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It can't act. 09/30 Britain strikes ISIS 09/30 Opinion: Security pact is an interim solution for Afghanistan 09/30 ISIL closes in on border town with Turkey 09/30 Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu tries to shift focus from Islamic State to Iran at United Nations 09/30 Syrian Ambassador: Airstrikes Alone Insufficient in Destroying IS Militants in Syria 09/30 IS, Iraq battle over key town 09/30 Israeli PM tries to shift focus from Islamic State to Iran at UN 09/30 Turkish Deputy PM Babacan warns of ‘global impact’ of Syria, Iraq crises 09/30 Turkish tanks take up position on Syrian border next to besieged Kurdish town 09/30 Terror funders are complicit in deaths: PM 09/30 Fight against ISIL oil needs to be global says Kurdish energy minister 09/30 Officials: Fence jumper made it into East Room of White House 09/30 West Africa: Combatting Daech and the Sahel 09/30 Syrian opposition leader: Military isn't enough 09/30 French government says more and more radicals from France joining jihad in Syria and Iraq 09/30 ISIS releases third video featuring British hostage John Cantlie 09/30 Don`t send troops to join US-led forces against ISIS: CPI-M to govt 09/30 More and more French joining Mideast jihad 09/30 NATO shortfalls aren't just Germany's problem 09/30 Man arrested in Australia over funding US fighter in Syria: police 09/30 Hajj pilgrims denounce IS ‘virus’ but doubt US-led war 09/30 Video: Iraq struggles to shelter refugees fleeing IS group 09/30 Kurd troops attack Iraq jihadists on three fronts -officers 09/30 US, India to Discuss Economic Growth, Security, Syria During Modi's Visit: Reports 09/30 US-Led Strikes Hit Jihadists Closing on Syria Border Town 09/30 Putin to Meet With Jordan's King Abdullah II October 2: Kremlin 09/30 More French Radicals Are Joining Mideast Jihad, Says Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve 09/30 Jewish and Chaldean Leaders Urge Action in Iraq 09/30 Iraqi Minorities Press for Militias to Fight Islamic State 09/30 Belgium Tries 46 Over Syria Jihadist Links 09/30 Kurd Troops Attack Iraq Jihadists on Three Fronts: Officers 09/30 Syrian Foreign Minister Blasts West for Ignoring Warnings on Islamic State 09/30 More and more French joining Mideast jihad 09/30 Obama Chided for Telling UN Israelis Are Ditching Peace 09/30 Iraq: The frontline between Baghdad and Islamic State militants 09/30 Netanyahu says Iran greater threat than ISIL 09/30 Special Report - Wheat warfare: Islamic State uses grain to tighten grip in Iraq 09/30 China's rising influence on int'l affairs to be expected 09/30 ISIS Releases New Video of Kidnapped Journalist 09/30 British government plans power to ban extremists from airwaves, social media 09/30 Islamic State 'adapting to air strikes' 09/30 May Plans To Seize Terror Suspects' Passports 09/30 Hesitant Turkey Seeks Mandate for Military Action Against IS 09/30 Majority of Americans opposed to sending US ground troops to fight Islamic State: Poll 09/30 Turkish MPs to decide on green light to Syria, Iraq intervention 09/30 Iraqi oil minister welcomes French envoy 09/30 British Combat Planes No Match for Islamic State Ground Attacks: Reports 09/30 UK government plans curbs on nonviolent extremism 09/30 Oklahoma beheading suspect to be charged with murder 09/30 Greek president: Turkish leadership’s statements not reassuring 09/30 Turkey to Debate Striking Islamic State 09/30 Hostage tale suggests IS wary of upsetting Turkey 09/30 Iran announces 'military grant' for Lebanon 09/30 Special Report: Islamic State uses grain to tighten grip in Iraq 09/30 Greek President satisfied with current level of Armenian-Greek relations 09/30 US strikes, de facto moving into Iraq – Dean 09/30 Kurds fight IS on Iraq-Syria border 09/30 Fighting the Purpose-Driven Jihad 09/30 Iraqi officials: Wave of attacks in commercial areas kills at least 19 people 09/30 UK warplanes 'struggle with targets' 09/30 Oh No We Didn't Underestimate The threat 09/30 1000K Words On Obama's Iraq Policy 09/30 Syria Raids Show Saudi, UAE Ambition to Extend Regional Authority 09/30 Officials: Wave of attacks kills 19 across Iraq 09/30 Kurdish Militia Launches Offensive Against IS in Northern Iraq: Reports 09/30 Military failures stall German response to Ebola and Isil 09/30 CIS Security Council secretaries hold meeting in Moscow 09/30 An Aid Worker In Syria Told The US Where To Bomb ISIS. Now They're Hunting For Him. | Mother Jones 09/30 Watch: Moroccan Soccer Fans Chant Pro-ISIS Slogans 09/30 Tories three months behind on tracking system aimed at stopping Canadians from joining terrorists overseas 09/30 Iraqi troops retake villages east of Baghdad 09/30 Kurdish and Iraqi Forces Widen Offensive Against ISIS in Northern Iraq 09/30 'No panic' in RAF Iraq strikes 09/30 ISIL under heavy assault by Kurds in Iraq 09/30 Turkey prepares decision on fighting Islamic State 09/30 Modi, Obama to discuss ways to boost strategic partnership? 09/30 Kurdish Forces in Iraq Make Advances Against IS Fighters 09/30 Malaysia Struggles to Stop People Joining Jihad 09/30 ISIS Milestone No Communion in Nineveh 09/30 Kurdish Forces in Iraq Advance on Islamic State 09/30 Ex-military solon: ISIS yet to establish conduit in PHL for recruitment activities 09/30 Obama blame of spy agencies over Islamic State's rise draws riposte 09/30 Pope Summons Mideast Envoys to Rome Over Islamist Advance 09/30