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What I want to know is exactly what is it that the islamic... 09/01 Islamic State: Who supports the jihadist group? 09/01 Coalition locked in terror aim talks 09/01 US and Iran are unlikely allies in battle for Iraqi town 09/01 Boko Haram Is Winning Propaganda War 09/01 Australia to help anti-ISIL forces in Iraq: Tony Abbott 09/01 Barack Obama on Iraq and Ukraine: 'President Dolittle' comes back empty-handed 09/01 Abbott to address Parliament on Australia's involvement in Iraq conflict 09/01 Gains by Assad and Islamic State Leave Syrian Rebels Down, but Not Out 09/01 Obama warned Isis terrorists 'will target US cities and kill with abandon' 09/01 No guarantee arms for Kurds won't end up with PKK: experts 09/01 Germany to Send Iraqi Kurds Enough Weapons For 4,000 Fighters 09/01 Islamic State Group Wants To Hit United States: US Lawmakers 09/01 Iraqi forces free Armeli in biggest victory over IS militants since June 09/01 Islamic State Group Becomes Target of Arab Satire 09/01 Thousands of Refugees Apply for New Passports in North Iraq 09/01 Assyrian Patriarch Calls for 3 Day Fast for Iraq's Christians 09/01 Germany offers military aid against IS group 09/01 Defending the Island: Kurdistan’s Dunkirk and the Fate of a Free Middle East 09/01 North Korea Fires Projectile into Sea : South Korea 09/01 Britain to unveil tougher anti-terror laws 09/01 U.S. conducts 2 airstrikes against IS forces in north Iraq 09/01 Germany to send military equipment to Iraq's Kurds 09/01 Iraqi fronts reach agreement on unity government 09/01 Iraq breaks Islamic State siege of Amerli 09/01 The fascist beast and the New World Order 09/01 UN rights body mulls sending mission to Iraq to probe IS abuses 09/01 Germany to arm Kurdish forces fighting Islamic State in Iraq - DW 09/01