Colombia - FARC

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Ask a coca farmer. 01/15 Negotiators at Colombian peace talks to examine ceasefire 01/15 What is at stake in the Colombian peace process? 01/15 Colombia 'ready for ceasefire talks' 01/14 A Year for Reform in Latin America 01/13 Farc's unilateral truce 'threatened' 01/10 The Forgotten Streets of Colombia's War 01/10 Colombia's ELN: Cease-fire Possible With Peace Talks 01/07 Colombia's Santos calls on ELN rebels to declare ceasefire 01/05 Southern-bloc FARC Leader Joins Peace Negotiations in Havana 12/30 Sworn enemies in Colombia put down guns, make peace 12/30 Colombian civil war relief efforts face dangerous barriers 12/29 FARC militants release captured Colombian soldiers 12/27 FARC says it has freed Colombian soldier 12/26 FARC says it has released Colombian soldier 12/26 Colombia's FARC rebels free soldier captured during attack 12/26 Colombia's FARC rebels to free kidnapped soldier in peace gesture 12/25 Colombia's FARC to Free Kidnapped Soldier 12/25 Colombia army launches search for soldier kidnapped by rebels 12/23 Colombia Farc rebel ceasefire begins 12/20 Montenegro: US Indicts 3 for Selling Guns to Colombian Rebels 12/20 Colombia's FARC kills 5 soldiers on eve of truce 12/20 Hope in Colombia as uncertain FARC ceasefire begins 12/20 Colombia's FARC begins unilateral ceasefire 12/20 Echoes of the Pink Tide 12/20 Five Colombian soldiers killed in attack on eve of FARC truce 12/19 Colombian government reacts cautiously to cease-fire action 12/19 Eight Colombian police, military killed in guerrilla attacks 12/19 Colombian government welcomes FARC truce 12/18 Colombia rejects FARC's verification proposal for a cease-fire 12/18 Colombia's FARC proposes indefinite cease-fire – with strings attached (+video) 12/18 Montenegro expected to extradite 3 men to US 12/18 Can U.S.-Cuba Thaw Help End War in Colombia? 12/18 Ted Cruz Stretches The Truth On Cuba 12/18 CIA report warned assassination programme might backfire 12/18 FARC declares unilateral ceasefire -- first in 50 years 12/18 Colombia's FARC fighters call unlimited truce and say it's "now or never" for a full peace deal 12/18 Colombia Farc rebels declare indefinite unilateral truce 12/18 Colombian rebels announce unilateral cease-fire 12/17 Colombia's FARC rebels call indefinite truce 12/17 Colombian rebels at peace talks in Cuba announce unilateral cease-fire with their government 12/17 Colombia's FARC rebels call conditional unlimited ceasefire 12/17 Colombia's FARC rebels announce unilateral ceasefire 12/17 Colombia's Farc rebels declare unilateral ceasefire 12/17