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Protests against Egyptian government See summary

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removes its forces from northern Sinai 04/26 Egypt: Scores of Journalists Harassed, Detained 04/26 Sweden's Green Party 'infiltrated by Islamists' 04/26 Police deployed across Egypt's capital ahead of protests 04/25 Egypt's el-Sissi vows to enforce demo ban 04/25 Egypt Deploys Army to Sensitive Sites Ahead of Mass Protests 04/25 Senior-most U.S. Military Official Discusses Regional Security with President Sisi 04/25 Egypt's Sisi urges defence of state ahead of protests 04/25 Africa: Get a Grip on Deadly Crowd-Control Weapons 04/25 Egypt's el-Sissi vows to enforce demo ban 04/25 Senior-most U.S. Military Official Discusses Regional Security with President Sisi 04/25 Egypt Celebrates 1982 Israeli Handover of Sinai 04/25 Egypt's Military Regime Grows More Brutal 04/25 Egypt's security forces disperse small protests against Sisi 04/25 Egypt's police disperse anti-government protests over Saudi islands 04/25 Pentagon moves 100 peacekeepers in Sinai 04/25 Scores of journalists harassed, detained amid Egypt protests 04/25 Egypt’s Security Agents Smother Cairo in Force to Squelch Protests 04/25 Egypt police disperse anti-Sisi protest 04/25 Egyptian forces on high alert ahead of demonstration against island transfer 04/25 US shifts troops in the Sinai Peninsula after attacks by militants 04/24 Dunford: Iraqi Forces Must Maintain Pressure on ISIL 04/24 Egypt leader urges people to defend state ahead of protests 04/24 Egypt president warns of action against anti-government protests 04/24 Egypt's Sisi Calls for Unity Ahead of Planned Protests 04/24 President warns Egypt ahead of protests 04/24 Egypt's Sisi warns of 'chaos' on eve of planned rallies 04/24 Egyptian Protesters Threaten Sit-in Over Red Sea Islands 04/24 GCC leaders reject Obama’s Middle East policy 04/23 Israel blocks off Gaza Strip and West Bank for Passover 04/22 Permission to speak, sir 04/21 Kerry expresses support for Egypt in brief visit 04/20 Prosecutors: Egyptian police officer kills vendor when asked to pay for cup of tea 04/20 Militants in Egypt's restive Sinai kill 3 policemen, wound 8 04/19 France signs deals worth 2 bln euros with Egypt: Elysee 04/19 Police officer in Cairo shoots dead vendor over price of tea 04/19 Egypt takes harsh line towards artists and authors 04/19 Egypt asserts sovereignty over disputed Halayeb region 04/18 France's Hollande inks billion euro deals with Egypt 04/18 Brotherhood office raided in Jordan due to police 'mix up' 04/17 Hollande prepares to sign $1B arms deal with Egypt 04/17 Francois Hollande set to sign new arms deal in Cairo 04/17 France’s Hollande underscores importance of human rights in Egypt 04/17 Egypt warns against demos over Red Sea islands handover 04/16 In Egypt, Tensions Flare Over Red Sea Islands 04/16 Protesters demand fall of Egypt's government over islands deal 04/16 Hand in Hand: Untold Story of Muslim Brotherhood's Collusion With Daesh 04/16 Egyptians hold demo over island deal with Saudi Arabia 04/16 Egypt: Journalists Injured, Harassed Covering Protests 04/16 110 detained during Friday protests in Egypt: NGO 04/16 Weapons, Rights Frame Hollande's Egypt Visit 04/16 Egypt demos continue against deal giving islands to Saudi 04/16 Egypt Saudi Arabia: Police fire tear gas at protests over island deal 04/16 Emerging Presence of Daesh in Egypt Forces Pentagon to Consider Drawdown 04/15 Daesh calls Muslim Brotherhood 'apostate' 04/15 Egypt beefs up security ahead of anti-government Cairo rally 04/15 Hundreds of Egyptians stage anti-Sisi protest 04/15 Egypt and Saudi Arabia create new pole of influence in the Middle East 04/15 Protesters demand fall of Egypt's government over islands deal 04/15 Egypt protests after el-Sissi gives islands to Saudi Arabia 04/15 In Egypt, Tensions Flare Over Red Sea Islands 04/15 Egypt police disperse protest against Saudi island deal 04/15 Signs of Turkey-Egypt reconciliation at summit 04/15 Egyptians protest over handing over of islands to Saudi Arabia 04/15 Red Sea Islands Deal Protested in Egypt 04/15 Journalists injured, harassed covering protests in Egypt 04/15 House Speaker Ryan backs continued aid to Egypt 04/14 Jordan shuts down headquarters of its Muslim Brotherhood group 04/14 Egyptian government warns against protests over Red Sea islands 04/14 Rejecting False Choices: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East 04/14 US quails at Turkey's and Egypt's acts 04/14 Jordan Shuts Down Muslim Brotherhood Branch 04/13 Police 'shut down Muslim Brotherhood HQ' 04/13 Red Sea islands shed light on secret relations between Israel, Saudi Arabia 04/13 President Sisi Thinks He Owns Egypt 04/13 Kerry says human rights abuses help spawn terrorism 04/13 US withdrawing troops from Sinai 04/13 Egypt: 7,400 Civilians Tried in Military Courts 04/13 Rights Group Decries 7,420 Military Court Trials of Civilians in Egypt 04/13 Emerging Presence of Daesh in Egypt Forces Pentagon to Consider Drawdown 04/13 Jordan closes Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Amman 04/13 Yaalon confirms Israel was involved in Saudi Arabia-Egypt island deal 04/12 Yaalon confirms Israel was consulted in Saudi Arabia-Egypt island deal 04/12 Ya'alon: Israel signed off on Egypt-Saudi deal over islands 04/12 US reviewing scale of its peacekeeping mission in Sinai 04/12 In Cairo, Dye Workshop Fights to Survive 04/12