Egypt - protests

Protests against Egyptian government See summary

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Bank 12/12 Veteran Fox News reporter Dominic Di-Natale dead at 43 of apparent suicide 12/12 Police vehicle fire near UK embassy accidental: Egypt 12/12 Egypt jails Morsi aide for 10 years 12/11 Egypt's Sisi in Amman for talks with King Abdullah 12/11 Veteran Fox News correspondent Dominic Di-Natale dead at 43 12/11 Egypt's Sisi expected to visit Jordan: Source 12/11 Palestine President Mahmud Abbas Backs Egypt Crackdown on Gaza Tunnels 12/11 Prosecutor details man's 'mission' to sell Navy aircraft carrier designs to Egypt 12/11 Egypt: 12 'Terrorists' Killed, 70 Others Arrested in Security Raids in North Sinai - Spokesman 12/11 More US embassies warn of post-CIA report violence 12/10 Pakistan 8th most dangerous country over past month: Report 12/10 Israel moots security cooperation with Lebanese military 12/10 Egypt refers leaks on Morsi detention to army prosecution 12/09 Revolution a distant memory as Egypt escalates repression 12/09 GCC announces steps to bolster security 12/09 Egypt activist gets 3 yrs jail for contempt of court 12/09 Spider-Man Comes To Egypt's Streets In A Viral Photo Series 12/09 Cairo bath house raid: How Egypt exploits anti-gay sentiment 12/09 Qatar emir urges Gulf Arab solidarity amid regional turmoil 12/09 North Atlantic Council in Jordan: Mediterranean Dialogue is 'more important than ever' 12/09 No feud with Egypt: Qatar FM 12/09 Gulf summit reiterates support for Egypt roadmap 12/09 Britain shuts Cairo Embassy for security fears 12/08 Canada and United Kingdom shut embassies in Cairo 12/08 Canadian Embassy in Egypt closes over security 12/08 Canada closes embassy in Cairo 12/08 Egypt to try 71 Azhar students for joining Brotherhood 12/08 African Press Review 8 December 2014 12/08 Syrian Civil War Fighter from Kabardino-Balkaria Sentenced 12/08 Canada follows UK in closing Cairo embassy 12/08 Jordan to try top Muslim Brotherhood leader Dec. 22 12/08 Hamas discredits Fatah on Rafah crossing closure 12/08 Slain US photojournalist Luke Somers remembered as passionate free-thinker 12/07 A look at Arab Spring countries after 4 years of unrest 12/07 UK Egypt embassy suspends services 12/07 Egypt sentences four Brotherhood members to death 12/07 The Arab Spring, 4 years on 12/07 Egypt Sentences 4 Muslim Brotherhood Members to Death 12/07 Four years on, something of an Arab Winter 12/07 Egypt sentences 4 Muslim Brothers to death 12/07 4 Brotherhood members face possible death sentence in Egypt 12/07 Seven sentenced to death in Egypt 12/06 Netanyahu’s epic understandings with Egyptian, Saudi and UAE rulers – a potential campaign weapon 12/06 US Navy engineer held for trying to pass data to Egypt 12/06 FBI: Navy engineer tried to sell secrets to Egypt 12/06