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Shackleford) 10/30 Germany Pledges to Ban Anti-Islamist Rally After Cologne Clashes 10/30 First Peshmerga cross Turkey border into Kobani to fight 'IS' 10/30 Isis in Iraq: Army's triumph at Jurf Al-Sakhar lays bare the cost of defeating the militants 10/30 The Child Soldiers Of Islamic State 10/30 Marine wants new charges in Iraq war crime tossed 10/30 IS militants execute 75 tribesmen in western Iraq 10/30 ISIL frees remaining Kurdish child hostages in Syria: monitor 10/30 Iraqi Kurds prepared to send more fighters to Kobane: Barzani 10/30 More Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq 10/30 US general: US considering empowering Sunni tribes 10/30 First Peshmerga fighters enter Syria's Kobani 10/30 Syria-bound Kurdish fighters reach Turkey town 10/30 Report: Familiar, ‘enduring’ problems plague VA health system 10/30 Norway to send training troops to Iraq 10/30 Bodies of 150 anti-ISIL Iraqi Sunnis found in mass grave 10/30 Iraqi Kurd Peshmerga Enter Kobani to Aid in Fight Against Islamic State Militants 10/30 First Kurdish reinforcements cross Turkish border to Kobane 10/30 Iraqi TV show takes on Islamic State through parody 10/30 The Danger of Islamist Terrorists in Libya 10/30 Iraqi fighters enter Kobane 10/30 Iraq's Christian Paramilitaries Split in IS Fight 10/30 Foreign jihadists flocking to Iraq and Syria on 'unprecedented scale'  UN 10/30 Pentagon Seeks to Empower Sunnis Fighting Islamic State in Iraq 10/30 Obama Called on to Renounce Chickenshit Slur 10/30 Bodies of 200 Sunnis Found in Region Held by Islamic State 10/30 Dempsey suggests US advisers needed in Anbar 10/30 Iraq’s Abadi struggles to gain Sunni tribal support : October 31, 2014, 2:46 am 10/30 Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans in UK in Need of Mental Health Assistance: Defense Committee 10/30 255 Iraqi tribesmen and police killed by IS 10/30 Russia Ready to Actively Participate in Syria Conflict Regulation: Russian UN Envoy 10/30 Iraqi TV Comics Make Fun Of Islamic State At Huge Risk 10/30 Turkey's Influence in Middle East Ebbs 10/30 Syrian Kurds face uncertain future in Iraq 10/30 How much can UK campaign hurt IS? 10/30 Iraqi Peshmerga fighters ready to cross into Kobani 10/30 US Military Says Advisers Needed in Embattled Iraq Province 10/30 Whose Side Is Turkey On? 10/30 Reports: 150 Bodies Found In Iraq Mass Grave 10/30 Bodies of Iraqi Sunnis opposed to IS group found in mass grave 10/30 Iraq: ISIS Executed Hundreds of Prison Inmates 10/30 Pentagon to Offer Medical Checks to Troops Exposed to Chemical Agents in Iraq: Reports 10/30 Syrian Ambassador to Russia Questions Effectiveness of US-Led Air Strikes in Syria, Iraq 10/30 Barzani: Turkish, US support sent peshmerga to Kobani 10/30 Kurdish fighters from Iraq enter embattled Kobani 10/30 UAE Cautions About a Relationship Between Al-Shabaab and ISIS 10/30 Marine recharged in Iraq war case back in court 10/30 NH Guard members buoyed by deployment ceremony 10/30 ISIS parades, executes 30 Sunni tribal fighters in western Iraq 10/30 Why I’ve joined Lebanon’s exodus 10/30 Fearing uprising, Iraq militants hunt ex-police 10/30 'Treated like cattle': Enslaved by ISIS 10/30 Syria’s supreme mufti says natives of 83 countries fight on opposition’s side 10/30 Sergeant busted down for maltreatment of private 10/30 Let's Innovate Against ISIS 10/30