Mexico - drug cartels

Drug cartels battling each other and Mexican government See summary

Recent articles: Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman: Is the moustachioed drug lord calling the shots in Mexico's highest-security prison? 08/30 Colombia arrests suspected drug trafficker for major Mexico cartel 08/29 3.5 Tn Peru Cocaine Seizure Tied to Mexicans, Destined for Europe 08/28 China, US jointly bust cocaine trafficking 08/28 Mexico lake town besieged by kidnappings is first assignment for new police force 08/27 Peru Police Seize 3.3 Tons of Cocaine 08/27 Relatives criticize Mexico's new number on missing 08/27 New police force sent to Mexican town near capital 08/27 Son of Mexican drug capo 'Mr Blue' tells court his father died: source 08/26 Chief Imam Made Amputee Football Life Patron 08/25 Ecuador Seizes 7.8 Tons of Liquid Drugs Bound for Spain 08/24 Mexico launches new police force to guard commerce - Washington Post 08/24 Mexico launches special police force to guard economic activity 08/23 Mexico launches special police force to guard economic activity 08/22 Mexico hails new militia as bulwark against drug cartels 08/22 Mexico creates special economic-crime force 08/22 Mexico creates special force for economic crime 08/22 Marijuana supplier named Pot Playboy gets 27 years 08/21 Mexico increases number of missing to 22,322 08/21 Man sought in police killing returned to Mexico 08/19 Honduras seizes 50 properties from alleged drug gang 08/19 Honduras seizes 50 properties from alleged drug gang 08/18 Honduran authorities seize 42 properties linked to purported drug-trafficking family 08/18 Ex-Guatemalan Drug Kingpin Pleads Guilty to US Charges 08/18 Artists in Mexico border town explore China ties 08/16 Mexico: Mayor Arrested for Murder and Cartel Connections 08/15 Correction: Perry-National Guard story 08/15 Sinaloa kingpin prevails in prison hunger strike 08/14 Mexican mayor detained for alleged links to cartel 08/14 Foreign tourism to Mexico grows 19.6 percent 08/12 Mexico: rumors abound of murder for human organs 08/11 Pot playboy Jimmy Cournoyer willing to accept stiffer U.S. sentence if guaranteed a transfer to Canadian prison 08/08 The real border problem and what we must do 08/07 Video of Ex-Michoacán Governor’s Son with a Cartel Leader Revives Corruption Accusations in Mexico 08/07 3 cartel members indicted in US kidnapping 08/07 Coca-Cola distribution plant had received threats in Mexico 08/06 Four Coca-Cola trucks burned in Mexico attack : August 06, 2014, 12:11 pm 08/06 Mexico: still more 'narco-fosas' uncovered 08/06 Unknown attackers burn 4 Coca-Cola trucks in southern Mexico area known for drug gang wars 08/05 Attackers burn 4 Coca-Cola trucks in south Mexico 08/05 Mayor Shot to Death in Western Mexico 08/04 Mexican mayor shot dead in Jalisco 08/04 Son of prominent Mexican politician charged in drug cartel case 08/03 Mexico charges ex-governor's son in probe of video showing him with purported drug boss 08/03 70 Kidnapped Migrants Rescued in Northern Mexico 08/02 MEXICO: Cartels Build A Robotic Air Force 08/02 Mexican security forces rescue 70 kidnapped migrants held at house in northern Mexico 08/01 70 kidnapped migrants rescued in northern Mexico 08/01 Mexican media denounces 'gag law' 08/01 Mexico rescues 70 kidnapped Central American migrants 08/01 Mexico’s Scaled-Backed Gendarmerie Force No Security Panacea 07/31 Mexico prosecutors to question ex-governor's son who appears in video with alleged drug lord 07/30 Immigrant Influx on Texas Border Heats Up Political Debate 07/30 Texas Democrats question extra spending for border surge 07/29 Who Are The Kids Of The Migrant Crisis? 07/24 6 dead in shootings in northern Mexico near Texas border 07/24 Calls for troops at border echo previous pushes 07/23 Until drug war ends, refugees will come 07/22 Texas-Mexico border expecting 1,000 national guard troops – Governor 07/22 Migrant smuggler costs for crossing Mexico to US 07/21 Denying child refugees ignores our shared history 07/21 Officials find 5 bodies in clandestine burial pits in woods near village in northern Mexico 07/21 The Youngest Victims of the Drug War at Home and Abroad 07/21 Gov. Perry to deploy Texas National Guard troops for border crisis 07/21 Canadian drug lord’s sentence should be boosted to compensate for Canada’s generous parole laws: U.S. prosecutors 07/21 Texas deploys troops to US border 07/21 Immigration: Texas Sends Guard Troops To Border 07/21 Officials find 5 bodies in northern Mexico pits 07/21 Shocking abuse claims at Mexico's 'Big Family' 07/17 Free Trade Empowered Mexico's Cartels 07/16 Central America cartels will do anything for 'right price,' says expert 07/14 Honduras president: US drug policy to blame for migrant crisis 07/14 Guatemalans Aren't Just Fleeing Gangs 07/13 Mexican police rescue 165 kidnapped migrants 07/11 Drug Cartel Suspect Extradited to US 07/11 Police rescue 165 kidnapped migrants in Mexican border state 07/10 Three Killed in Hunt for Mexican Drug Lord 07/08 Mexico City tightens security to keep out drug traffickers 07/04 Mexican marines grab alleged La Familia drug gang leader who controlled area near capital 07/02 Mexican marines capture alleged drug gang leader 07/02 Mexico arrests alleged drug gang leader 07/02 Many killed in Mexico shootout 07/01 Deport the Children to Honduras and Stoke the Fire There 07/01 U.S. Visas Helped Fuel the Juarez Drug Wars 07/01 Mexican troops kill 22 in warehouse shootout 06/30 Twenty-Two Killed as Military, Assailants Clash in Mexico 06/30 Mexico troops kill 22 'gang members' 06/30 More than 80 vigilantes arrested in Mexico for battling drug cartels 06/28 Mexican Forces Arrest 83 Vigilantes in Michoacan 06/28 Mexico arrests high-profile vigilante leader 06/28 Mexico vigilance group leader Jose Mireles arrested 06/28 Mexican authorities arrest vigilante leader in violence torn state 06/28 Doctor turned vigilante arrested in Mexico 06/28 Mexico's citizen militias infected by the rot they hoped to cut out 06/28 Mexican military helicopter fires two shots at U.S. border agents in Arizona desert 06/27 Mexican chopper fires on US 06/27 70 vigilantes arrested in western Mexico 06/27 Mexico vigilante leader arrested 06/27 Mexico arrests vigilante leader in state torn by violence 06/27 Tamaulipas, Cradle of Mexico's Drug War, Erupts 06/26