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06/21 Media Told to Dress Up, Keep Quiet on Myanmar Leader’s Thai Visit 06/21 Myanmar: Nationalist party slams new term for Rohingya 06/21 The Irrawaddy: Court denies bail to ultra-nationalist politician charged with defamation – Salai Thant Zin 06/21 Bernama: Thai PM will not raise Rohingya issue during talks with Suu Kyi 06/21 Bangkok Post: Suu Kyi, Thai government to sign new migrant deal 06/21 UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar meets with Aung San Suu Kyi 06/21 Myanmar’s Rohingya may be victims of ‘crimes against humanity’: UN 06/21 Dhaka Tribune: Crisis in the camps – Adil Sakhawat 06/21 Myanmar leader Suu Kyi reiterates stance not to use term ‘Rohingya’ after meeting with special UN representative 06/20 NLD Government must prioritize rule of law and respect for human rights - ICJ 06/20 Civil society must be part of peace process, says 88 generation leader 06/20 Myanmar's Suu Kyi reiterates stance on not using term 'Rohingya': official 06/20 Myanmar’s treatment of Rohingya may be ‘crime against humanity’, as UN points to forced labour and sexual violence 06/20 Should I stay or should I go? 06/20 Migrants arrested ahead of Suu Kyi's Thai visit 06/17 Myanmar Times: Government moves forward on more than $421m in cooperatives loans – Htoo Thant 06/17 Myanmar Times: Regional authority extracts himself from mining quandary – Khin Su Wai 06/16 Myanmar Times: Mandalay NLD, UEC to hold member elections – Maung Zaw 06/16 The Irrawaddy:Army demands three ethnic allies disarm before joining peace process – Nan Lwin Hnin Pwint 06/16 Frontier Myanmar: 100 days – Planning the government’s reform agenda – Hein Ko Soe 06/16 Myanmar/ Burma – Visit by Jean-Marc Ayrault (17-19.06.16) 06/16 Myanmar censors ban movie at human rights film festival 06/16 KBC urges authorities toinvestigate murder of two female teachers 06/15 ADB President commends Myanmar’s progress, announces expanded assistance 06/15 Myanmar censors ban movie at human rights film festival 06/15 Reuters: Dalai Lama urges Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to ease Rohingya tension – David Brunnstrom 06/14 Daily Sabah: Turkey will support Myanmar government solutions for Rohingyas, Foreign Minister says 06/14 Dalai Lama urges Suu Kyi to ease Rohingya tension 06/14 Millions of ‘likes’ but leadership lacking 06/14 The Irrawaddy: UNFC proposes more negotiations prior to Suu Kyi meeting – Saw Yan Naing 06/14 Bilateral ties strengthened with Turkey 06/14 The Irrawaddy: Details on Suu Kyi-nomics forthcoming – Kyaw Hsu Mon 06/14 French foreign minister to visit Myanmar this week 06/13 New government should not disregard Asean 06/13 Dalai Lama urges Myanmar's Suu Kyi to ease Rohingya tensions 06/13 Rebirth of Yangon building points way for city’s crumbling heritage 06/13 Frontier Myanmar: The Tatmadaw’s special relationship with Russia – Mratt Kyaw Thu 06/10 The Irrawaddy: Peace, reconciliation key to constitutional change: Win Myint – Htet Haing Zaw 06/10 Inter Press Service: ‘What can we do for you?’ Aid projects pour into Myanmar – Guy Dinmore 06/10 The Irrawaddy: Ethnic peace delegation reviews political dialogue framework – Saw Yan Naing 06/10 Seeking a Fresh Start in Myanmar, China Woos Suu Kyi 06/10 Muslim Lawyers Association formed to help protect basic rights 06/10 Reuters: In major test, Myanmar scrambles to clear port jam threatening growth – Timothy McLaughlin & Antoni Slodkowski 06/10 Radio Free Asia: Shan and Kachin ethnic groups show support for Myanmar’s Panglong Conference – Aung Moe Myint 06/09 Frontier Myanmar: Cleaning up – Thomas Kean & Hein Ko Soe 06/09 Democratic Voice of Burma: WWF praises government bid to end Mong La’s wildlife trade – Andrew D. Kaspar 06/09 Journalists criticise jailing of BBC reporter in Myanmar 06/08 Tea row brewing in Burma between Aung San Suu Kyi and dictator's grandson 06/08 Democratic Voice of Burma: Citizenship programme launched in Arakan – Aye Nai 06/08