Colombia - FARC

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09/02 Colombia's FARC rebels postpone conference to ratify peace accord 09/02 Colombia peace deal to be signed this month in Cartagena 09/02 The Colombian Government and FARC Reach Peace Deal 09/02 Colombia's FARC reschedules conference to ratify peace deal 09/02 Colombia Farc: Peace deal signing date announced 09/02 Colombia peace pact with FARC rebels to be signed on Sept 26 09/02 UN-supported 'historic' training to monitor ceasefire between Government and FARC-EP starts in Colombia 09/01 Peace a Viable Currency 09/01 Spain's Rajoy: Colombia, FARC to Ratify Deal on Sept 26 08/31 Pope rejects role in Colombian peace deal 08/31 New start? 08/30 Is the civil war in Colombia finally over? 08/30 Permanent cease-fire takes effect in Colombia under accord 08/30 Colombia's Santos Sets Oct. 2 Vote on FARC Peace Pact 08/30 Colombia's FARC Rebels Face Tricky Return Under Peace Deal 08/30 'Most comprehensive' peace deal in recent history 08/29 After 52 years of conflict, ceasefire takes place in Colombia  08/29 Permanent ceasefire in Colombia's civil war begins 08/29 Permanent cease-fire takes effect in Colombia under accord 08/29 Ceasefire ends half-century-long war in Colombia 08/29 FARC declares permanent ceasefire in Colombia 08/29 Rebel Commanders in Colombia Order Permanent Cease-fire 08/29 FARC sets permanent cease-fire under Colombia peace deal 08/28 Gangs Push for Control of FARC Drug Trade and Territory 08/28 Lesson from Colombia: Even a bad conversation is better than a good war 08/28 Colombia And FARC Peace Deal Depends On The Will Of Voters 08/28 Rebel Commanders in Colombia Order Permanent Cease-Fire 08/28 After more than 50 years of conflict, Colombia's FARC rebels are laying down arms 08/28 Colombia Farc rebels announce definitive ceasefire 08/28 Colombia's FARC rebels order definitive ceasefire 08/28 Colombia's FARC announces permanent ceasefire 08/28 Colombia ceasefire to end half-century war in hours 08/28 FARC sets permanent cease-fire under Colombia peace deal 08/28 The Moral Case Against Celebrating World Peace 08/28 Colombian peace deal could mark a rare victory for US diplomacy 08/28