Russia - Caucasus

Lingering insurgency in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan See summary

Recent articles: Israel lifts ban on Arab-Jewish football clash 11/21 Two Suspected Militants Killed In Daghestan 11/21 Another Clash Reported Between Security Forces and Rebels in Chechnya 11/21 Three powerful bombs neutralized in Ingushetia 11/20 Syrian children living in squalor in France 11/20 Suspected militants' helper detained in Sunzha District of Chechnya 11/19 Conscripts from Dagestan and North Ossetia, not Chechnya, will take their service at Pacific Fleet 11/19 MC of Chechnya refutes information about sending conscripts to Far East 11/18 Russia Says Four Militants Killed In Chechnya 11/18 Two power agents wounded in special operation in Sunzha District of Chechnya 11/18 In Sunzha District of Chechnya power agents search helpers of militants killed in special operation 11/17 Reports: Red-Bearded IS Militant Killed 11/13 Chechen head reports death of one of ISIL leaders who threatened to invade Russia 11/13 Chechnya’s Kadyrov says one of Islamic State leaders is dead 11/13 Kadyrov Says Islamic State's Leader From Georgia Killed 11/13 Grozny resident sentenced to two years in prison on charges of involvement in Syrian War 11/11 Chechen Man Gets Two Years For Fighting With 'Free Syrian Army' 11/11 Two Battalions of Chechens Now Fighting the Russians in Ukraine 11/07 North Caucasians Point out Moscow’s Double Standards on North Caucasus and Ukraine 11/03 In Grozny, relatives of disappeared persons obtain 60 genetic passports 10/30 CPJ expresses concern over failure of justice in some cases on journalists' murders in Russia 10/29 The Road to Justice 10/28 Afghan forces attempt to free 16 captured policemen 10/28 Special operation in eastern Chechnya still brings no results 10/28 Head of Djeirakh District of Ingushetia dies in road accident 10/27 Ukraine Unspun: Chechnya War Pic Passed Off As Ukraine Atrocity By Hackers, Russian TV 10/27 Moscow commemorates "Nord-Ost" victims on anniversary of hostage-taking 10/24 Chechnya: relatives of combatant in Syria hope for lenient sentence 10/24 Three Alleged Militants Killed In Russia's North Caucasus 10/24 Grozny Suicide Bombing: A ‘Lone Wolf’ or Signs of a New Militant Group Operating in Chechnya? 10/23 Ottawa Shooting Proves Failure of Double-Standard Anti-Terrorism Policies: Kremlin 10/23 New report further exposes Turkey links to ISIL militants 10/21 Did Riyadh, Grozny Fear Chechen Hajj Pilgrims Would Join IS? 10/20 MIA reports killing of organizer of terror act in Grozny 10/18 Shamil Gazaliev from Chechnya suspected of involvement in warfare in Syria 10/18 Russia rights group says it is targeted by Kremlin to control history 10/17 Experts are skeptical about allegations on JAMWA's involvement in explosion in Grozny 10/17 Three Alleged Militants Killed In Daghestan 10/16 In Grozny, law enforcers search for suspected suicide bomber 10/16 Russian intelligence can help against Islamic State: Former CIA analyst 10/16 Russian Intelligence Can Help Against Islamic State: Former CIA Analyst 10/15 Are Nogais Fighting With IS In Kobani? 10/15 Chechen investigators establish organizers of terror act in Grozny 10/15 In Chechnya, law enforcers detain family members of Apti Mudarov's friend, said local resident 10/14 Should Georgia Fear IS Threat To Its Pankisi Gorge? 10/14 In pictures: Life in Chechnya 10/13 In Ingushetia, law enforcers detain suspected attacker of policemen in Karabulak 10/10 Chechen Isis fighters under Omar al-Shishani threaten to take fight to Putin 10/10 Chechen IS Leader Threatens to Invade Russia: Reports 10/10 Russia Says Three Suspected Militants Killed In Daghestan 10/08 Murdered Russian Journalist Politkovskaya Remembered With Flowers 10/07 Iraqi Yazidi Legislator Awarded Politkovskaya Prize 10/07 Suicide Bombing in the Chechen Repulic's Capital of Grozny 10/06 Explosion in Grozny: Police officers prevent large terrorist act 10/06 Deadly suicide bombing in Chechnya targeted holiday celebrations 10/06 Russia Claims To Have Foiled Terrorist Attacks 10/06 Chechen leader vows tough response to suicide bombing 10/06 Police officers killed in suicide bomb attack in Chechnya 10/05 Chechnya suicide bomber kills 5 police, wounds 12 10/05 Chechnya's IDIC Reveals Surnames of Grozny Suicide Bombing Victims 10/05 Four die in Chechnya suicide blast 10/05 Bomb Explosion In Chechnya 10/05 Suicide Bomber Kills Four Police in Russia's Chechnya: Agencies 10/05 Suicide bombing hits Chechen capital 10/05 Chechnya bombing kills 5 officers 10/05 Suicide Bomber of Grozny Attack Left Home 6 Months Ago 10/05 Chechnya Capital Bombing Kills 4 Police 10/05 Chechen Health Ministry Says Able to Help Grozny Bombing Victims Without Additional Help 10/05 Suicide bomber kills five police in Russia's Chechnya: agencies 10/05 Bombing in Chechnya leaves 5 policemen dead 10/05 Chechnya suicide bomber kills 5 police, wounds 12 10/04 Suicide bomber in Chechnya kills 4 policemen 10/04 Planned Road From Dagestan to Georgia—Road of Friendship, or of War? 10/02 Chechen military commissariats to recruit higher school graduates first 10/01 Russian Army Drafting Men From Chechnya For First Time In 20 Years 10/01 US releases list of 'most wanted' IS terrorists 09/29 SITE: al-Qaida member confirms death of Khorasan leader on Twitter 09/28 Drinking Beer While Under Fire - Journalists' Work In Eastern Ukraine 09/27 Behind Islamic State's Battlefield Gains, Battle-Hardened Chechens 09/26 Kadyov Succeeds in Pressuring Moscow to Renew the Military Draft in Chechnya 09/25 U.S. Designates Georgian Man As 'Global Terrorist' 09/24 Casualty of shootout in Ingushetia identified as Arthur Murzabekov 09/23 Entrepreneur's house in Makhachkala shelled from grenade launcher 09/20 Russian MoD intends to recruit 500 soldiers from Chechnya 09/18 Under Two Flags: Chechen Fighters in Eastern Ukraine 09/18 US Prosecutor's Office demands Tsarnaev's presence at trial 09/18 Ukraine cease-fire in peril; Merkel urges Putin to respect it 09/16 3 killed, 5 wounded in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine 09/16 China Voice: Growing terror threats require enhanced SCO cooperation 09/14 As leaders talk peace, some Ukrainians contemplate guerrilla war 09/13 North Caucasians’ Sad, Paradoxical Fight in Eastern Ukraine 09/12 The North Caucasus Insurgency: One Year Without Doku Umarov 09/12 Special Report: Moscow stifles dissent as soldiers return in coffins 09/12 Kerry to VOA: IS Represents Threat to Russia 09/12 Leaders talk peace, some Ukrainians contemplate guerrilla war 09/12 One Year After Leader’s Death, North Caucasus Insurgency Soldiers On 09/07 Dagestan Remains the Epicenter of the North Caucasus Insurgency 09/05 Sex, Torture, And Chechnya: New Depardieu Movie Hits Russian Theaters 09/05 Recruits From Chechnya and Central Asia Bolster Ranks of Islamic State 09/04 Police Seek Militants In Russia's Daghestan After Five Bodies Found 09/03


Russian troops established control of Chechnya in large-scale fighting in 2000; from 2000 to 2009 an insurgency was active. The insurgency continues at a small scale.