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reuters.com North Korea seen intent on provocation but no sign of nuclear test 04/10
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voanews.com Pentagon Chief: North Korea Missile Tests Reminder of Danger 04/09
reuters.com South Korea, Japan to resume security talks despite conflict over history 04/09
wsj.com North Korea Missile Launches Are Threat to Asia: U.S. Defense Chief 04/09
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bbc.co.uk Interview film 'flown into N Korea' 04/08
strategypage.com KOREA: We Got Scrap And Nukes To Keep Us Warm 04/08
nzherald.co.nz Asian stocks mostly higher, Japan central bank keeps policy 04/08
globalsecurity.org N. Korea Capable of Nuclear Strike at US, Military Leader Says 04/08
scmp.com Inside North Korea's nuclear arsenal: new research says 'hundreds' of missiles can target neighbours 04/08
foxnews.com Hundreds of North Korean missiles pose bigger threat to Asia than US, researchers say 04/08
sputniknews.com North Korea’s Leader Visits Pyongyang Plant Ahead of Missile Test 04/08
nzherald.co.nz North Korea says Mexico 'forcibly' holding ship, blames US 04/08
bbc.co.uk N Korea urges Mexico to free ship 04/08
huffingtonpost.com No, North Korea Does Not Prove the Iran Deal Is Doomed 04/08
sputniknews.com North Korea to Fire Ballistic Missile Into Sea of Japan 04/08
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globalsecurity.org US Denies Reports of High Altitude Defense Deployment in South Korea 04/08
stripes.com Vietnam veteran builds replica of MIM-23 Hawk 04/08
reuters.com North Korea fires missiles into sea as U.S. defense chief visits region 04/08


The roots of the conflict between North and South Korea go back to the division of the peninsula at the end of World War II.