Colombia - FARC

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signals new tone in Latin America 06/23 Agreements on the End of the Conflict and the Referendum Bring Peace in Colombia Closer 06/23 Hopes for peace as Colombia signs historic ceasefire deal 06/23 Colombia, FARC rebels sign ceasefire agreement 06/23 Colombia and FARC rebels announce deal on ceasefire 06/22 Colombia: deal with FARC for bilateral ceasefire 06/22 Colombia and FARC rebels announce cease-fire deal in a major step to end a half-century of war 06/22 Colombia hopes to agree to ceasefire with rebels this week 06/22 'The last day of the war': FARC and Colombian government agree ceasefire to end world's longest running civil conflict 06/22 Colombia, Farc rebels reach 'definitive' ceasefire deal 06/22 Colombia and Farc rebels reach agreement on bilateral ceasefire 06/22 Colombia, FARC rebels announce deal on bilateral cease-fire 06/22 Colombia, FARC to sign definitive ceasefire accord 06/22 After Decades of War, Colombia and FARC Rebels Reach Definitive Peace Deal 06/22 Colombia, FARC Rebels Announce Cease-fire Deal 06/22 150 women do yoga on a 700-metre-high platform 06/22 Colombia and FARC rebels reach historic ceasefire deal 06/22 Colombia and Farc agree to ceasefire 06/22 Colombia, FARC rebels to sign ceasefire agreement Thursday 06/22 Colombia reaches ceasefire agreement with FARC 06/22 Historic peace deal signed between Colombian government and FARC rebels 06/22 Colombian government and FARC rebels announce historic cease-fire 06/22 Colombia President Santos: 'Farc peace deal by 20 July' 06/21 President: Colombia to Complete Talks With FARC by July 20 06/20 If You Outlaw Border-Crossing, Only Outlaws Will Cross the Border 06/20 Colombia to complete talks with FARC rebels by July 20 -president 06/20 Colombia's indigenous community signs peace deal with FARC rebels 06/19 Colombia sheds cocaine capital image 06/17 Colombia's FARC rebels may return to battle, warns president 06/17 FARC Ready to Return to War if Peace Talks Fail, Colombian President Says 06/16 Colombia's FARC rebels ready to return to war if talks fail: president 06/16 US sees Colombian resolve on drug war waning as peace looms 06/16 Colombia government, FARC close to peace deal: mediator Norway 06/14 Colombia, guerillas cooperate to help farmers stop growing coca 06/11 Colombian government and rebels plan joint drug crop eradication 06/10 War and peace: Colombia's unreconciled narratives 06/05 Spanish journalist freed in Colombia 05/27 Man convicted of trying to sell weapons to Colombia rebels 05/25 Erradicación, pedagogía y legitimidad 05/24 Colombia looks for Spanish journalist 05/23 Spanish journalist missing, feared kidnapped by Colombian rebels 05/23 Peace Talks Leads to Release of Child Soldiers 05/22 Colombia rebels to hand over minor fighters to govt 05/20 Rebel bombing shuts down key Colombian oil pipeline 05/19 Five Countries Where Child Soldiers Are Still Recruited 05/18 Colombia: UN chief welcomes agreement to separate children from FARC 05/17 Colombian Farc rebels agree at peace talks to let children aged under 15 leave ranks 05/16 Colombia's FARC to remove child soldiers from ranks 05/16 Last child soldiers in the Americas to be freed as Farc agree to release Colombia's children 05/16 Colombia's war-weary farmers head home amid hopes and fears 05/15 Colombia and FARC Rebels Reach a Deal to Free Child Soldiers 05/15 Colombian child soldier deal agreed 05/15 FARC, Colombia agree on moving children out of rebel camps 05/15 Colombian FARC rebels agree to let minors under 15 leave ranks 05/15 Colombia's FARC rebels agree to remove child soldiers from ranks 05/15 Colombia: Uribe calls for 'civil resistance' 05/14 Leader of Colombia's FARC rebels invites ex-president to meet 05/14 Colombia Fears U.S. May Reject Peace Plan To Protect Pharma Profits 05/11 Colombia to use warplanes against gangs 05/06 UK Foreign Secretary arrives in Colombia for visit to highlight support for the country’s peace process and fight against narcotics 04/27 Colombia: thousands displaced in new fighting 04/26 Colombia's Santos Names New Cabinet for Peace 04/25 Can the Colombian Peace Deal Hold? 04/24 Paramilitary threat holds up Colombia peace talks 04/18 FARC seeks Pope Francis' help in Colombia peace bid 04/17 Colombia FARC rebels seek Pope's backing in peace bid 04/17 FARC rebels involved in drug trade despite peace talks: police 04/12 La negociación con el ELN y la búsqueda de la paz completa 04/11