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meed.com Kosmos starts drilling in Western Sahara 12/23
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allafrica.com Western Sahara: Solidarity March With the Saharawi Political Prisoner 'Embarak Daoudi' in Occupied Smara 12/17
meed.com Agrium blacklisted for Western Sahara activities 12/16
meed.com Western Sahara tensions flare ahead of drilling 12/14
allafrica.com Africa: Western Sahara Conflict Requires Stronger" International Action, Says AU 12/12
globalsecurity.org French Hostage in Mali Freed in Al-Qaida Swap 12/10
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Polisario Front Carries Out Military Maneuvers in Southern Sector 12/10
dw.de Torture a widespread problem ahead of International Human Rights Day 12/09
modernghana.com Polisario Preparedness For The War Made Morocco Lives Panic 12/02
allafrica.com President of Republic Condemns Terrorist Attack in the Nigerian City of Kano 12/01
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Algerian Parliamentary Delegation Visits Saharawi Refugee Camps 11/28
livewire.amnesty.org Tunisia promises better protection for women’s rights 11/27
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Supreme Commander of Armed Forces Oversees Military Exercise 11/26
allafrica.com Morocco: Campaign in Norway Against Continued Occupation of Western Sahara By Morocco 11/26
vanguardngr.com USA’s diversity plus a rich food culture 11/26
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Moroccan Authorities Expel Two American Sympathizers With Struggle of Saharawi People 11/25
spectator.co.uk They do know it’s Christmas. We checked Christmas Day is a public holiday almost everywhere in Africa 11/20
ndtv.com Thousands Protest in Spain Over Western Sahara 11/16
israelnationalnews.com Morocco Arrests Five Would-Be Jihadis 11/15
allafrica.com Morocco: Polisario Front Calls On EU to Condemn King of Morocco Speech, 'Affront to Peace Process' 11/14
reuters.com Morocco arrests four French Islamists with suspected militant links 11/13
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allafrica.com Western Sahara: Forgotten Voices - Escape From the Polisario 11/10
allafrica.com Western Sahara: UNHCR Firmly Committed to Ensure Protection for Saharawi Refugees, Says Guterres 11/09
allafrica.com Morocco: Complete Decolonization Process in Western Sahara, Necessity for Our Region, Says Lamamra 11/09
modernghana.com Sahara's Polisario Front threatens new armed struggle 11/09
allafrica.com West Africa: Ban Ki-Moon Calls for Resumption of Negotiations Between Polisario Front and Morocco On Western Sahara 11/09
huffingtonpost.com King's Strong Speech Gives Polisario an Opportunity 11/07
english.pravda.ru Political prisoners pray for church help against illegal drill plans of Dallas company 11/06
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strategypage.com ALGERIA: The Other One Percent 11/02
allafrica.com Morocco: Real Negotiations for a Real Solution in Western Sahara Must Start Now - Jordan Paul 10/30
pambazuka.net Western Sahara: Moroccan shame at UN human rights council 10/29
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Egyptian Delegation Starts Visit in Saharawi Refugee Camps 10/27
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Saharawi Territories Are Contaminated With More Than Five Million Anti-Personnel Mines - Ambassador 10/23
allafrica.com Africa: Western Sahara - HRW Calls On UN to Expand Minurso Mandate to Include Human Rights 10/20
modernghana.com Algeria-Morocco tensions flare over border shooting 10/19
scoop.co.nz New report on Kosmos Energy in occupied Western Sahara 10/19
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Rights Generally Respected at Polisario-Run Sahrawi Camps Near Tindouf 10/18
en.ria.ru HRW Calls on UN to Protect Western Sahara Refugees 10/18
foxnews.com Human Rights Watch: Polisario generally respects rights in Western Sahara refugee camps 10/18
voanews.com HRW: Sahrawi Refugees Rights’ 'Curbed' 10/18
reuters.com Morocco says Algerian soldier fired on Moroccans at border, summons envoy 10/18
modernghana.com HRW urges Polisario to respect Sahrawi refugee rights 10/18
sify.com Rights group: Few abuses inside West Sahara camps 10/17
allafrica.com Referendum On Self-Determination for Sahrawi People One of Most Pressing Issues On UN Agenda - Nigeria 10/14
tamilguardian.com Calls for Western Sahara self-determination at UN Fourth Committee 10/12
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Hassiba Boulmerka Urges UN Fourth Committee to Hold Self-Determination Referendum 10/10
allafrica.com Morocco: ANEJ Demands Solution to Western Sahara Question 10/10
allafrica.com Morocco: Fourth Committee - CNASPS Demands Implementation of UN Resolutions On Western Sahara 10/10
today.az Decentralize for people’s power in Arab Spring Countries 10/09
allafrica.com Morocco: Murcia Regional Parliament "Deeply" Concerned About Human Rights Situation in Western Sahara 10/08
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Saharawi Community in Belgium Calls for International Investigation On Death of Hasena Elwali 10/08
allafrica.com Tanzania: Sahara Call for UN Action to Stop Killings 10/06
allafrica.com Africa: AU Commission Chairperson and Algerian Foreign Minister On Continental Issues 10/02
tamilguardian.com UK Labour Party supports self determination in Western Sahara 10/01
allafrica.com Morocco: Polisario Calls On EU to Act to End Moroccan Human Rights Violations in Western Sahara 10/01
allafrica.com Western Sahara: 'I'm Missing My Place in the World' - an Interview With Aziza Brahim 10/01
allafrica.com Morocco: Polisario Front Condemns 'Deliberate Assassination' of Saharawi Human Rights Activist 10/01
allafrica.com Mugabe to UNGA - Africa Remains Seized With Western Sahara Issue 09/26
globalsecurity.org South Africa's President pledges to support Ebola-affected nations, conflict-ridden countries 09/25
un.org South Africa’s President pledges to support Ebola-affected nations, conflict-ridden countries 09/24
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Saharawi Red Crescent Launches Urgent Appeal for Relief to Rainfall Victims 09/24
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Rainfall, Wind Cause Human and Material Losses in Refugee Camps 09/23
allafrica.com Morocco: France Should Play Role in Supporting Peace, Democracy and Human Rights in Western Sahara (president of Republic) 09/22
csmonitor.com Scottish reverbations: Who might push for independence next? 09/22
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Landmine Explosion Killed One Person and Injured Four Others 09/21
bbc.co.uk VIDEO: Singing the Western Sahara blues 09/20
modernghana.com Sahrawi prisoners on hunger strike over ill treatment: Amnesty 09/19
allafrica.com Western Sahara: French Delegation Starts Visit in Saharawi Refugee Camps 09/19
allafrica.com Botswana: Reporter Flees to South Africa 09/18
allafrica.com Somalia: Ugandan-AMISON Soldier Prosecuted Over Selling Ammunition 09/17
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Occupied Boujdour - Peaceful Protest Banned By Moroccan Forces 09/17
allafrica.com Egypt: Egyptian Killed in Libya South West of Tripoli - Mena 09/17
allafrica.com Ugandan Police Arrests New Arrival Somalis 09/17
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Council of Ministers Warns of Influence of Moroccan Drugs On Security and Stability 09/17
worldpoliticsreview.com Waiting for Disruption: The Western Sahara Stalemate 09/15
ennaharonline.com Western Sahara: Morocco continues its grave violations of human rights 09/15
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Cuba, Spain and Italy Donate 1,200 Tons of Sugar and Barley for Saharawi Refugees 09/11
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Preparatory Committee of the Saharawi Social Forum Holds Its Fourth Meeting 09/10
allafrica.com Morocco: Polisario Front Representative Received At Danish Foreign Ministry 09/10
hrw.org Morocco/Western Sahara: Fair Trials Elusive 09/09
allafrica.com Morocco: Polisario Front 14th Congress to Be Held Next Year - Official 09/04
allafrica.com Morocco: Polisario Front 'Strongly' Condemns Morocco's Theft of Saharawi Natural Resources 09/04
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allafrica.com Western Sahara: Young Saharawi Dies in Landmine Explosion Near Occupied Boujdour 08/28
allafrica.com Western Sahara: Moroccan Occupation Between Pressure of International Community, Saharawis' Fight 08/25
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allafrica.com Morocco: Morocco "Exercises Pressure" On Ross, Attempts to Influence Him (ibrahim Ghali) 08/22
tamilguardian.com Switzerland sends peacekeepers to UN mission in Western Sahara 08/21
strategypage.com MALI: The Leftovers 08/21
allafrica.com Egypt: Sisi Discusses Governorates' Border Demarcation 08/19
modernghana.com Can UN And AU Special Envoys Shift W. Sahara Dispute From Bottleneck? 08/14


Morocco has controlled Western Sahara since 1979. The Algeria-backed Polisario Front is pushing for its independence. Last active fighting was in 1991 but the status of the territory is not settled and approximately 100,000 refugees are living in Algeria.