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African Muslims condemn violence in name of Islam 09/15 Are Yemen And Somalia Good Examples Of U.S. Anti-Terror Strategy? 09/15 'No time to lose' in global push against militants 09/15 Makin Island amphibious ready group arrives in Mideast 09/15 France begins spy flights to back UK Iraq air campaign 09/15 Islamic State crisis in Iraq: live 09/15 Syria's 'moderate' rebels say they need weapons, not training 09/15 French aircraft to begin flights as Paris talks open 09/15 Hollande calls for "global' response to Islamic State 09/15 Western sanctions to hamper Russia’s big oil projects 09/15 ‘Obama’s volte-face on ISIS thrusts US into years of perpetual war’ 09/15 Turkey, main entry point for ISIL – expert 09/15 Coalition holds IS talks in Paris 09/15 Iran and Russia’s independent steps to safeguard interests 09/15 Kurdish fighters capture several Syrian villages amid heavy fighting with jihadis 09/15 Iraq: History repeating 09/15 Dozens of nations pledge to fight Islamic State ‘by any means necessary’ 09/15 Indian worker from Kurdistan arrested at Delhi airport 09/15 US Investigating Reports of American Women Recruited by Islamic State 09/15 Lavrov: UN Security Council Should Prepare Global Terrorism Analysis 09/15 Lavrov: Russia Suggests Int’l Conference to Look Into Terrorism Issues 09/15 Iraqi President: Iran Should Join Anti-IS Coalition 09/15 France opens Iraq conference urging 'global' fight on jihadists 09/15 Israel issues travel warning for western Europe 09/15 Bush/Cheney Created Conditions that Led Directly to ISIL 09/15 Syrian army destroys Islamic State-controlled bridge 09/15 Gazprom Neft not changing plans because of sanctions 09/15 Iraq talks wrap up with pledge of military aid 09/15 Germany's first Islamic State suspect goes on trial 09/15 Like it or not, Isis are Muslims. Calling them ‘monsters’ lets us off the hook 09/15 Iraq talks wrap up with pledge of military aid 09/15 France's Hollande calls for action against 'IS' militants 09/15 Australia contributing planes for anti-IS campaign 09/15 Are We at War? 09/15 More than Shock and Awe Needed in Iraq 09/15 Like It or Not, IS Is Islamic 09/15 Obama Needs Consent of Congress for War 09/15 The Arab World Must Reform 09/15 Islamic State: Iran rejects requests to help fight Isis in international coalition 09/15 Australia contributing planes for anti-IS campaign 09/15 Islamic State crisis: Kerry to lead talks in Paris 09/15 British Hostage's Friends 'In Absolute Disbelief' 09/15 US Open to Future Talks with Iran on Fighting Islamic State 09/15 French lawmakers debate toughed-up anti-terror bill that OKs confiscating passports, Web block 09/15 Sandcrawler PSA: Assad Pre-Occupation is Problematic 09/15 Iran Declines US Requests for Cooperation Against IS: Agency 09/15 Iran Dismisses US Efforts Against Islamic State as Self-serving 09/15 Paris: 29 states pledge military aid for Iraq 09/15