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Protests against Egyptian government See summary

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Sudan's Kiir reassures Ethiopia PM on dam, Egypt military accord 04/18 Egypt pro-democracy supporters stage anti-Sisi protests 04/18 In Egypt, a corruption watchdog hit by backlash 04/18 Canada 'Tremendously Concerned' About the Muslim Brotherhood 04/18 Bomb explosion in busy Cairo square kills 1 police officer 04/18 Talks possible after Egypt polls: Pro-Morsi figures 04/18 Egypt's Rafah crossing open only 12 days in 2014: Gaza 04/18 Blast in busy Cairo square kills 1 police officer 04/18 Egypt police officer killed in Cairo bomb blast 04/18 Behind Qatar's bet on the Muslim Brotherhood 04/18 Egypt's once-feared police on guard against 'unseen enemy' 04/18 Bomb explodes in busy Cairo square killing police officer 04/18 Cairo bomb blast kills policeman 04/18 Egypt: Rival Groups March in Alexandria, Five Brotherhood Supporters Arrested 04/18 Egypt: Interior Ministry Arrests 29 Brotherhood Supporters in Five Cities 04/18 Greek jets ‘harass’ Turkish fighter jets 04/17 Jordanian air force pilot killed in plane crash 04/17 The Muslim Brotherhood : Chasing a chimera 04/17 Gaza on Edge - Egypt Has Created "Buffer Zone" Around Gaza Border 04/17 Concern Over Attacks on Middle East Christians Grows in Washington 04/17 Egypt to rule in May on appeal by Turk jailed for Brotherhood ties 04/17 Copts in Diaspora Worry About Future in Egypt 04/17 Egypt jails Morsi-era governor 04/17 Egypt pro-democracy bloc calls for fresh demos 04/17 Baird urges 'fair and expeditious' trial for journalist jailed in Egypt 04/17 Nobody can change God’s plan for Nigeria —MASSOB 04/17 Gulf Arab states agree on measures to heal internal rift 04/17 Canada 'concerned' about Muslim Brotherhood 04/17 Egypt clamps hold over mosques to control message 04/16 Egypt student rallies mark 3 years since NDP dissolution 04/16 Egypt: Soldier Wounded in Sinai Bomb Explosion 04/16 Egypt jails 120 Morsi backers for unlicensed protests 04/16 Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood members from elections 04/16 Gunmen kill 9 on bus in Ethiopia near dam project 04/16 Egypt: Sedqi Calls On Commanders and Officers to Develop Their Fighting Skills 04/16 Egyptian court bans Brotherhood members from polls 04/16 Egypt bars Brotherhood members from elections 04/16 120 Egypt MB supporters get 3 years in jail over riots 04/16 Egypt presidential hopeful urges political unity 04/16 Egypt court sentences Islamist to 7 years for concealing his mother has US citizenship 04/16 Egyptian Court Jails 119 Morsi Supporters 04/16 Egyptian court jails 119 Mursi supporters 04/16 Egyptian Court Jails More Than 100 Morsi Supporters 04/16 Sexual violence against Egypt women 'goes unpunished': report 04/16 Egypt govt behind 'absurd' terror charges: Pro-Morsi bloc 04/16 Egypt court jails 120 Morsi backers over clashes 04/16 Egypt jails more than 100 Muslim Brotherhood supporters 04/16 Egypt court adjourns ex-Brotherhood leader's trial to May 04/16 'Coup' destined to fail, Egypt's Morsi tells judge 04/16 Liberal party endorses military man's rival for Egypt presidency 04/16 No 'coup' recognition, no bartering blood: Morsi 04/16 Egypt court jails top Islamist Abu Ismail for forgery 04/16 Inter-Gulf disputes nearing resolution: Kuwaiti official 04/16 Democrats for Allah 04/16 Egypt court adjourns Qatar 'terror' hearings to Apr. 23 04/16 Bombs wound three policemen in Cairo 04/15 Egypt's official news agency: Bomb explosion on Cairo bridge wounds 2 policemen 04/15 Six wounded, including two police, in Cairo bomb blasts 04/15 Injuries as blast hits central Cairo 04/15 Egypt: Interpol Arrests Former Finance Minister Boutros-Ghali 04/15 Bomb Wounds 2 Policemen in Egyptian Capital 04/15 Bomb attack in Cairo wounds 2 police, civilian 04/15 Egyptian soldier killed, another injured in checkpoint attack 04/15 Cairo bomb attacks wound five, including two police 04/15 Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood faces election ban 04/15 Egypt court bans Brotherhood members from polls 04/15 The Ultimate Source of Islamic Hate for Infidels 04/15 Tunisia: Military Prosecution Calls for Keeping Military Justice Away From Disputes 04/15 Egypt court bars Brotherhood members from presidency 04/15 Egypt court jails 37 Morsi supporters for 'violence' 04/15 Investment in Egypt : An odd oasis 04/15 'Terror' trial for pro-Morsi figures in Qatar thrown out 04/15 Egypt: Brotherhood Banned From Running for Govt Positions 04/15 Why Egypt Plays Good Cop, Bad Cop 04/15 Aswan calm, Brotherhood denies inciting feuding 04/14 Middle class politics 04/14