Thai unrest

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human trafficking 09/22 Report: Thai navy commander charged with trafficking 09/21 Thai activists plan to defy junta ban with more marches 09/20 Thailand protesters defy junta, red shirt leader says told to lay low 09/20 Tan to drop bid for police post 09/20 Pro-democracy protesters in Bangkok stage rare rally against Thailand's ruling junta 09/19 Pro-democracy protesters stage rare rally in Thai capital 09/19 Anti-junta protesters march in Thai capital 09/19 'No dictatorship': Hundreds of Thais defy protest ban for rare rally in Bangkok 09/19 Hundreds of Thais defy protest ban in anti-junta march 09/19 Small anti-coup protest allowed to proceed in Thailand 09/19 Bangladesh arrests 20 human smugglers in fresh crackdown 09/18 Pro-democracy protesters stage rare rally in Bangkok 09/18 Motorcycle blast kills two in southern Thailand bomb attacks 09/17 Bangladesh ''godfather' of human trafficking arrested 09/17 BOT maintains policy rate at 1.5% 09/16 New reform council 'should include 100 former NRC members' 09/16 No order to include NLA members in new charter committee: NLA president 09/16 Thai 'Red Shirt' leaders jailed for 2007 protest 09/16 NLA president denies ordered to select NLA members to new CDC 09/16 Thais must have input on constitution 09/16 Government aims to cut short stay in power 09/16 US protests risk 'hurting' Thais 09/16 All three detainees released 09/15 Time for open public debate on joining TPP 09/15 Upbeat outlook boosts riskier currencies in Asia 09/14 Isan villagers say gas drilling sickens them, ruins crops 09/14 China's uncivilised tourist list: Don Meuang troublemakers added 09/14 Germany reinstates border controls over refugee surge 09/13 How Europe can learn from the hard lessons of Hong Kong's Vietnamese refugee crisis 09/13 Four tourists sing their way into being 'blacklisted' at Bangkok airport 09/12 Prayut government awaits decent replacement 09/11 Activists urge end to military court trials 09/10 Crisis panel key to securing regime power 09/09 Protest victims to get B120m in redress pay 09/08 Thai authorities question Indian nationals as bomb probe expands 09/07 Facing jail for sedition, Thai student protesters refuse to back down 09/07 Chinese news agency Xinhua hits out at singing tourists’ off-note anthem protest over Thai flight delay 09/07 What Thailand’s Rejected Constitution Means 09/07 Thailand's controversial draft constitution explained 09/06 Coup film 'No escape' to show in Thailand: Plans to get more films shot in Thailand (with video) 08/11 Myanmar repatriates 159 Bangladesh boat migrants 08/11 Thai king treated for 'water on the brain': palace statement 08/10 What's new in business news: August 10, 2015 08/10 Thai King Bhumibol, 87, treated by doctors for 'water on the brain and chest infection' 08/10 Thai banks ready for new deposit protection limit 08/10 Thai courts hand down record sentences for royal insults 08/07 Thailand hands harsh sentences for king insults 08/07 In flooded Myanmar, government clears path for aid workers 08/07 Prayut not keen to prolong power 08/07 Tenants protest against Din Daeng building demolition 08/06 UN warns on human rights watchdog 08/05 The Guardian: The ‘boat people’ crisis won’t end until Burma stops persecuting the Rohingya – Matthew Smith 08/05 MPC keeps policy rate on hold 08/05 NGO worker faces S44 charges 08/05 Uighurs Deported from Thailand to China Remain in Detention 08/05 Suthep helps country, not govt, says PM 08/04 Prayut says Suthep not helping govt 08/04 Slavery horror deepens 08/04 Returning Uighurs attacked Thai, Chinese police, China says 08/04 Suthep will turn reform into charade 08/03 Promenade lacks detail, forum told 08/03 Malaysian premier urges ASEAN to deepen regional integration 08/03 Society opposes Communal Forest bill 08/03 Hopes for democracy in Thailand 08/03