kerry 05/22 Kerry hails ‘remarkable’ Myanmar changes after Suu Kyi talks 05/22 Myanmar's shame 05/22 Suu Kyi calls for ‘space’ to address Myanmar’s Rohingya issue as Kerry visits 05/22 John Kerry Says Deadly Drone Strike Sends 'Clear Message' 05/22 Suu Kyi Asks For 'Space' As Kerry Presses Her On Rohingya Treatment 05/22 TOLOnews 6pm News 22 May 2016 05/22 Kerry Urges More Reforms During Visit to Myanmar 05/22 US Secretary of State Kerry urges further reforms in Myanmar 05/22 Kerry urges Myanmar to progress on Rohingya human rights 05/22 Suu Kyi asks for 'space' on Rohingya 05/22 Solar Impulse 2 lands in Ohio on record-breaking flight 05/21 Kerry to meet Myanmar's Suu Kyi after US sanctions eased 05/21 Kerry to welcome reforms, push for more on Myanmar visit 05/21 Myanmar police charge dozens of labour activists over rally 05/20 Singapore considering bilateral investment treaty with Myanmar 05/20 Veteran Vietnam dissident Nguyen Van Ly released ahead of Obama visit 05/20 Channel News Asia: Vivian Balakrishnan meets with ex-Myanmar president Thein Sein – May Wong 05/19 More than 50 people charged in Myanmar after protest: Police 05/19 British activist faces jail threat in Thailand as trial starts over worker abuse research 05/19 Myanmar welcomes US move to ease more sanctions 05/19 Democratic Voice of Burma: Burma Army accused of torturing Shan villagers – Nang Mya Nadi 05/19 Eleven Myanmar: Suu Kyi meets Singapore counterpart 05/19 Myanmar welcomes US move to ease more sanctions 05/18 Dozens of Myanmar workers arrested in rally clampdown: police 05/18 US lifts more sanctions on Myanmar to help economic growth 05/18 US Sanctions on Myanmar ‘Will Not Hurt,’ says Aung San Suu Kyi 05/18 Series of anti-‘Rohingya’ protests planned in Myanmar 05/18 U.S. eases sanctions on Myanmar in bid to promote growth, reforms 05/17 Myanmar to charge activists for staging peace march 05/17 US eases sanctions on Myanmar citing democratic progress 05/17 U.S. eases Myanmar sanctions after civilian government takes power 05/17 US eases economic sanctions on Myanmar 05/17 Mizzima: Interview with Verity Lomax – Optimism expressed over opportunities for women in business in Myanmar – Aung Thura 05/17 Peace, justice, human rights and good governance are the pillars of development, says Swiss Ambassador 05/16 Military boss: charter change after peace 05/15 State media to continue in Myanmar: Information Minister 05/15 Myanmar to reveal 100-day priorities 05/15 US set to renew, but tweak, sanctions against Myanmar 05/14 Myanmar nationalists march to ban 'Rohingya' 05/13 ‘NLD is rushing this’: Myanmar government proposes keeping junta curbs on right to protest and free speech 05/13 US to renew sanctions framework on Burma 05/13 ‘Many Kokang people are afraid of politics’ 05/13 US expected to renew Myanmar sanctions, with some changes 05/13 US ambassador says he will use the term ‘Rohingya’ cautiously 05/12 New Myanmar government proposes keeping some junta curbs on protests 05/12 ‘They get to choose what they want to be called’ - U.S. ambassador on Rohingya-debate 05/11 Myanmar moving on, but little change for Rohingya 05/10 US mulls Myanmar sanctions rethink under Suu Kyi administration 05/10 Policy conundrums under the NLD 05/10 Suu Kyi says government plans to take care of Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand 05/10 Peace process must involve all stakeholders: Suu Kyi 05/10 New US Ambassador to Myanmar Says He Will Keep Using Term 'Rohingya' 05/10 Myanmar to form new ministry for Aung San Suu Kyi 05/10 Aung San Suu Kyi refuses to use the term ‘Rohingya’ 05/09 Suu Kyi Kicks the Rohingya 05/08 Protests build in Myanmar over flashpoint Chinese-backed mine 05/08 Protests build in Myanmar over flashpoint Chinese-backed mine 05/07 Suu Kyi, Htin Kyaw on official visit to Laos 05/07 Hundreds protest restart of China-backed copper mine in Myanmar 05/06 Myanmar president proposes new ministry for Suu Kyi, as minister embarks on her first foreign trip 05/06 Myanmar plans a new ministry 05/06 Myanmar Leader Suu Kyi Makes First Official Trip, to Laos 05/06 Myanmar Anti-Muslim Activist Arrested for Post About Suu Kyi 05/05 Aung San Suu Kyi's Ministry Sides With Myanmar's Hardline Buddhists 05/05 A Myanmar Facebook user may face charge 05/04 Burma: Rights Priorities for New Government 05/04 NLD dismisses MP for unauthorised visit to Wa region 05/04