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12/21 Myanmar Seeking to Turn Tide of Investment, Manufacturing 12/21 Indonesia seeks Bangladesh support on Rohingya 12/21 U.N. says 15,000 flee into China as Myanmar's army battles ethnic rebels 12/20 The Economist explains : Should you say Myanmar or Burma? 12/20 Indonesia seeks Bangladesh support on Rohingya 12/20 15,000 from Myanmar flee fighting to China 12/20 Myanmar hosts regional meeting to discuss Rohingya crisis 12/19 Bangladesh stops pro-Rohingya protest march to border 12/19 Malaysia calls for ASEAN to coordinate aid for Myanmar's Rohingya 12/19 Malaysia talks tough on Myanmar's treatment of Rohingya 12/19 Burma military accused of 'crimes against humanity' as Malaysia says Rohingya crisis 'regional concern' 12/19 Amnesty: Myanmar may be guilty of crimes against humanity 12/19 Rohingya abuse may be crimes against humanity: Amnesty 12/19 Amnesty warns Myanmar over treatment of Rohingya 12/18 Myanmar army takes outpost from powerful rebel group 12/18 FM to visit Myanmar, Bangladesh over Rakhine situation 12/17 UN says it gets reports daily of killings and rapes in Myanmar 12/17 ASEAN leaders can help solve Rohingya crisis. Here’s how 12/17 Putrajaya to bring up Rohingya issue at Asean foreign ministers' meeting 12/17 UN says it gets reports daily of killings and rapes in Myanmar 12/16 Malaysian official prepared to talk to end alleged human rights abuses against ethnic Rohingya 12/16 New policy needed on Myanmar military, says NGO 12/16 Myanmar's Rohingya insurgency has links to Saudi, Pakistan: Report 12/15 Myanmar’s Rohingya insurgency may have links to hardliners in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia 12/15 Rakhine Violence Testing Limits of Aung San Suu Kyi Leadership in Myanmar 12/14 Myanmar government ‘following the law’ in Rakhine, probe panel says 12/14 Myanmar govt 'following the law' in Rakhine, says probe panel 12/14 Myanmar's Rohingya insurgency has links to Saudi, Pakistan - report 12/14 Ministry to write Myanmar’s ‘true history’ without Rohingya 12/14 Ministry to write Myanmar's 'true history' without Rohingya 12/13 Suu Kyi calls for Asean meet over Rakhine 12/13 Myanmar calls ASEAN talks over ‘Rohingya issue’: diplomat 12/12 China a sincere supporter of Myanmar’s pursuit of peace and reconciliation 12/12