Thai unrest

Protests in Thailand See summary

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handed prison terms - and freed on bail 05/28 Malaysia says 139 bodies found in migrant graves 05/28 Myanmar must be pressured over Rohingya: rights group 05/28 Migrant crisis: Bangladesh to set up special courts to try traffickers 05/28 Democratic Voice of Burma: ASEAN, UN must help Burma resolve Rohingya crisis – Syed Hamid Albar 05/28 The Irrawaddy: Burma says ‘boat people’ crisis not caused by Rohingya strife – Lawi Weng 05/28 Agence France-Presse: Boat people crisis: Indonesia gets tough 05/28 Bloomberg View: Thailand’s crisis, Myanmar’s shame – The editors 05/28 Southeast Asia: Put Rights at Center of Boat People Summit 05/27 Two Laotian men arrested for trying to smuggle Bt26 million cash out of Thailand 05/27 Election pushed back to September 2016: Prayut 05/27 Myanmar arranges repatriation of Bangladeshis: report 05/27 Buddhist nationalists plan anti-boat migrant rally 05/27 Islam and the state in Myanmar 05/27 Rayong to hold Samet in Love concert 05/27 Protesters in Yangon claim Rohingya refugees have 'made up the name' to gain asylum 05/27 Amnesty urges Government to take action over refugees 05/27 Compensation for slain PDRC protesters 05/27 Train services to southern border provinces resumed Wednesday morning 05/27 Buddhists in Myanmar deny boat people are Rohingya 05/27 Monks join hundreds in Myanmar anti-Rohingya rally 05/27 Agence France-Presse: Myanmar ‘unlikely’ to attend migrant conference 05/27 Agence France-Presse: Fight for life for migrants in open seas 05/27 The Guardian: How to solve the Asian migrant boats crisis – expert views – The Guardian 05/27 The Nation: PM: Myanmar can’t be forced 05/27 Migration agency commends progress against Asian traffickers 05/27 Myanmar, Bangladesh in pact for return of 200 rescued from boat: paper 05/26 Rice, repression and rule by force 05/26 Thai ships, planes head out to assist boat people 05/26 Malaysia forensics teams dig up migrants' graves 05/26 Asia's migrant domestic workers rally to fight low pay, abuse 05/26 Asia Migrant Crisis: Malaysia Exhumes Mass Graves 05/26 Deutsche Presse-Agentur International: Thailand calls regional meeting on migrant crisis 05/26 Thai Navy vessel arrives in Phuket to aid in migrant rescues 05/26 Thai hearts of gold 05/26 Tanasak wants migrant burden shared 05/26 Fortify Rights: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia: Coordinate Sea Rescues, Protect Asylum Seekers and Trafficking Survivors 05/26 Passing the buck won't end evil trade 05/26 Malaysia finds 139 graves at 'cruel' jungle trafficking camps 05/25 Wave of burglaries baffles police 05/25 Dozens of suspected migrant graves found near Malaysia-Thailand border, police reveal 05/25 AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Asia 05/25 Thailand, Myanmar urged to improve migrant policies 05/25 Regional cooperation lacking in Rohingya migrant crisis 05/25 No human trafficking camps left in Thai south, police say 05/25 Malaysia PM ‘deeply concerned’ by mass graves 05/25 Unfolding Rohingya crisis: 'Not something of a civilized world' 05/25 Thailand deploys landing ship as base for migrant-relief effort 05/25 Unfolding Rohingya crisis: 'Not something of a civilized world' 05/25 Detention camps and migrant graves reveal grim reality in Malaysia 05/25 Thai navy vessel arrives in Phuket to aid migrant crisis 05/25 Human-trafficking mass graves found 05/24 Malaysia finds mass graves near Thailand border 05/24 Grisly discovery in mass graves 05/24 Pope urges help for migrants stranded in Bay of Bengal 05/24 A chance to take action 05/24 Malaysia concern over migrant graves 05/24 Mass graves of suspected migrants found in Malaysia 05/24 Thailand firm in its stand on refugee crisis 05/24 Refugee crisis tests Asean mettle 05/24 PM: Help smaller traders 05/24 Tragedy in Southeast: Malaysia discovers ‘mass graves of migrants’ 05/24 Malaysia PM Najib Razak 'deeply concerned' by mass graves 05/24 Migrant crisis: Malaysian PM 'deeply concerned' over mass graves discovery 05/24 UPDATE 1-Malaysia finds 139 suspected migrant graves-police chief 05/24 1 year after coup, Thailand is calm but tensions simmer as generals shape politics 05/23 UN chief says save migrants, deal with cause of flight as search for boats continues 05/23 Myanmar rescues 200 found in boat off its coast 05/23 UN chief Ban Ki-moon says save migrant boat people, deal with cause of flight 05/23 Rohingya migrant crisis' 'root cause' still unaddressed 05/23 Airlines protest Thailand's proposal to end open-sky policy 05/23 Protesting students released 05/23 Detained Thai students ‘merely invited for talks’: police 05/23 Saving migrant lives 'top priority,' UN chief says 05/23 The big issue: Let them eat what? 05/23 The swelling migrant security crisis 05/23 NCPO fears third hand in coup protests 05/23 NCPO fears third hand in coup protests 05/23 Detained Thai students ‘merely invited for talks’: police : May 23, 2015, 11:44 am 05/23 Philippines say working with UN agency on migrant crisis 05/22 Myanmar in first migrant boat rescue 05/22 Boko Haram Crisis Could Fuel Rise in Child Marriages - Activists 05/22 No delay in licence fee payment: NBTC 05/22 Copota Facelift On the Cards 05/22 Myanmar navy carries out first rescue of migrant boat: official 05/22 Malaysia moves to rescue stranded migrants 05/22 Myanmar key to exodus 05/22