Mexico - drug cartels

Drug cartels battling each other and Mexican government See summary

Recent articles: El Chuyin, leader of Juarez cartel, captured in Mexico 04/20 Mexico says to investigate reports of police killings 04/20 Mexican Officials Capture Juarez Drug Cartel Chief 04/19 Mexico officials report capture of alleged cartel leader 04/19 Mexican officials report capture of alleged Juarez Cartel leader 04/19 Mexico says captures Juarez Cartel leader 04/19 Gang leader's arrest sets off firefights in Mexico 04/18 Gunfights and roadblocks hit Mexican border city; 3 dead 04/18 Gun battle kills three in Mexican border city of Reynosa - BBC 04/18 Shootouts Send Mexican City Into Chaos as Criminals Try to Free Their Boss 04/18 Arrest of Gulf Cartel chief sparks Mexico border gunfights 04/18 Drug violence gun battles rock Mexican border city 04/18 Arrest of Mexico's Gulf Cartel chief, others sparks gunfights, blockades on Mexico-US border 04/18 Mexico captures chief of Gulf Cartel in Reynosa gun battles (+video) 04/18 Deaths in violence as Mexican cartel chief captured 04/18 Three dead after six hour gun siege in Mexico town after drug lord's arrest 04/18 Three dead in drug cartel gunfight, riot in Mexican border city 04/18 MEXICO: The Drug Gang Plague Spreads To The United States 04/18 Gunfights and roadblocks rock Mexican city on U.S. border 04/17 Gun battles in Mexican border city 04/17 Gunfights and roadblocks hit Mexican border city; 3 dead 04/17 Gunfights in Reynosa Mexico border town after drug gang leader 'El Gafe' arrested 04/17 At least 3 dead as gunfights, roadblocks break out in Mexican border city 04/17 Violence Rocks Mexico's Reynosa Near U.S. Border After Drug Cartel Leader Arrested 04/17 Gunfights and roadblocks of burning vehicles hit Mexican border city of Reynosa 04/17 2 US reservists charged with selling guns to agent 04/16 Mexican conservative candidates threatened in Michoacan 04/16 2 Army reservists arrested for selling illegal weapons stolen from military 04/16 Two US Army Reservists Arrested, Charged With Illegal Guns Sale 04/16 2 National Guard members arrested for selling illegal weapons stolen from military 04/16 Lawyer for drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzmán sneaks woman into prison 04/15 VIDEO: 'Mexico's Jon Stewart' reboots the news 04/15 ATF: Army Guardsmen tried to sell guns, ammo, armor to Mexico cartels 04/15 Italian gangster 'killed mother in revenge for affair with rival mafia boss', say police 04/15 IS running camp in northern Mexico close to US border 04/15 Mexican Drug Cartel Plasters City With Apologies for Violence 04/15 Mexican drug lord's defense lawyer sneaks woman into prison 04/14 IS running camp in northern Mexico just 8 miles away from US border 04/14 Canadian mining executive apologizes for saying company has ‘good relationship’ with Mexican cartels 04/14 Did Texas DPS spy on Mexico? Internal documents claim it did 04/13 Troops arrest top Mexican cocaine trafficker in Cancun 04/12 Mexico arrests alleged Sinaloa cartel cocaine trafficker 04/12 Mining co. in Mexico has 'good relationship' with cartels 04/10 Man linked to Mexican drug cartel sentenced to 10 years 04/09 Robbery of a tonne of gold ore from Mexico mine was 'inside job' 04/09 US secretly tracked billions of calls for decades 04/08 Armed robbers steal $8.5 million in gold from Mexican mine run by Toronto-based company 04/08 Mexican police killed during ambush in Jalisco 04/08 Ambush that killed 15 police in western Mexico a rarity 04/08 Attack in western Mexico leaves police officers wounded in latest clash with criminal gangs 04/07 Ambush kills 15 Mexican officers 04/07 Exclusive: Father of Missing Mexican Student Calls on Obama to Stop Drug War Aid 04/07 VIDEO: Finding Mexico's missing bodies 04/07 Ambush in Mexico blamed on drugs cartel kills 15 police officers 04/07 Meet Mexico's Fastest Growing Drug Cartel 04/07 Mexico ambush leaves 15 police dead 04/07 15 police killed in Mexican ambush 04/07 Gunmen kill 15 Mexican police in roadside ambush 04/07 Mexican police killed in ambush 04/07 Documentary Explores Impact of Drug Violence on Mexican Society 04/06 Gulf Cartel regional leader José Sánchez García arrested 04/05 Over 9,000 Mexican Military Personnel Receive US Training Since 2009 04/03 Mexican drug cartels control fate of cities of Matamoros, Reynosa 04/02 Study blames spike in homicide rates on Mexican drug war 04/02 Matamoros Becomes Ground Zero As Drug War Shifts On Mexican Border 04/01 Parents Of Missing Mexican Students Approach Cartel Rather Than Government 04/01 Mexican civil-defence officer may face federal charges in assault-rifle killing of crocodile 03/31 Mexican cop charged for shooting protected crocodile 03/31 Before the Border: The immigrant Odyseey across Mexico 03/31 Mexican policeman suspended over crocodile shooting 03/31 Mexico anger over crocodile shooting 03/30 MEXICO: What Was Old And Despised Is Now New And Wonderful 03/29 Six Months After Student Massacre in Mexico, Global Outrage Fades, But Political Crisis Intensifies 03/28 174 mass graves found in Mexico in the last 8 years 03/26 Is social media fuelling a Mexican Spring? 03/25 The War in Mexico 03/24 US Fails to Combat Illegal Weapons, Money Flows to Mexico - Ex-Drug Czar 03/24 Attacks against Mexican journalists rise under Pena Nieto: report 03/24 Los Zetas heir Ramiro 'El Rama' Pérez captured by Mexican authorites 03/24 Mexico nabs suspected Zetas cartel figure near Texas border 03/23 Gunfight kills 10 after ambush on Mexican police 03/20 The heart of darkness of Mexico's drug war 03/20 Pope's drug war riffs offend 2nd biggest Catholic nation 03/20 Ambush on Mexican Police Leaves 10 Dead 03/20 Cities That Have Fallen Into The Hands Of Criminal Gangs 03/19 Mexico's high expectations of peace 03/19 Mexico sees fall in violence, despite drug war: index 03/19 One of founders of vigilante movement in western Mexico announces a run for congress 03/19 James Bond 'did not change Mexican villain', says producer 03/19 Mexican vigilante leader to run for congress 03/19 Social Entrepreneurship in Mexico: Local Solutions to Global Problems 03/19 Mexico pot connoisseurs find inspiration in US for growing 'gourmet' weed 03/16 US Seizes Over Six Tons of Marijuana at Mexican Border 03/16 Ernesto Zedillo: 'Decriminalise drug consumption' 03/14 Mexico Takes Out Cartel Heads, But Crime Continues To Climb 03/13 Mexican woman found decapitated less than two weeks after starting campaign for mayor of Ahuacuotzingo 03/13 Honduran police detain alleged drug kingpin 'Chepe' Handal 03/13 Photographing Human Rights: Louie Palu at Loyola University Chicago 03/13 Female Mexican mayoral candidate 'decapitated' in state that saw disappearance of 43 students 03/12 Female politician decapitated by gang in Mexico 03/12