Turkey - PKK

Kurdish Separatist group active in Turkey. Also known as the KGK. See summary

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dawn.com Five Turkish soldiers killed in PKK ambush 07/30
reuters.com Turkey kills 35 militants after they try to storm base, officials says 07/30
aljazeera.com Turkey says 35 Kurdish fighters killed in clashes 07/30
foxnews.com Fighting between Turkish forces, Kurdish rebels kills 43 07/30
bbc.co.uk Turkey-PKK conflict: Dozens killed in south-east clashes 07/30
dnaindia.com Toll rises to 8 dead in deadliest PKK attack since Turkey coup 07/30
debka.com Five killed in two PKK attacks on Turkish security forces 07/28
globalsecurity.org Speculation Grows That Peace Process With Kurds Could Resume 07/28
rt.com Anti-US rally staged at NATO Incirlik air base in Turkey (VIDEO, PHOTOS) 07/28
csmonitor.com Why the stalled peace process between Turkey and Kurds could resume 07/27
reuters.com Two Turkish soldiers killed in bomb attack in Kurdish southeast: sources 07/27
dw.com Turkey approaches its first week in state of emergency 07/26
aina.org Kurdish Militants Kill Policeman in Eastern Turkey 07/25
globalsecurity.org PKK bombing kills three soldiers in southeast Turkey 07/25
reuters.com Kurdish militants kill policeman in eastern Turkey 07/24
thelocal.de German Turkish community split by unrest after coup plot 07/22
globalsecurity.org Gulen movement to be treated as separatist terrorist group: Erdogan 07/22
abc.net.au Sydney man charged with membership of terrorist group PKK 07/21
voanews.com Turkish Airstrikes Hit Kurdish Rebels in Iraq 07/20
euronews.com Turkey bombs PKK in northern Iraq for first time since failed coup 07/20
zeenews.india.com Turkey carries out air strikes against Kurdish militants in Iraq - NTV 07/20
aljazeera.com Turkey air strikes kill PKK fighters in northern Iraq 07/20
dailytrust.com.ng NLC condemns Turkey coup 07/18
huffingtonpost.com Long live democracy! This attempt on democracy will fail as well 07/18
aina.org Turkey Imposes Curfews on 16 Villages, Sacks Mayors 07/15
aina.org Turkey Angered By Photo Exhibition in EU Parliament About Syrian Kurds 07/15
turkishweekly.net Turkish deputy PM condemns France terror attack 07/15
aina.org Turkish PM Says Kurdish Militants Wiped Out of Urban Areas 07/14
aina.org A Kurdish State in Syria is Impossible 07/14
stripes.com The battle for the soul of Iraqi Kurdistan 07/14
rt.com Turkish court reduces IS militant’s jail time for ‘good conduct’ 07/13
telegraph.co.uk France closes diplomatic missions in Turkey after threat against National Day celebrations 07/13
turkishweekly.net EU parliament criticized over terrorist photo exhibit 07/13
turkishweekly.net ‘Pro-PKK exhibition’ at European Parliament angers Turkey 07/13
nzherald.co.nz Turkey PM says Kurdish militants wiped out of urban areas 07/13
turkishweekly.net Security officials suspended for negligence in relation to PKK attack in Turkey’s southeast 07/13
aina.org Silence in the Media Brings More Destruction to Turkey 07/12
turkishweekly.net Human rights report alleges Turkish state abuse cover up 07/12
af.reuters.com Reports leading PKK militant killed in Syria not confirmed - Turkey 07/11
voanews.com Human Rights Report Alleges Turkish State Abuse Cover Up 07/11
dw.com Turkish government blocking probe into rights abuses in Kurdish towns 07/11
reuters.com Turkey blocks investigations into southeast killings: Rights group 07/11
turkishweekly.net Five soldiers killed in PKK attack in Turkey’s southeast 07/11
foxnews.com Turkish military strikes Islamic State, PKK targets 07/10
reuters.com Kurdish militant bomb attack on Turkish army outpost kills two: sources 07/10
today.az Anti-terror cooperation with N.Iraq vital: Turkish PM 07/10
dawn.com Senior PKK commander killed 07/10
dailytimes.com.pk Iranian MP wounded in attack, driver killed 07/10
rferl.org Bomb Attacks Kill Six Turkish Soldiers In Southeast Turkey 07/10
rferl.org Iranian Lawmaker Survives Assassination Attempt 07/10
turkishweekly.net Senior PKK member killed 07/10
turkishweekly.net PKK roadside bomb martyrs 4 soldiers in SE Turkey 07/10
aina.org Kurdish Militant Bomb Attacks Kill Seven in Southeast Turkey 07/10
cnn.com Bombing at Turkey police station kills 2 07/09
dailytimes.com.pk Three killed, 10 injured in PKK bombing in Mardin 07/09
tribune.com.pk Kurdish militant car bomb attack wounds 11 soldiers in southeast Turkey 07/09
rt.com Kurdish militants deny death of senior commander in Syria 07/09
reuters.com Two killed in Kurdish militant car bomb attack in Turkey: sources 07/09
nzherald.co.nz Car bomb hits army outpost in Turkey; at least 1 dead 07/09
aljazeera.com Syrian rebels: Kurdish PKK commander killed in Syria 07/09
stripes.com Car bomb hits army outpost in Turkey, killing 3 07/09
today.az Gendarmerie office attacked in Turkey, victims reported-VIDEO 07/09
foxnews.com Sweden extradites suspected PKK member to Germany 07/08
af.reuters.com Turkish jets hit PKK in southeast Turkey, northern Iraq, kill 12 - sources 07/08
today.az Expert: NATO countries to step up joint fight against IS 07/08
aina.org Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Militant Targets in Southeast Turkey 07/07
turkishweekly.net Turkey to urge NATO to intensify anti-terror fight 07/07
aina.org Istanbul Terror Attack May Force a Reckoning in Turkey's Foreign Policy 07/06
aina.org Turkey Offers Assistance to Iraq After Deadly ISIL Attack 07/05
huffingtonpost.com "Mea Culpa" Foreign Policy 07/04
voanews.com Hundreds in Vienna Protest Istanbul Attacks 07/03
aina.org Turkish Warplanes Pound 27 PKK Terrorist Targets in Northern Iraq 07/02
usatoday.com Reports: Turkish forces kill mastermind of February attack 07/01
cnn.com Opinion: What's behind Turkey's terror? 07/01
foxnews.com Mastermind of February Turkey bombing killed, official says 07/01
turkishweekly.net 4 PKK terrorists killed in eastern Turkey 07/01
turkishweekly.net Nuclear time-bomb at the heart of Eurasia 07/01
aina.org US: Syrian Kurds and the PKK Are Not the Same 07/01
stripes.com Turkish official: Mastermind of February attack killed 07/01
foxnews.com Turkish official: Mastermind of Feb "terror attack" killed 07/01
cnn.com Opinion: Erdogan looks more vulnerable than ever 06/30
turkishweekly.net EU’s double standards over the PKK and Daesh: Turkish FM 06/30
bbc.co.uk Mark Lowen: Why is IS attacking Turkey? 06/30
euractiv.com Suspected Islamic State suicide bombers kill 36 at Istanbul airport 06/29
debka.com PKK condemns Ataturk airport assault, denies using suicide bombers 06/29
debka.com Three suicide bombers hit Istanbul airport, 36 dead 06/29
reuters.com Two soldiers killed in Kurdish militant attacks in southeast Turkey: army 06/29
debka.com Two Turkish soldiers killed in pair of PKK attacks 06/29
realclearworld.com Istanbul Airport Attack: What We Know So Far 06/29
stripes.com Explosion in Turkey's southeast kills 2 soldiers 06/29
france24.com Istanbul airport attack bears hallmarks of Islamic State group 06/29
today.az Explosion in Turkish province; 3 servicemen injured 06/29
dw.com Terrorism in Turkey: threat from two sides 06/29
turkishweekly.net 1 killed, 4 injured in PKK attack in eastern Turkey 06/29
telegraph.co.uk Ataturk airport bombings: Turkey has a tough task protecting itself from terrorist attacks 06/29
turkishweekly.net Car bomb kills seven in PYD-held northern Syrian city 06/29
cnn.com Bergen: ISIS' Ramadan terror campaign 06/29
voanews.com Turkey Roadside Bomb Kills 2 Soldiers, Wounds 3 06/29
dw.com Erdogan: Airport attackers will 'end up in hell' 06/29
reuters.com Bomb attack on police in Turkey's southeast kills one, injures seven -sources 06/28


Kurdistan is a term used to describe areas traditionally inhabited by members of the Kurdish ethnic group in eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, and northern Syria. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), now known as the People's Congress of Kurdistan or Kongra-Gel (KGK) was formed on November 27, 1978, with the stated goals of claiming rights for the Kurdish minority and independence from Turkey. The group began an armed insurgency in 1984. It is considered a terrorist organization by the US Department of State.

In 1999, when its leader Abdullah Ocalan was captured, the PKK said it would proceed with peaceful tactics. In 2004, the group declared an end to the ceasefire.

Recently, Iran has been conducting military operations against the Iranian wing of the PKK, the PJAK. Syria, however, has been accused of harboring and supporting PKK members, which may be linked to deteriorated relations between the two countries following Turkey's criticism of Syria's response to internal dissent.