Northern Mali

Al-Qaeda takeover of northern Mali See summary

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'threat' to peace: Malian leader 04/14 Sahara Islamists release video of Algerian diplomat hostage: agency 04/13 State television announces Mali's new Cabinet following resignation of government 04/12 French forces find weapons cache in northern Mali 04/11 In Burkina Faso, some Mali refugees want to grow up to serve 04/11 French forces find mortar shells, rockets buried in dunes in northern Mali 04/11 Keeping an Eye on Algeria 04/10 Seizure of arms and ammunition near the southern border 04/09 Mali urges return of refugees 04/09 Civilians clear Libya landmines 04/09 U.N. rights chief says Syria government abuses 'far outweigh' rebels 04/08 UN rights chief says Syria govt abuses 'far outweigh' rebels 04/08 Ex-Mali prime minister: Government is incompetent 04/07 Former Malian prime minister says he resigned because government is dysfunctional, incompetent 04/07 Failed rocket attack in northern Mali 04/07 Mali gets new PM as government quits 04/06 Mali PM resigns, young politician succeeds him 04/06 Mali: President Fires, Replaces PM 04/06 Mali appoints new prime minister after government resigns 04/06 Mali gets new PM as govt quits 04/06 Men behind Rwandan genocide languish in Mali prison 04/06 Mali government resigns, new PM appointed: state TV 04/05 BRIEFS 04/04 Kerry says U.S. wants to boost Algeria in al Qaeda fight 04/03 East Africa: Kenya and Somalia Must Work Together On Post Al-Shabaab Security 04/03 Mali starts process to confine armed rebels 04/03 US, Algeria vow to cooperate in fight against terrorism 04/03 US, Algeria Work to Improve Security in Maghreb, Sahel 04/03 Mali: Malians Optimistic About Country's Direction 04/03 UN chief warns of weakening security in northern Mali as terrorist attacks increase 04/02 Kerry says US wants to boost Algeria in fight against Al-Qaeda 04/02 Kerry arrives in Algiers at start of North Africa tour 04/02 Kerry due in Algiers at start of North Africa tour 04/02 Hundreds gather in Timbuktu for meetings to promote peace and reconciliation in Mali 03/31 Mali: Malians Show Dramatic Leap in Confidence 03/31 MALI: Death Match Rules 03/28 Mali swears in court to hear treason case against ex-president 03/27 Frenchman arrested in Morocco for terrorism 03/25 Mali: Tuareg Fractures Widen As Talks Continue to Stall 03/25 Tuareg leader to Mali government: start talks or risk new revolt 03/25 Trial of Kadhafi sons, aides to open April 14 03/24 Moroccan authorities arrest French citizen on suspicion of belonging to terror network 03/24 Islamist group calls for Hollande assassination 03/23 MALI: HOPES FOR RECONCILIATION 03/23 Mali: Locals Inflate Refugee Statistics to Boost Aid 03/22 Niamey: Museum like a palace 03/21 Mali: French Forces Kill 40 Islamist Militants in Mali 03/21 Mali: Ensure Justice for Grave Abuses 03/21 'Ghost' Malian refugees show abuse of U.N. registration system 03/21 Defense Minister: French forces killed about 40 jihadists in recent sweeps in northern Mali 03/20 French forces kill about 40 jihadists in Mali 03/20 Defence Minister: French forces killed about 40 jihadists in recent sweeps in northern Mali 03/20 French Forces Kill 40 Islamist Militants in Mali 03/20 Foreign jihadists recruit Maghreb youth 03/20 UK 'must tackle Sahel terror risk' 03/20 Niger fears contagion from Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists 03/19 Defence Minister Karidjo Mahamadou Says “If Boko Haram Attacks Niger Republic, They’ll Regret It” 03/19 Mali summons Russian ambassador over rebels' Moscow trip 03/18 COUNTER-TERRORISM: Why Islamic Terrorists Hate Each Other 03/18 Mali: Terror Group Spokesman Taken Out in Mali 03/18 Mali: Mali's Past Leaders Called to Account 03/18 Talks on northern Mali : Jaw-jaw is not enough 03/17 North Africa: Belmokhtar Empire Based On Crime 03/17 Mali detains commander of Islamist group MUJWA: military source 03/16 Terror group spokesman taken out in Mali 03/16 Mali: Islamist Leader Killed in Airstrike 03/15 Spain arrests 7 suspected militant recruiters 03/14 French air strikes kill wanted Islamist militant 'Red Beard' in Mali 03/14 Malian Islamist Leader Killed in Airstrike 03/14 French kill jihadist commander in Mali 03/14 Spain, Morocco bust suspected jihadist cell 03/14 UN mission: Mali jihadist spokesman Hamaha killed 03/14 Reconstruction of Timbuktu mausoleums begins 03/14 Belmokhtar empire based on crime 03/13 Central African Republic: Al Qaida-Linked Website Calls for Hollande's Assassination 03/12 Broken north undermines Keita's pledge of strong, united Mali 03/12 UK to redeploy its drones from Afghanistan to Africa and the Middle East 03/12 French president 'vigilant' after Africa threat 03/11 French president 'vigilant' after jihadist threat 03/11 Militant Islamist website calls for attacks on France and Hollande: SITE 03/11 North Africa: Maghreb Jihadists Killed in Mali Airstrike 03/11 Al Qaeda calls for attacks on France and Hollande - SITE 03/11 ‘All desert people wear silver’ 03/10 Maghreb jihadists killed in Mali airstrike 03/10 U.S Has Three Senior Military Officers in Somalia 03/10