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Kerry's Opportunity in Burma: Political Pressure Coupled With Economic Development 08/05 Elections Will Test Burma's New Democracy 08/05 Ban on Suu Kyi standing for Myanmar presidency poses dilemma for party 08/04 Burma Court Lessens Charges Against Journalists 08/04 Burma’s Reforms Undermined by “Political Repression, Cronyism and Ongoing Conflicts,” says New Report 07/30 The Myanmar Times: U Ye Htut nominated for information minister post 07/30 What Should Ordinary Leadership Look Like? 07/30 Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Laureate Wants Burma In SAARC 07/29 Democratic Voice of Burma: MPs debate pros and cons of proportional representation 07/28 Proportional Representation Plan Modified in Myanmar 07/25 Key senator urges Myanmar to reform constitution 07/25 Senior U.S. lawmaker: Myanmar must reform before more sanctions easing 07/24 Myanmar Legislature Considers Proportional Representation 07/24 Mitch McConnell Urges Myanmar To Reform Constitution 07/24 Five million back curbing Myanmar military's role in politics 07/22 Shooting an Elephant in Burma 07/22 Myanmar opposition party says 5 million sign petition to change constitution 07/22 The Diplomat: U.K. Minister of State Hugo Swire on Burma – Hugo Swire 07/21 Jailing of Journalists “Reminiscent of the Press Oppression Seen Under the Military Junta” 07/21 Democratic Voice of Burma: NLD, 88GPOS conclude nationwide rally for constitutional amendment 07/21 The Diplomat: Myanmar’s constitutional uncertainty 07/21 Millions sign petition in Myanmar urging army to curtail its power 07/19 U.K. Minister of State Hugo Swire on Burma 07/18 The Irrawaddy: Press Council Requests meeting with President, contacts Parliament 07/16 New UN rights envoy to Myanmar to visit tense area 07/16 The Irrawaddy: Lawmaker criticizes law that caps monthly alimony for women at 100 kyats 07/15 The Irrawaddy: Prison sentences for journalists ‘very excessive’: Suu Kyi 07/14 Myanmar's reforms may be running out of steam 07/12 ‘Bi Mon Te Nay’ reporter’s whereabouts unknown, says family 07/10 Myanmar opposition objects to 2015 electoral changes 07/07 Aung San Suu Kyi's opposition party youth ready to rise in ranks 07/05 Myanmar opposition showing its age 07/05 Thai junta compares its intervention to Myanmar's 1988 crackdown 07/04 Myanmar army chief hails Thai coup 07/04 Myanmar's Parliament Seeks to Repeal Military Veto 07/03 Bishop urged to take up cause of Rohingyas 07/02 NLD’s Signature Campaign For Constitution Change In Three Pagoda Pass Hits a High 07/01 Military uses 2008 Constitution to maintain power, says 88 Generation leader 07/01 Myanmar Times: Ethnic armed groups, opposition parties to meet in Mae Sot 07/01 Human Rights Watch: What Bishop must do in Burma – David Scott Mathieson 07/01 Suu Kyi races to change Myanmar constitution before 2015 elections 06/30 Myanmar: Revival of the Lost Kingdom 06/30 Military uses 2008 Constitution to maintain power, says 88 Generation leader 06/30 Aust tropics set to expand: report 06/28 R.I.P – General Tamla Baw – Karen Leader 06/27 Clock Is Ticking For Aung San Suu Kyi's Presidential Bid 06/27 The Irrawaddy: NLD schedules first youth congress in early July 06/25 Democratic Voice of Burma: Civil society leaders released from Insein 06/25 Democratic Voice of Burma: NDF about-face on PR in ethnic states 06/24 The Diplomat: Changing dynamics in Myanmar impact Bangladesh’s geopolitics – Zahedul Amin 06/23 Myanmar monks go to court in property dispute 06/20 UN ever frustrated at Myanmar gov't inaction on Rohingya 06/20 ‘This Land is Our Land’ takes the ‘Aung San Suu Kyi Award’ for best Myanmar film at the Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival. 06/20 Women’s groups present their support on Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s birthday 06/19 UPI Almanac for Thursday, June 19, 2014 06/19 June 18, 2014 06/18 Inaugural music festival to end with a concert of celebration 06/18 Myanmar rejects US call on constitutional reform 06/17 Let Burmese choose their leader - US 06/17 Buddha, a 'Prince of Indian Sub-Continent', Says Aung San Suu Kyi 06/16 Reuters: Suu Kyi says law barring her from Myanmar presidency is unacceptable 06/16 The Myanmar Times: NLD leader advises activists to take death threats to police 06/16 US urges Myanmar to let people choose president 06/16 Becoming president is up to the people: Suu Kyi 06/16 The Wall Street Journal: Backsliding in Burma 06/16 Aung San Suu Kyi, speaking in Nepal, said democracy and development should go hand in hand. 06/15 Monastery raid can spark second Saffron Revolution, warns U Wirathu 06/15 Myanmar's Suu Kyi seeks global support for charter change 06/15