Mexico - drug cartels

Drug cartels battling each other and Mexican government See summary

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found dead 04/11 Mexico cartel figure has been cooperating with US 04/11 UN global study: Murder rate very high in Americas 04/10 Honduras, Venezuela have world's highest murder rates: U.N. 04/10 Alleged Hitman 'Confesses To 40 Murders' 04/10 Family on US kingpin list for money laundering 04/10 Sinaloa cartel leaders, at a glance 04/10 José Manuel Martínez: Hitman charged with nine murders claims he killed 30 more people 04/10 Feds: Sinaloa cartel member cooperating with US 04/10 UN report notes high murder rates in Americas 04/10 Mexico drug-cartel figure has been cooperating with U.S. 04/10 California man confesses to 40 killings 04/10 Mexican mayor detained for alleged links to cartel 04/09 Mexico: 20 people killed in armed clashes between gang members 04/08 Mexican vigilantes won't disarm, defying government order 04/08 Mexico arrests top official over cartel links 04/07 Mexico: Former Interim Governor Accused of Ties to ‘Knights Templar’ 04/07 Mexico vigilantes refuse to disarm 04/07 14 dead in Mexico border state after day of violence 04/07 14 die as criminals clash in Mexico border state 04/07 ‪Boomtowns spur economic growth in Mexico‬ 04/06 2 border drug tunnels are elaborate, sophisticated, ICE says 04/05 Michoacan state interior secretary questioned in probe, Mexican federal prosecutors say 04/05 Mexican ruling party state official held on suspicion of gang links 04/05 US unearths sophisticated border drug tunnels 04/04 Almost 2 tons of cocaine seized off Puerto Rico coast 04/03 Mexican newspaper director robbed, shot 04/03 Almost 2 tons of cocaine seized off Puerto Rico coast 04/02 US government praises co-operation with Mexico in arrest of purported drug kingpin 'El Chapo' 04/02 Senior cartel drug leader killed in Mexico 04/02 Mexican security forces kill Michoacan cartel leader 04/01 Mexican marines kill Templar cartel's leader 04/01 Mexico drug capo resisted arrest before death: official 04/01 Enrique Plancarte, Leader Of Brutal Mexican Knights Templar Cartel, Dead 04/01 Knights Templar drug lord killed 04/01 2nd Mexican vigilante leader accused of murder as government cracks down in Michoacan state 03/31 Mexican marines kill a leader of Knights Templar drug cartel during clash in central Mexico 03/31 Mexico vigilante leader accused of murder 03/31 Another Mexican vigilante leader accused of murder 03/31 Mexican forces kill 10 Zeta cartel suspects in gunfight 03/28 Jailed Mexico crime boss Chapo Guzman has told prosecutors he’s just a farmer 03/28 Drug cartel suspects killed in Mexico 03/28 Legislators Ask Why Mexicans Should Die Over A Drug The U.S. Is Legalizing 03/27 Mexico arrests suspected criminals posing as vigilantes 03/27 The battle for a nation’s soul 03/27 The Zetas Conquered Mexico with Walkie-Talkies 03/26 US: Cartels in Mexico Partner with California Street Gangs 03/25 Guatemala: Two Arrested for Drug Trafficking May Face Extradition 03/24 On The Mend, But Wounds Of Violence Still Scar Juarez 03/24 Mayor slain in troubled Mexican state of Michoacan 03/22 Killing of 7 marks rise of Mexico drug corridor 03/21 7 men fatally shot in Mexico near Arizona border 03/20 At The Border, The Drugs Go North And The Cash Goes South 03/20 Mexican vigilante leader to be held for trial on charges of participating in killings 03/20 Awash In Cash, Drug Cartels Rely On Big Banks To Launder Profits 03/20 Mexican authorities investigating fatal shootings of 7 men near the Mexico-Arizona border 03/20 Feds indicate they will seek to extradite Mexican ex-governor indicted in drug conspiracy 03/20 Mexico Appoints New Chief Of Federal Police 03/19 Mexican vigilantes who ousted Knights Templar cartel could bring new violence 03/19 Mexico's rising threat: extortion 03/19 Suspected Guatemalan drug trafficker extradited to U.S 03/18 Police in Mexico detain Knights Templar cartel member suspected of trafficking children’s organs 03/18 Alleged Mexican cartel member suspected of organ trafficking 03/18 Mexico cartel member held in organ theft case 03/18 Mexico appoints new federal police chief man who oversees security council, crime statistics 03/18 Tug-of-war over 'Shorty' Guzman 03/17 Mexico drug cartel makes more dealing iron ore 03/17 Child Organ Harvesting And Trafficking-Linked Arrest Made In Mexico 03/17 Vigilantes say Mexico government persecuting them 03/16 Drug cartel makes more mining than trafficking 03/16 Mexico Cracks Down On Vigilantes 03/15 Facebook ‘Courage for’ Page versus the Knights Templar’s Cartel 03/14 Mexican official: Government to finally draw line on vigilantes fighting over spoils 03/14 Vigilante Leader Charged With Murder In Mexico 03/14 Mexican vigilante leader charged with murders of two members of rival group 03/14 Mexico to draw line on vigilantes 03/14 Mexico charges vigilante leader with murder 03/13 Mexico: Leader of Vigilante Group Arrested for Suspected Murder 03/13 Mexico files murder charges against a leader of vigilantes that fought cartel in Michoacan 03/13 Mexican vigilante leader Hipólito Mora arrested over the murders of two men 03/12 Mexicans are Pushing for the ‘Redemocratization’ of Democracy 03/12 Mexico vigilante boss Mora detained 03/12 Mexico arrests vigilante leader who helped to battle drug cartel 03/12 Mexico tracked cartel kingpin to mountain hideout 03/12 Opponent of Mexico’s Cartels Is Detained in Vigilantes’ Deaths 03/12