Turkey - PKK

Kurdish Separatist group active in Turkey. Also known as the KGK. See summary

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aljazeera.com Merkel: Turkey must meet all terms for visa-free travel 05/23
turkishweekly.net Erdoğan and Merkel agree on joint action 05/23
turkishweekly.net Turkish security forces strike at PKK smuggling income 05/23
turkishweekly.net Air operations eliminate PKK targets in N.Iraq 05/23
sputniknews.com EU May Force New Turkish Gov't to Find Compromise With Kurds - Party Member 05/23
bbc.co.uk Merkel 'concern' on Turkey immunity law 05/23
rt.com Merkel adamant Turkey has to meet all conditions of visa-free travel deal with EU 05/23
sputniknews.com With a Little Help From His Friends: Erdogan to Seize Dictatorial Control 05/23
turkishweekly.net US still considers YPG an 'effective' partner 05/23
foxnews.com Turkish authorities lift curfew in parts of Diyarbakir 05/22
thelocal.de Events in Turkey 'a great concern,' says German leader 05/22
turkishweekly.net Turkish jets kill '30 PKK terrorists' in northern Iraq 05/22
rferl.org Turkey's AKP To Appoint New Prime Minister 05/22
sputniknews.com Turkish, Western Leadership 'Use Terrorism For Own Interests' 05/22
globalsecurity.org Turkey opposition to challenge bill on lifting MPs immunity 05/21
turkishweekly.net Terrorist PKK does not represent Kurds: Erdogan 05/21
thelocal.de Merkel party calls to punish Erdogan over power grab 05/20
bbc.co.uk Turkish MPs back bill lifting immunity 05/20
turkishweekly.net Soldier, police officer martyred in SE Turkey 05/20
france24.com Turkey strips immunity from lawmakers in move seen targeting pro-Kurdish MPs 05/20
aljazeera.com Turkey passes bill to strip politicians of immunity 05/20
euractiv.com Turkish minister: Anti-terror law amendment ‘not on the agenda’ 05/20
telegraph.co.uk Turkish parliament votes to lift MPs' immunity as Erdogan acts against Kurdish politicians 05/20
euractiv.com New Turkish bill denounced as power grab 05/20
turkishweekly.net Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in northern Iraq 05/20
turkishweekly.net Obama and Erdoğan discussed the Syrian conflict 05/19
aljazeera.com Turkey's army says PKK may have downed helicopter 05/19
stripes.com Turkey: Kurdish rebels may have downed chopper last week 05/19
aina.org Turkey Says PKK May Have Downed Helicopter 05/19
sputniknews.com Tightening the Fist: Turkey Names Close Erdogan Ally as New Prime Minister 05/19
dnaindia.com Turkish military says helicopter may have been downed by Kurdish militants 05/19
globalsecurity.org Helicopter may have been shot down: Turkish military 05/19
turkishweekly.net Another soldier martyred in clash with PKK in Turkey's east 05/19
foxnews.com Turkish fighter jets bomb Kurdish rebels, kill 10 05/18
turkishweekly.net Turkish warplanes kill '10 PKK terrorists' in SE Turkey 05/18
aina.org Turkish Warplanes Hit PKK Targets in Turkey, Iraq 05/18
reuters.com Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in Turkey, northern Iraq, 10 killed: sources 05/18
turkishweekly.net Former US envoy to Syria acknowledges PKK, PYD link 05/18
sputniknews.com PKK Bomb Blast Kills Four Soldiers in Southeast Turkey 05/18
turkishweekly.net Five soldiers killed, 14 wounded in PKK attacks in Turkey’s southeast 05/18
dw.com Kurdish militants trade deadly attacks with Turkish military in southeast of country 05/18
globalsecurity.org At least 10 killed as Turkish jets bomb northern Iraq 05/18
reuters.com Turkey identifies 13 more dead from bomb blast in Kurdish village, clashes flare 05/17
turkishweekly.net Maroon Berets deployed to Turkey’s southeast 05/17
sputniknews.com Syrian Kurds Absent From Geneva Talks, Not Bound by Peace Decisions 05/17
reuters.com After fist fights, Turkish parliament set to vote on immunity for MPs 05/17
aina.org Turkey's Top Diplomat Rules Out Reforming Its Terror Laws 05/17
voanews.com Missile Attack on Helicopter Rocks Turkish Army 05/17
sputniknews.com Turkey Equates EU Demand to Alter Anti-Terror Law With Supporting Terrorism 05/17
globalsecurity.org One soldier, 6 PKK militants killed in Turkey southeast 05/16
turkishweekly.net One soldier martyred in Turkey's southeast 05/16
turkishweekly.net Turkey at the crossroads: Countering the PKK 05/16
stripes.com Night-time blast wounds 4 in Istanbul 05/16
antiwar.com Kurd Fighter in Iraq Destroys US-Made Turkish Helo With Russian-Model Missile 05/16
worldpoliticsreview.com Can Syria’s Kurds Leverage War Gains Into Political Autonomy? 05/16
sputniknews.com One Turkish Soldier Killed, 6 Wounded in Clashes With PKK - Source 05/15
globalsecurity.org Kurdish Militants Claim Responsibility for Downing Turkish Army Helicopter 05/14
foxnews.com Turkish warplanes pound Kurdish rebels in the southeast 05/14
af.reuters.com Turkish war planes destroy PKK targets in Turkey, northern Iraq-Anadolu 05/14
dailytimes.com.pk Army says Turk soldier, two militants killed in clashes 05/14
voanews.com Military Drones Flood War Skies Over Syria, Iraq 05/14
turkishweekly.net 45 Daesh terrorists killed in Syria 05/14
turkishweekly.net Soldier killed in PKK fire in Turkey’s southeast 05/14
turkishweekly.net Soldier martyred in southeastern Turkey 05/14
turkishweekly.net 9 soldiers, 15 militants killed in clashes, ops in Turkey’s southeast 05/14
rt.com Turkish Army shells Kurdish-majority town at Syria border (VIDEO) 05/14
stripes.com Kurdish militants just challenged Turkish air power in a major way 05/14
sputniknews.com PKK’s Armed Wing Claims Killing 48 Turkish Soldiers in 48 Hours 05/14
globalsecurity.org Eight Turkish soldiers killed in clashes with PKK, helicopter crash 05/13
turkishweekly.net Four killed, at least 10 wounded in Diyarbakır blast 05/13
voanews.com 14 Killed in Clashes, Helicopter Crash in Southeast Turkey 05/13
today.az Erdogan slams EU for demanding changes to terror law 05/13
foxnews.com Turkey: 10 soldiers dead in clash with PKK, helicopter crash 05/13
aljazeera.com Arrests made over Turkey car bomb attack 05/13
dnaindia.com Turkey: Eight soldiers, 21 PKK militants killed as violence widens in southeast region 05/13
dw.com 'Dramatic' drop in migrant arrivals to Greece: officials 05/13
bbc.co.uk Turkish troops killed in clashes 05/13
rferl.org Turkish Says 8 Soldiers Killed In Clashes With PKK 05/13
reuters.com Eight Turkish soldiers, 21 militants killed as violence widens in southeast 05/13
turkishweekly.net Governor says PKK responsible for SE Turkey blast 05/13
turkishweekly.net Turkish forces killed 140 terrorists in past 2 weeks 05/13
aina.org Turkish Military Masses At Syria Border, But Why? 05/13
aina.org Kurdish Rebels Kill Eight Turkish Soldiers 05/13
rt.com UN 'ready' to send a team to investigate human rights violations in Turkey's anti-PKK operation 05/13
globalsecurity.org 18 PKK militants killed in Ankara air raids in Turkey, Iraq 05/12
sputniknews.com Forget EU's Migrant Deal With Ankara! New Refugee Wave Coming From Turkey 05/12
dnaindia.com Turkey visa deal unravels as President Erdogan defies European Union 05/12
foxnews.com Car bomb targets military personnel in Istanbul, at least 8 hurt 05/12
bbc.co.uk 'Kurdish rebels' killed in Turkey blast 05/12
dw.com Explosions in Istanbul and Sarikamis kill four, injure 18 in Turkey 05/12
telegraph.co.uk Four suspected bombmakers killed in Turkey as they loaded explosives on to truck 05/12
voanews.com At Least 8 People Wounded in Istanbul Car Bombing 05/12
sputniknews.com Turkey Threatens to Launch 'Unilateral' Operations on Syrian Soil 05/12
aina.org Turkish Warplanes Target Kurdish PKK Terrorists in Iraq 05/11
sputniknews.com Some 20 PKK Militants Killed in Turkish Southeast, Iraqi North 05/11
rferl.org Turkey’s Islamists: A Drama (Part 2) 05/11
reuters.com In remote corner of Iraq, an unlikely alliance forms against Islamic State 05/11
turkishweekly.net Three killed, 45 wounded in bomb attack in Turkey's Diyarbakır 05/11
turkishweekly.net Turkish army says 4,571 PKK militants killed since July 22 05/11
turkishweekly.net HDP’s Demirtaş: Unlawful arrests boost our votes 05/11


Kurdistan is a term used to describe areas traditionally inhabited by members of the Kurdish ethnic group in eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, and northern Syria. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), now known as the People's Congress of Kurdistan or Kongra-Gel (KGK) was formed on November 27, 1978, with the stated goals of claiming rights for the Kurdish minority and independence from Turkey. The group began an armed insurgency in 1984. It is considered a terrorist organization by the US Department of State.

In 1999, when its leader Abdullah Ocalan was captured, the PKK said it would proceed with peaceful tactics. In 2004, the group declared an end to the ceasefire.

Recently, Iran has been conducting military operations against the Iranian wing of the PKK, the PJAK. Syria, however, has been accused of harboring and supporting PKK members, which may be linked to deteriorated relations between the two countries following Turkey's criticism of Syria's response to internal dissent.