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03/04 Pragmatism key to PM farewell meet 03/03 Racism in Myanmar 03/02 Stuff (New Zealand): Myanmar’s fighter for democracy – Andrea Vance 02/27 The Irrawaddy: NLD prepares for first national youth congress 02/27 Koirala to embark on his first overseas visit to Myanmar 02/26 British DJ faces retrial on sex charges 02/24 Radio Free Asia: Myanmar President’s office concerned over disruption of literary events 02/21 Asian Tribune: Will Myanmar Military take part to amend constitution? – Zin Linn 02/20 Democratic Voice of Burma: Military secures Hpakant area after 37-ton jade slab found 02/20 VIDEO: Asia Beats: Burmese rapper Thxa Soe 02/20 Democratic Voice of Burma: Latpadaung locals air grievances to UN Rights Rapporteur 02/19 Warning issued over disruptions to public talks 02/18 Is Suu Kyi eclipsing Myanmar's peace process? 02/17 UK DJ cleared of sexual assaults 02/13 British DJ cleared of sex charges 02/13 Germany pledges to support reform process 02/12 Shan traditional dance competition 02/12 Germany pledges to support reform process 02/11 Gauck pays tribute to Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi 02/11 The Irrawaddy: Burma’s NLD and 88 Generation team up to push for charter reform 02/10 Democratic Voice of Burma: ABSDF honours dead, reaffirms commitment to struggle 02/10 Cautious praise for Myanmar from German President Gauck 02/10 Germany waives 542 million euros in debt 02/10 Democratic Voice of Burma: NLD supporters in Mandalay rally for charter change 02/10 Few Signs of Support for Changing Burma's Constitution 02/07 Yangon protesters support constitutional change 02/06 More Deaths in Burma -- And More Official Indifference 02/06 Can Suu Kyi ever become president? 02/05 Mizzima News: Public event organised to prevent changes to article 59(f) 02/03 The Wall Street Journal: Report hints of strength of anti-reform sentiment in Myanmar 02/03 Public event organised to prevent changes to article 59(f) 02/02 Myanmar Report Points to Anti-Reform Sentiment 02/02 In Pictures: Myanmar's student army 02/02 Government to sign ceasefire with 16 groups 01/30 Norwegian lawmakers nominate Edward Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize 01/30 British DJ Travis says live TV grope claims 'insane' 01/28 Easing India-Myanmar Border Dispute 01/27 Suu Kyi will be invited to Beijing, says China's ambassador to Myanmar 01/25 Myanmar's Lady vs. The Dragon 01/24 Egypt coup stunts democracy trend 01/23 Myanmar Stumbles on Press Freedom 01/21 Celebrities on sex raps 01/14 BBC DJ sexually assaulted women while on air, court hears 01/14 The New Face of Democracy: Nation-Wide Youth Congress to Take Place in Burma 01/14 US ambassador reiterates dismay at charter provisions on presidency 01/10 The New York Times: Myanmar’s constitutional reform 01/10 The Irrawaddy: US Ambassador supports constitutional reform, calls article 59F ‘relic of the past’ 01/10 The Irrawaddy: Civil servants, students urged to boycott Suu Kyi rallies in Chin State, says NLD 01/10 Business Standard: Infy to help Myanmar develop e-governance strategy 01/10 Meena Kandasamy chosen for Mayilamma award 01/06 Pressure Mounts for a Suu Kyi Presidency 01/05 Suu Kyi urges Myanmar army to back charter reform 01/04 Suu Kyi urges Myanmar’s army to back constitutional reform 01/04 Dr Cynthia: Burma’s Health Crisis Continues 01/03 Aung San Suu Kyi’s moment of truth: Is she moving closer to power in Burma? 01/03 Myanmar activists rally to call for amending constitution to allow Suu Kyi to become president 01/03 Call for constitutional change in Myanmar 01/03 Support Grows in Burma for Constitutional Change 01/03 Malala Suu Kyi to address student parliament in Pune 01/03