Western Sahara

Western Sahara: Polisario Front vs. Morocco See summary

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news2.onlinenigeria.com Morocco Bus Crash,Children Among 31 Killed In Crash 04/10
tamilguardian.com Spanish judge orders extradition of Moroccan officials for genocide 04/10
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reuters.com Thirty-three people killed in bus crash in Morocco 04/10
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euronews.com [Video] Bus crash kills more than 30 in Morocco 04/10
ennaharonline.com Over 30 dead in a collision between a bus and a truck in Western Sahara 04/10
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foxnews.com 31 dead in head-on collision of bus, truck in Morocco 04/10
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modernghana.com Spain judge upholds genocide charges against Moroccan officials 04/09
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upi.com Mexico's first UN peacekeepers to be deployed to Haiti, Western Sahara 03/15
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Morocco has controlled Western Sahara since 1979. The Algeria-backed Polisario Front is pushing for its independence. Last active fighting was in 1991 but the status of the territory is not settled and approximately 100,000 refugees are living in Algeria.