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Recent articles: somalia: Foundation stone for the Aviation Training Academy started at Mogadishu Airport 04/24 Somalia:Alshabaab suffered immense fatalities in bay regions 04/24 Al-Shabaab Suffer Significant Losses Due to Battle With AMISON, Gov't Forces Last Night in Bay Region 04/24 Long-Term Stability Depends On Professional, Well-Resourced Security Forces 04/24 Sierra Leone Sends Women Peacekeepers to Somalia 04/24 Region Moves Closer to Forming Standby Force 04/24 Somalia's Progress in Peril, Kay Says 04/24 Somalia's Security Agency Unable to Prosecute Criminal Suspects Due Pressure From Officials 04/24 Gunmen Shoot UN Staff, Hijack Vehicle in Hagadera Refugee Camp 04/24 Somali Parliament to Review Lawmakers' Security Following Assassinations 04/24 Nine Somalis Charged in Kenya Over Illegal Residence 04/24 Al-Shabaab Imposes Hefty Taxes Galhareri Residents in Galgadud 04/24 UN envoy reaffirms world body's strong resolve to stay the course in Somalia 04/24 US drone program unfortunately continuing – analyst 04/24 Teen Stowaway's Father Says Allah Protected Son 04/24 Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Lays Foundation Stone for the Aviation Training Academy At Aden Adde Airport 04/24 Junior Hoops Teams in Warm-Up Games 04/24 Teen Jet Stowaway Aimed for Somalia, Dad Says 04/24 H.E Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed Lays Foundation Stone for the Aviation Training Academy At Aden Adde Airport 04/24 SINHA Condemns the Assassination of Radio Dalsan Journalist. 04/24 Senior Al-Shabaab Officials Attacked in Hudur . 04/24 Prime Minister - 'Local Communities and Security Forces Must Have a Close Relationship' 04/24 No Intention of Leaving Somalia - UN 04/24 Night Raid Operation Targets Senior Al Shabaab Officials 04/24 Federal Govt Troops Foil Attack On Police Station in Central Town 04/24 Police Arrests Three Men in Connection With the Murder of Somali Lawmaker 04/24 UN Vehicle Hijacked By Suspected Somali Militants 04/24 Four dead, including two police, in Nairobi car bomb explosion 04/24 UN: No intention of leaving Somalia 04/24 Kenya: Police Arrest Al Shabaab Recruiter 04/24 60 Somaliland Soldiers Surrender to Puntland Army 04/23 Nairobi: Two cops among four killed in car bombing 04/23 Somalia: Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Killing Lawmaker in Mogadishu, Second in 24 Hours 04/23 Burundi President Arrives in Mogadishu On First Visit 04/23 UN Envoy to Somalia Condemns MP, Journalist Murder in Mogadishu 04/23 Somali Radio Worker Assassinated in Mogadishu 04/23 Somalia's Vision 2016 Is Top Govt Priority, Minister Says 04/23 Kenya: Bomb Hoax Disrupts Nyahururu Court Operations 04/23 Teen stowaway recovering at hospital 04/23 Cracking down on Nairobi’s Somalis 04/23 Stowaway teen says he was trying to see mother in Somalia, official says 04/23 Hawaii: Teen Stowaway 'Tried To Get To Africa' 04/23 S. Korean prosecutors raid office of sunken ferry operator 04/23 Ethnic Somalis Under Pressure in Kenyan Capital 04/23 Lack of Condemnation From Central Government On Arrest of Somali Refugees in Nairobi, Says Legislator 04/23 UN Envoy Warns Violence May Force Diplomats Out of Somalia 04/23 Aid Workers Missing After Carjacking in Dadaab 04/23 Terrorism: Analysing The N76 Billion CCTV Scam 04/23 UN vehicle hijacked by suspected Somali militants 04/23 Stowaway Teen May Have Been Trying To Reunite With His Mom 04/23 IPU Calls for Greater Protection for MPs in Somalia Following Another Assassination 04/23 Somali Legislators Life At Risk Due to NISA, Says MP 04/23 Somalia:Somali Army raided Senior Al-Shabaab officials hideout 04/23 Somalia: Prime Minister closed the National Security Conference held in Mogadishu 04/23 Sierra Leone: President Koroma Applauds Security Services 04/23 SomaliaPrime Minister: “local communities and security forces must have a close relationship 04/23 Car bomb explodes outside Nairobi police station; 4 people, including 2 officers, killed 04/23 Deadly car bomb strikes Nairobi 04/23 No intention of leaving Somalia: UN 04/23 VOA Exclusive: Teen Stowaway's Father Says Allah Protected Son 04/23 UN envoy reaffirms world body's strong resolve to stay the course in Somalia 04/23 UN envoy says 'no intention' to leave Somalia 04/23 4 dead: Car bomb blast at Nairobi police station 04/23 Car bomb in Kenyan capital kills four people 04/23 UN may withdraw from Somalia, envoy warns 04/23 Four dead in Nairobi car bomb explosion 04/23 Car bomb outside Nairobi police station kills 4 04/23 Kenya: Car bomb kills four in Kenyan capital 04/23 Somalia: Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh lays foundation stone for Aviation Training Academy 04/23 Kenya: UN aid worker shot, injured in Daadab 04/23 Bomb blast in Nairobi kills four people 04/23 Somaliland’s Long Game 04/23 UN Reaffirms World Body’s Resolve In Somalia 04/23 Somali radio on peace mission 04/23 Four die in Nairobi car bombing 04/23 All at sea: global shipping fleet exposed to hacking threat 04/23 Africa doesn’t have too many wars, we just need to pick the right fights 04/23 Nisa Director Accuses Custodial Corps of Releasing Inmates 04/23 President Uhuru Kenyatta Mourns Somali MP Killed in Bomb Attack 04/23 'Support Somali State or Risk Takeover' 04/23 Somalia: Somali Lawmaker Killed in Car Bomb 04/22 Djibouti: Djibouti to Send 140 Troops to Central African Republic 04/22 Somali Parliament Pushes for Stricter Monitoring of Govt Spending 04/22 Mohamud Opens National Security Conference in Mogadishu 04/22 2nd Somali lawmaker killed 04/22 LEADERSHIP: The Chinese Navy Goes Global 04/22 NUSOJ Condemns the Assassination of Somali Media Worker in Mogadishu 04/22 Islamists kill second Somali lawmaker, threaten more attacks 04/22 Somali MP killed in Mogadishu 04/22 Somalia:Chief of the Somali National Army complains shortage of troops 04/22 Somalia: Somali lawmaker assassinated second Consecutive day in Mogadishu 04/22 UN Agency Concerned At Somali Refugees Treatment 04/22 Somalia: Militants Kill Somali Lawmaker 04/22 Ethiopia and Djibouti Review Joint Defense Activities 04/22 Bio-Metric ID Cards a Must If Somalis Wish to Vote in 2016 Polls 04/22 Somali lawmaker shot and killed in latest attack 04/22 Horn of Africa 04/22 Somalia: Burundian President visits Mogadishu 04/22 Insurgents assassinate Somali lawmaker, second in 24 hours 04/22 Somalia: why orthodox aid policy must give way to battlefield reality 04/22


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts