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cnn.com N. Korea weapons test 'likely' 10/09
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telegraph.co.uk Satellite images show scale of North Korea's anniversary parade 10/08
bbc.co.uk Samsung payment data 'safe' after hack 10/08
upi.com North Korea, South Korea exchange final lists for family reunion 10/08
zeenews.india.com Pakistan`s proliferation track record should be considered before any nuke deal with it: India 10/08
sputniknews.com Pentagon: Kim Jong Un Has Capability of Nuking US, But DC's 'Ready for Him' 10/08
reuters.com Hackers in China, South Korea, Germany targeted Clinton's server: AP 10/08
reuters.com North Korean capital shows flashes of prosperity amid country's isolation 10/08
dw.com North Korea's party anniversary amid military provocations 10/08
upi.com Fukushima radiation hits home as thyroid cancer rises among children 10/08
bbc.co.uk The changing face of North Korea 10/08
globalsecurity.org US, ROK Marines practice urban operations during KMEP 15-12 10/07
stripes.com Plutonium stocks could soar in East Asia, US experts warn 10/07
stripes.com US warns North Korea against tests during regime celebrations 10/07
stripes.com South Korean prosecutors investigating NYU student released by North Korea 10/07
reuters.com U.S. says ready to defend against North Korean nuclear threat 10/07
thehindu.com Kim’s law: private enterprise and public executions 10/07
grnlive.com Kim Jong-un's recipe for success: private enterprise and public executions - Guardian 10/07
today.az Korea interested in return of Azerbaijani IDPs,refugees to homelands 10/07
telegraph.co.uk Impoverished North Korea charging foreign guests to cover costs of 70th anniversary party 10/06
scmp.com An unlikely benefactor: Mongolian children study in school built by North Korea 50 years ago 10/05
hosted.ap.org North Korea releases detained South Korean student 10/05
zeenews.india.com Pakistan take note! Indian military 5th deadliest in the world 10/05
foxnews.com South Korea says North will release NYU student held since April 10/05
scmp.com North Korea releases detained South Korean student 6 months after he was arrested for crossing Chinese border 10/05
scmp.com North Korea suspected of hacking Seoul subway operator 10/05
voanews.com China to Send Senior Official to North Korea 10/05
upi.com Top Chinese official to attend North Korea anniversary 10/05
globalsecurity.org De-Escalation of Tensions Key to Solving North Korea's Nuclear Problem 10/04
csmonitor.com Russia in Syria is alarming; Afghanistan still needs help; North Korea's missile tests; cybersecurity; leadership in Greece 10/03
stripes.com Destroyer USS Benfold heads for Yokosuka 10/03
globalsecurity.org Analysts: North Korea Unlikely to Fire Rocket at Anniversary 10/03
chinadaily.com.cn DPRK seeks US peace treaty to normalize ties with Washington, UN 10/02
turkishweekly.net Illegal NKorean rocket launch looms 10/02
upi.com South Korea plans deployment of long-range missile 10/02
upi.com North Korea calls for peace treaty with the United States 10/02
voanews.com Analysts: North Korea Unlikely to Fire Rocket at Anniversary 10/02
upi.com North Korea's nuclear bombs more 'powerful than Hiroshima,' envoy says 10/01
voanews.com 'Alternative Nobels' Honor Human Rights, Global Struggles 10/01
voanews.com Envoy: UN Could Expand Ban on Luxury Goods to North Korea 10/01
upi.com North Korea freight train en route to launch pad, report says 10/01
globalsecurity.org North Korea threatens to cancel family reunion event with South 09/30
upi.com U.S. imposes new sanctions against North Korea entities 09/30
voanews.com Uncertainty Grows Over North Korea’s Rocket Launch Threat 09/30
turkishweekly.net SKorea urges Pyongyang to keep reunion promises 09/30
today.az Asian imports of Iran oil rise 10 percent in August 09/30
upi.com South Korean president calls on North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons 09/29
globalsecurity.org Seoul Official: Xi Comments a Warning to Pyongyang 09/29
stripes.com In any clime and place 09/29
globalsecurity.org Divided peninsula 'last remaining vestige of Cold War,' Republic of Korea President tells UN 09/29
upi.com North Korea says family reunions on 'thin ice' in warning against South 09/29
un.org Divided peninsula ‘last remaining vestige of Cold War,’ Republic of Korea President tells UN 09/28
upi.com North Korea reaffirms long-range rocket launch in statement against South 09/28
nzherald.co.nz House leader calls for beefed-up US response to IS, Russia 09/28
stripes.com South Korea making a case for reunification to kids 09/28
scmp.com As North Korea's satellite decays in space, fears rise over next launch 09/28
scmp.com The Chinese village living in fear of North Korean intruders 09/28
voanews.com Seoul Official: Xi Comments a Warning to Pyongyang 09/28
timeslive.co.za Annual report exposes Treasury on nuclear says DA 09/27
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aljazeera.com Ben Rhodes says plight of Rohingya is 'an abomination' 09/26
dw.com 'New activity' detected at N. Korean nuclear test site 09/25
reuters.com China says resident wounded in shooting on North Korean border 09/25
ibnlive.com I will perform to my best in Rio, says shooter Prakash Nanjappa 09/25
aljazeera.com UN: Eradicating world poverty in 15 years 09/25
upi.com New activity detected at North Korea's Punggye-ri nuclear test site 09/25
stripes.com North Korea rocket launch not imminent, monitoring group says 09/25
sputniknews.com North Korea Unlikely to Launch a Rocket at 70th Anniversary of Ruling Party 09/25
foxnews.com North Korea long-range rocket launch unlikely at anniversary, institute says 09/25
rt.com Polish MPs approve ‘technical agreement’ on US anti-missile base 09/25
voanews.com China Warns Against Provocative Actions on Korean Peninsula 09/25
upi.com North Korea says it has no intention of harming the United States 09/24
timesofindia.indiatimes.com India could be check to Pakistan: Donald Trump 09/24
aljazeera.com South Korea: Kimchi Crazy 09/24
voanews.com Separated Families Pay Emotional Price for Korea Division 09/24
sputniknews.com Iran Plans to Increase Oil Export by 500,000 Barrels Per Day by December 09/24
nzherald.co.nz Institute: NKorea launch unlikely at upcoming anniversary 09/24
allafrica.com Sudan: Time for U.S. to Press 'Reset' Button 09/23
cnn.com N.Korea: Satellite launch imminent 09/23
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nzherald.co.nz Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials 09/23
dailytrust.com.ng Why APC must intervene in Saraki’s case - Rep Zorro 09/23
upi.com North Korea denuclearization must come first, says State Department official 09/22
voanews.com Korea Family Reunions in Doubt as Tensions Rise 09/22
globalsecurity.org S. Korean Group Delivers Anti-Pyongyang Leaflets Amid Tensions 09/22
turkishweekly.net Inter-Korean cooperation increasingly frail 09/22
huffingtonpost.com What Will Make the Obama-Xi Summit a Success 09/22
stripes.com US-China hacking deal seen on civilian, not company hits 09/22
globalsecurity.org S.Korea can rejects U.S. call for Japan troops intervention in emergency situations: defense minister 09/22
upi.com North Korea's Punggye-ri site showing little to no nuclear activity 09/21
upi.com North Korea's politicians say 'no future' under Kim Jong Un, defector says 09/21
huffingtonpost.com Let's Not Get Into It With China 09/21


The roots of the conflict between North and South Korea go back to the division of the peninsula at the end of World War II.