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Drug cartels battling each other and Mexican government See summary

Recent articles: Shooting wounds Mexican journalist; 2nd attack in 2 days 03/29 Mexico: another 'narco-grave' found in Veracruz 03/29 14 inmates still at large after mass tunnel escape in northern Mexico 03/27 Mexico governor says Chihuahua too weak to fight cartels 03/27 Mexico transfers Zetas cartel leader to border prison 03/27 Mexico arrests Knights Templar Cartel leader linked to 35 murders 03/27 Mexico transfers Zetas cartel leader to border prison 03/27 Mexico captures 'one of last' Knights Templar cartel leaders 03/25 120-foot-long escape tunnel found under Mexican prison 03/24 Mass escape: 29 suspected cartel members break out of Mexico prison through 120-foot tunnel 03/24 US prosecutors oppose easing jail conditions for El Chapo 03/21 Mexico drug war investigators unearth 47 more skulls in mass graves 03/20 Another Journalist Slain in Mexico's Violent Veracruz State 03/19 More Than 250 Bodies Found In Mass Grave In Mexico 03/17 Mexican parents, not authorities, led search for drug-war mass grave 03/17 Mexican parents find drug-war mass grave, expose official indifference 03/17 Son of Mexican drug lord escapes from prison 03/17 Son of Sinaloa drug lord missing from prison in Mexico 03/16 Mexican Cartels Moving Drug Crops Into Oaxaca State 03/16 Deadliest beat: Reporting on Mexico's war on drugs 03/15 Drug lord ‘El Chapo’ is hallucinating and may be ‘going crazy’ in solitary confinement, lawyers say 03/15 Mexican official says 250 skulls found in alleged cartel mass burial ground 03/15 ‘You could see an ear, or recognize part of a face’: 250 skulls found in mass burial ground in Mexico 03/15 Mass grave in Mexico points to drug cartel murders: 250 skulls found 03/15 Over 250 human skulls found in central Mexico 03/15 Prosecutor says Mexican body dumping ground may be world's largest 03/14 Mexican official: 250 skulls found in clandestine graves 03/14 'El Chapo' health deteriorating in US custody: lawyers 03/14 More than 250 skulls dug up from Mexico mass graves 03/14 Clandestine graves with 242 skulls in Mexico believed to be cartel victims 03/14 Mexican forces arrest Los H3 cartel lieutenant 'El Chanda' 03/13 US-Mexico border wall — both sides of the divide 03/10 'El Chapo' extradition throws Sinaloa Cartel -- and Mexico -- into violent spiral 03/07 More and more people are being murdered in Mexico — and once more drug cartels are to blame 03/03 Deadly turf war for control of El Chapo's empire erupts in Mexico 03/03 Getting Rid of ‘Bad Hombres?’ Deport El Chapo, His Lawyer Says 03/03 11 tortured bodies found in Veracruz, on Mexico's Gulf coast 03/01 Mexico pans US immigration plan as Tillerson arrives 02/23 Mexican migrant kills self after third deportation from US 02/22 Mexico homicides jump by a third amid cartel infighting 02/22 Mexico: Murders up by a third following Guzman's extradition 02/22 Mexican man kills himself after third US deportation 02/22 Mexico homicides jump by a third amid cartel infighting 02/21 Philippines: Duterte to mobilize army in drug war 02/20 Mexico: Sinaloa state raid nets prominent drug suspect 02/18 After drug war contracting boom, Mexican prisons stand idle 02/17 6 dead in shootouts with Mexican marines in border city 02/17 Donald Trump Ordered Federal Agencies To Tally Up How Much Aid The U.S. Gives Mexico 02/15 No wall too high: Authorities seize drug catapult along US-Mexico border 02/15 McCain Stands Against Trump's Pick for US Office of Management and Budget Head 02/15 US names Venezuelan VP a major drug trafficker 02/13 Mexico: Cartel capo killed in shootout with federal forces 02/11 Mexican helicopter gunship caught on camera firing on alleged cartel hideout in raids that leave 12 dead 02/11 Cartel power struggle fueling rising violence in Mexico - official 02/11 Ex-TV host held for trial in El Salvador on drug charges 02/11 Shootouts in Mexico show Trump's drug cartel fight will be tough 02/10 Mexico: Cartel capo killed in shootout with federal forces 02/10 NYC gallery displays migrants' backpacks, belongings 02/10 Leader of remnants of Beltran Leyva cartel killed by Mexican forces 02/10 Mexican Marine killed in Acapulco 02/09 'El Chapo' Guzman's sons reportedly injured in cartel attack in Mexico 02/09 Mexico arrests businessman wanted in US for money laundering 02/09 Report: 'El Chapo' Guzman's sons wounded in cartel attack 02/08 Corruption tour shines unflattering light on graft in Mexico 02/07 Judge weighs Chicago veteran's request to avoid deportation to Mexico 02/07 6 dead in clash between marines and gunmen in Mexico 02/07 Drug lord 'El Chapo' last of a dying breed as Mexican cartels enter new era 02/06 Corruption tour shines unflattering light on graft in Mexico 02/06 Mexican drug lord 'El Chapo' appears in federal court 02/03 Mexico sees 22 percent rise in murders in 2016 02/03 Aquarium Tank in Mexico Containing 13 Sharks Bursts Open 02/03 White House investigates leaks of Trump calls to Australia, Mexico 02/03 Lawyers for 'El Chapo' Argue Jail Conditions Too Strict 02/03 2nd Mexican human rights activist killed in same township 02/03 New Drug Cartel Emerges in Mexico After El Chapo’s Extradition to US - Reports 02/03 White House: Trump comments on Mexico 'lighthearted' 02/02 In bizarre call to Mexico’s president, Trump said he might send US troops there to fight ‘bad hombres’ 02/01 Criminal Justice Experts: NYC a Suitable Venue for 'El Chapo' Trial 02/01 Trump causing domestic political problems in Mexico 01/31 Criminal Justice Experts: NYC a Suitable Venue for 'El Chapo' Trial 01/31 La Familia Michoacana cartel member 'La Minsa' extradited to U.S. 01/30 Bodies of three decapitated police officers found in Mexico 01/30 White House cites 'buffet of options' on paying for wall 01/29 WH-WALL 01/29 Trump, Nieto talk by phone, agree to keep talks of wall payment private 01/27 Another Mexican cartel runner, 2 others arrested for trafficking 01/27 European Carmakers Weigh Options Amid Mexico Tax Threats 01/27 As Mexico security spending slows, some fear ever-worsening murder tally 01/26 Mexico extradites Sinaloa Cartel member 'El Chuy Raúl' to U.S. 01/26 Former DEA Agent: Sinaloa Cartel Likely To Remain Strong Without 'El Chapo' 01/25 Mexico Identifies Human Remains From Mass Grave 01/23 12 bodies found in Mexican tourist town: Officials 01/23 Mexico identifies 56 sets of human remains from jumble of bone fragments found in burial pit 01/23 Mexico captures son of Sinaloa drug cartel boss 'El Azul' 01/23 Mexico identifies 56 sets of human remains in mass grave 01/22 Why Mexico Sent "El Chapo" to the U.S. Now 01/22 What does the extradition of 'El Chapo' mean for US-Mexico relations? 01/21 ‘A life of crime, violence and death’: U.S. wants $14 billion from ‘El Chapo’ after extradition from Mexico 01/21 Captures, extraditions of Mexico drug chiefs in recent years 01/20 A look at notable dates in Mexico's decade-old drug war 01/20