Turkey - PKK

Kurdish Separatist group active in Turkey. Also known as the KGK. See summary

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Kurdistan is a term used to describe areas traditionally inhabited by members of the Kurdish ethnic group in eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, and northern Syria. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), now known as the People's Congress of Kurdistan or Kongra-Gel (KGK) was formed on November 27, 1978, with the stated goals of claiming rights for the Kurdish minority and independence from Turkey. The group began an armed insurgency in 1984. It is considered a terrorist organization by the US Department of State.

In 1999, when its leader Abdullah Ocalan was captured, the PKK said it would proceed with peaceful tactics. In 2004, the group declared an end to the ceasefire.

Recently, Iran has been conducting military operations against the Iranian wing of the PKK, the PJAK. Syria, however, has been accused of harboring and supporting PKK members, which may be linked to deteriorated relations between the two countries following Turkey's criticism of Syria's response to internal dissent.