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Recent articles: Somaliland:Maverick Governor Responsible for Diplomatic Incident Involving Ethiopian Officials Gets Suspended 04/19 EU Special Envoy pledges support to the outcome of Prime Minister’s visit to Kismayo 04/19 Somali President: Saudi Arabia has been a constant friend to Somalia throughout the years of trouble 04/19 The India Elections- The end of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. 04/19 Somaliland:Edna Adan: Inaugural Recipient of the Penn Nursing Renfield Foundation Award 04/19 Egypt: Police, Army Forces Intensify Security Measures in Suez 04/18 Somalia: 70 Ugandan Troops Arrive in Mogadishu for United Nations Guard Unit 04/18 Kenya: Kenyan Schools On the Lookout for Radicalisation Among Students 04/18 Somalia: Somali Police Ban Cars With Tinted Windows 04/18 Kenya: Kenyan Officials Defend Security Crackdown, Kasarani Stadium 04/18 Middle Shabelle Administration Destroys Opium and Marijuana Crops 04/18 Barclays Reaches Agreement With Dahabshil 04/18 Suspected 'Price Tag' Attack in Umm Al-Fahm 04/18 Africa: U.S-Africa Summit Good for Tackling Terrorism 04/18 President Assures Rwanda of Support 04/18 German court jails Somali pirate for 12 years 04/18 2 Indian peacekeepers injured in attack on UN base in South Sudan 04/18 Kenya: Police to Prosecute Maalim for Incitement 04/18 Kenya: UN agency disturbed by arrests and deportations of Somali refugees 04/18 Fiber optic connections is illegal says Somali government 04/18 Somali ambassador in Turkey face corruption allegations 04/18 Somalia - Ugandan Guard Unit Arrives in Mogadishu for UN Personnel, Bases Protection 04/18 Al Shabaab Fighters Ambush Federal Govt Troops in Bay, 6 Militants Killed 04/18 Kenya Deports Second Group of Somali Nationals From Its Country 04/18 IGAD to deploy peacekeepers to South Sudan 04/18 An Open Protest to President Kenyatta On Harassment of Somalis 04/18 Somalia: Good News for Somalis Sending Money Home 04/18 British Teacher's Heroism Versus Al Shabab's Barbarism 04/18 Somalis - the Cash Cow of the Kenyan Police 04/18 65 suspected Shabaab militia arrested in Ruiru 04/18 Somalis In Kenya Are Used To Raids, But Say This Was Different 04/18 Somalia - Military in Deadly Battle With Police in Middle Shabelle 04/18 Tunisia: One Soldier Killed, Another Wounded As Landmine Hits Military Vehicle in Chaambi 04/18 Kenya: Scores of Shabaab Suspects Arrested 04/18 Kenya: Police Pick Out Two Shabaab Financiers 04/18 Dozens Killed in Army-Police Clash 04/18 Iranian Navy ready to help boost security of intl waters: Commander 04/18 Terrorist Campaign Strikes Mombasa as Somali Conflict Spreads South 04/18 Terror group: We will blow you up 04/18 Failed Migrant's Journey Echoes in Africa 04/18 Man given 30 years for killing brother 04/18 Philippines ranked 3rd dangerous place for journalists 04/18 New messages from Al Qaeda leader? 04/18 Somaliland Forces Briefly Seize Disputed Taleh District 04/17 Solar Streetlight Bombing Kills One, Injures Five in Mogadishu 04/17 Prime Minister Meets With the Traditional Elders and Women's Groups of Jubba‏ 04/17 U.S. Special Representative Calls for Calm in Sool Region 04/17 Somalia Government Wants Residents to 'Spy' On Militants 04/17 Kenya sends 91 Somalis to Mogadishu amid crackdown 04/17 Barclays and Remittance Group Reach Deal On Somalia Services 04/17 Somalis Displaced By Military Offensive Pressured By Government to Return Home 04/17 Attacks won't divide Kenyans: President 04/17 Somalia: 'UPDF Instructors Trained Al-Shabaab Fighters' 04/17 Polio Hits Equatorial Guinea, Threatens Central Africa 04/17 Somali Pirates Sentenced By Spanish Supreme Court for Hijacking Naval Ship 04/17 Somaliland:Somalians campaign for their children to not suffer FGM 04/17 Things Fall Apart in Little Mogadishu 04/17 German court convicts Somali man in 2010 oil tanker seizure, gives him 12-year prison sentence 04/17 Kenya - UNHCR DisturbedbBy Arrests and Deportations of Somali Refugees 04/17 Kenya: UN agency disturbed by arrests and deportations of Somali refugees 04/17 German court sentences Somali pirate to 12 years for kidnapping 04/17 Somalia: why orthodox aid policy must give way to battlefield reality 04/17 Kenya deports 91 more Somalis 04/17 German court jails Somali pirate 04/17 Report: Executions rose in 2013 04/17 Lib Dems submit motion on Somaliland’s right to be recognised as a sovereign state 04/17 International Jihad Barbarity 04/17 UN 'disturbed' by Kenyan crackdown on Somalis 04/17 Britain Pledges Financial Support for Somali Security Forces, 2016 Elections 04/17 Somali President “Conflict in Taleh should be solved through dialogue, reconciliation and peaceful means 04/17 UN Special Representative for Somalia Appeals for Calm and Restraint in Sool 04/17 Kenya: Police Summon Farah Over Al Shabaab 04/17 Tears of Defiance, Resilience and Courage: Through It All, Somalia Will Rise 04/17 Kenya: Nairobi Demands Refugees Return to Camps 04/17 Puntland: The City of Galkayo establishes a new City Council 04/17 Somali Refugees Tell Syrian Children: You Are Not Alone (PHOTOS) 04/17 Prime Minister Addresses Soldiers At Military Training Camp in Kismayo 04/17 Somali Ambassador in Turkey Face Corruption Allegations 04/17 Here, There And Everywhere: The Case Of Disasters, Terror And Violence 04/17 Somaliland: FCO advise against all but essential travel to the cities of Hargeisa and Berbera 04/17 German court ensures fair trial for pirates: expert 04/17 Somaliland Forces Withdraw From Historic Town of Taleh 04/17 IGAD to deploy peacekeepers to S. Sudan: Official 04/17 Source:Saynab Bulxan, a Somali mother beating to death by kenya police 04/17 Getting Away With Murder 04/16 Somali Federalism Should Be Implemented Without Tribalism, Lawmaker Says 04/16 Africa: Economic Prosperity At Risk From Instability - Report 04/16 Clan Militias Clash Over Internally Displaced Persons Camp in Daynile 04/16 Somaliland Troops Seize Taleh Town Ahead of Clan Convention 04/16 The slow death of free speech 04/16 Fatal Car Accident Kills 22 in Mogadishu Outskirts 04/16 Armed Men Kill Security Officer in Kismayo 04/16 Somalis Detained in Squalor At Kasarani 04/16 Abuja blast linked to UK White Widow 04/16 Gunmen kill nine in western Ethiopia bus attack: state media 04/16 Remittance fees 'hurt Africans' 04/16 Jubba Officials Gunned Down in Kismayo and Kenya Refugee Camp 04/16 UN Special Representative for Somalia appeals for calm and restraint in Sool 04/16 Barclays Settles Dispute With Dahabshiil 04/16 Former Villa Somalia Chief of Staff to seek political asylum 04/16


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts