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Nazis Did Too 07/30 Airbus says plane market 'strong' 07/30 In Iraq's Mosul, Resistance Rises From Rubble 07/30 Iraq's Persecuted Assyrian Christians Are in Limbo 07/30 Lebenase Bishop: Muslims Enemies of Christ 07/30 U.S. Judge Rules Kurdish Oil Dispute Should Be Resolved In Iraq 07/30 Chaldean Leader in San Diego Speaks on Iraq Conflict 07/30 ISIS in Syria Opens Bridal Office for Women Willing to Marry Sunni Insurgents 07/30 Wiping Out the Christians of Syria and Iraq: Prerequisite to a Clash of Civilizations? 07/30 Eni Hit by Nigeria Pipeline Sabotage 07/30 Air route safety in focus at aviation industry emergency meeting in Canada 07/29 Gül, Erdoğan say efforts continuing to rescue kidnapped consulate officials 07/29 61 Indians arrive from Iraq 07/29 The Gospel of the Terrorists: Beat it or Die 07/29 U.S. judge signs order to seize Kurdish oil from tanker off Texas 07/29 Australia plans to arrest 2 Middle East fighters 07/29 Iraqi Islamists Getting Stronger - Military Expert 07/29 Australia issues arrest warrants over Syria severed head photos 07/29 Australia plans to arrest 2 Middle East fighters 07/29 Arrest sought of Australians fighting in Iraq 07/29 Iraq Forms Brigades of Sunnis, Kurds in Bid to Take Back Mosul 07/29 Security tight at Eid al-Fitr celebrations in Iraq and Pakistan 07/29 Islamic State opens ‘marriage bureau’ for militants – watchdog 07/29 Russia Says UN Sends ‘Clear Signal’ Against Oil Deals with Syria, Iraq Terrorists 07/29 Lebanese TV 'backs Iraqi Christians' 07/29 France hands over Jewish Museum shooting suspect to Belgium 07/29 Obama’s crackdown on leakers damages constitutional protections, activists say 07/29 France offers asylum to Iraq's persecuted Christians 07/29 The Islamic State Is the Newest Petrostate 07/29 The Islamic State’s most effective wars are waged online 07/29 In Pictures: Prayers and clashes on Eid in Kashmir 07/29 Halo Over Tsvangirai Is Gone - Forever 07/29 Christians flee Mosul amid threats to convert or die 07/29 Losing Iraq: The Tragic Sum Of Mistakes And Miscalculations 07/29 Iraq Lays Claim to Kurdish Crude Cargo in Texas Court 07/29 Buyer of Kurdish oil revealed in report 07/29 Americans' Attitudes Toward Muslims And Arabs Are Getting Worse, Poll Finds 07/29 A Strategy for Defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq 07/29 Sunni politician’s abduction, rescue raise question of who controls Shiite militias 07/29 Iraq Insurgents Destroy Key Bridge in North Baghdad 07/29 Millions of Muslims celebrate Eid to mark the end of Ramadan 07/29 The U.S. Is Accidentally Pushing Kurdistan Toward Independence From Iraq 07/29 All of the Countries which the U.S. “Regime Changed” – Iraq Afghanistan and Libya – Have Descended into Brutal Chaos 07/29 Iraq Army says ISIL 'Threat To all countries' 07/29 Hamas military chief Deif vetoes Gaza truce 07/29 In pictures: ن - a sign of support for Iraq’s persecuted Christians 07/29 Few Want To Take Responsibility As Civilians Casualties Add Up In Ukraine War 07/29 Iraq Aids Families Displaced By ISIL Violence 07/29 Assyrian Christians Demand Protection 07/29 American Congressman: the Silence on Persecution of Iraq's Christians is Deafening 07/29 Iraq's Kurds have right to sell oil while squeezed by Baghdad: MP 07/29 Evaluating U.S. Options for Iraq 07/29 Iraq gets U.S. to seize $100 million Kurdish oil cargo off Texas 07/29 Air France, Virgin among airlines avoiding Iraqi airspace 07/29 Islamic State video wages psychological war on Iraqi soldiers 07/29 US Orders Seizure of Iraqi Kurdistan's Oil Cargo 07/29 9 Things to Avoid When Starting a Caliphate 07/29 Kurdish oil tanker in US seizure 07/29 America and religious freedom : In the footsteps of the Irish Moses 07/29 Australians fighting in Iraq to face arrest 07/29 U.S. Accidential Pushing Kurds to Independence 07/29 Iraq's Holy Sites Reduced To Rubble 07/29 After Iraq, nurses stuck in Libya fresh worry for government 07/29 Stocks to watch on Wednesday 07/29 As persecution of faithful rises, so does the religious response 07/29 Mosulis link arms to stop fall of Iraq’s ‘Tower of Pisa’ 07/29 Court Orders Seizure Of $100 Million Oil Shipment 07/29 US bars Kurdish oil from entering Texas port 07/29 Muslim Iraqi News Anchorwoman Wears Cross in Support of Christians 07/29 Jury awards Ventura $1.8M in defamation case 07/29 Indians in the line of fire 07/29 Is Obama Ignoring Christian Genocide In Iraq? 07/29 Lebanon's Christians React to Crisis in Mosul 07/29 Archbishop of Lyon Visits North Iraq 07/29 Indian nurses who survived Iraq look for jobs in Gulf 07/29 Islamic State evicts Iraq farmers 07/29 Indian nurses now caught in Libyan conflict 07/29 Australian police obtain arrest warrants on terrorism charges for 2 fighters in Iraq and Syria 07/29 Africa: Obama - Managing Off-Shore Crises Beyond His Control 07/29