Mexico - drug cartels

Drug cartels battling each other and Mexican government See summary

Recent articles: Mexican army head is unhappy with law enforcement role 10/09 Mexican army head is unhappy with law enforcement role 10/08 UN rights official : Mexico must withdraw army from streets 10/07 UN rights official : Mexico should set timetable to withdraw army from law enforcement duties 10/07 Horse-riding Mexican governor vows to go tough on crime 10/04 Mexico: No country for journalists 10/04 Mexico clash may have involved 'extrajudicial killings': rights body 10/03 New York Stands with Ayotzinapa and Demands an End to the Drug War 10/02 Mexico extradites to US two drug lords from El Chapo prison 10/01 Mexico extradites Edgar 'La Barbie' Valdez, 12 others to U.S. 10/01 U.S. to try Mexican drug suspects 09/30 Spike in Mexico murder rate poses major test for embattled Peña Nieto 09/30 Mexico extradites cartel leaders and murder suspects to U.S. 09/30 Mexico extradites 13 drug cartel suspects to US 09/30 Mexico extradites two alleged drug lords to U.S. including 'La Barbie' 09/30 MALI: Going Through Some Bloody Changes 09/29 AIR DEFENSE: The Antidote For Small Flying Robots 09/29 PROCUREMENT: How The Indian Army Got Its Apaches 09/29 SPECIAL OPERATIONS: South Korea Threatens The North 09/29 SURFACE FORCES : Burkes Electrified 09/28 CONGO: Democracy Falters Among Violence And Corruption 09/28 MURPHY'S LAW: Russia Chokes On Tor 09/28 Why Mexicans don't trust authorities to find 43 missing students 09/28 SOMALIA: The Stalled Comeback 09/27 WARPLANES: Armed Pakistani UAVs Arrive 09/27 Mexicans mark 1 year since 43 students disappeared 09/27 INTELLIGENCE: Screw The Academics 09/27 Mexicans march on anniversary of 43 students' disappearance 09/26 MEXICO: Corruption, Cartels, Credibility and Culpability 09/26 Thousands Protest In Mexico One Year After 43 Students Went Missing 09/26 In search for Mexico's 43, 1 brutal killing goes ignored 09/25 Pellets, planes and the new frontier: How Mexican cartels fuel the American heroin epidemic 09/25 Mexican President Peña Nieto puts special prosecutor on missing students case 09/25 No More Drug War: One Year Anniversary of Disappearance of 43 Students in Mexico 09/25 Mexican police rescue US citizen kidnapped in Texas and taken to Mexico to be held for ransom 09/24 Mexico catches gang member blamed for attacks 09/23 'El Chapo' escape: prison bosses among 13 more arrests in Mexico 09/20 13 Mexican ex-prison officials jailed over drug lord's escape from maximum security prison 09/19 Mexico 'arrests El Chapo jail chiefs' 09/19 Mexico catches key suspect in case of 43 missing students   : September 18, 2015, 12:37 pm 09/18 Mexican police find 7 bodies in clandestine Acapulco graves 09/18 Mexico detains alleged mastermind of students’ disappearances 09/18 Mexico arrests cartel figure in connection with disappearance of 43 students 09/18 Second student identified in Mexico missing student case 09/17 Mexico nabs a suspected mastermind of apparent massacre of 43: source 09/17 Mexico seizes half ton of drugs after small plane crash 09/17 Mexican authorities captures cartel figure implicated in disappearance of 43 students 09/17 Mexico arrests cartel figure in disappearance of 43 students 09/17 Mexico arrests Guerrero gang leader 09/17 Mexico arrests cartel figure over 43 missing students 09/17 Mexico arrests cartel figure in student kidnapping case 09/17 `Other disappeared' leave gaping holes in Mexico's fabric 09/16 Heroin epidemic: US defends its market from Mexico 09/15 Drug-trafficker’s Arrest to Lead to More Investigations 09/14 Strong 6.6-magnitude quake hits northwest Mexico: USGS 09/13 Strong 6.6-magnitude quake hits northwest Mexico: USGS 09/13 Strong 6.6-magnitude quake hits northwest Mexico 09/13 Series of quakes hit off Mexico's west coast, no damage reported 09/13 Strong 6.6-magnitude quake hits northwest Mexico: USGS 09/13 Clandestine graves with 9 bodies found in southern Mexico 09/11 Mexican ex-governor's son covered for drug lord 09/11 Independent Expert Explains How Mexico Botched Investigation Of 43 Missing Students 09/11 Global laundering ring pumped billions in Colombian drug money through Hong Kong banks: US prosecutors 09/10 El Chapo's sons spark Instagram battles between Mexican cartel members showing off their wealth 09/09 Colombia seizes 1 metric tonne of cocaine on Mexico flight 09/09 Zetas drug cartel leader who ordered US consulate attack dies in Mexican prison 09/08 Did 'El Chapo' Guzman's son tweet fugitive's location? 09/08 Mexico prison staff charged over Guzman 09/08 Colombia, Mexico seize two tons of cocaine 09/07 Colombian authorities seize nearly 2 tons of cocaine in flights to Mexico 09/07 Did son tweet El Chapo's location? 09/06 Panel Rejects Mexican Government's Probe of Missing Students 09/06 Mexican activist in search for missing students killed in southern state; had received threats 08/10 Weekend murders hit Mexican resort city of La Paz, 3 dead 08/10 Mexico's journalists in fear after murder of reporter in 'safe haven' city 08/10 Mexican activist in missing students case killed near Acapulco 08/09 Most Mexicans Think Mexican Government Helped Cartel Leader El Chapo Escape 08/07 U.S. DEA activates 'Chapotips' hotline to catch escaped Mexican convict 08/06 US offers $5m for 'Shorty' Guzman 08/06 Fugitive drug lord 'Chapo' Guzman likely still in Mexico: DEA chief 08/05 US offers $5M for information on escaped Mexican drug lord 08/05 United States announces $5M 'El Chapo' Guzman reward 08/05 Escaped drug lord El Chapo ‘most likely’ still in Mexico – senior US official 08/05 Michoacán: more clashes over self-defense units 08/05 Acting DEA chief says he believes 'El Chapo' still in Mexico 08/05 New documentary offers close-up view of violent cartels 08/04 The Biggest Threat to Mexican Journalists Aren't Drug Cartels Anymore 08/04 US-Mexico border drug tunnel found 08/03 Five bodies with hands bound found in Mexico 08/01 Mexico approves U.S. extradition warrant for fugitive kingpin Guzman 07/30 Police commander, 3 others killed in Mexican state of Guerrero 07/30 8 people found stabbed to death in northern Mexico 07/29 Drug traffickers wiping out the jaguar in Central America 07/29 El Chapo escape highlights need to extradite 07/28 Can Mexico's President Recover? 07/27 Mexico Judge Orders Prison Officials Detained In 'El Chapo' Escape 07/26 Escaped Mexican drug lord no saint, but lesser evil at home 07/25 Mexican Authorities Arrest 4 Contract Killers Employed by Drug Cartel Lord 07/25 Mexican Drug Traffickers Bring Down US Border Patrol Helicopter 07/24 MEXICO: Shame, Shame, Shame 07/24