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turkishweekly.net DPRK denounces U.S., S. Korea for joint naval drill 07/12
telegraph.co.uk North Korea condemns visit by US aircraft carrier 07/12
english.people.com.cn S. Korean lawmakers adopt resolution to slam Japan's militarization push 07/11
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stripes.com Spangdahlem's 52nd Fighter Wing welcomes new commander 07/11
nzherald.co.nz US hails Japan easing of restrictions on military 07/11
voanews.com China-US Talks Crucial to Repairing Relationship 07/11
globalsecurity.org Kim Jong Un Guides Tactical Rocket Firing Drill of Units of KPA Strategic Force in Western Sector of Front 07/11
thediplomat.com Korea and China’s Clashing Histories 07/11
ndtv.com North Korea Condemns Visit by US Aircraft Carrier 07/11
dailytimes.com.pk South Korea condemns North missile test as 'provocation' : July 10, 2014, 11:52 am 07/10
dailytimes.com.pk The merchants of menace 07/10
pmnewsnigeria.com S. Korea condemns North missile test as ‘serious provocation’ 07/10
dailynews.lk A war which will never end 07/10
turkishweekly.net DPRK top leader Kim Jong Un guides tactical rocket firing drill again 07/10
sky.com Kim Jong-Un Pictured Watching Rocket Launch 07/10
turkishweekly.net U.S. aircraft carrier to make port call to S. Korea, tensions feared to mount 07/09
independent.co.uk North Korea continues to defy UN ban with more ballistic missile launches 07/09
stripes.com US nuclear missile duty: 'It weighs on your mind' 07/09
stripes.com Seoul: North Korea fires ballistic missiles into sea 07/09
globalsecurity.org North Korea fires another two missiles into sea 07/09
aljazeera.com North Korea 'fires more projectiles into sea' 07/09
thediplomat.com South Korea: Dependence in the Age of OPCON 07/09
panorama.am North Korea fires missiles into the sea 07/09
thediplomat.com Missiles in Lieu of Meetings 07/09
chinadaily.com.cn Kim Jong-un guides tactical rocket firing drill again 07/09
ndtv.com North Korean Nuclear and Missile Expert Dies; More Missiles Fired 07/09
foxnews.com North Korea offers talks on its participation in Asian Games in rival South Korea 07/09
turkishweekly.net North Korea fires more missiles into the sea 07/09
ndtv.com North Korea's Kim Issues Warning at Live Rocket Firing Drill 07/09
reuters.com Cyber spying, maritime disputes loom large in U.S.-China talks 07/08
foxnews.com US-China strategic, economic talks face test: Can they produce agreements or just chatter? 07/08
foxnews.com Seoul says North Korea launches projectiles into its eastern waters in apparent test-fire 07/08
voanews.com North Korea Sending Cheerleaders to Asian Games 07/08
independent.co.uk Kim Jong-un shown limping in unusual video footage at regime founder’s anniversary 07/08
bbc.co.uk N Korea fires 'short-range missiles' 07/08
ndtv.com North Korea Fires Two Missiles: Seoul 07/08
cnn.com North Korea fires missiles 07/08
foxnews.com North Korea fires 2 projectiles into sea, South Korea says 07/08
scmp.com North Korea fires more missiles into sea after Seoul rejects call to end hostilities 07/08
reuters.com China's Xi warns confrontation with U.S. would be disaster 07/08
reuters.com North Korean nuclear and missile expert dies; more missiles fired 07/08
cnn.com North Korea fires missiles into the sea 07/08
mcclatchydc.com Japan is ready to flex its military 07/07
pmnewsnigeria.com N. Korea to send cheerleaders to South 07/07
huffingtonpost.com The Asian Century Risks Becoming an Age of Peril 07/07
scmp.com China calls on US to 'correct' hacking claims, stay out of maritime disputes 07/07
english.people.com.cn S. Korea urges DPRK to stop nuke-for-peace claim 07/07
worldpoliticsreview.com Xi’s Visit Brings No Breakthrough in China-South Korea Ties 07/07
independent.co.uk North Korea sending cheerleaders to Asian Games in Seoul to soothe tensions with South 07/07
bbc.co.uk N Korea sends cheerleaders to South 07/07
pmnewsnigeria.com N. Korea makes fresh call for improved ties with South 07/06
foxnews.com North Korea says it will send cheering squad to Asian Games to be hosted by South Korea 07/06
ndtv.com Bellicose North Korea Lightens up With Promise of Cheerleaders 07/06
scmp.com North Korea softens fiery rhetoric with promise to send cheerleaders to South 07/06
ndtv.com North Korea Makes Fresh Call For Improved Ties With South Korea 07/06
reuters.com Bellicose North Korea lightens up with promise of cheerleaders 07/06
thecuttingedgenews.com Japan on Edge - Japan's Military Is Not About to March Through Asia 07/06
strategypage.com PHOTO: A-10 Force 07/06
thenational.ae A Korean ‘teenager’ 07/05
scmp.com N Korean leader Kim Jong-un directs island assault drill, state media reports 07/05
globalsecurity.org USS Howard Returns from Deployment 07/05
scmp.com Xi Jinping’s South Korea visit reflects a region in flux 07/05
english.people.com.cn DPRK conducts island landing drill by armed forces 07/05
aljazeera.com China attacks Japan 'barbarous' war past 07/04
bbc.co.uk China media: South Korea ties 07/04
english.people.com.cn Chinese President returns from ROK 07/04
scmp.com Xi Jinping, in Seoul speech, denounces Japan for wartime suffering it inflicted 07/04
scmp.com Xi Jinping's visit to Seoul sends a message to Washington, not just Pyongyang 07/04
allafrica.com Africa: Churches Working for Justice and Peace in Situations of Conflict 07/04
dw.de Japan lifts some sanctions on North Korea 07/04
punchng.com China attacks Japan for ‘barbarous’ past 07/04
reuters.com China's Xi visits South Korea as ties strengthen, wary eye on the North 07/03
turkishweekly.net China's Xi arrives in Seoul for talks with Park 07/03
atimes.com SINOGRAPH Times collide in Beijing's strategic vision 07/03
independent.co.uk Japan lifts sanctions on North Korea as Pyongyang agrees to investigate abduction claims 07/03
punchng.com North Korea tops agenda as China’s president visits Seoul 07/03
stripes.com Chinese president's visit to Seoul snubs ally North Korea 07/03
turkishweekly.net North Korea pursues strategic guided-missile tests - Reports 07/03
aysor.am North Korea tops agenda as China's Xi visits Seoul 07/03
isn.ethz.ch Who Leads? Avoiding the Balkanization of Cyberspace 07/03
aljazeera.com Japan eases sanctions on N Korea after talks 07/03
npr.org Chinese Leader's Seoul Visit Seen As Snub To North Korea 07/03
realclearworld.com Why North Korea Fears Hollywood 07/03
globalsecurity.org China, South Korea Expand Economic Ties 07/03
ndtv.com Japan Lifts Some North Korea Sanctions Amid Report of Surviving Abductees 07/03
scmp.com China and South Korea oppose nuclear weapons on Korean peninsula 07/03
thediplomat.com South Korea Launches Fifth 1,800-Ton Submarine 07/03
ndtv.com North Korea Vows Further Tactical Guided-Missile Tests 07/03
bbc.co.uk Why is China's leader visiting Seoul? 07/03
bbc.co.uk S Korea, China set for North talks 07/03
csmonitor.com High stakes as Japan's Abe eases sanctions over N. Korea abductions 07/03
mcclatchydc.com China’s Xi arrives in South Korea as tensions with North Korea and Japan grow 07/03
huffingtonpost.com China's President Xi Jinping Visits South Korea, Leaders Slam Nuclear Ambitions Of North 07/03
dw.de Chinese President Xi visits Seoul in apparent snub to North Korea 07/03
pmnewsnigeria.com China’s Xi snubs N. Korea with summit talks in South 07/03
dailytimes.com.pk Japan to lift some sanctions on North Korea: PM Abe : July 03, 2014, 11:25 am 07/03
ndtv.com China, South Korea Summit Pushes North Over Nuclear Weapons 07/03
bbc.co.uk VIDEO: China and S Korea oppose nuclear tests 07/03


The roots of the conflict between North and South Korea go back to the division of the peninsula at the end of World War II.