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President 01/23 Somalia towards 2016 and beyond: A few reflections 01/23 Turkish president postpones Somalia trip to attend Abdullah funeral : January 23, 2015, 2:12 pm 01/23 Turkish president cuts Africa trip to attend Saudi King Abdullah’s funeral 01/23 Erdogan delays Somalia trip to attend Saudi king's funeral 01/23 Somalia says Erdogan's visit 'postponed' 01/23 Amisom Condemns Suicide Car Bomb Attack On the Syl Hotel in Mogadishu 01/23 Somalia: President sends condolences on death of Saudi King 01/23 Turkish Press Review 01/23 UN, International Partners Call for Resolution of Political Crisis 01/23 France condemns attack in Somalia aimed at Turkish convoy 01/23 The Great Divide East Central and West 01/23 The Great Divide East Central and West 01/23 Somaliland:Local Midwives get Web-Based Training at Dalarna University 01/23 EUCAP Nestor Policy and Legal Framework Workshop held in Mogadishu 01/23 Somaliland Presidential Election through a Clan ‘Lens’ 01/23 Al-Shabaab: On the Back Foot but Still Dangerous 01/23 Kerry Rolls Out Broad Anti-Extremism Plan 01/23 Police arrest 153 in South Africa after xenophobic attack 01/23 Boko Haram attacks: Kerry to visit Nigeria ‘in a couple of days’ 01/23 Obama's Yemen Strategy 01/23 Fascinating world of Kenya's Borana tribe revealed 01/23 Court says French jihadist can be stripped of nationality 01/23 Erdogan to visit Somalia despite bomb attack 01/23 South Africa: Three Die in Soweto Looting 01/23 President Erdogan Receives an Honorary Doctorate From Addis Ababa University 01/23 Five Dead After Hotel Bombing 01/23 Iran, Jordan, Israel join Saudis in mourning Abdullah 01/23 Somalia towards 2016 and beyond: A few reflections 01/23 Somaliland:Local Midwives get Web-Based Training at Dalarna University 01/23 Somaliland Presidential Election through a Clan ‘Lens’ 01/23 U.S. May Soon Stand Alone Opposing Children’s Treaty 01/22 Africa: How Donors Can Root Out Corruption 01/22 South Africa: Dozens Arrested After Looting of Migrant-Owned Shops 01/22 Grand Theft Global - New Report Reveals Leading-Edge Tactic to Prosecute Trafficking Kingpins, Armed Groups for War Crime of Pillage 01/22 New Amavubi Coach Seeks U-23 Perfect Start Against Tz 01/22 President Orders Use of Somali As Official Language of Communication 01/22 Suicide car bomb targets Mogadishu hotel as Turks meet on eve of Erdoğan visit 01/22 African refugees: Finding his feet 01/22 Suicide attack in Mogadishu ahead of Turkish president visit Friday 01/22 Large blast at Mogadishu hotel as suicide car bomber hits 01/22 Deadly blast hits hotel in Somali capital 01/22 Car bomb kills 6 at Somalia hotel ahead of Turkish president's visit 01/22 Somalia: UN, international partners call for resolution of political crisis 01/22 HRWG welcomes the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 01/22 Somali businessmen's car stoned in Soweto 01/22 Somali International partners express concerns over political delays in Somalia 01/22 South Africa: Sowetans Attack Migrant Shopkeepers 01/22 Somalia: Bomb in Mogadishu ahead of Erdogan visit 01/22 5 killed in Mogadishu car bombing ahead of Turkish president visit: police : January 22, 2015, 9:46 pm 01/22 New UN Deputy Special Representative for Somalia arrives in Mogadishu. 01/22 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Visit Somalia 01/22 Carbomb Targets Turkish Delegation in Somalia 01/22 Mogadishu presidential palace rocked by car bomb; 4 killed 01/22 Mogadishu attack: Erdogan to go ahead with Somalia visit 01/22 South Africa: Deaths, Arrests After Soweto Violence 01/22 Suicide car bomber targets Mogadishu hotel ahead of visit by Turkish PM 01/22 Bomb explodes near Turkish delegation in Somalia day before president's visit 01/22 Five Dead, Dozens Injured in Deadly Mogadishu Car Bomb Blast 01/22 Should Ethiopians Boycott the Upcoming Fake Election in Ethiopia? 01/22 Car bomb blast outside Somali hotel 01/22 Veteran Journalists Says Somali Diaspora Are Tribal 01/22 Somali President Calls for an Investigation On Alleged Death Threat to Auditor General 01/22 In 2014, Somali journalists faced murder and repression – will 2015 be even worse? 01/22 Mohamud Orders Official Use of Somali Language 01/22 Somali Elders Defy Al-Shabaab Order to Stay Away From Central State Conference 01/22 Somali Suicide Attack Apparently Targets Turkish Convoy 01/22 At least 23 killed in Somalia clan violence 01/22 Mogadishu locked down ahead of Erdogan visit 01/22 World Briefing: Somalia: Suicide Bomber Attacks Hotel 01/22 Somalia's Galgadud Region Recruits New Police Officers 01/22 Somalia president hails Turkey's 'remarkable support' 01/22 Mogadishu beautified ahead of Erdogan visit 01/22


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts