Colombia - FARC

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Recent articles: Colombia president says 'demented' FARC attacks could end peace talks 07/30 Aruba releases Venezuelan ex-spy despite US calls to detain him 07/30 US imposes travel ban on Venezuelan officials 07/30 Colombia: FARC Battering Afro-Colombian Areas 07/30 Colombian city on alert after attack 07/30 Colombia's Marxist ELN rebels to blame for explosions: police 07/29 Colombia's Santos says FARC attacks could end peace process 07/29 Colombia's President Says FARC Attacks Could End Peace Process 07/29 Aruba frees Venezuelan diplomat wanted in US on drugs charges 07/28 Aruba frees top Venezuela official 07/27 Venezuela Suspends -and Brings Back- Flights to Netherlands Antilles 07/26 Venezuela ex-general awaits U.S. extradition bid in Aruba jail 07/26 Aruba arrests ex-head of Venezuelan intelligence, after US request 07/25 Reward for Information on FARC Kidnapping of U.S. Citizen 07/25 The Carvajal plot thickens 07/25 Aruba detains top Venezuela official 07/24 13 rebels killed in Colombia fighting 07/24 Does a caged chavista sing the blues? 07/24 Venezuela ex-intelligence boss arrested in Aruba 07/24 Colombian case against Chiquita dismissed 07/24 13 Rebels Killed in Colombia Fighting: Official 07/23 Former FARC hostage and Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt on the human lessons of her ordeal 07/23 Colombia's Santos opens 'Congress of peace,' urges deal with rebels 07/20 Spain arrests 'drug lord The Mouse' 07/19 Pro FARC editor has prison sentence overturned by Colombian courts 07/19 Colombia's army commander say oil spill by FARC rebels not as big or damaging as feared 07/15 Colombia oil pipeline paralyzed by rebel attack 07/12 L'EIIL est riche, mais on ne sait pas grand chose de sa gestion financière 07/04 US spying on BJP puts shadow on Narendra Modi's visit 07/01 Colombian navy seizes big rebel arsenal 07/01 Santos’ Re-election Puts Colombia’s Left in Spotlight 06/30 Colombian navy seizes big rebel arsenal 06/30 Coca growing in Latin America 'down' 06/26 Spain to return Colombian treasure 06/24 Can Santos really bring peace to Colombia? 06/20 Santos’ Re-election No Guarantee for Colombia Peace 06/18 Biden: US Stands with Colombia in Peace Talks with Rebels 06/18 UN chief congratulates Colombians on presidential vote, voices support for peace efforts 06/17 Colombia leader 'has peace mandate' 06/17 Colombian elections: Juan Manuel Santos re-elected President on renewed pledge for peace 06/16 Colombia's Santos wins re-election 06/16 Santos re-election in Colombian poll brings new FARC peace hopes 06/16 Colombia's Santos re-elected, tells rebels it's time for peace 06/16 Colombia vote: Santos re-elected as president 06/16 In Colombia and Afghanistan, elections that pacify 06/16 Let Colombia End Its Civil War 06/16 Colombia election clears way for peace talks with rebels 06/16 The Stakes Are High in Colombia 06/16 After tight reelection, Colombia's President Santos is told to listen 06/16 Santos wins Colombia's presidential vote 06/16 Juan Manuel Santos wins Colombia presidential election run-off 06/16 Santos vows Colombian peace after reelection 06/16 Colombia election: Referendum on peace? 06/16 Rocky road to peace for Colombia's Santos 06/16 Santos predicts 'beginning of a new Colombia' after victory 06/16 Colombia presidential vote: The difference between war and peace? 06/15 Colombia's FARC Declare Poll Ceasefire, Take a Swipe at Opposition Candidate 06/08 Colombia to set up truth commission 06/07 Colombian peace talks turn toward victims 06/07 Colombian govt, rebels to receive victims' group 06/07 Colombia's FARC declares cease-fire for election period: local radio 06/07 Colombia rebel group FARC agrees election ceasefire 06/07 Colombia's FARC declare poll ceasefire, take a swipe at Zuluaga 06/07 FARC rebels declare cease-fire for Colombia presidential runoff 06/07 Poll says Colombia President Santos leads in election race 06/06 Colombian peace negotiator demands FARC hand in weapons 06/05 Deputy UN aid chief calls for more support for Colombians affected by conflict, disaster 06/04 Colombia, FARC resume peace talks in Cuba 06/04 Defeated Colombian leftist calls on voters to back Santos 06/04 COLOMBIA: Having The Most Miserable Nation On The Planet As A Neighbor Is Not A Good Thing 06/03 FARC rebels call on public to support peace-talk initiative 06/03 Bogota, FARC appeal for support for peace process 06/03 Colombia: left parties throw support behind Santos 05/31 Colombia: protest, rebel attacks depress oil output 05/31 Colombia presidential candidate drops threat to end FARC talks 05/30 Roots of a rebel group’s 50-year fight 05/29 Colombia: Voting for War or Peace 05/29 Colombia's Zuluaga softens on FARC peace talks ahead of run-off vote 05/29 Colombia Conservative Party divided over run-off support 05/28 Colombia's FARC rebel group turns 50 05/28 Colombia: Progress Meets Politics 05/27 Colombia vote could affect talks with FARC 05/27 Farc rebels will work towards peace in Colombia without surrendering 05/27 Colombian rebel leader defiant in video 05/27 Colombia Farc rebels 'dream of peace' 05/27 Colombian Presidential Vote Heads for Runoff 05/26 Colombia's election : The prospects for peace 05/26 Low voter turnout in Colombia means runoff for President Santos and conservative rival 05/26 Colombians vote for president with peace talks in the balance 05/25 Colombia's presidential election gets nasty – and detracts from big choices ahead 05/25 Colombia Holds Presidential Election 05/25 Zuluaga wins first round of Colombia election 05/25 Colombians vote in presidential poll 05/25 Colombia election moves to runoff 05/25 Colombians vote in presidential elections 05/25 Colombia: Zuluaga and Santos heading for run-off in presidential poll 05/25 Colombia votes in presidential election 05/25 Colombians reflect on election issues 05/24 Hawk or dove as Colombia president? 05/23 Colombia's Child Soldiers Pay Heavy Price 05/23