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dw.de Women activists cross inter-Korean border in peace event 05/24
dailymail.co.uk Another fishy photo from Kim Jong Un as he visits a North Korean salmon farm with laughing acolytes in tow  05/24
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sputniknews.com Female Activists Cross the Korean Divide on Peace March 05/23
upi.com North Korea's cancellation of U.N. chief visit a 'real mistake', says former U.S. envoy 05/22
sky.com Kim Jong-Un's Brother Seen At Eric Clapton Gig 05/22
turkishweekly.net Top negotiators of S.Korea, U.S., Japan to gather for DPRK nuke talks 05/22
independent.co.uk Kim Jong-un's brother 'visits London' to watch Eric Clapton concert at Albert Hall 05/22
nzherald.co.nz US envoy on NKorea heads for talks in Seoul, Beijing 05/22
stripes.com Obama signs bill giving Congress a say on Iran nuclear deal 05/22
dailynews.lk North Korea feeling the heat, says Bishop 05/22
en.people.cn Top negotiators of S.Korea, U.S., Japan to gather for DPRK nuke talks 05/21
globalsecurity.org Underwater Test-fire of Ballistic Missile Is Legitimate Exercise of Right to Self-defence: DPRK 05/21
edition.cnn.com Ex-spy: I was captured, my family were executed 05/21
globalsecurity.org Reckless Remarks of U.S. Secretary of State Denounced 05/21
upi.com Iran sets oil sights on Asia 05/21
grnlive.com From traitors to poster children: Defectors 'forgiven' by North Korea - CNN 05/21
dw.de Expert: North Korean nuclear claims 'neither reliable nor believable' 05/21
telegraph.co.uk How North Korea may (or may not) have fooled the world 05/21
stripes.com State Department doubts North Korea's mini-nuke claim 05/21
reuters.com Japan takes South Korea to WTO over Fukushima-related food import restrictions 05/21
globalsecurity.org Seoul Divided on Proposed THAAD Introduction 05/21
scmp.com North Korea thinks Ban Ki-moon visit ‘not worth it’, say analysts after UN chief’s trip to Kaesong scrapped 05/21
csmonitor.com Rift grows between nuclear haves, have-nots. What can be done? 05/21
timesofindia.indiatimes.com N Korea says it has miniaturised nuke weapons 05/20
dw.de North Korea abruptly cancels visit by UN chief Ban Ki-moon 05/20
independent.co.uk North Korea claims major nuclear weapons breakthrough with 'miniaturised' warheads that can be delivered by missile 05/20
aljazeera.com N Korea claims to miniaturise nuclear weapons 05/20
dnaindia.com N. Korea cancels UN chief Ban Ki-moon's visit 05/20
scmp.com North Korea claims it has miniaturised nuclear weapons, diversified means for missile strikes 05/20
huffingtonpost.com North Korea ‘Modified' Submarine Missile Launch Photos, U.S. Official Says 05/20
foxnews.com New nuclear threat? North Korea claims it has miniaturized warheads 05/20
stripes.com North Korea cancels UN chief's visit to joint industrial complex 05/20
stripes.com North Korea exaggerated sub ballistic missile test success, US official says 05/20
sputniknews.com N Korea Can Produce 'Mini-Nukes', Increases Missile Accuracy - Reports 05/20
telegraph.co.uk North Korea 'photoshopped Kim Jong-un submarine missile pictures' 05/20
stripes.com Report: North Korea claims is has miniaturized nuclear weapons 05/20
sky.com Kim Jong-Un 'Miniaturises Nuclear Weapons' 05/20
grnlive.com North Korea says it has technology to make mini-nuclear weapons to mount on missiles 05/20
rt.com Mini-me missiles? N Korea claims it has made miniaturized nuclear warheads 05/20
cnn.com North Korea says it can miniaturize nuclear weapons 05/20
bbc.co.uk N Korea claims nuclear breakthrough 05/20
rss.cnn.com N. Korea claims nuclear warhead breakthrough 05/20
cnn.com CNN exclusive: North Korea parades former child defectors 05/20
allafrica.com Africa: World Education Forum Will Set Roadmap for Global Education Until 2030 05/20
csmonitor.com North Korea reverses field on Ban Ki-moon visit, according to UN chief 05/20
dw.de North Korea claims atomic warhead breakthrough 05/20
rediff.com Modi and the art of propaganda 101 05/20
upi.com North Korea says it has ability to miniaturize nuclear weapons 05/20
english.pravda.ru Kerry: Internet is key component of US foreign policy 05/20
nationalpost.com North Korea boasts ability to mount nuclear warhead on a missile weeks after claims of submarine launch 05/20
vancouversun.com North Korea boasts ability to mount nuclear warhead on a missile weeks after claims of submarine launch 05/20
myaccount.nytimes.com North Korea Claims It Has Built Small Nuclear Warheads 05/20
bbc.co.uk What lies behind North Korea's nuclear claims 05/20
edition.cnn.com High stakes high above the South China Sea 05/20
huffingtonpost.com North Korea Claims It Can Miniaturize Nuclear Weapons, U.S. Disagrees 05/20
turkishweekly.net NKorea makes new nuclear advancement claim 05/20
dailytimes.com.pk North Korea claims having technology to make ‘mini nuclear warheads’ : May 20, 2015, 11:14 pm 05/20
csmonitor.com Isolated and nuclear-armed, dictator Kim Jong-un keeps world on edge 05/20
upi.com North Korean soldiers were not deployed in Gwangju, says journalist 05/20
stripes.com N. Korea keeps world guessing with latest nuclear bomb claim 05/20
en.people.cn U.S. disputes DPRK's capacity to miniaturize nuke weapons 05/20
stripes.com North Korea keeps world guessing with latest nuclear bomb claim 05/20
en.people.cn DPRK says already in phase of nuclear-weapons miniaturization 05/20
dw.de North Korea abruptly cancels visit by UN chief Ban Ki-moon 05/20
gmanetwork.com Samsung quietly prepping for change of style, rather than strategy 05/20
independent.co.uk Kim Jong Un criticises turtle farm for failing to breed lobsters 05/19
foxnews.com UN Secretary-General Ban to cross Korean border to visit jointly run factory park in North 05/19
reuters.com Women activists leave for North Korea and DMZ peace march 05/19
nzherald.co.nz UN chief to visit inter-Korean factory park in North Korea 05/19
reuters.com U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon to visit North Korea industrial zone 05/19
voanews.com South Korea Conducts Live-Fire Military Drills Off Coast 05/19
turkishweekly.net Peace icon to ‘walk with North and South Korean sisters’ 05/19
sputniknews.com N Korea Readies Rocket to Orbit a Satellite in October – Media 05/19
turkishweekly.net South Korea faces decision on US missile defense system 05/19
reuters.com North Korea 'modified' submarine missile launch photos, say experts 05/19
sify.com UN forum: Ban urges leaders aim to set global education roadmap until 2030 05/19
voanews.com S. Korea Protests N. Korea’s Missile Test 05/19
cnn.com North Korea parades teen defectors 05/19
globalsecurity.org Seoul Wants to Make Sure THAAD is the Real Thing 05/19
globalsecurity.org Analysts: China, US Split on N. Korea Sanctions 05/19
huffingtonpost.com UN Virtual Reality Film Lets Viewers Experience Life As Syrian Refugee 05/19
dalje.com North Korea says it has warheads compact enough for missiles 05/19
dailytimes.com.pk UN chief urges N Korea to avoid raising tensions : May 19, 2015, 11:37 am 05/19
aljazeera.com US: N Korea not close to being ready for nuclear talks 05/18
usatoday.com Kerry slams North Korea, vows security for South 05/18
scmp.com US Secretary of State John Kerry discusses North Korean nuclear threat with China 05/18
turkishweekly.net Kerry labels NKorea reckless, attacks Japan’s past 05/18
voanews.com Kerry: North Korea 'Not Even Close' to Meeting Conditions for Talks 05/18
npr.org In Seoul, Kerry Calls N. Korea Provocations 'Egregious,' 'Reckless' 05/18
euronews.com US considering further sanctions over North Korea's nuclear programme 05/18
dw.de US ratchets up pressure on North Korea over nuclear issue 05/18
reuters.com Kerry says U.S., China discussing further sanctions on North Korea 05/18
dailytimes.com.pk Kerry says N Korea far off resuming talks with US : May 18, 2015, 1:11 pm 05/18
sputniknews.com US THAAD Missile Sale to S Korea Not in the Pipeline - Officials 05/18
voanews.com Kerry: US 'Not Even Close' to Resuming N. Korea Talks 05/18


The roots of the conflict between North and South Korea go back to the division of the peninsula at the end of World War II.