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Recent articles: Amisom gets Shs69b from EU to pay soldiers 09/26 UN plan sends thousands of refugees back into a war zone in Somalia 09/26 Kenya Offers U.S.$20,000 Bounty for Terror Suspect 09/26 Museveni's Trip Exposes Somalia's Teething Problems 09/26 Renowned Businessman Shot Dead in Marka Town 09/26 At UN Leader's Debate, Somalia Calls for Unity to Address Global Challenges 09/26 Britain Declares to Help Fighting Against Al Shabaab 09/26 Kenya to Issue Full Report On Attack in Hamey By Al Shabaab 09/26 Warplanes Hit Al Shabaab Targets Outside Kismayo Town 09/26 Parliamentary Election Campaigns Begin 09/26 Maritime Border Row - Experts Advise Kenya, Somalia to Join Hands 09/26 Government Calls for the Release of Citizens Detained for Piracy 09/26 Govt Says Al-Shabaab Is Defeated Militarily 09/26 Joint Military Efforts Weaken Al-Shabaab's Control in Somalia 09/26 Kenya Offers to Suspend Exploration to Solve Boundary Dispute 09/26 Somalia Military Official Wounded in Mogadishu 09/26 Lawmakers Go Back to Their Roots to Seek Re-Election 09/26 President Mohamud Commends UK PM for Raising the Plight of Somalia At the UNGA 09/26 Judge threatens to release Kampala bomb suspects 09/26 Oshkosh Defense Corporation to Sell Combat Vehicles to Iraq, Somalia 09/26 Expectations and Reality Clash Ahead of Somali Elections 09/26 Somalia: To Fight Hunger, Somali Farmers Turn to Ugandan Roots 09/26 Invoking Somalia, Digvijay Congratulates Modi For Terming Kerala God's Own Country 09/26 Joint military efforts weaken Shabaab's control in Somalia 09/25 Somalia's parliamentary election postponed again - lawmaker 09/25 Why Is It So Hard to Stop West Africa's Vicious Pirates? 09/25 In Africa, terrorism dominates a resource-challenged mission 09/25 United Arab Emirates, in UN debate, says Iran’s actions destabilized region 09/24 Somalia's Maritime case against Kenya will go Ahead 09/24 Kenya: Amisom Receives Money From EU to Pay Soldiers 09/24 Two Dead, 3 Injured in Clashes in Jowhar Town 09/24 Kenya offers to suspend exploration to solve dispute 09/24 Over 160 dead in Egyptian migrant boat accident 09/24 More than 130 bodies recovered from migrant boat capsize off Egypt 09/24 Africa: Elections - Much At Stake for Gender Representation 09/24 There is hope Somalia will finally become stable 09/24 Maritime border row: Experts advise Kenya, Somalia to join hands 09/24 President Mohamud expresses gratitude for the UAE support to Somalia 09/24 At UN leader’s debate, Somalia calls for unity to address global challenges 09/24 Elections kick off in Somalia 09/24 Somalia enters delicate poll season 09/24 Somalia: UK to Increase Support for Voluntary Return of Refugees 09/23 Egpyt: migrant boat death toll reaches nearly 150 09/23 Hargeisa airport plays a role in Somaliland&#8217... 09/23 SIMHA Strongly Condemns Govt Restriction On Media/Journalists 09/23 Egypt migrant boat sinking: Death toll rises to 108 09/23 Somalia Accuses Kenya of Oil Search in Disputed Maritime Boundary 09/23 Austin Strike again for Southamton 09/23 Former President Jets Back to Reclaim Villa Somalia After Four Years in the Cold 09/23 More than 130 bodies recovered from migrant boat capsize off Egypt 09/23 Egpyt: migrant boat death toll reaches nearly 150 09/23 Inside Moria's African neighborhood 09/23 Death toll climbs above 100 09/23 Expectations and reality clash ahead of Somali elections 09/23 Danger ahead 09/23 President Mohamud commends UK PM for raising the plight of Somalia at the UNGA 09/23 To fight hunger, Somali farmers turn to Ugandan roots 09/23 ICJ concludes hearing on Kenya Somalia Maritime row 09/23 At least 133 refugees' bodies recovered from capsized boat: Egyptian officials 09/23 Kenya Charges Radical Muslim Cleric's Widow Over Police Attack 09/23 Abdishakur Launches Manifesto as Campaigns for Somalia President Gears Up 09/23 Somaliland:In response to President Hassan Sheikh’s Short-sighted Remarks regarding the investment and development of Port of Berbera by the Multinational Dubai Ports World-DPW. 09/23 Kenya: UK Announces Sh2.7 Billion More for Dadaab Refugees Repatriation to Somalia 09/22 Africa: Those Fuelling Conflict Must Be Responsible for Refugees 09/22 UK announces Sh2.7b more for Dadaab refugees repatriation 09/22 Somalis Protest Against Kenya Claim of Water Territory 09/22 Dozens killed, hundreds missing after boat with 600 migrants capsizes near Egypt 09/22 Kenya Hopes to Move 150,000 Refugees to Somalia By Year-End 09/22 Who Is Mona Al-Sharmani, Female Lawyer Representing Her Motherland At ICJ ? 09/22 UK to Send 900 Soldiers to Help Train Local Troops 09/22 Govt Calls for More Funding to Return Somali Refugees From Dadaab 09/22 Media Associations Condemn Govt Ban On Journalists 09/22 Presidential Elections Might Be Delayed, Source 09/22 Al-Shabab Attacks Kenya Police Station 09/22 Somalia Enters Delicate Poll Season 09/22 Three Youths Charged With Heading to Somalia for Terrorism Training 09/22 Africa: Uganda's Museveni Makes Case for Refugees At UN 09/22 CS Mohamed Faults Countries for Failing to Support Somali Refugee Repatriation 09/22 German Expert Details Efforts to De-redicalize Somali Defendants 09/22 U.S. to Help Kenya in the Fight Against Al Shabaab 09/22 Kenya Denies Somalia's Claim on Maritime Boundary Dispute 09/22 U.S. Military Assistance to Africa Is Growing. But Is It Succeeding? 09/22 Two police missing after al Shabaab attack base in Kenya 09/22 Two officers missing after Garissa Shabaab attack 09/22 East Africa: Kenya Urges UN to Improve Security in Horn of Africa 09/22 Shabaab militants storm Kenya police post 09/22 Al-Shabab attacks Kenya police post, 3 wounded, 2 missing 09/22 Somalis stage anti-Kenya protest over border spat 09/22 Hundreds of Somalis stage anti-Kenya protest in maritime border row 09/22 Al Shabaab attacks Kenya police station 09/22 Two police missing after al Shabaab attack base in Kenya 09/22 Ethiopia's Constructive Role to South Sudan's Stability 09/22 Kenya Says It Means Well to Somalia in Ongoing Maritime Case 09/22 UK pledges Sh2.7bn to speed up repatriation of Somali refugees 09/22 Somali Militants Attack Kenyan Police Station 09/22 Somalia: 1st Regional Summit hosted in 30 years 09/22 Two police officers reported missing after Shabaab attack 09/22 Revealed, the healthiest (and unhealthiest) countries in the world: Britain ranks FIFTH best while the US can only manage 28th on the list 09/22 EU response to UN report on freedom of expression... 09/22 29 Sudanese rescued after migrant boat capsized off Egypt 09/22


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts