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05/25 Generation needed to rebuild Iraqi Army, says British general 05/25 Obama under pressure to send US target spotters to Iraqi front 05/25 Bombs kill 11 in Afghanistan as Taliban, IS supporters clash 05/25 VIDEO: Under fire from IS snipers in Iraq 05/25 71 Arrested in Cleveland protests over officer's acquittal 05/25 Iraqi Forces Advance On IS-Controlled Ramadi 05/25 Iraqi forces make new headway in anti-ISIL fight 05/25 Airstrikes Against ISIL Targets Continue in Syria, Iraq 05/25 UPDATE 2-IT chief at Bangladesh Coca-Cola unit arrested as Islamic State suspect 05/25 Iraqi Military's Will to Fight Questioned 05/25 Obama praises 'fallen heroes,' touts end of Mid East wars 05/25 Threat of ISIL Chemical Attack Real for Europe – Ex-Top Military Official 05/25 Iraqi Leader Refutes U.S. Criticism Over Ramadi 05/25 Iraqi Military's Will to Fight Questioned 05/25 IS Boosts Forces in Ramadi 05/25 Panic, retreat and supply meltdown: How Iraq lost Ramadi 05/25 Latest News : Art fans visit photo exhibition on liberation of Khorramshahr 05/25 US attacks Iraq's lack of 'will' to fight Isis 05/25 Fall of Ramadi: Iran, Iraq say US is the one who 'showed no will to fight' 05/25 Only Iran is confronting ISIL, general says 05/25 David Cameron and Vladimir Putin agree to work together to stop Islamic State 05/25 Iraqi PM Abadi rejects charges the country's soldiers lack the will to fight 05/25 Obama praises 'fallen heroes,' touts end of Mid East wars 05/25 Biden tries to smooth Iraq ties after Pentagon outburst 05/25 Washington under pressure over ISIL strategy 05/25 Are strained relations with Iraq hurting the fight against Islamic State? 05/25 News Wrap: Biden calls Iraq’s PM after Carter comments 05/25 Black flag's shadow looms large: Islamic State 05/25 Obama hails 'meaningful' Memorial Day 05/25