Northern Mali

Al-Qaeda takeover of northern Mali See summary

Recent articles: ICC finds Malian extremist guilty of war crime in destroying historic sites in Timbuktu 09/27 ICC to rule on damage of Timbuktu shrines by Islamist rebel 09/27 Mali Islamist jailed for nine years for Timbuktu shrine attacks 09/27 Mali fighter jailed for nine years for Timbuktu attacks 09/27 Extremist Sentenced To 9 Years For Destroying Timbuktu's Holy Shrines 09/27 Army: Armed men kill soldier, civilian in Mali's Timbuktu 09/26 Armed men kill soldier, civilian in Mali's Timbuktu: Army 09/26 Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi: The vandal of Timbuktu 09/26 The Struggles of Peacebuilding in Mali 09/23 Libyan official says abductors of 3 foreigners known locally 09/20 Timbuktu's restored Sidi Yahya mosque 'carries political weight' 09/20 9/11 Anniversary: US Challenges world to rise against terrorism 09/10 Gunmen kill 3 soldiers, injure 2 in central Mali 'ambush' 09/10 Sri Lankan military officials in London for UN peacekeeping summit 09/08 Child Soldiers in Mali: A Skinny Boy with a Kalashnikov 09/08 Mali: President Fires Defence Minister After Gunmen Seize Village 09/05 Mali: Army Regains Control of Central Town From Armed Group 09/04 Sri Lankan army invited to join UN peacekeepers in Mali 09/04 Mali defence minister fired after jihadists temporarily seize town 09/04 Town in central Mali falls under jihadist control 09/03 Malian army regains central town from militants 09/03 Mali regains control of central town from armed group 09/03 Gunmen reportedly take over central Mali village 09/02 UN document says Morocco violated Western Sahara cease-fire 08/29 Mali’s foreign minister arrives in Khartoum on Monday 08/28 Maintaining way of life, Tuareg resist cultural changes 08/25 A jihadist’s cultural redemption 08/23 Islamist rebel Mahdi apologises for wrecking Timbuktu shrines in landmark trial 08/23 On trial: the destruction of history during conflict 08/22 Historic ICC trial over Timbuktu shrine damage 08/22 Malian Jihadist Pleads Guilty to Timbuktu War Crimes Charges 08/22 Extremist pleads guilty to terror attack on Timbuktu's mausoleums  08/22 Man on trial at ICC for destroying Timbuktu artefacts 08/22 Malian jihadist pleads guilty to Timbuktu shrine destruction in historic trial 08/22 Destroyer of Timbuktu's heritage goes on trial in the Hague 08/22 Islamic Terrorist Guilty of War Crimes 08/22 Africa: The Hague Tries Timbuktu Destruction As War Crime 08/21 Timbuktu mausoleum destruction suspect set to plead guilty 08/21 Mali Frees Arrested Radio Host After Deadly Protest 08/19 Violent protests in Mali's capital kill 3, injure several 08/17 Africa: African Press Review 16 August 2016 08/16 DR Congo declares 3-day national mourning after massacre 08/15 Scores hacked to death in Democratic Republic of Congo 08/14 5 Malian soldiers found dead in river Niger 08/11 Mali : les corps des 5 militaires disparus retrouvés dans le fleuve Niger 08/10 Mali finds bodies of 5 soldiers in river after attack 08/10 3 Arrested After Jihadi Flag Hung from Hotel in Mali Capital 08/09 FEATURE SERIES: Mali and the Peacebuilding Fund 08/08 1 jihadi dead in attacks, clashes with army in central Mali 08/08 Growing Dissent as Deby Embarks On Fifth Term 08/08 One U.N. peacekeeper killed, four wounded in north Mali mine attack 08/07 UN says attack kills 1 peacekeeper, injures 4 in north Mali 08/07 Chadian UN soldier killed in Mali 08/07 Growing dissent in Chad as Deby embarks on fifth term 08/05 2 Ivory Coast soldiers get prison for links with attackers 08/05 Al-Qaida-linked extremists kill Mali officer in Timbuktu 08/03 Mali: Govt Extends State of Emergency 08/01 Mali extends state of emergency 07/31 Mali extends state of emergency by eight months 07/30 Fighting between rival Tuareg groups kills 6 in NE Mali 07/30 Mali arrests jihadist head of group that killed 17 07/27 Mali nabs top Ansar Dine militant 07/27 UN peacekeeping chief hails great professionalism of Chinese peacekeepers 07/27 Mali arrests leader of Islamist group linked to deadly attack on troops 07/26 Mapped: Trump's Muslim travel ban 07/25 Mali: Up to 20 Dead As Fighting Threatens Peace Deal 07/23 Mali: Fighting in Northern Mali Threatens Peace Deal 07/23 Mali rocked by renewed violence in Kidal 07/22 Separatist fighting breaks out in Mali 07/22 Peace deal under threat as fighting erupts in Mali 07/22 Mali: Up to 20 dead as fighting threatens peace deal 07/22 Mutual Mistrust Reignites Fight in Kidal, Mali 07/22 Report: Pro-Government Militia Takes Control of Northern Malian City 07/22 16 killed in fighting between rival Tuareg groups in Mali 07/22 17 Malian Soldiers Killed as Conflict in Country's Center Deepens 07/21 Mali extends state of emergency for 10 days after attack 07/21 Mali: Govt Declares State of Emergency After Attack On Soldiers 07/21 Report: Pro-Government Militia Takes Control of Northern Malian City 07/21 Rebels, pro-government group clash in northern Mali 07/21 Islamist militants kill 17 soldiers in attack on Mali army base 07/20 Mali: Armed Groups Kill 17 Soldiers At Base 07/20 Terrorists attack army base in Mali, leaving over 17 dead 07/20 17 Malian Soldiers Killed as Conflict in Country's Center Deepens 07/20 Mali: Militants Kill 17 Soldiers At Military Base in Mali 07/20 Mali declares state of emergency after attack on soldiers 07/20 Mali Extends State Of Emergency After Series Of Deadly Attacks 07/20 Attack on Mali army base kills 12 soldiers 07/19 12 soldiers killed, many wounded in attack on Mali army base 07/19 Mali attack: Gunmen kill 17 soldiers at military base 07/19 10 soldiers killed, 38 wounded in attack on Mali army base 07/19 12 Malian soldiers killed in militant attack on army base in Nampala 07/19 CORRECTED-UPDATE 1-Militants seize army base in central Mali - deputy mayor 07/19 Report: Al-Qaida reports death of Tunisian commander in Mali 07/17 Report: Al-Qaida reports death of commander in Mali 07/17 Mali's Peace Accord Under Stress, Increasing Jihadi Threat 07/15 Two soldiers arrested for suspected links to al Qaeda 07/14 Ugandan army enters South Sudan to evacuate citzens 07/14 Three Killed as Malian Troops Fire on Protesters in Gao 07/12 Two Chinese UN peacekeepers killed, two seriously injured in mortar attack in South Sudan 07/11 Mali: Gunmen kill 2 soldiers near Burkina Faso border 07/10