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Recent articles: IS gun, suicide bomb attacks kill 12 in Iraq's Tikrit 09/25 In battle for Iraq's Mosul, many forces with many motives 09/25 Stop the hounding of our armed forces, and fund defence properly 09/24 Iraq: Triple suicide attack north Baghdad kills 11 troops 09/24 12 killed in militant attacks north of Iraq's Tirkit - security sources 09/24 Department of Defense Press Briefing by Col. Dorrian via Teleconference from Baghdad, Iraq 09/24 Coalition Continues Counter-ISIL Progress Across Iraq, Syria 09/24 Indonesia declares candidacy for UN Security Council 09/24 NY Army reservists headed to Afghanistan given farewell ceremony 09/24 Iraq: Triple suicide attack north Baghdad kills 11 troops 09/24 BOOK REVIEW: On saving the King of Sweden 09/24 War crimes tribunal sought against Islamic State detainees 09/24 Man detained at German airport for alleged IS membership 09/24 Islamic State releases new video featuring Dhaka cafe attackers 09/24 12 killed in militant attack north of Iraq's Tikrit: security sources 09/24 European leaders discuss ways to solve migrant crisis 09/24 European leaders discuss ways to solve migrant crisis 09/24 Suspect at German airport arrested as officials allege he was part of Islamic State 09/24 Time For Kurdexit From Iraq 09/24 Marine veteran from Conn. shot and killed in car 09/24 War crimes tribunal sought to try Islamic State detainees 09/24 Iran's Hassan Rouhani at UNGA calls on rival Saudi Arabia to cease 'divisive policies' 09/24 European Leaders Meet to Tackle Illegal Migration 09/24 Is Obama Giving Up on Syria to Destroy ISIS? 09/24 Gun, suicide bomb attacks kill 12 in Iraq’s Tikrit 09/24 Counter-ISIL Strikes Hit Terrorists in Syria, Iraq 09/24 United Arab Emirates, in UN debate, says Iran’s actions destabilized region 09/24 Yazidi Leader Fears Community Will Never Recover 09/24 Iraq Militants Launch Deadly Attacks Around Tikrit 09/24 Iraq Promises UN General Assembly Islamic State Defeat 'by End of This Year' 09/24 Watch: Holey Artisan attack terrorists feature in Islamic State's new video 09/24 US forces use white phosphorus munitions in Iraq: Report 09/24 Triple bombings strike security checkpoint in Iraq 09/24 Father of soldier murdered in Iraq blasts Government for hounding troops but failing to find his son's killers 09/24 My mind: Homemade Hollywood 09/24 Tony Blair: end this Army 'witch hunt' into Britain's brave soldiers 09/24 Fort Riley to celebrate 100th anniversary of 1st Infantry Division 09/23 Kurdish separatists say their campaign in Iran will go on 09/23 The Latest: UN to help Iraq tackle sexual violence 09/23 Intl. Resistance Film Festival kicks off in Tehran  09/23 And also...fur flies over dead cat handbag, TVs for cotton pickers and Winston Churchill helps charity 09/23 Q&A: Rape as a tool of war 'won't work forever' 09/23 More Ground Troops to Iraq 09/23 German Defense Minister: Fight Against IS far From Over 09/23 Mugabe Is Morally Bankrupt - Opposition 09/23 After IS, a painful return for residents of Iraq's Fallujah 09/23 Iraqi Catholic Church in U.S. Torn By Immigration Efforts 09/23 ISIS Bans Madrid, Barca Shirts as Citizens Face 80 Lashes 09/23 Iraq Announces Recapture of Northern Town From IS 09/23 ISIS digging trenches preparing for 'hell on earth' in Mosul, US military says 09/23 US troops may join battle for Mosul 09/23 De Mistura: Syria worst humanitarian tragedy since WWII 09/23 Germany Urges Protection of Civilians in North Iraq Offensive 09/23 Turkish-backed Rebels Lose Over 20 Villages to ISIS in Northeast Aleppo 09/23 Chaldean Synod Begins in North Iraq 09/23 Decline of Higher Education in Iraq Continues 09/23 In 911 transcript, Orlando club gunman said US must stop Syria bombing 09/23 ISIL militants in Iraq have rigged a chemical plant and sulphur mine with explosives in effort to defend Mosul 09/23 Army suspends 1st Infantry Division commander 09/23 US forces are using white phosphorus munitions in Iraq, but it's unclear exactly how 09/23 Mothers of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq launch petition demanding dismissal of criminal inquiries 09/23 Inside the RAF's Iraq campaign as it tries to liberate Mosul 09/23 2,000 teens radicalized by ISIS in France – report 09/23 UK: British warplanes bomb IS to support Iraqi push on Mosul 09/23 Whistleblower Manning headed to solitary confinement for suicide attempt 09/23 Battle for Mosul: RAF steps up air strikes on Islamic State stronghold 09/23 Iran working on oil swap plan with KRG 09/23 ISIL-Linked Kosovo Hacker Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison 09/23 Michael Fallon says soldiers have been victims of a 'witch hunt' as he vows to end 'unfounded' legal claims against troops 09/23 Interview: Michael Fallon says too many 'nonsense' legal claims have been made about British soldiers 09/23 UK: British warplanes bomb Islamic State to support Iraqi push on Mosul 09/23 Irbil Seeks 'Meaningful' Talks With Baghdad on Self-Determination 09/23 Iraq's Army, Militia Fully Liberate Baghdadi Island From Daesh 09/23 Iraq's Partition Will Have 'Bloody Outcome,' Warns Shiite Militia Leader 09/23 Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL Terrorists in Syria, Iraq 09/23 Army suspends Fort Riley commander, launches investigation 09/23 U.S. interests with the Sudan made the Darfur issue disappears from the radar 09/23 RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: This is the Home Service. Mr Churchill has been arrested for war crimes  09/22 US tests for mustard agent after rocket attack near Iraq base 09/22 ISIS Suspected of Firing Chemical Agent in Iraq 09/22 Chemical agent possibly found on rocket fired at US troops in Iraq 09/22 Missiles, tanks on show at Iran military parade 09/22 ISIS fires chemical weapon at US base in Iraq 09/22 US military suspects mustard gas used in attack on troops in Iraq 09/22 Iraq captures several villages, cuts off Islamic State supply route to Mosul 09/22 U.S. Military Seeks More Troops for Iraq 09/22 Linking all Muslims with terrorism incorrect, US House Panel told, troops... 09/22 ISIS reportedly executes 6 boys with welding rod for playing soccer 09/22 Once out of the Mid East, the US Can’t Come to Grips with the Jihadists 09/22 Iraqi army says it reached center of key town south of Mosul 09/22 Iraq forces gain ground from Islamic State in northern town 09/22 Iraq-focused Gulf Keystone Petroleum ready to rise 09/22 How the Radical Nusra Chief Upset the Obama-Putin Applecart for Syria 09/22 Iran Prepares to Establish Its First Mediterranean Naval Bases in Syria and Italy 09/22 Netanyahu’s Dream of Making Israel a World Gas Power Turns to Dust 09/22 Iran Redeploys Shiite Militias Excluded from Mosul on the Syrian, Saudi, Jordanian Borders 09/22 Who Ordered the US Air Strike on a Syrian Army Post? A Secret Probe Seeks an Answer 09/22 Iran unveils new long-range ballistic missile with raining warhead  09/22 OPEC oil price ups 09/22 Iraq: Forces push Islamic State militants from key northern town 09/22