Mexico - drug cartels

Drug cartels battling each other and Mexican government See summary

Recent articles: US Leaves Mexico 'Tips' for Fighting Drug War – Former Mexican President 05/25 Relatives Doubt 42 Men Died in Mexico Ranch Shootout 05/25 Mexican government is accused of a cover up over deadly three-hour gun fight 05/24 Most of the dead in Mexico shootout young men from Jalisco 05/24 Dozens killed as Mexico authorities battle drug cartel 05/23 43 killed during Mexico firefight in cartel territory 05/23 Mexico gang shoot-out leaves dozens dead 05/23 Dozens dead in Mexico gang shoot-out 05/23 More than 40 dead in gun battle at ranch, Mexican authorities say 05/23 Mexican standoff: At least 39 dead in mass shootout with drug cartel (GRAPHIC VIDEO) 05/23 At least 42 killed in Mexico gunfight 05/23 Fierce gunbattle kills 43 in west Mexico 05/23 Dozens killed in Mexico drug battle 05/23 Mexico gunfight kills 43, as government hits gang hard ahead of looming elections 05/23 43 killed in shoot-out with Mexican drug gang 05/23 Dozens killed in Mexico drug battle 05/22 Mexico reports large-scale firefight in cartel stronghold; death toll not yet clear 05/22 Drug cartel's surveillance cameras tapped electricity, Internet in Mexican border city 05/22 Gunfight in western Mexico kills at least 39: officials 05/22 In Mexico, Gunfight Between Armed Civilians And Security Forces Leaves Dozens Dead 05/22 Dozens dead in Mexico gang shoot-out 05/22 Dozens killed in shoot-out involving police in western Mexico 05/22 Dozens killed in shoot-out involving police in western Mexico 05/22 Mexico gunfight between security forces, armed gang leaves 43 dead 05/22 39 dead in gunbattle after ambush on police in western Mexico 05/22 More than 40 dead in gunbattle in Mexico 05/22 Mexico gun battle leaves at least 43 dead 05/22 Gunfight kills 43 in troubled Mexican state 05/22 Dozens dead in more suspected gang violence against Mexico police 05/22 Scores Killed in Western Mexico Gunfight 05/22 Gunfight in Mexico kills at least 39 05/22 Mexico Gunfight Kills At Least 43, As Government Hits Jalisco Cartel Suspects Hard 05/22 Police implicated in Mexico mayoral candidate killing 05/21 DEA confiscates 154 pounds of Mexican heroin, biggest drug bust in N.Y. history 05/20 U.S. Ties with Mexico’s Military Have Never Been Closer: An Interview with Jesse Franzblau 05/20 Sinaloa cartel enforcer 'Chino Antrax' pleads guilty in US 05/20 Sinaloa drug cartel leader 'Chino Antrax' pleads guilty 05/20 Gunfight in blood-soaked western Mexican state kills at least eight 05/19 CANNES WATCH: 'Sicario' takes muscular look at drug war 05/19 Online Platform Alerts People in Mexico's Jalisco State to Organized Crime Violence 05/18 Mexican state disarms cops in 2 towns near where helicopter shot down in anti-cartel operation 05/16 MEXICO: The Rising 05/16 Mexico disarms cops in 2 towns near site of copter attack 05/16 Mayoral Candidate Shot Dead During Political Rally in Western Mexico 05/15 Mayoral candidate shot to death in Mexico's restive Michoacan state; 2nd killing this month 05/14 Cruise lines continue Puerto Vallarta calls after cancellation due to violence 05/14 Plane crash kills 6 in northern Mexico 05/14 Mayoral candidate fatally shot in restive Mexico state 05/14 Mexican ex-police chief recovers, shooting may have been motivated by personal dispute 05/11 Shootout, 2 bodies found raise fears in Mexico City 05/11 Group of vigilantes seize, disarm local police in Mexican town 05/11 Mexico's drug war: New cartel has weapons of an army and is willing to fight government 05/10 Mexico probes border shooting of famed ex-police chief 05/10 Crime-bashing ex-police chief on Mexico border gunned down 05/09 New cartel arises from Mexico's assault on big drug lords 05/09 German Company Accused of Illegal Sales of Arms to Mexico 05/08 A Rising Drug Cartel Just Shot Down One Of Mexico's Military Helicopters 05/08 VIDEO: Soldier hauled into air by huge flag 05/08 Does 'cutting off the heads' of Mexico's cartels really work? 05/06 Crime in Mexico, Central America joins war in driving people from their homes 05/06 Mexico authorities say drug gangs responsible for string of killings in Sonora, near Arizona 05/06 Gang boss from troubled Mexican state to be extradited to U.S. 05/05 New Generation cartel Mexico's latest menace 05/04 Rocket-propelled grenade forced down Mexican military helicopter; 5 soldiers killed 05/04 Drug cartel shoots down Mexican military helicopter in war-like scene 05/04 Six bodies found in eastern Mexico 05/04 Mexican drug cartel retaliates violently to anti-crime government effort 05/03 Drug cartel shoots down Mexican military helicopter in war-like scene 05/03 Three Killed After Gunmen Shoot Down Military Helicopter in Mexico 05/02 2  hours ago Gunmen hit army chopper in Mexico, three troops dead 05/02 Mexican soldiers, police dead in clashes with drug gang 05/02 Mexican drug cartel Jalisco New Generation flexes muscles 05/02 Seven killed and a military helicopter shot down amid wave of violence in Mexico 05/02 Suspected 'narco blockades' close roads in Guadalajara, Mexico with burning vehicles 05/01 Eight dead in Mexico as police clash with vigilantes 05/01 Gunfire forces down chopper in Mexico, 7 killed in fighting 05/01 Army helicopter fired upon amid Mexican drug crackdown 05/01 Army helicopter shot at in Mexico 05/01 Burning vehicles block roads in Guadalajara, Mexico 05/01 Ministry: Gunmen Open Fire on Mexican Army Helicopter, 3 Killed 05/01 Suspected Member of Guatemalan Family Drug Cartel Extradited to US 05/01 Mexican navy seizes drugs packed among frozen shrimp 04/29 Illegal border tunnel found leading from Mexico 04/28 WATCH: Relatives of Missing Mexican Students Say U.S.-Backed Drug War Is Fueling the Violence 04/28 Mexico: 92 kidnapped migrants rescued near Texas border 04/27 Mexico brothers lose final death sentence appeal in Malaysia 04/23 Officer of the year 2009 caught selling cocaine 04/22 After years of violence, 'life is back' in Juarez 04/22 Drug cartel violence flares again in Northern Mexico state 04/22 Drug Cartel Violence Erupts Again in Mexican State 04/22 US charges ex-bank president, others with money laundering 04/21 Cop of the Year Caught on Video Trafficking Guns for Infamous Drug Cartel 04/21 After years of violence and death, 'life is back' in Juarez 04/21 Mexico says to investigate reports of police killings 04/20 El Chuyin, leader of Juarez cartel, captured in Mexico 04/20 Mexican Officials Capture Juarez Drug Cartel Chief 04/19 Mexico officials report capture of alleged cartel leader 04/19 Mexican officials report capture of alleged Juarez Cartel leader 04/19 Mexico says captures Juarez Cartel leader 04/19 Gang leader's arrest sets off firefights in Mexico 04/18