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TIME 12/26 US-led coalition airstrikes kill IS governor of Iraqi city Mosul: Reports 12/26 Turkey, Iraq seek new measures against ISIL 12/26 US-led air raids hit ISIL in Iraq and Syria 12/26 How To Make An Unboring Documentary About Polio 12/26 Islamic State targeted in 31 strikes by U.S., allies: Task Force 12/26 Islamic State of Losers Plagued By Problems of Running a State 12/26 Iraq, Turkey Pledge Cooperation In Fight Against IS Militants 12/26 Report: Syrian Airstrikes Kill Dozens of Civilians 12/26 Putin endorses updated version of Russia's military doctrine 12/26 US-led coalition launches 31 air strikes against Isis forces in Syria and Iraq 12/26 Iraq seeks Turkish support in fight against ISIS 12/26 IS Mosul Governors' Life Expectancy Declines Drastically 12/26 Russian Humanitarian Aid Provided to 24 Countries in 2014: Ministry 12/26 Pope Francis condemns religious persecution in Christmas address 12/26 ‘IS has capability to shoot down planes’ 12/26 Pope calls for end to violence against children 12/26 With Christmas visit to US troops Obama marks end of combat in Afghanistan says world safer 12/26 USA harbors plans to decapitate Russia within minutes 12/26 Islamic State's vaunted exercise in state-building seen as crumbling 12/26 Islam's Dysfunctional State: In Isis-controlled Syria and Iraq everyday life is falling apart 12/26 Obama tells troops 'the world is better ... because of you' 12/26 The days drag for Syrian children in Erbil refugee camp 12/26 Bonus: Interview with Jeffrey Bates, Chief of Communications for UNICEF Iraq 12/26 Entire families answer Islamic State's call 12/26 On second thought: Ukraine and Iraq crises led the news, but China’s moves were the most consequential 12/26 Syria army makes gains against ISIL 12/26 Meet the Yazidi Family Heading the Fight Against the Islamic State 12/26 Jordan begins attempt to release captured pilot 12/26 Fisher: Opposition leaders need to speak up about extending Canada’s military role in Iraq 12/26 Jordan in Secret Talks to Secure Release of Pilot Captured by IS: Reports 12/26 IS Positions Targeted In Coalition Airstrikes 12/26 Researchers developing software to predict wear and tear on combat vehicles 12/26 Civilian suffering and sliding morale in Islamic State territory 12/26 Yearender: Chinese football bouncing from bottom 12/26 Canadian music power couple Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida appointed to Order of Canada together 12/26 What really scares terrorists 12/26 Aafia Siddiqui: 'Lady Al Qaeda to Lady Islamic State' 12/26 Release of Aafia Siddiqui, 'Lady al-Qaeda', common demand of Islamist hostage-takers 12/26 Iraq to Build New Army Bases, Train Volunteers for Mosul Operation 12/26 Assyrians Who Fled ISIS Face Harsh Winter in Northern Iraq 12/26 Inside the War Against Islamic State 12/26 'Sydney terror attack just the start' 12/26 Pope delivers Christmas message 12/25 Another ISIS governor killed 12/25 Pope makes Christmas call to Iraqi refugees 12/25 Watch your tongue, Ankara tells PKK 12/25 Serbia, Turkey boost military ties in light of ISIL threats 12/25 Iran Begins Massive Military Drills Near Strait of Hormuz: Reports 12/25 US: ISIL did not shoot down coalition jet in Syria 12/25 Q&A: German journalist on surviving ISIL 12/25 Pope Francis Delivers Christmas Blessing 12/25 Christmas under IS a furtive festival 12/25 Death Toll Rises In Iraq Suicide Attack 12/25 US: ISIL did not shoot down coalition jet in Syria 12/25 Pope's Christmas address condemns Islamic State 'brutal persecution' 12/25