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Protests against Egyptian government See summary

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Then People Being Hit, Screams, Utter Chaos’ 07/28 Egypt: Security Raids to Combat Smuggling, Infiltration - Military Spokesman 07/28 Egypt: Shell Hits House, Kills Four Children in Sinai 07/28 Egypt destroys 13 more Gaza tunnels 07/27 Egypt says fighters killed in Sinai clashes 07/27 Israeli military resumes Gaza fighting, says Hamas ignored truce 07/27 Turkish FM calls for 'two-sided' Gaza ceasefire 07/27 Egypt army destroys 13 more Gaza tunnels 07/27 Libya airport battle 'has killed at least 97' 07/27 Egypt Summons Turkish Envoy Over Erdogan's Comments 07/27 Egypt army says 14 jihadists killed in Sinai 07/27 Israel's Prime Minister says Hamas violating own ceasefire 07/27 Israel, Hamas hold out for more gains in Gaza war 07/27 Foreigners urged to leave Libya amid rising violence 07/27 Libya violence worst since Gaddafi 07/27 Egypt's Christians regret support for President Al-Sisi 07/27 Egypt summons Turkish diplomat over prime minister's comments, warns of worsening relations 07/26 Egypt again warns Turkey to stop criticising Sisi 07/26 Egypt says summons Turkish envoy over Erdogan comments on Palestinians 07/26 Egypt Summons Turkish Diplomat over Erdogan Comments 07/26 Egypt warns Turkey to stop criticizing Sisi again 07/26 Egypt warns Turkey of worsening ties 07/26 Khartoum and Cairo agree to apply additional measures to secure joint borders 07/26 Remarks With UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, and Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Araby incl. John Kerry Secretary of State US 07/26 Mortar attack kills four children in Egypt’s Sinai 07/26 On arrogance and war 07/25 Peter Greste to appeal conviction in Egypt 07/25 Defense Minister: Israel May Significantly Widen Gaza Ground Operation 07/25 Egyptian official: Gunmen kill 2 senior officers in Egypt's troubled Sinai Peninsula 07/25 Israel keeps up offensive; Gaza death toll exceeds 800 07/25 In Gaza War, Egypt Taking Hard Line Over Border 07/25 Israel hits 30 Gaza homes, kills senior militant 07/25 Peter Greste: Al-Jazeera journalist jailed in Egypt will appeal against sentence 07/25 Israel rejects US truce proposal for Gaza 07/25 Israel ‘unanimously’ rejects U.S.-backed truce calling for one-week ceasefire in Gaza 07/25 Hamas tunnel threat at center of war with Israel 07/25 Al Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt say they will appeal 07/25 Gunmen shoot dead security commanders in Egypt's Sinai 07/25 Hamas and Israel agree to 12-hour Gaza truce 07/25 UN starts probe into rights violations by Israel 07/24 Israel-Gaza conflict: Israelis pound Gaza ‘at full force’ despite demands for ceasefire 07/24 Brought together by the devil: judge explains Al-Jazeera trio's harsh sentences 07/24 Unless Israel lifts its blockade of Gaza, no ceasefire can work 07/24 Australian reporter imprisoned in Egypt for aiding the Muslim Brotherhood to appeal 07/24 Egypt sides with Israel in conflict with Hamas 07/24 Why does war keep breaking out in Gaza? 07/24 Egypt: Army Blocks Aid Convoy to Gaza 07/24 Ending Bloodshed in Gaza Rests on a Face-Saving Truce 07/24 Al Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt say they will appeal 07/24 Australian reporter imprisoned in Egypt to appeal 07/24 Israel rejects Gaza ceasefire proposal 07/24 President Sisi Defends Egypt's Role in Israel-Gaza Conflict 07/23 Egyptian Court Says Jailed Al Jazeera Journalists Were Under The Influence Of 'The Devil' 07/23 Egypt: Deaths in police custody, once a spark for revolt, now met by shrugs 07/23 Arab rifts may complicate search for Gaza truce 07/23 The war in Gaza threatens Egypt too 07/23 Egypt Court Says 'Devil Guided' Jailed Jazeera Journalists 07/23 In reasoning for heavy sentences, Egypt judge says Al-Jazeera reporters did the "devil's" job 07/23 Egypt’s anti-Muslim Brotherhood stance makes it odd choice as cease-fire broker 07/23 The Israeli Army Knew Gaza Was a "Ticking Bomb" Before War Broke Out 07/23 Jailed al-Jazeera journalists guided by ‘devil’, says Egyptian court 07/23 As Gaza fighting rages, search for Israeli soldier continues 07/22 Turkish PM Erdoğan hits out at Egypt for ‘silence’ over Palestine 07/22 Africa: The African Union Strongly Condemns the Recent Attacks in Tunisia and Egypt 07/22 Can Anyone Broker Peace in the Middle East? 07/22 Egypt military spokesman says 20 'terrorists' launched border post attack killing 22 soldiers 07/22 Israel strikes Gaza as Kerry seeks truce in Egypt 07/22 Amid horrible bloodshed, U.S. Secretary of State in Mideast to broker truce 07/22 Palestinians seek UN inquiry into Israel assault on Gaza 07/22 Has Sisi's Disdain for the Muslim Brotherhood Poisoned Egypt's Position on the Conflict in Gaza? 07/22 Egypt court says 'devil guided' jailed Jazeera journalists 07/22 20 'Terrorists' Carried out Border Attack in Egypt 07/22 Qatari emir makes surprise visit to Saudi Arabia 07/22 Kerry: 'Hamas Has a Fundamental Choice' 07/22 Egypt: 20 'terrorists' carried out border attack 07/22 Kerry travels to Cairo to help mediate Mideast conflict 07/21 Israel denies Hamas captured soldier 07/21 Bloodshed in Gaza as Israel bombards locations across the territory 07/21 Israel unlikely to stop until military objectives met 07/21 Israel kills militants entering from Gaza, death toll tops 500 07/21 No Change in India's Policy on Palestine: Sushma Swaraj 07/21 Oren: Hamas relies on civilian deaths 07/21 Aren’t We Wasting Time With UN & Five Big Powers ? 07/21 Government rejects Gaza resolution says no change in Palestine policy 07/21 UN rights forum to hold emergency session on Gaza 07/21 UN Rights Council calls meeting on Gaza conflict 07/21