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Peace has been signed but challenges remain. See summary

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reuters.com U.N. chief urges dialogue in Burundi after politician's killing 05/24
edition.cnn.com Opposition leader gunned down 05/24
edition.cnn.com Opposition suspends talks as Burundi's crisis grows worse 05/24
turkishweekly.net UN chief condemns killing of Burundi opposition leader 05/24
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foxnews.com Burundi opposition figures go into hiding following the killing of a politician 05/24
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nzherald.co.nz Burundi opposition figures go into hiding following killing 05/24
modernghana.com Burundi president seen as 'divine' hero in rural homeland 05/24
dalje.com Burundi opposition ends dialogue with government after killing 05/23
turkishweekly.net Grenade attack kills at least 2 in Bujumbura 05/23
aljazeera.com Tanzania camp overstretched by Burundi refugee influx 05/23
aljazeera.com Burundi street children caught up in clashes 05/23
allafrica.com Burundi: Burundian Refugees Face Cholera Threat in Tanzania 05/23
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modernghana.com Calm as Burundi truce starts after deadly protests 05/23
foxnews.com Songs of joy as Burundi refugees move from makeshift camp stricken by cholera outbreak 05/23
nation.co.ke Calm as two-day truce starts in Burundi after month of protests 05/23
france24.com Two-day truce starts in Burundi after deadly protests 05/23
modernghana.com Red Cross responds to growing need for regional assistance following Burundi pre-election violence 05/23
cnn.com Opposition leader gunned down 05/23
thestar.com Burundi opposition leader assassinated amid unrest 05/23
reuters.com Burundi opposition figure shot dead in capital: activist 05/23
huffingtonpost.com Burundi Opposition Figure Zedi Furuzi Shot Dead In Capital, Activist Says 05/23
modernghana.com Burundi opposition leader murdered during pause in protests 05/23
allafrica.com Burundi: Anti-Government Protests Rock Capital 05/22
allafrica.com Tanzania: Cholera Epidemic Claims 31 Lives in Tanzania, Including 29 Burundian Refugees 05/22
allafrica.com Burundi: Many Fleeing Burundi Have No Wish to Return 05/22
turkishweekly.net Belgium threatens to cut aid to Burundi 05/22
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grnlive.com Deadly Burundi protests as police try to crush demos 05/22
modernghana.com Thousands defy Burundi police crackdown 05/22
modernghana.com 300-400 new cholera cases per day among Burundians in Tanzania: UN 05/22
reuters.com U.S. suspends Burundi peacekeeping training over protests 05/22
bbc.co.uk Cholera hits 3,000 Burundi refugees 05/22
un.org UN refugee chief urges support for appeal to help displaced Burundians as cholera declared in camp 05/22
modernghana.com Grenade blasts as Burundi protesters defy police crackdown 05/22
france24.com Twin grenade attack hits Burundi capital as protesters defy police crackdown 05/22
allafrica.com Burundi: Cholera Kills Burundi Refugees From Bujumbura Fighting 05/22
dw.de Burundian refugees face cholera threat in Tanzania 05/22
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doctorswithoutborders.org Displaced by Xenophobia in South Africa 05/22
allafrica.com Burundi: UNHCR and Partners Appeal for U.S.207 Million to Respond to the Burundi Refugee Emergency 05/22
allafrica.com South Sudan: Condemning Escalating Violence in South Sudan 05/22
allafrica.com PDP Moves Against Fani-Kayode, Orders Probe of Ex-Minister 05/21
allafrica.com Burundi: Thousands Protest as President Delays Polls 05/21
allafrica.com South Sudan: Civilians Killed As Fighting Intensifies 05/21
reuters.com Street clashes, gunfire erupt again in Burundi capital 05/21
allafrica.com Burundi: President Urges Ethnic Harmony, Downplays Unrest 05/21
wsj.com Political Strife Spurs an Exodus from Burundi 05/21
foxnews.com Burundi Red Cross: 2 killed in protests against president's 3rd term bid 05/21
allafrica.com Burundi: Ex-Burundi Presidents, Activists Appeal for Help 05/21
allafrica.com Saving Lake Chad 05/21
mg.co.za Rein Burundi in to prevent regional war 05/21
voanews.com Burundi President Calls for Peaceful Election 05/21
modernghana.com Burundi army calls for unity after coup bid 05/21
modernghana.com Cholera outbreak kills 27 Burundi refugees in Tanzania: UN 05/21
euronews.com Tension rises in Burundi after deadly street clashes resume 05/21
aljazeera.com Anti-government protests rock Burundi's capital 05/21
modernghana.com Deadly Burundi protests as police try to crush demos 05/21
globalsecurity.org Many fleeing Burundi have no wish to return 05/21
bbc.co.uk Volatile Burundi seeks a new politics 05/21
independent.co.uk Burundi crisis: President Nkurunziza plays football as two protesters die in demonstrations 05/21
voanews.com East Africa Officials Meet Burundi Government, Stakeholders 05/21
vanguardngr.com Wounded lion on the rampage 05/21
modernghana.com Deadly Burundi protests as army urges unity after coup bid 05/21
vanguardngr.com Burundi protesters battle police in Bujumbura centre 05/21
allafrica.com Appeals Judges Decline to Release Bemba From ICC Detention 05/21
mg.co.za Burundi protests turn violent as poll delayed 05/20
allafrica.com Burundi's Crisis Is Far From 'Third' Term Talk 05/20
huffingtonpost.com Burundi's President Delays Elections Amid Fresh Violence 05/20
edition.cnn.com Burundi: President pushes back election 05/20
telegraph.co.uk Soldier 'shot dead by police' in Burundi protest clashes 05/20
voanews.com Soldier Fatally Shot in Latest Burundi Protests 05/20
allafrica.com South Africa: Xenophobia in Healthcare - Story of a Burundian Nurse 05/20
dw.de Burundi: Has the failed coup strengthened President Nkurunziza? 05/20
aljazeera.com Protests hit Burundi as president delays polls 05/20
dw.de Burundi: Has the failed coup strengthened President Nkurunziza? 05/20
modernghana.com Burundi protesters clash with police as poll delayed 05/20
modernghana.com Heavy gunfire at Burundi protests as poll delayed 05/20
cnn.com Burundi president pushes back election 05/20
allafrica.com Egypt: Mufti - Terrorism Can't Be Associated to Any Religion or Nation 05/20
allafrica.com Burundi: Humanitarian Crisis Deepens As Political Tensions in Country Grow 05/20
allafrica.com Burundi: Amid Unrest, President Delays Polls By One Week 05/20
modernghana.com Burundi police shoot soldier dead in protest chaos: witness 05/20
allafrica.com Burundi: Huge Uncertainties Loom Over Burundi's Political Trajectory 05/20
modernghana.com Burundi leader says country peaceful, warns against 'encouraging insurrection' 05/20
dw.de Burundi's president urges ethnic harmony, downplays unrest 05/20
reuters.com Burundi's president delays parliamentary elections by a week 05/20
modernghana.com Burundi protesters clash with police as president delays polls 05/20
independent.co.uk Burundi crisis: President clings to power and delays elections amid continuing violence against protesters 05/20
euronews.com Burundi president calls for 'ethnic harmony' 05/20
scoop.co.nz United States Warns Against Violence in Burundi 05/19
scoop.co.nz ‘Extremely tense situation’ in Burundi after failed coup 05/19
allafrica.com ICGLR Summit Slams SPLM-Io Rebel Actions 05/19
allafrica.com Obama Names John Kerry As Head of U.S. Delegation to Buhari Inauguration 05/19
allafrica.com Burundi: Coup Attempt to Delay Elections 05/19
allafrica.com Sudan Vice President Leaves Luanda After ICGLR Summit 05/19


From the CIA World Factbook:

Burundi's first democratically elected president was assassinated in October 1993 after only 100 days in office, triggering widespread ethnic violence between Hutu and Tutsi factions. More than 200,000 Burundians perished during the conflict that spanned almost a dozen years. Hundreds of thousands of Burundians were internally displaced or became refugees in neighboring countries. An internationally brokered power-sharing agreement between the Tutsi-dominated government and the Hutu rebels in 2003 paved the way for a transition process that led to an integrated defense force, established a new constitution in 2005, and elected a majority Hutu government in 2005. The new government, led by President Pierre Nkurunziza, signed a South African brokered ceasefire with the country's last rebel group in September of 2006 but still faces many challenges.