Egypt - protests

Protests against Egyptian government See summary

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no injuries 11/19 Sudan vows not to host Egypt Muslim Brotherhood figures 11/19 Egyptian police fire tear gas, arrest 25 people commemorating 2011 protests 11/19 Egyptian Prosecutors Seek Death Sentence for Ousted President Morsi 11/19 Egypt officials: 7 civilians, 3 militants killed in firefight between militants, army in Sinai 11/18 Strengthening Egypt-Gaza border may erase town 11/18 Ten killed in Egypt's Sinai after rocket struck home 11/18 Officials: 10 killed in exchange of fire in Sinai 11/18 Muslim scholars' union slams UAE 'terrorist' label 11/17 Egypt: Unprecedented Expansion of Military Courts - Decree Broadens Jurisdiction Over Civilians 11/17 Africa: Adebajo - From Arab Spring to African Harmattan 11/17 Egypt court refers 5 students for military trial 11/17 Egypt refers 5 students to military court over protest 11/17 Egypt: Five Azhar Students Referred to Military Tribunal for Arson 11/17 Egypt: Army Kills 10 "Terrorists" and "Criminals" in Past Two Days in Sinai - Spokesman 11/17 Egypt: Security Kills Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis Member in Sharqiya - Army 11/17 Egypt: HRW Condemns Egypt's Expansion of Military Trials for Civilians 11/17 Torture taint in Egypt custody death 11/17 Synagogue - Court Delivers Judgment On Lawyer's Suit Today 11/17 Egypt: Military Court Sentences 17 Mursi Supporters to Maximum Security Prison 11/17 Egypt military court sentences Morsi supporters 11/17 Egypt to try five students in military court on riot charges 11/16 UAE declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation 11/16 Gulf Arab leaders to meet in Riyadh: Bahrain state media 11/16 WINNING: Going Through The Motions For Hamas 11/16 UAE names over 80 Muslim ‘terrorist’ groups 11/16 Bahrain State Media: Gulf Arab Leaders to Meet in Riyadh 11/16 Gulf States to Return Envoys to Qatar 11/16 Sinai Jihadists Claim Attack Which Killed 30 Soldiers 11/16 UAE lists Muslim Brotherhood among terrorist groups 11/15 Egyptian Militants Loyal to Islamic State Claim Deadly Attack on Soldiers 11/15 United Arab Emirates designates Muslim Brotherhood, dozens of others as terrorist groups 11/15 UAE lists Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist group 11/15 ISIS Blows Up Egypt-Jordan Gas Pipeline 11/15 Emirates brands Muslim Brotherhood terrorists 11/15 UAE Names Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Group 11/15 Media Restrictions, Other Free Speech Issues Remain in Egypt 11/15 UAE lists scores of groups as 'terrorists' 11/15 UAE blacklists 6 Pakistani groups among 83 as 'militant organisations 11/15 Egypt militant group posts video of attack on army checkpoint 11/14 'Something Has to Give': Frustration Builds over Gaza Stagnation 11/14 Car bombings targeted Egypt and United Arab Emirates embassies in Libya 11/14 No Deal to Sell S-300 Air Defense Systems to Egypt: FSMTC 11/14 Egypt arrests Morsi loyalists for inciting violence 11/14 Egyptian militants loyal to IS claim deadly attack on soldiers 11/14 World News Update, what you need to know 11/13 5 Egyptian Security Personnel Killed in Sinai Gun Attacks 11/13 69 Morsi backers sentenced to jail in Egypt 11/13 IS Releases Audio Of Chief Baghdadi After Death Rumors 11/13 Egyptian decree to 'relieve pressure' 11/13 Bombs Target Egypt, UAE Missions in Libya 11/13 Egypt navy vessels come under attack 11/13 Sinai militants kill five as Egypt probes sea attack 11/13 Hamas warns of war with Israel if Gaza reconstruction obstructed 11/13 ISIL leader purportedly says US-led campaign is failing 11/13 Hamas warns of war with Israel if reconstruction obstructed 11/13 Peter Greste's mother Lois cautious but hopeful after Egyptian president's deportation decree for jailed foreigners 11/13 Egypt activist's suicide grips social media 11/13 16 hurt in crush after Cairo metro bomb 11/13 Car bombs target Egypt, UAE embassies in Libya's Tripoli 11/13 Amnesty calls for release of Al Jazeera staff 11/12 Egypt issues decree on foreign prisoners 11/12