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The IDF should licence... 09/01 Russia Hopes Ceasefire Between Palestine, Israel Genuine – Lavrov 09/01 Egypt slams Israel plan to seize more Palestinian land 09/01 Egyptian troops hunt Hamas, Islamic Jihad rocket gangs loose in Sinai. Palestinians stall on truce talks 09/01 Hundreds Attend Funeral of IDF Soldier Shahar Shalev 09/01 'The Terrorists Said Heads Down - Israel Raised Its Head' 09/01 Watch: PA Charges IDF of 'Same Terror' as 9/11 Attack 09/01 Netanyahu: 'Enough UN Israel Bashing, Oppose Terrorists' 09/01 Hamas-Fatah 'Unity Government' Facing Financial Meltdown 09/01 BS"D Good going, BB, now, because of your incompetence for NOT FINISHING... 09/01 Ban alarmed at Israel&#39s announced seizure of West Bank land 09/01 Thousands attend funeral of Staff Sgt. Shalev 09/01 Israel faces criticism after announcing it will seize almost 400-hectares of Palestinian-claimed land 09/01 PA Denies Reports It Will Pay Hamas Salaries 09/01 The US urges Israel to reverse new West Bank land appropriation 09/01 Time for a Brand New Site for Israel-Palestine Peace Talks 09/01 Mideast experiencing "chronic instability": Israeli minister 09/01 Hamas: Attempts to Disarm Us Are 'Worthless' 08/31 Now come on you Right Wing Fakers: Tell everyone again how you're not against... 08/31 Hamas 'Victory Rally' in Abbas's Home Turf of Ramallah 08/31 Israeli soldier succumbs to wounds; Israel's Gaza death toll rises to 72 08/31 Peres' post-presidency vision: Hamas-free Gaza, peaceful Israel 08/31 Netanyahu: Israel has delivered an unprecedented blow to Hamas 08/31 Liberman: Jail Arab MKs Who Attended Hamas 'Victory Rally' 08/31 Abbas Blames Hamas for Delaying Ceasefire, Lying about Abduction 08/31 The Real Reason for the PA and Hamas's Wage War 08/31 ISRAEL SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DRAWN INTO THIS CONFLICT. BARUCH DAYAN HAEMET. 08/31 Israel calls for Arab countries to work togerther to disarm Hamas militants and rebuild Gaza 08/31 Israel appropriates West Bank land for possible settlement use 08/31 Geometry, Hamas’ victory--and a whisper 08/31 Piron: No Reason School Won't Start Monday 08/31 Sgt. Shahar Shalev dies of Gaza war wounds 08/31 Israel-Gaza crisis: YouTube footage refers scale of destruction after 50 days of shelling 08/31 Returning to the Old/New Political Battleground 08/31 Israel to expropriate 400 hectares of West Bank land 08/31 Israeli soldier's death raises toll from Gaza conflict 08/31 Israel calls on region to rebuild Gaza 08/31 Hamas Truce Talks Reportedly to Resume in Next 48 Hours 08/31 Landau spoke the truth better than most people in the government and for... 08/31 Israel claims 400 hectares in West Bank for ‘state use’ 08/31 IAF Patriot missile downs UAV near Syria border 08/31 Israeli fire on Gaza town raises war crimes claim 08/31 Israeli Soldier Dies of Wounds From Gaza Fighting 08/31 Don't worry, my family will NOT vote for you whenever the new elections... 08/31 Lapid: Diplomacy, demilitarization of Gaza only way forward 08/31 Israeli bombs on one side, Hamas on the other 08/31 Gaza reconstruction will take 20 years, says UN-backed authority 08/31 Israeli Kibbutz residents stay away unconvinced by Gaza peace deal 08/31 Israel Downs Drone Over Golan Heights, Mortar Shell Lands 08/31 Israel Appropriates More West Bank Land 08/31 Israel announces land-grab in West Bank 08/31 Hamas Amy Goodman Strikes Again 08/31 Israeli Budget Cuts to Finance Gaza War 08/31 Operation Protective Edge - Israel Downs UAV from Syria and is now 'Ready for Any Scenario 08/31 Housing group says it will take 20 years to rebuild Gaza 08/30 AIPAC Is in Decline -- So Is the Two-State Solution 08/30 PA to pay Hamas civil servants' salaries 'as soon as possible' 08/30 Housing group estimates it will take 20 years to rebuild Gaza 08/30 British MP who made anti-Israeli statements beaten up in UK 08/30 Palestinians Hit The Beach During Gaza Ceasefire 08/30 Israelis and Palestinians breathe a sigh of relief. But the respite may not last - Economist 08/30 Ferguson Funeral, California Quake and A Tomato Fight: Week In Photos, Aug. 24 - 31 08/30 Maldives media ouetlets raise nearly $2 million for Gaza victims 08/30 NGO: Gaza reconstruction will take 20 years 08/30 traitors facilitate the agenda of tyrannical individuals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 08/30 Livni: Abbas Stood Firm and Prevented an Intifada 08/30 Nearly 600 Terror Suspects Arrested in August 08/30 Netanyahu: Abbas must choose either Hamas or Israel 08/30 Aerial Video Shows Hamas Stronghold in Ruins 08/30 As Bombs Go Silent, Testimonies Mount That Israeli Soldiers Used Gazans as Human Shields 08/30 Gulf meeting ends without clear end to Qatar spat 08/30 Hamas says no contacts on permanent cease-fire yet 08/30 In Samaria, Hamas Fantasizes about Abducting a Soldier 08/30 Israel arrested 597 Palestinians in W. Bank in August 08/30