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Recent articles: Sudan's President Bashir to be inaugurated for new term 06/02 At least 50 killed in clashes between Somali, Ethiopian militias on border 06/02 2  hours ago Sudan's Bashir to be inaugurated for new term 06/02 Yemen's war displaced flood into Somaliland 06/02 Somali President Touches Down in Khartoum 06/02 Kenya: End Xenophobia to Win War On Terror 06/02 Government Warns the Depressing Situation of Refugees From Yeman 06/02 Somalia Official Calls for Cessation of Renewed Clan Clashes in War-Sheikh 06/02 'Al-Shabaab' Gunmen Take Over Mandera Village 06/02 Al-Shabaab Takes Over Kenyan Village 06/02 2  hours ago War on Al-Shabaab, graft tops Madaraka Day agenda 06/02 EU agency reports spike in Ukrainian asylum seekers 06/02 Experts Criticize Kenyan Gov't's Strategy in Fighting Terrorism 06/01 Insecurity - AFCSC Trains 70 War Commanders 06/01 Boko Haram - Borno Residents Hail Buhari for Relocating Military High Command 06/01 Nigeria: Nigerian Army Plans Boxing Competition 06/01 Nigeria: 2015 Election - Jonathan Refused to Listen to Us - Asari Dokubo 06/01 Nigeria: Sen Ndume, Others, Hail Buhari Over Relocation of Military High Command 06/01 Arab Elite Chess Tournament to Be Hosted By Dubai 06/01 Nigeria: Dismissed Army Officer Nabbed for Robbery, Impersonation 06/01 Burundian Soldiers Receive Commendation 06/01 Zimbabwe: 180 000 Square Metres Cleared of Landmines 06/01 Somaliland Leader Visits Camps Housed By Somali Refugees in Berbera 06/01 Somalia PM and His Delegates Arrive in Adado 06/01 Refugee Hosted Yumbis Attackers - Report 06/01 Africa: Africa On Right Trajectory On Development 06/01 Somaliland Authorities Order Unconditional Welcome of Refugees 06/01 'We Will Not Countenance Anything Less Than a Fair Deal for Somalia' 06/01 Burundian Soldiers Receive Commendation As They Conclude Tour of Duty 06/01 Somalia, Nigeria Presidents Hold Talks 06/01 Somalia Army to Take Action Roadblocks in Road Links Marka and Mogadishu 06/01 Foreign Minister Urges Regional State Governments to Help Refugees 06/01 New Nigerian President to Visit Somalia 06/01 Refugees Denied Entry to Somaliland Arrive in Mogadishu 06/01 Kenya police probe whipping pictures after outcry 06/01 Kenya police probe whipping pictures after outcry 06/01 Kenya police probe 'flogging' photos 06/01 Population Survey Launched in Somalia 06/01 Somaliland’s slavery of refugees in their own homeland? 06/01 American, Singaporean missing in Yemen released 06/01 Philipose G Pynumootil is new Asst Chief of Naval staff (Air) 06/01 Somali president touches down in Khartoum 06/01 Al-Shabaab’ gunmen take over Mandera village 06/01 American, Singaporean missing in Yemen released 06/01 Stabilizing the Middle East 06/01 Kenya police probe torture pictures on social media 06/01 Somalia clashes leave 35 dead 06/01 Fight al-shabaab like jiggers, Museveni tells Kenyans 06/01 Week-long clashes in Somalia leave 35 dead 05/31 Yurub Geenyo: The Diamond Vocalist in Somaliland 05/31 AfDB: Nigeria, Others Lose $40bn Yearly as 620m People Live without Electricity 05/31 Somalia: At Least 10 Killed in Clashes Near Somalia-Ethiopia Border 05/31 Mugabe - From Nigeria to Equatorial Guinea and Then Sudan 05/31 Reporter Lives in Fear After Mugabe Debt Story 05/31 Zanu-PF Youth Leaders Arrested for Extortion 05/31 Nurture Somali trust to defeat terrorism, says MP 05/31 Uganda Set Up Egypt Date With Rwanda Win 05/31 Boko Haram Dares Buhari, Hits Maiduguri 05/31 South Africa: Nxasana Out As Prosecutions Boss 05/31 South Africa: Zuma in Tanzania for Burundi Talks 05/31 'Baba Jukwa' Freed 05/31 Nigeria: 26 Killed in Maiduguri Mosque Blast 05/31 Clashes in Somalia leave 35 dead: officials 05/31 Slowly and steadily, Somaliland builds its health system 05/31 Yurub Geenyo: The Diamond Vocalist in Somaliland 05/31 Somaliland’s Moment of Infamy 05/30 The "New Deal" - Pure Oil Colonialism 05/30 Djibouti's uncanny mix of French baguettes, Somali tea and bustling business 05/30 Sydney Writers' Festival Special Edition: Abdi Aden 05/30 The “New Deal” – Pure Oil Colonialism 05/30 Between Somaliland and Puntland: Marginalization, militarization and conflicting political visions 05/30 Between Somaliland and Puntland: Marginalization, militarization and conflicting political visions 05/30 The plight of the Africans in their big men’s pistol 05/30 Faeces Of A Marauding Elephant 05/30 Kenyan man pleads guilty in US to supporting terrorist groups 05/29 Kenya: Aid Group Pulls Staff From Kenya Refugee Camp 05/29 Welfare Jihadist Salahudin Ibn Ja'far Reemerges in Germany 05/29 Four Terror Case Women Denied Bond 05/29 Hormuud Foundation Donates U.S.$100,000 for Somali Refugees 05/29 Kenyan admits raising funds for Al-Shabaab in US 05/29 MSF Pulls Staff From Dadaab Refugee Camp, Citing Al Shabab Concerns 05/29 South Africa: Everything You Need to Know About Al Jazeera's Report On South Africans Joining Isil 05/29 Majority of US Citizens Support Drone Strikes Conducted Abroad - Poll 05/29 BRD Donates Rwf42 Million to Kirehe Genocide Survivors 05/29 Statement On the Ongoing Political Differences Over the Jubaland Regional Parliament 05/29 Hundreds of migrants rescued in Med 05/29 Somalia: UN official condemns killing of parliamentarian 05/29 Somalia President Arrives in Abuja, Nigeria 05/29 Kenyan pleads guilty in US terrorism support case 05/29 21 presidents attend Buhari’s inauguration 05/29 Nearly 60% of Americans back drone strikes overseas 05/29 Global Migrants Brave Panama’s Vipers, Bats, Bandits to Reach U.S. 05/29 South Africa: Eighteen Cabinet Members to Attend World Economic Forum 05/29 Their Life In A Refugee Camp Might Be Better Than Life Back At Home 05/28 Somaliland’s return to authoritarianism 05/28 Somalia Unveils its First Population Estimates in Decades 05/28 SANDF Dismisses Claims of Members Stranded in DRC 05/28 Federal Gov't Forces Attack Al-Shabaab Base in Bay 05/28 EU Donates U.S.$ 6 Million Stability Fund to Somali Government 05/28 South Africa: SA Denies Troops Stranded in Uganda 05/28


Conflict between Ethiopia-backed provisional government and Union of Islamic Courts