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voanews.com Reparations Underway for War Victims but Many Still Awaiting 10/17
voanews.com Reparations Underway for War Victims in Ivory Coast, Many Still Awaiting 10/17
modernghana.com Ivory Coast declares hajj tragedy mourning as toll climbs to 52 10/17
af.reuters.com Ivory Coast opposition leader woos Gbagbo backers before election 10/11
modernghana.com I. Coast opposition candidate quits 'rigged' presidential race 10/10
af.reuters.com Ivory Coast leader launches re-election bid with pledge on justice 10/10
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reuters.com Ivory Coast leader launches re-election bid with pledge on justice 10/09
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timeslive.co.za Ivory Coast must end wave of arrests, abuse ahead of polls: Amnesty 10/06
reuters.com Ivory Coast must end wave of arrests, abuse ahead of polls: Amnesty 10/05


Incumbent president Gbagbo refuses to step down after losing election.