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Recent articles: Colombia's FARC rebels kill one in first attack since halting ceasefire 05/24 Colombian FARC rebels suspend unilateral cease-fire 05/23 Farc rebels killed in new air strike 05/23 Colombia's FARC rebels suspend ceasefire over air strike - The Sun Daily 05/23 Colombia peace talks in crisis as FARC ends ceasefire 05/23 FARC rebels end unilateral ceasefire 05/23 Colombia: Military attack leaves 7 FARC rebels dead 05/23 'No peace dividend' for Panama border force 05/23 Colombia: Santos calls for accelerated talks with FARC 05/23 Colombian rebels suspend cease-fire after military attack 05/23 Airstrikes against FARC rebels' positions in Colombia kill 18 05/22 Colombia Kills 18 FARC Rebels 05/22 Colombia FARC fighters end truce after government attack 05/22 Farc suspends truce after attack 05/22 Colombia rebels cancel unilateral cease-fire after army raid 05/22 Colombia's FARC rebels suspend ceasefire after government ambush 05/22 Army air strike kills 18 FARC rebels in Colombia 05/22 FARC rebels end unilateral ceasefire 05/22 Colombia negotiators urge guerrillas to cease landmine use 05/22 Colombia strike kills 18 Farc rebels 05/22 Colombia's FARC rebels suspend unilateral ceasefire 05/22 18 rebels said killed in Colombian raid on guerrilla camp 05/22 FARC withdraws from ceasefire following government air raids 05/22 Airstrikes Against FARC Rebels' Positions in Colombia Kill 18 05/21 At least 18 FARC rebels killed in Colombia airstrikes 05/21 FARC rebels end their unilateral ceasefire after airstrike 05/21 La mala imagen de Santos y sus salidas 05/20 Colombia gov't confirms suspension of aerial coca spraying 05/15 Farc wants ELN at Colombia talks 05/13 Ecuador says hosted talks between Colombia gov't, ELN rebels 05/13 Colombia plans to eradicate Monsanto weed killer in drug war 05/13 Colombia rebel leaders met secretly to pursue peace talks: government 05/12 Colombia army raids illegal mines funding FARC rebels 05/11 Colombia crackdown on illegal mines 05/11 Colombia Government, FARC Agree on Specific Minefield Clearance Plan 05/08 Chemical in Colombia spraying called carcinogen 05/08 Sudan: Bombing Campaign's Heavy Toll On Children - Dying From Attacks, Hunger, Disease 05/07 Life in a Colombia village threatened by landmines 05/07 Colombia investigates 'US sex abuse' 05/06 CrisisWatch N°141 04/30 ¿Tiene futuro el proceso de paz con el ELN? 04/29 Colombia arrests military personnel accused of arming FARC 04/29 Deals With the Devil in Colombia 04/27 FARC militants blame Colombian government for delayed peace-talks 04/25 US Deputy State Secretary to Discuss Peace Process With Colombian Officials 04/23 As Colombia Nears Peace Accord, The Question of U.S. Culpability Looms 04/22 Colombia peace talks survive Cauca storm, but danger lurks 04/21 Colombia will not cave to political pressure to end peace talks: Santos 04/21 Guerrillas claim they'll uphold ceasefire after deadly ambush in Colombia 04/21 Santos: Colombia Will Not Cave to Political Pressure to End Peace Talks 04/21 US doing everything in its power to help Colombian peace process 04/21 FARC reaffirms commitment to peace talks with Colombian government 04/20 Colombia's FARC Rebels Vow to Maintain Unilateral Cease-Fire 04/20 FARC attack a crisis that will not stop Colombia talks 04/19 Santos to accelerate Colombian peace talks 04/18 Colombia's Santos calls for deadline on FARC peace talks 04/17 Colombia's president wants rebels to set deadline for peace 04/17 VIDEO: Colombia to resume Farc bombings 04/16 Colombian president lifts halt on FARC bombing raids 04/16 Colombia resumes bombing raids against Farc 04/16 Colombia: A Dangerous Setback 04/16 Colombian Rebels Blame Government for War's Rising Death Toll 04/16 Colombia renews bombing raids on FARC 04/16 Colombia resumes airstrikes after Farc kills 11 soldiers in pre-dawn attack 04/16 US: Spain, Cuba in talks for extradition of 2 ETA members 04/16 Colombian Government to Resume Bombing of FARC Targets after Rebels Attack Colombian Troops 04/16 Cuba Welcomes Removal from US Terrorism Sponsor List 04/15 COLOMBIA: Venezuela Slides Towards Revolution 04/15 Rebels 'kill 10 Colombian soldiers' 04/15 Colombian soldiers killed in reported Farc attack 04/15 Ten Colombian soldiers die in FARC attack despite ceasefire 04/15 Colombian soldiers killed in apparent rebel attack 04/15 10 Soldiers Killed in FARC Attack, Colombian Army Says 04/15 Deadly FARC assault puts Colombia peace talks in jeopardy 04/15 10 Colombian soldiers killed in FARC attack 04/15 Colombia to resume bombing of FARC rebels after attack 04/15 Colombia's Santos lifts halt on bombings against FARC after attack 04/15 FARC attack kills 10 soldiers 04/15 Colombian president relaunches airstrikes on FARC 04/15 Colombia resumes airstrikes after Farc kills 11 soldiers in pre-dawn attack 04/15 Attack Attributed to FARC Rebels in Colombia Threatens Peace Talks 04/15 At Least 10 Colombian Soliders Killed in Clashes With FARC Amid Peace Talks 04/15 Colombia lifts bombing truce after deadly FARC ambush 04/15 Colombia to resume bombing rebels after deadly ambush 04/15 Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials 04/15 Colombia and the FARC : The clash in Cauca 04/15 Colombian generals investigated for ‘false positive’ murders 04/14 Colombia investigating 22 generals over extrajudicial killing scandal 04/13 Colombian generals investigated 04/12 Colombia FARC rebels say they cannot be judged as 'common criminals' 04/10 US State Dept 'advises lifting Cuba from terror list' 04/10 VIDEO: Will Cuba come off US terror list? 04/10 Colombia to Continue Suspension of Air Raids Against FARC 04/09 U.S. Army to investigate soldiers for alleged sexual assaults in Colombia 04/09 US officials urge Obama to remove Cuba from terror list 04/09 Colombia's Santos says justice main hurdle to rebel peace deal 04/08 The Second Most Dangerous Country For Land Mines Begins To De-Mine 04/07 Colombia's Only Forensic Geologist's Search for His Country's Disappeared People 04/07 Army looking into allegations of sexual assault in Colombia 04/07 Colombia's Cano Limon oil pipeline halted by bomb attack 04/06