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Security Council calls for immediate cease-fire in Gaza 07/28 UNSC calls for immediate, unconditional Gaza ceasefire 07/28 The UN Security Council calls for ceasefire in Gaza 07/28 Rocket fired at Ashkelon after relatively quiet night 07/28 Gaza fighting abates as diplomatic tension flares 07/28 Conflict In Gaza: Here's What You Need To Know Today 07/28 Gaza truce efforts go up in smoke 07/28 Hamas: we'll coexist with Jews, but not 'occupiers' 07/28 Relative Lull In Israel-Hamas Fighting As Calls Mount For Cease-Fire 07/28 Gaza fighting abates as diplomatic tension flares 07/28 Israeli Halt of Fire in Gaza is 'Unlimited': Military Source 07/28 Fighting in Gaza goes on after humanitarian ceasefire collapses 07/28 Security Council calls for 'immediate, unconditional' Gaza ceasefire 07/28 US Ups Pressure on Israel as UN Demands Gaza Truce 07/28 Gaza: UN calls for 'unconditional humanitarian cease-fire' 07/28 UNSC calls for immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza 07/28 Fighting subsides in Gaza, but truce hopes fragile 07/28 Fighting in Gaza goes on after humanitarian ceasefire collapses 07/28 U.S.-Israeli tensions rise 07/28 Egypt: Sisi Urges for Sending More Aid to Gaza 07/28 Africa: Gaza Is Everyone's Concern 07/28 A rift with Assad's allies? 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Stop!' 07/28 'Heavy Pressure' by Obama on Israel to Cease Fire 07/28 Hamas Rocket Hits Hospital, Press Instantly Blames Israel 07/28 Watch live: Gaza city as calls for ceasefire intensify 07/28 Hamas: Egypt to Change Its Cease-Fire Proposal 07/28 Danny Dayan: Obama, Kerry Caused 'Long-Term Damage' 07/28 Ministers: We Should Have Attacked Harder 07/28 B'nei Akiva to Fete Airline Staff 07/28 Secretary of State John Kerry is in the wrong place 07/28 Senior Officer: 'We Have All of the Attack Tunnels' 07/28 New Videos on Terror Tunnel Threat Pack a Wallop 07/28 UN security council calls for Gaza truce 07/28 Today is Memorial Day, non-working day 07/28 Lake Sevan tournament kicks off 07/28 Tension between Israel and US flares even as Gaza fighting abates 07/28 Netanyahu: Hamas fooling world 07/28 Obama, a powerless lame duck? 07/28 Outgoing Karzai says Afghans need new president 07/28 UN demands immediate cease-fire in Gaza | USA NOW 07/28 Obama urges 'immediate, unconditional' Gaza cease-fire 07/28 UN calls for immediate Gaza Cease-Fire 07/28 UN Calls for Gaza Humanitarian Truce, Toll Reaches 1030 07/28 Israeli Army Confirms Suspension of Military Activities in Gaza 07/28 Obama Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza 07/28 Hamas leader Meshaal demands end to occupation 07/28 Cutting Through the Crap 07/28 Gaza residents see no joy in Muslim Eid holiday 07/28 Hamas clip warns IAF pilots: Stay out of our skies 07/28 For Muslims In Gaza, End Of Ramadan Marred By Fighting 07/28 Thousands gather in Marseille in support of Israel 07/28 Egypt's Morsi salutes Palestinian 'resistance' in Gaza 07/28 Muslims mark the end of Ramadan as violence rages in Gaza and Syria 07/28 Israel hits Gaza with three airstrikes on Muslim holiday 07/28 PA to Send Delegation for Ceasefire Talks 07/28