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stripes.com South Korea trains student hackers to fight Kim's cyber unit 11/27
scmp.com Japan plans to deploy hundreds of troops near disputed islands 11/26
bbc.co.uk Sony to pay workers $8m compensation 11/26
dw.com Could North-South talks herald breakthrough in Korea? 11/26
telegraph.co.uk Eccentric head of world chess placed on US sanctions list 11/26
dw.com Could North-South talks herald breakthrough in Korea? 11/26
reuters.com North, South Korea meet in fresh bid to improve ties after standoff 11/26
news.com.au Kim Jong-un: Copy my hair or else 11/26
france24.com North, South Korea plan further talks to ease tensions 11/26
dw.com North Korea, South Korea agree to high-level talks 11/26
nzherald.co.nz Sony employees' hacking suit settlement gets preliminary OK 11/25
turkishweekly.net SKorea gains nuclear reprocessing power 11/25
news.com.au Nuclear deal between S Korea, US starts 11/25
upi.com North Korea sends condolences to Mali president 11/24
stripes.com Reports say Apache may have gotten tangled in utility wires 11/24
nzherald.co.nz Revised nuclear deal between S. Korea, US to enter effect 11/24
aljazeera.com Recycling in Kenya turns rubbish into cash 11/23
usatoday.com Two dead in U.S. military helicopter crash in S. Korea 11/23
news.com.au ‘Save us China, you’re our only hope’ 11/23
reuters.com U.N. chief Ban says 'positive signs' from Pyongyang on North Korea visit 11/23
globalsecurity.org S.Korea stages firing exercises in western islands near DPRK 11/23
turkishweekly.net SKorea carries out drill on anniversary of NKorea attack 11/23
reuters.com U.S. military helicopter crashes in South Korea, two dead 11/23
stripes.com US military helicopter crashes in South Korea, killing 2 pilots 11/23
dailytimes.com.pk Ex-South Korean president dies at 87 : November 22, 2015, 2:43 pm 11/22
scmp.com Former South Korean president Kim Young-sam remembered as reformer and anti-corruption campaigner after dying aged 87 11/22
aljazeera.com Booze flows again in India's Mizoram after lengthy ban 11/22
reuters.com North Korea threatens South Korea ahead of island shelling anniversary 11/22
reuters.com South Korea military to proceed with drills despite North threat 11/22
bbc.co.uk Former South Korean president dies 11/21
dnaindia.com Former South Korean President Kim Young-sam dies at the age of 87 11/21
aljazeera.com Indian villagers 'crushed' between militia and Maoists 11/21
aljazeera.com Adam Lucente and Zouhir Al Shimale 11/20
news.com.au North, South Korea to hold rare talks 11/20
aljazeera.com Coen van de Ven 11/20
upi.com Sale of Harpoon missiles to South Korea in the works 11/19
cfr.org Addressing North Korea’s Nuclear Problem 11/19
reuters.com North Korea says proposes talks with South Korea for next week 11/19
dw.com Turkey scraps Chinese air defense system 11/18
dw.com Is North Korea's party congress a hint of 'perestroika?' 11/18
foxnews.com Australia bars foreigners from buying collection of cattle ranches bigger than South Korea 11/18
sputniknews.com US Approves New $110Mln Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile Sale to South Korea 11/18
stripes.com South Korea adding ground sensors to Demilitarized Zone 11/17
cp-africa.com China, South Africa Sign Energy Pact 11/17
reuters.com U.N. secretary general to visit North Korea next week: Xinhua 11/17
scmp.com Wanted Cambodian opposition leader Sam Rainsy delays return to Phnom Penh where he faces arrest for old defamation case 11/16
dailytimes.com.pk South Africa, China sign nuclear cooperation pact : November 16, 2015, 6:34 pm 11/16
globalsecurity.org South Korea 'watching out for signs of possible missile test by North' 11/16
turkishweekly.net UN chief expected to meet NKorean leader 11/16
upi.com North Korea no-fly zone sparks missile launch speculations 11/16
csmonitor.com Is Ban Ki-moon going to North Korea? 11/16
dailynews.lk UN chief Ban Ki-moon to visit North Korea 11/16
reuters.com Cambodia opposition leader, facing arrest, delays return 11/16
modernghana.com S.Africa and China sign nuclear energy cooperation pact 11/16
turkishweekly.net UN says has no info on Secretary-General's reported visit to North Korea 11/16
scmp.com Boost for Chinese nuclear technology as Argentina signs US$15 billion deal 11/16
voanews.com N. Korean No-Sail Zone Raises Concerns About Missile Launch 11/16
dailytrust.com.ng UN’s Ban Ki-moon to visit North Korea, report says 11/16
nzherald.co.nz Asian stocks fall as Paris attacks sends economic worries 11/15
bbc.co.uk UN chief 'to visit North Korea' 11/15
reuters.com North Korea prepares for possible missile launch: Yonhap 11/15
dnaindia.com UN chief Ban Ki-moon to visit North Korea 11/15
stripes.com US blacklists North Korean ambassador to Myanmar 11/13
bangkokpost.com NE Asia summit shows SE Asia weaknesses 11/12
upi.com North Korea collapse is 'unrealistic magical thinking,' expert says 11/12
voanews.com Putin: Russia Not Seeking 'Arms Race' 11/11
globalsecurity.org US Experts: China Frustrated With N. Korea Over Nuclear Issue 11/11
sputniknews.com South Korea, Russia Cooperate to Resolve North Korean Nuclear Issue 11/10
upi.com North Korea demands peace treaty from U.S., defends nuclear program 11/10
sputniknews.com Putin: Russia Has Weapons Capable of Penetrating Any Missile Defenses 11/10
sputniknews.com South Korean Cooperation With US, China to 'Benefit Moscow-Seoul Ties' 11/10
rt.com Putin: US missile defense aimed at neutralizing Russia nukes, N. Korea & Iran just a cover 11/10
globalsecurity.org Russia developing systems to counter US missile system: Putin 11/10
globalsecurity.org High-Powered Russian Military Delegation Arrives in Pyongyang 11/10
voanews.com US Experts: China Frustrated With N. Korea Over Nuclear Issue 11/10
nzherald.co.nz China says UN Security Council 'is not about human rights' 11/10
tribune.com.pk Iran cyberspy group hit in coordinated European raids 11/09
turkishweekly.net SKorea to strengthen ties with Iran 11/08
tehrantimes.com Yun Byung-se: Koreans impatiently waiting to enter Iranian market 11/07
scmp.com Why South Korea likes Shinzo Abe less than Kim Jong-un 11/07
csmonitor.com North Korea needs to progress; stregthen peace, not nukes; Palestinian women and terror attacks; Eygpt's elections; demonstrations in South Africa 11/07
stripes.com Cyber attacks could warrant military reply, experts say 11/06
allafrica.com Africa: At UN, Anti-Nuclear Majorities Challenge Nuclear-Dependent Minority 11/06
bbc.co.uk Myanmar metal fans get ready to vote 11/06
upi.com South Korea's president urges North Korea to return to dialogue 11/05
globalsecurity.org Kim Jong Un Demands More Modern and Precise Anti-Aircraft Rockets 11/05
stripes.com North Korea says bold action by US could open path to treaty 11/04
upi.com Airbus Helicopters, KAI in marketing deal 11/04
stripes.com South Korea buying Apache helicopters to counter North Korea’s armor 11/04
globalsecurity.org Carter: North Korea 'Up Close, Dangerous' Threat 11/04
en.people.cn US warship hopes to sabotage Beijing-Tokyo-Seoul talks 11/03
dailytimes.com.pk US, S Korea defence chiefs discuss N Korea threats : November 02, 2015, 11:07 am 11/02
sputniknews.com Washington, Seoul Agree to Strenghten Defence Against Pyongyang 'Threat' 11/02
voanews.com US, South Korea Revise Agreement on Military Control 11/02
stripes.com Nuclear threat bogs down Seoul taking control of wartime defenses 11/02
upi.com U.S.: THAAD deployment in South Korea to be determined within alliance 11/02
voanews.com 1950s VOA Broadcaster Recalls Making a Difference 11/02
sputniknews.com Conventional War With Great Power Nations 'Most Horrendous' Scenario 11/02
globalsecurity.org Joint Press Briefing by Secretary Carter and Minister Han Min-goo in Seoul, South Korea 11/02
stripes.com US, South Korea OK plan to counter North's missiles 11/02


The roots of the conflict between North and South Korea go back to the division of the peninsula at the end of World War II.