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Recent articles: Suicide bombing kills 33, injures more than 100 in Afghanistan; president blames ISIL (PHOTOS) 04/18 Iraqi soldiers, ISIS militants clash at country's largest oil refinery (+video) 04/18 ISIS claims Afghan bombing 04/18 Latest News : Iraq says to look to Iran if U.S. fails to provide arms 04/18 Police In Australia Say Teenagers Planned Major Terrorist Attack 04/18 Car-bomb attacks kill dozens in two Iraqi cities 04/18 Dozens killed in Iraq car bomb attack 04/18 ISIS continues deadly assault on western Iraq as thousands flee 04/18 Top aide to Saddam Hussein killed in Northern Iraq, officials say 04/18 Iraq: Suicide attack leaves eight officers dead in Ramadi 04/18 PKK-KRG tensions rise after fresh war of words 04/18 ISIL attack kills three at Turkish cafe near US consulate in Erbil 04/18 Iraq: Thousands escape Daesh in Ramadi, head to Baghdad 04/18 Bombings kill dozens in Baghdad, Erbil 04/18 Iraqi forces recapture towns south of Baiji oil refinery 04/18 Saddam aide and alleged IS mastermind 'killed' near Tikrit 04/18 Migrant boat disasters becoming more tragic as weather improves 04/18 Three Men Arrested in Australia for Planned ISIL-Inspired Attack 04/18 Anti-ISIL Forces Make Progress in Iraq, Syria 04/18 Saddam Hussein Deputy Killed in Tikrit 04/18 Saddam Aide And Alleged IS Mastermind 'Killed' Near Tikrit 04/18 Airstrikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq 04/18 Assyrians Driven From the Ruins of Nineveh 04/18 Fleeing ISIS Into Exile, Assyrian Christians Sing the Oldest Music on Earth 04/18 In Battle Against ISIS, Saving Lives or Ancient Artifacts 04/18 Rouhani says Saudis will harvest hatred in Yemen 04/18 Christians driven from the ruins of Nineveh 04/18 Iraqi officials believe Saddam Hussein's top deputy Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri killed 04/18 Car bomb kills three outside U.S. consulate in Iraq's Kurdish capital - Reuters 04/18 Car Bomb Near US Consulate in Iraqi Kurdistan Kills 3: Officials 04/18 Iranian President Criticizes Saudis Over Yemen Strikes 04/18 Iraqi official: Iraqi forces enter country's biggest refinery after intense clashes with IS 04/18 General John Allen: We will 'degrade and destroy' ISIL 04/18 Lebanese factions battle to control Yemen narrative 04/18 Iraq: Suicide attack kills 3 near US consulate in Erbil 04/18 Iraqi official: Ground forces enter Iraq's biggest refinery 04/18 US admits bomb blast at consulate in Kurdish capital 04/18 First large-scale ISIS attack in Afghanistan kills 33 in Jalalabad 04/18 US senators slam general on Ramadi comments 04/18 Iraq Forces Secure Beiji Oil Refinery After ISIS Attack: Official 04/18 Video: Life On Front Line For Briton Fighting IS 04/18 First WWI gas attack produced new horrors, changed warfare 04/18 Deployments may go beyond Afghanistan, Iraq, says Fort Drum commander 04/18 Iraqi official says ground forces enter Iraq's biggest refinery 04/18 Iraqi forces retake most of Iraq's largest refinery: officials 04/18 Iran says Saudi Arabia "sewing seeds of hatred" 04/18 Australian PM urges defiance in wake of terror plot 04/18 Islamic State claim responsibility for Jalalabad bomb in first Afghanistan attack 04/18 'IS' claims deadly Afghan suicide bombing: Afghan president 04/18 Islamic State takes credit for suicide bomb that killed dozens in Afghanistan, expanding group’s reach 04/18 Iraqi forces retake most of Baiji refinery from Islamic State 04/18 Iraqi Forces Retake Most of Baiji Refinery 04/18 Iraqi Forces Retake Most of Baiji Refinery From Islamic State 04/18 If the US Wants Arabs as Partners, We Must Treat Them As Such 04/18 Is Al Qaeda In Decline? 04/18 Australia says Iran sanctions should be resolved 04/18 Fight Against Terrorism Should Not Be Selective, Politicized - Iranian FM 04/18 U.S., allies target Islamic State with 20 air strikes in Iraq, Syria: military 04/18 Afghan suicide bombing blamed on Islamic State kills 35 04/18 Bloody battle for Iraq develops into a war on two fronts 04/18 Overlooked female veterans highlighted by state legislation 04/18 Yemen militia says it is besieging rebels at strategic base 04/18 IS Claims Deadly U.S. Consulate Blast In Iraq 04/18 Vancouver a Safe Haven for Assyrian Refugees 04/17 Historic sites damaged by ISIS 04/17 Coalition warplanes help stem ISIS' advance in Ramadi, official says 04/17 2000 families flee as Isis closes in on Ramadi 04/17 Turkey's role in freeing Mosul vital: Iraqi governor 04/17 Iraq PM tells Iran to respect sovereignty 04/17 Update: air strikes in Iraq 04/17 U.S. focuses on protecting Iraq's largest refinery from IS 04/17 Coalition Continues Airstrikes Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq 04/17 ISIS Destroys Christian Grave Sites in Mosul 04/17 Erdogan Strikes Nationalist Tone Ahead of Armenian Commemorations 04/17 Ramadi's Plight Highlights US-Iraqi Strategic Divide 04/17 Trends in Iraq Moving in Right Direction, Dempsey Says 04/17 Iraq: Growth of the Shia militia 04/17 SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Vikings In Iraq 04/17 'I killed six Taliban, now off to barbecue' 04/17 Dempsey: US focusing airstrikes to protect Beiji refinery 04/17 Islamic State, security forces clash in Iraq's largest refinery 04/17 Whatever Happened to the Asia Pivot? 04/17 Chechen Militants Involved In IS Assault On Iraq's Baiji Oil Refinery 04/17 Iraqi forces recapture 2 towns from IS near crucial refinery 04/17 Yazidis mark new year in the shadow of tragedy 04/17 Airstrikes target Islamic State near Iraqi refinery 04/17 Wave of bombings kills 29 people in Baghdad, Iraqi officials say 04/17 Top Iraqi militant leader 'killed' 04/17 Car bomb explodes outside US Consulate in northern Iraq 04/17 Australia fears 150 homegrown ISIL fighters pose threat 04/17 Iraq's forces secure a key refinery from militants 04/17 Hussein deputy al-Douri killed, Iraqi state TV reports 04/17 Saddam’s deputy al-Douri killed: Iraqi officials 04/17 Car Bomb Explodes Outside U.S. Consulate In Iraq's Kurdish Capital Irbil 04/17 Americans with illegal Iraq War souvenirs go unprosecuted 04/17 Senior Aide to Former Iraqi President Hussein Killed in Iraq – Governor 04/17 Oil prices, rig counts drift lower 04/17 Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, 'mastermind of Islamic State in Iraq,' reportedly killed 04/17 Wave of Bombings Kills 29 in Baghdad 04/17 Vietnam asylum seekers 'returned' 04/17