Thai unrest

Protests in Thailand See summary

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more than just a walk in the park for protesters 04/09 Law Society of Thailand president calls for legal action against Amsterdam 04/09 Red Shirts brace for 'judicial coup' 04/08 UN, UK Call for Burma to Allow Humanitarian Aid into Rakhine 04/08 Beleaguered Thai PM pleads for justice, fair treatment 04/08 Government presses army on Suthep 04/08 Prompong files sedition complaint against Suthep with DSI 04/08 Coordinated bomb blasts hit Thailand's Muslim south 04/07 World Bank slashes Thai growth forecast on unrest 04/07 World Bank trims China, East Asia 2014 growth forecasts 04/07 Thai 'Red Shirts' vow to fight for Yingluck 04/06 Thai Red Shirts vow to fight back if government ousted 04/06 Coordinated bomb blasts hit Thailand's Muslim south 04/06 Supporters of Thai PM converge to counter anti-government protests 04/05 First Army Division commander visits red-shirt rally site 04/05 Thai PM supporters kick off days-long rallies 04/05 Police tow truck damaged in bomb attack early Saturday 04/05 Thai 'red shirts' warn of civil war 04/05 Chinese ship detects "pulse signal" in southern Indian Ocean 04/05 Thousands of pro-government 'Red Shirts' rally in Thailand 04/05 Red Shirts rally for embattled PM 04/05 Jatuporn kicks off red-shirt rally at Utthayan Road 04/05 Thai protest leader calls for 'final battle' 04/05 Tens of thousands join red rally 04/05 Supporters Rally for Thai Prime Minister 04/05 Thousands gather in Bangkok to show support for PM 04/05 Thai Red Shirts mobilise to defend besieged PM 04/04 Thai PM's supporters head for huge Bangkok rally, rule out violence 04/04 Group asks EC not to endorse Jaruvan 04/04 Thai Government Supporters Plan Rally 04/04 Pheu Thai calls on EC to allow political parties to attend meeting with security agencies 04/04 ‘Red shirts’ in Thailand practise self-defence before joining pro-government protest 04/04 PDRC leaders join meeting at Lumpini rally site 04/04 Red shirts head for huge Bangkok rally 04/04 Court petition over Thawil's transfer 'politically motivated' 04/04 Suthep leads protesters to rally in front of Foreign Ministry 04/03 Price war seen as Thai rice glut swamps market 04/03 BOT sees recovery in export 04/03 Thai government fears violent backlash if PM removed from office 04/03 Warrants for protest leaders revoked 04/03 Thai PM's supporters head for huge Bangkok rally, rule out violence 04/03 Army readies troops over rally threats 04/03 Thai court takes on case against PM Yingluck as legal woes mount 04/02 Thai court takes on case against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra as legal woes mount 04/02 Thai Court Accepts Petition Against Embattled PM 04/02 Chalerm warns protesters of possible more attacks 04/02 Gunmen kill 1 Thai protesters, wound 4 in capital 04/01 Protester shot dead in Bangkok as temperatures rise 04/01 Deadly shooting takes place following Thai anti-government march 04/01 Thai protester killed, four wounded in shooting at anti-govt march 04/01 Gunmen in Thailand Kill 1 Protester, Wound 4 04/01 Protester killed in ambush, 4 wounded 04/01 Fight Club in Thailand's Most Notorious Prison 04/01 Thai caretaker gov't ready for mass rallies 04/01 Thai Senate vote likely favors government in rare bit of good news for Yingluck 04/01 Thai court takes on case against PM Yingluck as legal woes mount 04/01 The Global Governance Monitor: Armed Conflict 04/01 One killed in Bangkok protest shooting 04/01 Beleaguered Thai PM defends herself against rice charges 03/31 Thai PM defends negligence charges as economy falters 03/31 Investment 'held hostage' by deadlock 03/31 PDRC protester dies 03/31 Ukraine crisis main topic at NATO talks 03/31 Thai PM defends rice subsidy program in legal case 03/31 Protest against trade pact a silly idea in globalization era 03/31 5 killed in Nairobi explosions 03/31 Thai central bank chief: big rate cuts won't help economy amid unrest 03/31 Thai protester killed, 4 wounded in shooting at anti-govt march 03/31 Thais vote for Senate ahead of deadline for PM 03/30 Thailand Votes in Upper House Election 03/30 Thais vote for Senate ahead of crucial deadline for prime minister 03/30 Thais vote for Senate ahead of crucial deadline for PM 03/30 Protest-plagued Thailand holds Senate elections 03/30 Grenade attacks 'not meant to kill' 03/30 Last part of procession still at Lumpini Park: Akanat 03/29 Suthep arrives at Royal Plaza 03/29 Protesters restart Bangkok rallies 03/29 Anti-Government Protesters Rally in Bangkok 03/29 Suthep announces intention to fight to eliminate Thaksin's regime 03/29 Suthep enters Parliament's compound 03/29 Thai protesters rally against PM ahead of Senate vote 03/29 Suthep returns to Lumpini Park 03/29 Two cars damaged in explosion near Chitralada Palace railway station 03/29