Thai unrest

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(+video) 11/20 Three Thais detained for handing out tickets to Hunger Games 11/20 Three arrested in Thailand after flashing Hunger Games salute at premiere 11/20 Dam scheme divides officials 11/19 'Hunger Games' screenings canceled in Thailand as protesters adopt its three-finger salute 11/19 Anti-coup protesters flash 'Hunger Games' sign in front of junta leader-cum-prime minister 11/19 Thai students arrested for Hunger Games salute at PM 11/19 Apex drops 'Mockingjay' 11/19 Thais held for 'Hunger Games' salute 11/19 'Hunger Games' salute leads to arrests? 11/19 Thailand cracking down on coup protesters using ‘Hunger Games’ salute 11/19 Why does the 'Hunger Games' have Thailand on edge? 11/19 Cabinet approves public gatherings bill in principle 11/18 Angelina Jolie calls on more countries to help fight Ebola 11/18 Army silences land activists 11/16 Thai exports slump as neighbours' rise 11/16 Thailand 'most dangerous tourist destination', claims book 11/13 Thailand bans Briton's book that 'defames monarchy' 11/13 Thai police bans book criticizing monarchy 11/13 Thailand Police Bans Book Criticising Monarchy 11/13 A Kingdom in Crisis book banned in Thailand 11/12 Police chief bans book on Thai politics 11/12 Migrant Crisis Escalates Worldwide 11/12 Review of Kingdom in Crisis 11/11 Food agency has funds to stay in N. Korea, for now 11/10 THAILAND: No More Mister Nice Guy 11/08 Thailand cannot withstand an energy crisis, Prayut warns 11/07 Burmas state security forces profit from trafficking Rohingya Muslims 11/07 The New York Times: As Myanmar advances resettlement plan, Rohingya flee – Jane Perleznov 11/06 Thai king treated for swollen intestine in hospital, palace says 11/04 Waiting game for Tesco's Asian asset sales 11/02 'Men in black' deal red shirts a blow 11/02 Thailand bans beach parties in wake of Briton murders 10/27 Thailand-U.S. War Games to Go Ahead 10/26 Students Demand Justice 10 Years After Thai Protest Killings 10/25 Thailand: No Justice 10 Years After Tak Bai Killings 10/25 Democratic Voice of Burma: Burmese migrants march against ‘conmen’ – Nang Mya Nadi 10/23 Appeals court upholds one-year term against red-shirt leader 10/21 Hong Kong Protests, China Slowdown Takes Sparkle Off Luxury Market 10/19 Renewed clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong 10/18 Hong Kong police arrest 26 amid street clashes 10/17 Thai king continues recovery after surgery, palace says 10/17 Protesters jeer Prayut outside Abe talks 10/16 Prayut cheered by supporters and jeered by protesters in Milan 10/16 Brits urge UK probe of Koh Tao case 10/16 Mekong residents file petition aimed at derailing Laos' Xayaburi dam 10/15 Protestors hope to steal Prayut's spotlight at Asem summit 10/15 Global luxury goods sales forecast to grow 2 pct 10/14 Journalist Killed in Cambodia, Three Detained 10/13 Thailand arrests 53 Rohingya migrants, says official 10/13 Teachers urge boost in security 10/13 Pharmacists step up protests against FDA's drugs bill 10/12 Police deny confessions retracted 10/11 Thailand Arrests 53 Rohingya Migrants: Official 10/11 Myanmar leader asks Prayut for 'fair' probe in Koh Tao murders 10/10 Burma Army Accused of Fuelling Drug ‘Crisis’ in Kachin and Shan State 10/10 Protesters call for fair trial of Myanmar suspects in murder of British tourists 10/10 KResearch: 4% growth possible in 2015 10/10 Pro Myanmar government militias fighting KIO growing opium says rights group 10/09 THAILAND: Trust Us For We Are The Government 10/09 Pharmacists oppose new medicines bill 10/09 A numbers game: Social media and political legitimacy 10/09 PM calls for law on demonstrations 10/08 Rajata to resign as Mahidol rector after protests 10/08 Challenging Economic Forecast for Thailand 10/08 worsening drug crisis 10/08 Thai police chief defends investigation of murder of British tourists 10/07 Thai martial law to stay until sweeping reforms in place: PM 10/07 Red buffalo sticker banned 10/07 Thailand's ruling junta appoints group to write new constitution 10/06 Thailand King Undergoes Surgery, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha Visits Hospital 10/06 Dealing with police you can trust 10/05 Thai king undergoes surgery, PM visits hospital 10/05 Greed: Calls for return to Thai values 10/05 At campuses, cracks in Thailand's peaceful facade 10/03 No hope for rights, Thai professors say after junta halts democracy seminar 10/03 After coup and slayings, Thai authorities ponder tourist-tracking 10/01 Hong Kong Leader Demands Protests End 'Immediately' 09/30 Stephff political cartoons exhibition cancelled 09/29 Hong Kong Democracy Protesters Look for Outside Support 09/29 VIDEO: Thousands occupy HK finance centre 09/27 Hotel fines guests who store their own drinks in the mini-bar 09/25 World's best nightlife cities 09/23 JU movement going global 09/22 Murders Will Make Tourists Think Twice About Thailand: Police 09/22