Russia - Caucasus

Lingering insurgency in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan See summary

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Kremlin copies US propaganda techniques to sell Syrian intervention to its citizens 10/09 Eyewitnesses of CTO in Chechnya state power agents refused to evacuate children 10/09 Rights defenders doubt of charges against Karpyuk and Klykh 10/09 Nemtsov’s daughter agrees to meet Kadyrov after his interrogation 10/09 Syria air strikes leave Russia at risk of revenge attacks 10/09 Power agents report killing of four IS militants in Chechnya 10/08 Kadyrov states that killed IS militants had prepared series of terror acts 10/08 Like Russia, Chechnya Is Being Increasingly Drawn Into Syrian Conflict 10/08 Policeman Wounded By Attackers In Daghestan 10/08 Ingushetia: Interpol detains girl suspected of terrorism 10/08 MCC upholds extension of Zaur Dadaev's arrest 10/07 In Syria, Russia chasing Chechens once again 10/07 Afghanistan's Dostum Turns To Old Ally Russia For Help 10/07 Advocate disagrees with Ruslan Geremeev status in Nemtsov murder case 10/07 Nine years after Anna Politkovskaya's murder: her family treats crime as unsolved 10/07 Syrian journalist receives Anna Politkovskaya Award 10/07 Russia's Syria policy seeks stark choice between radicals and Assad regime 10/06 Law enforcers detain man suspected of attack on Budyonnovsk 10/06 "Rosbalt": relatives of Geremeev and Mukhudinov not aware of their whereabouts 10/05 The West Fears Russia’s Success in Syria - Not Its Failure 10/04 Shagid Gubashev’s advocate denies that his client retracted testimony 10/03 Is Putin the only world leader with a coherent Middle East strategy? 10/01 Chechen Court Sentences Ukrainian Nationalist 09/30 All defendants in case of Boris Nemtsov's murder recall their confessions 09/28 Anzor Gubashev retracts his confession in Boris Nemtsov murder case 09/18 Case against UNA-UNSO members in Chechnya to be considered by jury 09/17 Seven residents of Chechnya suspected of recruiting people for IS 09/16 This Is How Chechnya Deals With ISIS Recruiters 09/16 Karzai had ordered not to attack the Taliban training center in Logar 09/15 Two Ukrainians Go On Trial In Chechnya 09/15 Nemtsov's daughter asks to re-qualify his father' murder case 09/14 Dagestan Increasingly Resembles Chechnya 09/11 Kadyrov: Ukrainian PM A 'Coward,' 'Nerd' Who Couldn't Fight 09/10 Russia Ridiculed On Internet Over Claim Ukraine PM Fought In Chechnya 09/09 Another Imam Shot Dead In Russia's North Caucasus 09/09 Moscow Accuses Ukrainian PM Of 'Torturing' Russians In Chechen War 09/08 Main Russian IS Recruiter 'Identified In Turkey,' But Who Is One-Legged Akhmet? 08/10 Explosion kills soldier during military operation in Chechnya 08/09


Russian troops established control of Chechnya in large-scale fighting in 2000; from 2000 to 2009 an insurgency was active. The insurgency continues at a small scale.